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09-10-2010, 03:50 AM
...well, to me nayway!

Having family to stay this weekend as we celebrate mother's 90th birthday. Last night, I made a big casserole thing to freeze. I had some spare calories, so I tried a bit. It was absolutely delicious! Didn't eat too much.

Then I made a quick cassatta - stir 150g fruit and nuts, 100g chocolate chips into 2 litres of vanilla ice cream and re-freeze. As I was putting the casserole in, I decided to see how the cassatta tasted. I had 2 fairly strapping teaspoonsful. Oh wow! All this stuff people say about their tastebuds changing? Not for me, I could have got a bigger spoon and eaten the whole 2 litres.

I shut the freezer door with regret and walked away ~ but by 5 minutes later, I felt really, really full. My tastebuds might not be changing but it seems like I'm understanding what 'full' feels like, and that I should stop at or before that point.

It's going to be 'interesting' having more people and other food around for a few days ~ it really is a lot easier to lose weight when there's only me and the dogs to feed! I've tried to plan meals that I can join in, without drawing attention to myself: to have any of them notice I'm DIETING would be a real failure to me. Yes, lots of headstuff still to do.

tonight: meatloaf (no cereal filler) and carrots
tomorrow: breakfasts, no worries; lunch ~ king prawns with blue cheese and salad; dinner ~ chicken and bacon parcels (find some veg.)
Sunday: late lunch out at a local carvery (mother's favourite; easy for the dieter, plenty veg and some lean meat); dinner: chicken soup (yet to be made) with crusty bread for those that can, plus that cassatta (sews lips shut)
Monday: lunch that big casserole with dumplings and broccoli. Some of family leaving today so they can eat up birthday cake and cassatta for dessert.

This leaves Monday dinner and two meals Tuesday for me and mother. Hm. Wish me abstinence and self-control!

09-10-2010, 05:04 AM
Update to myself: I've held on the scales at 183.7, and I find myself relieved.
Memo: don't do any more picking or tasting, even if you have some free calories. It's a slippery slope to bingeing. Worse, I was really uncomfortable to find that I was getting on the scales with a 'have I got away with it?' mindset ~ for the first time ever ever on this current weightloss regime but so much a pattern of the previous 55 years. I don't want to be that out of control but hoping for the best person again. So I won't. Phew.

09-10-2010, 07:51 AM
I was really uncomfortable to find that I was getting on the scales with a 'have I got away with it?' mindset

This is totally me! If I eat something unplanned, I feel guilty and like I'm sabotaging myself. I'm learning it's just not worth it. (And that slippery slope? I would be on it if I were tasting!)

Good for you for planning ahead for such a big event :cp: And you're not DIETING - you're just eating healthy food!

09-10-2010, 01:34 PM
That's some awesome planning on your part!! Fantastic job on that, and you definitely have the 'home-field' advantage, so I think you'll do great! For when you have that cassatta, maybe also make sure you've got some really yummy fruit on hand? I'm sure there's something you can also have on hand that's easy so you don't even feel tempted.

Good luck to you, sounds like you're doing great already?