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09-13-2010, 06:27 AM
Good morning everyone. So I hope everyone hada good WEEK 1!

My goal this challenge is mostly to get back to my routine. I'm not so much looking to lose. (although it is happening :) ) I feel like I was pretty successful last week. I Hit my WEED 4 days in a row so I'm feeling pretty good.

My crazy schedule returns tonight. Well it starts to return anyway. We are still waiting for Will to start his new job. (several false hopes). But Swim team MWF for Mak and Lessons for Tommy TTH.

W 64 oz
E 35 minutes before swim team (since dh will be home)
E 1400 cals
D Go in and workout after work.

09-13-2010, 06:57 AM
Ugh, I did not stick to the plan on Friday or Saturday. I am so disappointed in myself. I ended up drinking too much on Friday and was about 200 calories over my "maintain" total in Then, I went to a dinner party on Sat night and binged on pie. Right back at it! I did well yesterday, at least calorie-wise.

W: whoops, forgot to track this
E: burned 350, which is extra than I'd planned cause I normally give myself the weekends off
E: -611
D: no snacking at all, so that's good!

09-13-2010, 07:40 AM
Happy Monday, another crazy week, but on a good note, both kids planning to be home from college for the weekend next week!!

W 100
E Just did 30DS although was super hard for some reason
E Good choices, POP
D Praying for DH still, his work is super stressful right now, I am worried about the amount of stress he is feeling.

09-13-2010, 08:44 AM
Here's to starting the week on the right foot (regardless of how the week-end might have gone!)

W-64 oz
E -30 min of cardio (I missed that this week-end, although I did run a lot of errands. Does that count?
E - follow menu
D - Declutering! and 15-min zone

09-13-2010, 11:11 AM
Even though last week I didn't really set a specific WEED goal, I did pretty good. Got a good amount of water in every day, got my arm exercises in (not much exercise but it's an increase from what I've been doing) and stayed on track with my food.

W - 80 + ounces water
E - Arm exercises every day
E - 1400 calories or less, limited carbs
D - Finish cleaning my house and basement before Friday (company coming).

09-13-2010, 11:20 AM
Good Monday Morning Chickies!

Jeni- your vaca situation sounds just like mine, except I literally will go up 5-10lbs that week, and the rational me knows its not all fat- but the idiot scale focused me still gets depressed by it! This year I won't do it :) Just because I think I am on a different diet this time! I am eating more carbs and thats usually my problem...I bloat badly from them, but I think if I can stay away from Dairy on vaca I will be fine... BUT- Im having Ice cream darn it! LOL
(*sorry for the novel)

Spingirl- shake it off, that sounds like me last weekend ;0)

Mama P- I am working on the house today too- sometime that darned Garage will get cleaned!

Well, on to my weed for the day!

W-64 oz(don't want to stress myself too badly! haha)
E- Clean clean clean(and maybe dance while I do it~!(ive had too much coffee I can tell already!)
E- McDougallin it! <1400/10
D- CLEAN HOUSE BABY! It will be soo nice to have an orderly house!

The tile project is up and about 30 hours later I will be able to grout the whole thing... I think it will look great! I want to research some battery operated under the counter lights too...

09-13-2010, 08:46 PM

Hello ladies!! I am sooo sorry I am not doing personals to everyone - i am bad at remembering who wrote what, but I am reading everyone's post. All of you are such an inspiration. I used to feel (horrid jealousy) towards people who lost a lot of weight and wouldn'tn read their accomplishments cuz it always made feel horrible, but I do and I realize all this is possible and if they can do it I can do it!! Thank you ladies!!

I had a bad workout today - lots of pain in my feet and shins and calves..time for new shoes. I did manage 10 minutes on treadmill and 10 on elliptical and did my circuit training.

W = 64 oz and counting
E- 20 cardio 30 weight training
E - still no bread and pasta! or bad carbs YAY
D - as scared as I am of this whole process I am feeling physically better.

09-13-2010, 10:32 PM
:wave: to everyone. sorry no personals tonight. Mak did a great job on swim team tonight. I hope it keeps up! I got in my 35 minutes of cardio (running again!) Water is going in and my cals are at a good level. Dinner will be higher cals than I want, but totally in control with what I want since I ate light at work.

Have a good night all!

09-13-2010, 10:52 PM
:wave: hi everyone!! I saw this thread a while back and wanted to join in, but I've been sick for a week now :stress: i'm feeling a little better tonight, so hopefully that means i'm getting better! i hope to be back in the forum this week, and if so I'll post properly to introduce myself. but for now, HI!

09-14-2010, 07:04 AM
rdw: thanks for the nice words of encouragement! Weekends are so tough, right??! Sigh. Cleaning and dancing sounds like a delightful and productive way to get your exercise in. :)

shasha: WELCOME! I'm glad you are feeling better this week. And congrats on your impressive weight loss thus far.

I had a great day yesterday, and it felt so good! Exercise was a bit light, but I felt completely in control with my eating, and that felt so good.

