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09-09-2010, 03:06 PM
Hello fellow SBD followers,

I am on day 10 of Phase one. My over all mood has improved, I have no cravings and I've even lost my appetite (which is good for me!) I have gone from 204.0 to 197.0! I know it seems like a little because I have a way to go but it excites me! I am currently a size 14 and was wondering if anyone thinks it is possible to get down to a comfortable size 10 before October 31. I am absolutely infatuated with Halloween! Christmas is my first favorite, then Halloween. I really want to wear a cute impressive costume this year. Let me know if you think this is possible.

I was also wondering if anyone has any great recipes for bakers. I love to bake and decorate as a past time. I want to send out and give out little homemade treat boxes to friends and family, however, I will feel guilty if I am loading them up with bad cupcakes- any healthier soultions to make great tasting healthier cupcakes?:spid:

Thank you in advance.

Big Mama
09-09-2010, 03:29 PM
Congrats on your losing 6 lbs. so far!:yay: How many lbs. do you have to lose to go down a dress size? For me it's about 12 lbs, give or take. You have about 7+ weeks, and you're probably switching to Ph2 soon, so you'll be losing at a far slower (healthier!) rate - I'm thinking fitting into size 12 is definitely doable, which is pretty good too, not sure about size 10. I find that if I add more weights to my workout, I shrink (but I don't necessarily lose weight at the same time because muscle weighs more than fat).

09-09-2010, 04:59 PM
Congrats on your loss so far! I agree- weight loss will slow, you always lose some water weight in the beginning and its just not healthy to lose super fast... I gree on the depends on teh person too- I take between 20-30lbs to change one size! Its crazy but I am a pretty even all over kind of person I think maybe that is why... I know I have friends that lose 10lbs and change dress sizes :) good luck! Stick with it and you will lose! Don't rush it though :) We don't want you to get discouraged if it doesn't happen! Its being healthy that matters most!