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09-12-2010, 09:28 PM
Every year since the tragedy of the World Trade Towers on 9/11/01 my church has had a Remembrance celebration for those who have and will continue to suffer from that day...:hug:

in other words...ALL OF US! :mad:

We invite the community and members from all military branches, fire and police. We have speakers and exhibits from various organizations...

our church will ALWAYS remember this day as long as I am alive I can guarantee it...we have too many wonderful members that have served in our military to allow it to stop....:)

It was, as it always has been a wonderful blessed day to remember those that have given their lives for us to be free :carrot:

Tears were shed, as always, for those from our church that have lost their lives in military action since that dreaded day :(

But as I watched the video we show each year, a slide show of the towers coming down and the sadness :( on the people's faces I just wanted to scream out....

it's just satan...just satan!!!!

As the video continues you start seeing God :) at work in the faces on the video...the healing...

GOD won that battle...just like He always does...HE IS BIGGER!! :carrot:

So much good has come from that day in spite of what happened...

it was just satan that day....for a few minutes....

in the big picture not really much at all!

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