W-68 oz
E- -384/ -400-600 (SO CLOSE -- haha)
E- -305/500 (still gotta work on this one)
D- two protein-rich low sugar snacks and no more!
Note: I'm modifying this a bit: instead of just one snack, I'm going to do two small protein-rich, low sugar snacks of 110 cal or less between lunch and dinner. I hope that's not breaking the rules! I just feel like this will work better for me.

OK, time to start another great day! I'm off to the gym and I'm gonna try to mix it up a bit: 30 min elliptical, 20 min treadmill, 40 min spin.

09-14-2010, 07:59 AM
Hi everyone! I had a really good evening last night and decided to tackle strength training. Very light weights, but I feel like I've rediscovered movement -- it felt great! I'm hoping that by pushing myself this little more, I'll gain more mobility in my arms (which are still really tight after the July mastectomy :mad:)

Kris, Rikki - we seem to be on an early-week housecleaning gig (that's what my declutering and zone are about too!). I highly recommend dancing while cleaning - so much more fun, right?
Rikki - are you going to post pictures of your tiling project once you're finished?

WillsAngel & Jeni - don't feel badlly about not posting personals all the time. As far as I'm concerned, I'm off work and so have time to take notes (yes, I'm anal like that) so I can do personals. I figure it will make up for the times I won't be able to when I'm back at work, or too tired from rads therapy later on. You're both doing great on our WEEDS, and THAT's the point of the thread!

Shasha - :welcome2: Being sick sucks! Hope you feel better soon; we'll be waiting for ya!

Spingirl - You're doing great! I find that a small protein-rich, low carb snack helps me between meals too - as long as I compensate and eat fewer calories at meals ;)

W-64 oz
E -30 min of cardio (10 min cardio; 30 min weight training)
E - follow menu
D - Declutering! and 15-min zone (missed this, though :( )

Have a happy Tuesday everyone!

(Edited because Kris and Rikki aren't the same people, although I'm sure Rikki would have liked to have someone (Kris?) to help her with her tiling!)

09-14-2010, 09:45 AM
Kris - are you going to post pictures of your tiling project once you're finished?

Is this question to me? Cause if it is, I'm not tiling. Maybe I missed a post by a different Kris. My big (never ending) project has been my basement. It is an unfinished basement that has my washer and (non-working) dryer, most of my stored stuff (except the junk in the garage) and my craft room. I've made a lot of progress, but feel like it may never get done.

Well, I need to get myself in the shower and get to work. Gonna be another busy day at the office. Hope everyone has a good day.

09-14-2010, 10:19 AM
Morning ladies. Hope everyone is doing better than I am. Haven't EVEN had time to check back, read posts, NOTHING! But I hope to take 20 tonight and catch up. WEED has been off, but scale is cutting me a break. Talk to you all tonight!

09-14-2010, 11:03 AM
:welcome: Shasha

Spingirl~I eat 5-6 times a day to help keep my blood sugar in check. I always make sure I have some protein to help fill me up.

Seawave~ Great job on the strength training. I hope you get your mobility back soon!!

MamaKris~Have a good day at work today!

Kris~ I'm glad you popped in even just for a minute.

So i got my official W/I this morning. I'm sure I was right when I thought my meds were increasing my weight. Because I just don't lose 5 pounds in a week. I won't weigh myself again until next Monday. I am NOT going to focus on the scale for this challenge, (but I do like seeing it move so once a week is good). It is much more important to me to get back to my workout schedule and proper eating.

W 80 oz
E 35 minutes cardio (still no weights, I am supposed to have PT today but I don't know if I will) I'm also gonna sit in the steam room for 25 minutes.
E 1500 cals. Day off so its harder for me to keep my cals in check. I am NOT going to over do it today.
D Stick to my plan for food. Do not over eat snacks and keep my sodium low.

09-14-2010, 02:29 PM
Workout is done. I only stayed in the steam room for 15 minutes.

09-14-2010, 04:17 PM
Oh btw did I mention its Tommy's first day of preschool? We have orientation. I am barely holding it together.

09-14-2010, 05:33 PM
Oh btw did I mention its Tommy's first day of preschool? We have orientation. I am barely holding it together.

They grow up so fast. Enjoy every minute. :hug:

09-14-2010, 10:51 PM
Jen – Here’s to the strong mommy! Tommy is going to thrive in preschool. It does go by quickly…. Enjoy every moment!

Mavie – hey chickie! I am yearning for a fix of my 21year old myself. He is only 1 hour away but has been dedicated to saving every dime to move out (currently lives with my mom & stepdad while in junior college). Here’s to filling mommy hearts with precious reconnect time! Looking forward to your weekend for ya!

Sea Wave and Spingirl9 - keep a it. Little slip ups and life sidetracks are what we are here for. To help each other regain focus! I’m taking your leads and plan on a better week than last with you!

Willsangel – the personals thing isn’t a requirement. WE are glad you are here simply to know you are working to take care of you!

