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Jennifer 3FC
10-21-2002, 11:37 PM
Watch this, it takes about a whole minute of looking before you see it. Look around all over the screen, don't focus on one spot, and you will see the ghost! Some people think they can hear her too, so turn on your speakers if you want to try.

This is an old house from the Civil War.
Legend says that she used to sit at the table and look across the fields in anticipation of her loved one
returning home from the battle. He never came. So, they say, she still waits. They caught this photo of what they claim to be her. Give it a minute! It's creepy!!

10-22-2002, 08:32 PM
Ok, that jumped my metabolism up a knotch !!!!!!!!

10-24-2002, 02:50 AM
Ha,Ha,Ha Jennifer.

I almost had a heart attack, then I couldn't stop cracking up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:lol:

10-24-2002, 08:36 PM
Good one . I loved it . I think

Cool Mom
10-29-2002, 08:42 AM
Lord, not for the weak of heart especially with your speakers at max!

10-30-2002, 01:02 AM
That got me, Happy Halloween Jennifer.:devil:

11-16-2002, 01:40 AM
That scared the___out of me! So I showed it to my husband, friend and brother-in law. My brother-in law phoned me and warned the fight is on.

Scaring him is not easy to do. THANKS!

11-28-2002, 01:17 PM
It's a beautiful room. I could put up with the ghost for the windows

11-29-2002, 03:51 AM
Peaches, darling, you are seriously twisted.

03-21-2003, 01:45 PM
OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!! :yikes:
THAT will surely get the adreniline going. Geez, I'm still shaking. I don't want to see that again, hahahaha:yikes: :faint: