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09-08-2010, 07:24 AM
and a bumpy one it is for me. After a lovely but very long day out to the ocean yesterday I've got a 12+ hour day on tap today to make up for it. Ah well, it was a lovely day and DW really enjoyed it.

Debbie - Turns out I learned something from you and didn't even realize it. Last night I couldn't sleep because of work stress. I did get up and make a task list but then I focused on thinking of things I'm grateful for. Much nicer :)

Natasha- Plateaus do happen to all of us, and are frustrating as heck! You are doing an amazing job. Just keep on keeping on and the whoosh fairy will remember where you live.

Okay, need more coffee now! Hope your hump day is smooth and you're sliding into the weekend before you know it.

09-08-2010, 07:40 AM
Good morning! :wave:

Cyndi, I'm glad you and Julie had a great time yesterday. I'm sorry you've got such a long day today, though. I hope all goes smoothly for you.

It's another dreary morning here, but it's supposed to clear up by noon so I've got my fingers crossed for outdoor recesses today! :lol: I guess I'm starting to get back into the routine of working woman, I slept like a log last night and I'm feeling wide awake and raring to go this morning. Just in time, too because this is going to be a busy day. I've got a dentist appointment this afternoon and Open House at school tonight. I'm trying to figure out when I'll squeeze my walk in today, but right now it's not looking too good.... I'll probably end up using the treadmill or the wii fit instead.

Have a great Wednesday friends. :hug:

09-08-2010, 07:42 AM
Morning! :coffee:

Cyndi, it looks like this day is appropriately named in your case. I hope your humps and hurdles aren't too bumpy to conquer, and after today it will be smooth sailing. I'm glad you had nice time birding and enjoying the coast yesterday.

It must be going to rain here today, as it's still pitch dark outside right now. It's a good thing I made my bed already, or else I'd be sorely tempted to climb right back under the covers. ;)

I had a lovely welcome back reunion with both Cindy and the girls yesterday. Cindy said Maggie didn't even want to go to school since she knew I'd be coming back. Both girls came running and almost knocked me over when they saw me waiting for them in the pick-up lobby after school! :D

It should be an easy day today. I spend the morning at Susie & Ramsay's, and this afternoon I'm baking several loaves of pumpkin bread for the Hunt Tea tomorrow.


Good morning, Heidi! I'm glad you're feeling well rested for your long day ahead!

09-08-2010, 07:45 AM
Good morning, Cyndi and Cottage! Drizzle here and dark - not a good start to Hump Day. (This is the weather I was expecting in Cape Breton.)

I did manage a nap yesterday afternoon and had a normal night of sleep :carrot: after a day jam-packed with desk work. I will be back at it shortly as I just found a file folder with some overdue bills for the Mill. (I thoroughly tidied my desk before I went away so Donna could polish the glass top.) I may have to go to town to pick up some government forms which I thought I could print off online. I hope I can handle the traffic after a week in beautiful Cape Breton. ;)

Happy Wednesday to all. How did that happen? :cofdate:

09-08-2010, 08:15 AM
Good morning early birds and all who come later:)

I have a an online/phone training session today in a software that I will be learning so that our charitable foundation can now go to online applications. I hope the technology is easy! Not sure how many hours of work follow but I am not under a time crunch to get things up and running. I think this is the first call of 8 or 10. Bike ride first. I refuse to give those up even if the two hours outdoors are horrible for my allergies:(

Have a great day!

09-08-2010, 10:30 AM
Good morning everyone! Plugging away on day 4 of SBD, it's easier than day 1 was! I'm still feeling flu-like symptoms but it's gonna be worth it! It already is. I feel better. I have a therapy session at 2pm, 1:15 pickup so keep me in your prayers 'cause I'm gonna ask her to make me my own payee. She has to sign the letter.

09-08-2010, 10:37 AM
Good morning all,

I've got my exercise in today. I am so grateful for my workout partner. She comes to my house everyday to use the eliptical, exercise ball and wii fit. We weigh in together. It is rainy and gloomy here today. If she hadn't have been here, I don't know if I would have made it to the eliptical.