MamaP and Rikki – I am a clean house stickler who is in the middle of a “paint” job that turned into a chaotic mini remodel. (Rikki, you are doing the tiling thing, right? I’m doing everything but that!) Good luck and YES pictures are a must! Are either of you familiar with flylady(.com). I learned a lot about managing and not obsessing. Baby steps! Hope your projects (basement and grouting) are a small celebration for ya by the end of the week!

Mtiggie, Popcorn, Emiloots, CapeBrinton, Jlea? – where you be chicks?

Welp, I am off to make a list of the remaining “project” needs. You know, a new sink, pendant light, flooring, baseboards, wall paper, paint, and ugh….. what happened to I’m just gonna “freshen” up a room?

Be good girls. Glad to see so many new faces!

09-14-2010, 11:37 PM
Quick fly by!!

Kris, I am always so glad to see you!! Sounds like you are doing well!

Jeni :hug: Be strong for Tommy (extra workout time?)

09-15-2010, 06:24 AM
Yes, I will have 2 hours of alone time when he is at school so I will workout then. Tommy loved the class room and I did great until the teacher read the parents the "Kissing Hand" :) The teacher was shocked that not only did he know his birthday, address, and phone number, but he could also write his first name, and spell his last. (then he spelled sissy's name too :) )

Anyhow food was not good at all yesterday. but I did workout and get plenty of water.

W 64 oz
E 30 minutes
E 1400 cals
D behave myself. (I want to call in sick, but I cant)

09-15-2010, 06:36 AM
Yesterday was an awesome workout day! Went to the Y before work, 5 minutes late for spinning class, so I didn't go in, but went to the cardio room and got my 45 minutes of cardio anyway, then went for a 4 mile run after work!!

W 100
E Elliptical tonight/30DS done this am!!
D Still praying for DH! Hoping whatever happens will be the right thing.

09-15-2010, 08:09 AM
Kris (MamaP) - Of course you're right, you're not tiling! It was meant for Rikki (brain synapsis misfire - sorry) Good luck with the basement project! I have one too, but doing it the Flylady way (babysteps) at this point.

Jeni - I try not to focus on the scale either (although it does count!). I'm focusing on my behaviour (cardio every day) rather than the outcome (losing 2 pounds this week) because I want this to be a forever change and that's what will work for me.

But now for the important question: How did Tommy like preschool???

Kris (Nixmom) - I've learned a lot about managing and not obsessing (and consistency) from Flylady too!

Mothermavis - WOW You did have an awsomely active day! Sending positive vibes over for hubby :goodvibes:goodvibes:goodvibes

W-64 oz
E - exercise (10 min cardio; 30 min weight training)
E - follow menu
D - Declutering! and 15-min zone

09-15-2010, 01:27 PM
mothermavis~ Awesome job getting all that exercise in!!!

jcatron243~ That's great that your son knows all that stuff already!!!

Nixmom~ Yikes! Sounds like you're completing re-doing a room!!! Good luck!!!

SeaWave~ Great job incorporating strength training into your workout!!!

WillsAngel, spingirl9~ How are you doing today?

shasha12~ :wave:

rdw1~ How is the tile job coming?

MamaP~ How are you doing so far this week?

I know, I've been MIA again, but for good reasons this time! I've been hiking, working out and doing some crazy cooking, which has left me with just enough time to get the 20-Somethings TBL stats up and then pass out to sleep. Glad to see everyone so active on here! I'm actually going to be gone all weekend, so I will disappear at the end of the week, but until then :wave:
New number on the scale this morning! Plus a new gym membership last night. Turns out when you get someone more knowledgeable, you save more money. The guy I talked to before wanted me to drop twice as much as I did last night, cuz it turns out if you carry the insurance I do, you get 50% off the sign up fee! Plannin on gettin some lifting in after school tonight, enjoying my WW pot roast that is simmering right now in a crock pot at home, and then hitting up some cardio after dinner!
Soooooo... HAPPY HUMP DAY!!! That much closer to Friday!!!

W~ 100oz H20
E~ 30-40 Min. Lift, 45-60 Min. Cardio
E~ Stay w/in WW points
D~ Get lunch and dinner planned and ready for tomorrow!

09-15-2010, 10:10 PM
Hey Ladies -

Just checking in quick - one more full day of vacation and then it's back to reality. Had a really nice time, but sad it went by so fast! Going to Cape Hatteras tomorrow and taking the ferry with the kids, I think Connor's going to really like it. I'll check in when we're home this weekend - hope everyone's doing well!

09-15-2010, 10:18 PM
Hello everyone!! OMG if any day was a test of patience and will, it was today!! My general manager screwed me - had a catering order for 180 tacos and chips and salsa for 180 kids - didn't replace a prep person who quit this weekend and left me and a cook until 9 am - had to use the dish wash and call in another prep just to get the catering done. we got it delivered and then come to find out the gm messed the order up and they needed another 180 tacos!! AARRGGHHH , then the fire department came in to do an inspection!!! Sooo ............ the "f' bomb was a frequent word in my vocabulary today because i am also pms'ing . Sorry for the rant!!

W- behind at 32oz so far - still drinking
E- below calories but on target with sod, carb, pro, etc even with 12oz michelob ultra after work
E- unloading a truck and cashiering and cooking my own orders for 3 hours
D-I did not turn to my usual carb binge to soothe my stress!!!

You guys are such an inspiration and I love reading your weeds!! HUGS!!

09-15-2010, 10:50 PM
Wednesday already . . . or should I say "It's only Wednesday?"

So far so good this week. Picked up my dress for the ball today. When I was there two weeks ago the one in the store (the picture I posted a couple weeks ago) was too small and took two people to zip me into, so I had to order the next size up. It is quite a bit too big and I'm gonna have to have it altered. It was a lot too big through the chest. I tried on the smaller size again and it comes closer to fitting (only 2 weeks and about 3.5 lbs lost since I last tried), but not quite yet. Only took one person to zip it up this time. :) I'm gonna go back in a couple of weeks and try the smaller dress on again (if they still have it) and then decide whether or not I'm altering the larger size or exchanging it. They only have one dress in red in the smaller size so I said a little prayer that they don't sell it.

09-16-2010, 06:26 AM
Good morning everyone. Sorry I didn't get to check in last night. Yesterday I over worked my arm/shoulder so the pain came back and it is so sore. I'm back on my anti-inflamatory's and muscle relaxers. I didn't workout yesterday because I was so sore, but I did spend about 20 minutes in the steam room.

I have a doctors appt on friday morning so I hope to find out what is going on with my PT.

W 64 oz
E hopefully 30 minutes, if not the steam room.
E 1500 cals
D keep busy at work so the day goes by fast.

09-16-2010, 06:39 AM
Jeni, I hope it gets straightened out for you soon.

MamaP, good luck with the dress. I forgot, when is the ball? November? Myrtle Beach, right?

WA, Good job not letting the stress undo you!

Kim, Congrats on new number and the gym!

Seawave, Hope things are good for you too!

Emi, Enjoy what's left of vacation!

W 100
E Boot camp this am b4 work, running after
E On Plan
D Prayers for DH still

09-16-2010, 06:45 AM
Whoops, I missed checking in yesterday! Work has been insanely stressful. But thank you all for the kind words of encouragement after I got totally off-track this past weekend. That's why I love this challenge.

jcatron: nice job! You've been doing so well, and so consistently! Thanks for the advice in eating frequently and eating protein-rich snacks. I think the key for me is to ensure that I never get too hungry. I hope your arm/shoulder pain goes away -- that does not sound like fun. :(

MamaP: wow -- it sounds like you went down more than a dress size in just two weeks -- congrats! That must have felt really good.

I did well Tues and Wed. I'd like to get my exercise and my overall calorie deficit up just a little bit, but I am proud of myself for being consistent. I'd rather consistently drop 0.5 lb per week than be up and down and all over the place.

Tues: (achieved/goal)
W: 68/64
E: 352 burned / 500 burned (would really love to get this up just a little bit)
E: -323 / 400-600
D: two snacks / no more than two snacks (this is HUGE for me. I am determined to break my habit of grazing all afternoon long at work. Eating protein instead of sugar is really helping)

Wed: (achieved/goal)
W: 80/64
E: 472 burned / 500 burned
E: -389 / 400-600 (sooo close to being in range)
D: two snacks / no more than two snacks

09-16-2010, 09:26 AM
Kim - How cool! I'll have to see if my insurance covers part of the cost of a gym membership. Never thought of that!

Emily - Bah humbug - end of vacation. Hoe your return to work isn't too much of a shock!

WillsAngel - Hopefully the rest of the week won't be such a trial, but kudos to you for resisting the call of the carbs!

Kris (MamaP) I'll cross my fingers for you on the smaller red dress - both that they don't sell it, and that it fits comfortably. Then you can dance the night away, lose more weight, so the dress is too big...

Jeni - Hang in there! Hopefully the doctor will have good news on Friday re: PT.

mothermavis - Boot camp and running?!? I can't wait to be that fit!

Spingirl - I agree, consistency is the key, along with a positive attitude. Slow and steady wins the race!

W-64 oz - don't seem to have a problem with this at all.
E - exercise (10 min cardio; 30 min weight training)***
E - follow menu - things are regularing here as well!
D - Declutering! and 15-min zone***

/Warning: whining ahead/ Seems I'm a bit too aggressive when I do the weights, and I had to skip yesterday. My underarms have been hurting, and the swelling has gone back up from the mastectomy. It's taking WAY TOO LONG to get back to normal (the operation was in mid-July!), but the doctors all kind of nod their heads and say it's normal. Also retain tons of water if I eat a little salt, so the edema gets worse. ARGH! /whining over/

All that being said, I'm determined to come out of this better than I went in, and the cardio and nutrition awareness are helping in that regard. Replaced the dead batteries in my pedometer last night too, so that will be motivating.

09-16-2010, 09:31 AM
Morning everyone! Almost the weekend . . . yay.