The wii fit scale showed me back down from an increase that I had earlier in the week. That made me happy.

DD and I are headed to the library for story time. Today's goal is to fit my water in. I think that I missed that goal yesterday.

09-08-2010, 11:05 AM
Dana! You just reminded me about my Wii fit that I have not taken out of the box yet. Maybe I will have to do that this weekend, thanks for the mental jog!

Cyndi: I am in the same boat but my beach trip is ahead of me, not behind. I have so much to do before my vacation but I feel good about getting it all done.

Karen: Ugh, I hate trainings. I have to do them all the time for my job and next week I am looking forward to two days of it.

Good morning to every one else! The air seems a little clearer here in Denver today but sadly, 92 homes have burned to the ground. The fire itself is 11 square miles and is zero percent contained at this point.

Natasha: I have hit one very frustrating plateau and am currently experiecing another one. Don't get too discouraged-it will pass!

Have any of you ever flown with your dog in the cabin with you? My BF and I are flying with our "baby" for the first time next week and I am a little nervous because she is so wild. We are going to sedate her with baby benadryl but it is still unknown territory for us.

09-08-2010, 12:40 PM
Good Morning Ladies! :coffee:

Cyndi- I am glad you and Julie had a great time, whale watching is something I have always wanted to do! Ive only seen them on tv. I will have to check out Julie's blog to see if there are some new pictures :)

Heidi- Here's hoping for some :sun: Hoping you get your walk in so you can be outside intead of in!

Cottage- Sounds like they really missed you! I have been craving pumpkin.... and I can't find a can of the stuff anywhere here! Ive looked at 4 grocery stores, seems I recall a pumpkin shortage last Thanksgiving but would that be effecting this year? I have always been able to find plain old pumpkin in the store:dizzy:

Ruth- here's hoping you don't have to go through traffic troubles! Do you have a way for them to fax them to you? I used to use to send resumes out-I just checked and looks like things have changed since I used them 6 years ago ;) and now they only do monthly not per fax... Sure was nice when I could fax from my computer for 10 cents each and not have to run to the office store!

Karen- Hope your allergies don't bother you too much! and that your staring at the computer session is short and easy!

FO- you're in my prayers today!

Dana- Having a workout buddy ROCKS! I miss mine, I have assured her as soon as we start back to work we are back at it 100%... Its usually a push to get her started but then after that she keeps me going! ha! My goal is water today too!

Lindsay- Have you used benadryl on her before? If not, I would recommend that you try it ahead of time first to make sure it really calms her and makes her sleepy... If it doesn't I would ask your vet for something stronger, and test that too... Especially if it's a long plane ride~! I have a cat who we have to sedate to get her to the vet and she can be as messed up as anything, eyes in the back of her head but as soon as we hit that vet door man she hisses and growls-I used to work at a vet and he said he had never seen a cat that sedated and still grumpy! Oy. idk why but she HATES it! she's a:devil: there and an :angel: here!

Natasha- Don't sweat the plateaus it happens to all of us(unfortunately)... Just make sure you are writing everything down, no little tastes or nibbles are going on and if that is not the case just wait it out! You'll get through the hurdle in no time!:hug:

As for me, I am getting ready for a downpour I think! Gloomy day here, about to start measuring for my tile. I feel like I wrote a novel this morning:) and its times like these that make me realize I am one of those !!! using too much people! ha! oh well, yall still love me ;0)

Hope you chickies have a wonderful Wednesday

09-08-2010, 01:14 PM
Thanks Rdw1.

09-08-2010, 04:21 PM
Still didn't have time to post before work this morning. I guess it's just going to take a while to get into the early morning routine and get my motor running.

FoodO, good luck!

Everyone, have a lovely hump day!


09-08-2010, 07:34 PM
Thanks honeysox. I will have a new payee by this time tomorrow but it won't be me! It's a start though!