Seawave ~ how's the project going? Flylady babysteps are a good way to go. Flylady has some great tips.

Nixmom ~ You sound super busy working on your house. That's some big projects.

Jeni - How's preschool going with Tommy? Be careful and don't overdo the shoulder work.

Mothermavis ~ sounds like you got in a great workout. Yes, the ball is in November. I leave Nov.4 and the ball is the 6th. I leave 7 weeks from today, but who is counting?

KimL - You sound super busy. Congrats on the new number on the scale and the gym membership.

WillsAngel - that's a lot of tacos. I think I would have been a little stressed myself.

Spring ~ I wish I would have lost a whole dress size. I lost enough that the larger size dress we ordered is quite a bit too big, but didn't lose enough for the smaller dress to fit. I need an in-between size. Hopefully I can drop enough for the smaller dress in time to be able to exchange the dress I have for the smaller one. Almost makes me wish I would have waited until the last minute to shop for a dress.

Hi to everyone else. Hope everyone has a great day.

09-16-2010, 12:13 PM
emiloots~ So is today your first day off from vacation? How was your vacation overall?

MamaP~ I'm a last minute clothes shopper due to my crazy weight fluxes...

SeaWave~ I love your lil warning whining signs! I used to be a pedometer addict, helped me lose 40lbs. 2 years ago...

spingirl9~ 0.5lbs./week down is definitely better then being all over the place with losses and gains, plus it's more likely to be a permanent loss.

mothermavis~ How was bootcamp this morning?

jcatron243~ Still no PT yet? I hope that gets worked out soon! Must be getting frustrating!

WillsAngel~ OMG, I would have killed someone!

I didn't make it to the gym as I had hoped after dinner. I did get a really quick arm workout in after school and ended up straining my right shoulder to the point I was having a hard time holding it up to drive. I tore my rotator cuff 2 years ago, so I'm supposed to be super careful... but I was a power lifter... I don't want to be careful. UGH. I did however make myself go to the gym and pick up my membership card as they put me "officially" into the computer yesterday.
Plan is...

9/16/10 WEED
W~ 100 oz H20
E~ Treadmill after school @ the gym
E~ Stay w/in WW points
D~ Get in exercise and prep for tomorrow

09-16-2010, 12:27 PM
Good Morning Ladies- I am such a slacker about posting in here sorry! and yes, I will post some pictures once my kitchen is put back together! should be this evening :) Well, with the exception of changing out the outlets, they need to be white and right now they are biscuit.I think I did a pretty darned good job on the tile and hope that it stays up with no cracking of the grout!

Chili is on the stove and simmering for lunch, dinner is planned to be white bean and veggie stuffed brown rice shells... I hope- I have been planning to make this a couple days now and it never seems to happen... depends on where the chores leave me timewise for the day!

W- 64 oz no less!
E- resting a bit, my back isn't in great shape today...
E- <1400/10
D- I will get my kitchen put back together today!!!

09-16-2010, 02:17 PM
Sea Wave - BAH for edema!! As far as weight training - try lowering the amount of weight you are lifting and do a few more reps instead. YAY for you being at the 250 mark - that is my first mini goal.

Vacations are never ever long enough :-)

A Ball sounds like so much fun

and I am totally envying all of you who are creative enough to do all that home improvement stuff!!

E- 20 mins. treadmill, 8 mins. elliptical, circuit training
E- 1500 calories
D- My body is a temple and I will love it like it deserves to be loved/

09-16-2010, 05:59 PM
Hi everyone! I'm back, and in a better mood than earlier :angel:

Kris (MamaP) - I'm at the decluttering stage -- again! My in-laws obsessively bring us boxes of stuff for some imagined 'garage sale'. And the place has generally gotten messy while I've been waylaid. But I'll get there!

KimL - Ouch! My dad tore a muscle (?) in his shoulder and let it go so long he had to get operated. Look after yourself!

Rikki - Mmmmm Chili. I always have some stocked in the freezer, and it's what we had for supper last night.

WillsAngel - Thanks for the advice, but I'm already as low as you go with 3 lb weights. There's even one exercise that I won't even try with the weights, just do it without for now.

That being said... I did do 40 minutes of strength training with my meager weights as well as more cardio today. Felt great (even if it does look like I have two boobs under my arms :rolleyes: I'm going to call tomorrow and try to get in to a physio to make sure I'm not actually doing damage - I do not want to get lymphedema!

Today's results look like this:
W-64 oz - don't seem to have a problem with this at all.
E - exercise (10 min cardio; 30 min weight training)
E - follow menu - things are regularing here as well!
D - Declutering! and 15-min zone

09-16-2010, 09:57 PM
Hiiiii ladies! I'm finally starting to feel less awful! I'm even going to attempt the gym tomorrow!

I saw a WOW thread a while back and thought it looked awesome! Excited to be here :) I've been on my weight loss journey since Nov of last year. I lost 23lbs by May, and then I maintained at around 150lbs for a month and a half. I inched back up to 153 in july and that's when I recommitted to my life change (yep I've only lost 3 pounds since mid-July. annoying). I have 20 pounds to lose till I hit goal, and I'd like to get there before the end of the year!!

A few hiccups that I need to conquer: I'm currently working on changing my thinking, because I still get a little thrown off when i let myself eat the occasional junk food! I craaaave like crazy after I've had some junk. I can have the stuff sitting around no problem when I'm doing well, but if I let myself have a treat (like on the boyfriend's bday a few wks ago), and then there are leftovers, I go crazy! So I need to change my thinking on that one... I also have a back problem that hinders my workouts. I've been working on it with my trainer since June and it's getting better, but it's slow going and lots of stretching.

Soooo, that's me! and here's what today looked like:

W: 1.5 gallons (so far...)
E: 1 hour of stretching (for the back) plus ab work
E: 1500 calories
D: I am beautiful!

See you tomorrow!

09-17-2010, 06:44 AM
OK, was raining last night, so I didn't run!! Just could not get the motivation to get on the treadmill. Not going to feel too bad about it as I did go to Bootcamp yesterday morning so I had an hour of cardio & weights done. My biceps and calves really feel it today, but I think I was a little prepared, cause I am not nearly as sore as I thought I would be,

Jeni, hope your shoulder is better soon, good luck at the Dr today.

Kim, be careful of your shoulder too. A powerlifter? Very cool.

Seawave, hang in there, you are so inspiring, great job sticking with it

MamaP, I hope you have a wonderful time in MB in the smaller dress!! I just love MB, checked their weather yesterday, 87 all weekend. If only...I want to retire to that area.

Kris/NixMom, where are you?? Take a tiny break in all that work and visit!!!

Rest of you, I am so glad you are here, but if I personal everyone, every day, I could never get my exercise in before work!! :carrot:

W 100
E 30 DS
E OP, did good but not perfect yesterday. Perfect today.
D Still worried about DH.

09-17-2010, 07:53 AM
shasha - Someone in another thread recommended looking at 'forbidden' food like the food isn't yours -- you wouldn't go take food out of a stranger's plate at a restaurant, right? That really made it sink in for me (Thanks Amada, wherever you are!)

Today's plan looks like this:
W-64 oz -
E - exercise (cardio; and something for my back!)
E - follow menu - (put steel cut oats in the slow cooker last night; gonna be a good breakfast!)
D - Declutering! and 15-min zone

Have a good day everyone!

09-17-2010, 10:56 AM
Hi everyone. No personals today. I had a terrible nights sleep thanks to my boy who snuck into bed with me. I finally ended up in his bed at 2am.

Good news. They called will to have him start today :) :) :) one less thing to stress over.

W 80 oz
E 30 min
E 1500 cals
D lots of housework.

09-17-2010, 11:12 AM
hello all!!!

This is an emotional bad day for me TOM is trying to get here but not yet so I am DEPRESSED and moody and extremely fatigued. ugghh...

Sasha May I please have the recipe for the steel cut oats for the slow cooker - that is such a fabulous idea!!

SHASHA - I am the same way with junk food, I don't have any in the house at all so I can't eat it - I do have the 90 calorie bags of mini mini flavored rice cakes, those have been working nicely so far and I don't have them easily accessible so I am training myself to grab carrots which are front and center in the fridge.

Everyone - be kind to your body - no overworking muscles and pamper them when needed! Drink your water, eat those veggies, transform your beautiful selves!!!

W-64 oz
E- maintain 1500 cal - look for some new recipes so I don't get bored
E- today is a rest day - will be bussing tables for 8 hours.
D - try to get through the day without having a meltdown

09-17-2010, 12:06 PM
WillsAngel~ :hug::hug::hug: Feel better!!!

jcatron243~ Yay on having him start :D! Booooo on no sleep :(!!!

shasha12~ Those are some tough habits to beat, but the more you practice at it the better you'll get. I know practice sounds a little weird... but I had to bake for a bake sale last night, which meant 3 pans of lemon bars and 3 pans of raspberry squares, so that was some serious practice at resisting, which I did! And if you need sneaky evil snacks, grab some 100 cal packs and try eating them super slow with lots of water, should help quench the craving!

mothermavis~ Sounds like you have no reason to feel guilty, besides, it's always good to take a day off here and there.

SeaWave~ Yikes! Be careful and take care of yourself! I was monitored for surgery, but ended up healing to about 80% with minimal scar tissue, so no surgery needed. I'm still only between 85-90% and it's unclear if I'll ever get back to 100%.

rdw1~ Kitchen all done? How did your dinner turn out? Did you finally get to make what you had planned?

Sooooo I'm super annoyed with my sister right now. I baked like a mad woman last night, skipped my workout even to make sure I got all of the baking done... and THEN she calls me at 9:30 last night to tell me they have postponed the fundraising bake sale until next weekend. So not only did I spend forever baking, but I also took this weekend off so I could help sell the baked goods. I'm still going to take all of the stuff up to my sister and leave it with her to deal with, because if it sits at our house, I'll eat it. Going to my sisters is always a challenge though as she used to be an assistant head chef at a big fancy restaurant in Northern Vermont, so her meals are normally INSANE! She knows that I'm working on losing weigh, but her husband is an A$$ and pretty much controls what she is going to cook, so I may just have to do some shopping tonight when I get up there.
I will be MIA this weekend, so have a great weekend everyone!!!

9/17-9/19 WEED

W~ 100 oz. H20
E~ Get in at least 2 walks/workouts
E~ Stay W/In WW points, use minimal bonus points
D~ Don't fall off plan due to sisters evil food!!!

09-17-2010, 03:50 PM
Hi all,

Unfortunately I am super swamped at work, so this will be short. More tomorrow!

Did ok yesterday. Not perfect, but it could have been worse.
Thurs, Sept 16 (Achieved/Goal)
W: yikes, was so busy I didn't track. But I think I did ok.
E: -92 / -400-600 (Darn snack size butterfingers)
E: 512 burned / 500 (yay -- that workout felt great!)
D: too many snacks! I had a stress-filled work afternoon. BUT I could have been so much worse. Knowing I had to come here and fess up was definitely the only thing keeping me from a gain day. I am super grateful to you ladies for that.

09-17-2010, 08:05 PM
:wave: stopping by to say No WEED has happened today. I went to the doctor for a follow up appt. MAN. He was P. O. 'd that I haven't been able to start PT. He was going to call and push it for me. So maybe monday.

I am now on cortizone pills to help stop the pain. I hope it works.

Getting ready for swim team.

09-17-2010, 09:22 PM
WillsAngel - if you search for 'steel cut oats" on, you'll find a few recipes, but they're all basically the same. I tend to tweak here and there, and so don't even know what my first recipe was!

KimL - hope all goes well this W-E, and that your resistance is strong!

spingirl - busy days at work would always get me off track, and there was always chocolate around!

Jeni - I hope the doc can exert some pressure and get your PT started. Crossing my fingers for you!

Today's plan ended up like this:
W-64 oz - yep, this was fine
E - exercise (cardio; and something for my back!) um... no
E - follow menu - yes, and then some (ooops)
D - Declutering! and 15-min zone yep, this happened too!

By the way, I started a blog and invite you to drop by and read... Have a good week-end everyone!

09-18-2010, 08:38 AM
Morning all! Happy weekend!

My exercise will be later cause ny day is full, but I am going to get the 30ds before my shower just in case I don't get to run later.

I have an open house today and then a going away party for a friend's child who joined the Marines. No mindless noshing at the party. Veggie tray and a bottle of water.

W 100
E 30ds, planned 4 miles later tonight. Think of me around 6, that's when it should get done
D God can handle it.

09-18-2010, 09:53 AM
Good morning everyone! Sooo glad it is the weekend.

Mothermavis: your plan for the party tonight sounds great. Btw, I love your quote in your siggy -- "pick your hard." it is SO true.

jcatron: ugh, I hope the medicine helps and the pain goes away.

Kim: good job on getting rid of those baked goods!

Yesterday was pretty good. I fell a little short on some of the goals, but did well overall.
W: 60ish? It's so bad. When I have these crazy work days I forget to track my water.
E: -309 (goal = 400-600)
E: 391 burned (goal = 500)
D: My day was a bit out of whack, so I had to throw in an extra snack. I did get to eat lunch until 2:30, so I needed something at 11:30. So one extra snack, but no out-of-control snacking.

Today will be challenging b/c I am going to a family function where there is going to be lots of great food around and lots of alcohol. Plus, it is my husband side of the family, and I always get really stressed around them.

So, I am going to make a plan here and then report back tomorrow on how I did. I will have:
- 1-2 appetizers tops
- 3 drinks total
- 4 oz of whatever the leanest meat on the buffet is
- lots of salad (no dressing if I can help it) or of whatever the vegetable is (provided it is not drowned in butter)
- no starchy fatty sides
- 3 bites of cake max

Ok: that should minimize the damage while still letting me have fun!

09-18-2010, 10:25 AM
I went last night and exchanged the dress. :) I just couldn't stand waiting. My sister came into town and I had her go with me and see me in both dresses. The person who sold me the dress was working and she said she couldn't believe the difference in just two weeks and with seven weeks left I really needed to get the smaller dress. My sister agreed. She said what I thought about the bigger dress - that it made me look frumpy because it was just toooo big and didn't give me any kind of shape. Whew. . . glad that issue has been resolved. Now just to stay focused and keep going the right direction. The smaller dress gives me a little back fat, but I'm planning on that not being the case by the ball :). These picture were taken last night. Still not sure about the jacket (it's $60) - I'm afraid I would use it as a security blanket since this dress (and the ball) are so far out of my comfort zone and I still have the thinking of a 280 lb woman. (I promise no more pictures until the ball - I'm sure people are tired of hearing my OCD self ramble on about it :) ).

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend. I'm headed to the renassaince fair today with my sister.:carrot:

09-18-2010, 11:25 AM
Kris, you are beautiful.

My shoulder is already feeling better. :) I still need PT but I should be able to have a normal life again.

W 80 oz
E not sure If I will make it but I want 30 minutes
E 1500 cals
D housework.

09-19-2010, 06:25 AM
:wave: everyone!

Just popping in real quick. Down another lb this week. Found out that the two closest bus stops are 20 and 40 min walks away so my legs are killing me but no one can say I don't exercise!

:grouphug: Peace!

09-19-2010, 08:17 AM

Shari, glad you popped in, hoofing it to the bus stop definitely counts!

Kris (MamaP), I love the dress, congrats. I am glad you got the smaller one. I would skip the jacket if you think you might hide behind it. Save the $60, spend $10 and grab a lovely scarf to use as a shawl, you will still be $50 ahead!

Jeni, glad the shoulder is feeling better! Hope PT starts this week!!

Spingirl, how did you do with the family function? I stuck to my plan pretty well, but I was still up 1.4 this am, sucks, but I am sticking with the program. I have lots of little fluxes up like that.

W 100
E On my way to Bootcamp at 10!
D Doing the best I can

09-19-2010, 10:32 AM
DRMingle - Absolutely fabuous food for thought!! My mind can be it's own worst enemy.

JC - I am glad your shoulder is feeling better!! Praying for that PT to start for you soon!!

MamaP - you are gonna KNOCK em OUT in your gown!! Good for you for exchanging it!!!

Spring - that is a good plan - I think you will surprise yourself with the choices you make. :-D

WEED for yesterday -

W- I think I hit 64 oz not sure
E- didn't eat lunch until 4 pm - which is very bad but work was hellatious and I was either cooking on the line or I was cashiering. Which cause me to grab lunch meat and cheese and ricecakes right before going to bed.
E- work was my exercise today - gym was closed when I got off of work and I went home and collapsed.

I think I am going to buy a pedometer today and hit the walking trail!!!

I love you guys!!! I will be back later to do my weed for today!

09-19-2010, 11:43 AM
Hi everyone, sorry no personals again. I am getting my house back in order this weekend. Our routine will be very strict on my days on. I am so thrilled that Will has finally started work. But, everything is going to have to be planned and structured.

We are going to have to go back to cooking meals a day or two in advanced or having a very quick meal to cook. I wont have much time for housework, so I want it to be in the up keep mode. Not cleaning mode. So far I have cleaned and organized Tommy's room, and the Bathrooms. Now I just need to organize Maks room, and the kitchen. (the living room and dining room are okay).

This cortizone pill I am on is strange. It makes me completely dehydrated and starving. I hate that I am hungry all the time. A 'serious' side effect is rapid weight loss, but a normal side effect is weight gain.
W 80 oz
E 30 minutes
E 1500 cals
D organize and clean

09-20-2010, 10:48 AM
Sorry, no personals today. Going to be spending the day playing phone tag with various health care professionals. Glad to see, though, that everyone seems to be going well with their WEEDs!

My WEEDs haven't changed (and likely won't for quite some time)

W-64 oz - yep, this was fine
E - exercise
E - follow menu
D - Declutering! and 15-min zone

Have a good one!

09-20-2010, 10:51 AM
Happy Monday everyone!!

TOM is here and I feel awful. Need to make a job change and it is going to piss my higher-ups off but my sanity is more important.

W-80 oz
E- way under calories
E- walked the walking trail
D- I will not let them destroy me!

09-20-2010, 10:53 AM
Good morning everyone!

MamaP: you look gorgeous in your dress! Very thin and trim. And it's such a nice color.

Mothermavis: Congrats on sticking to your plan -- you're doing awesome! And I did really well, thanks for asking. I am so proud of myself. And the best part was that I had even more fun at the event that I would have if I had totally derailed my diet. I danced, socialized, and just felt truly great about myself. And no guilt yesterday morning. Mental note: do that every time! I empathize with you though -- I was up 1.5 pounds this AM for seemingly no good reason. Sigh. I'm sure we're just experiencing one of those weird, inexplainable fluxes, right?

Had a nice weekend overall. On Sunday I was at maintenance calories, but a lot of that is because I don't work out on the weekends. I also spend the day "preparing for success," so I am feeling good this week. I bought lots of healthy foods and I did all my lunch and snack prep for the week. And, I laid out a nice, form-fitting outfit for every day this week so that I can't hide behind baggy clothes.

09-20-2010, 11:05 AM

Here is the new thread.

09-20-2010, 10:24 PM
Okay...Oh my goodness. Where has the time gone. I have been so busy with school starting and dealing with home issues. Can't believe it's been this long. Well, I am still holding around 175, still working out almost everyday and working. Trying to get into a routine that works right now. Haven't found it yet. My ex will not be going to NC, but he did get his old job back today. He will be getting more $$ than unemployment. That's good!!

I really need to move forward in my life and I feel so many ways. Hold on gang could get bumpy. I am going to try to be more consistent with posting, gonna gt back to a good schedule and hoepfully some new beginings are coming my way. We shall see.