09-08-2010, 08:17 PM
Had a luncheon meeting today at work. One of my pet peeves in the healthcare industry is relying on drug reps to provide food, which is nearly always really "bad" stuff. Today of all things at a diabetic committee meeting, the insulin rep brought Quizno sandwiches, chips and cookies to serve to the nurses. I ate the chicken inside the sandwich and skipped everything else. Was starving by the time the meeting was over, so had to run to the cafeteria to get my salad! So much for the free lunch. Why is it so hard to serve a healthy menu to people? Maybe he was trying to drum up more clients. :mad:

09-08-2010, 09:01 PM
Lol murph, sorry things didn't go as planned! Good for u eating the bare minimum there!

09-08-2010, 09:44 PM
Well, Labor Day weekend did not go well. DH got very sick and my dear friend had a heart attack. So I spent most of the weekend in Immediate Care or the hospital. DH is getting back on his feet now and DF is doing okay but will be having quadruple bypass next Wednesday. And today lucky lucky me got selected to sit in the jury for a murder trial that will run through next Thursday.

On the positive side, I've been doing well with food this week. And I am hopeful that sometime in the very near future, I'll get to actually start working the new job and things will settle down again, and I'll be able to visit with you all on the beach, rather than just popping in periodically to dump! And I am so ready for fall and loving this cooler weather. Cold front coming through tonight and the breezes are heavenly.

In the meantime keep fighting the good fight, beachers!

09-08-2010, 10:23 PM
Wow! Long day here...I was up and down all night then woke up 7 minutes before we were supposed to leave for dog walking(we meet 3 other pups). Then it was just one thing after the next....just finished getting peaches in the dryer and have 1/2 hr before dinner. The pool was closed today for maintenance, so I'm looking forward to a swim tomorrow. See ya'll then!

09-08-2010, 11:25 PM
:hug: Oh Schmoodle- So sorry to hear about DH and DF! Wishing them both a speedy recovery... and I hope you get to enjoy some of the cooler weather.

Debbie- What was that about me giving you my number to wake me up?!?! :rofl: LOL Hope you get a nice long swim in tomorrow! ;0)

Well, I am hoping I can start actually putting the tile up with mastic tomorrow... Man, I have had quite the time laying that stuff out today! I thought I had 40sf and I need about 32 so I should be fine but one of the box corners had been busted and LOTS of broken glass... I am pretty sure I will have enough and be ok... I sure hope so anyway!!!

09-09-2010, 12:30 AM
Thank you, ladies, for your words of encouragement. And, of course, I was just being silly and overdramatic...the scale today showed that I'm down 3 pounds. Patience is NOT my strong suit...LOL I just have to remind myself that I've been losing a lot more quickly than a lot of people and can't expect that pace to continue. I'm happy w/ my progress...I think it just freaks me out thinking that I could gain it back. I'm determined to NEVER let this happen again...EVER!!! :)

Cindy - Hope your long day went by fairly quick. It always sucks to come back from a relaxing time at the beach only to have to jump right back into work. Hmmm...maybe we could find someone to pay us to lay on the beach all day??? That would be sweet!!!

Heidi - ;3471592] Hope your dentist appointment and the open house went well. :)

cottage - Pumpkin bread sounds HEAVENLY...yummmmmmmmmmm!!!

Ruth - Eeek!!! Hope the overdue bills don't cause you too many problems. I hate when I do that!!! I completely forgot to pay my credit card bill one just totally slipped my mind. But when I called my credit card company and told them that I had just completely forgotten, they checked the history and said since I had always been on time before they would wave the late fee. Thank God!!! Glad you enjoyed your vacation. :)

WaistingTime - Hope the bike ride doesn't kill your sinuses TOO much. These past few months have been TERRIBLE for my sinuses...seems to be a bad season all the way around. I did find that a warm compress right across the bridge of the nose helps w/ sinuses a lot. Might be something worth trying for you. ;) Cute screen name, by the way. :)

FoodObsessed - Glad you are doing well on SB. Don't forget your beans and dairy to help w/ the SB flu. ;)

djett626 - Workout partners are GREAT to have. It's a lot harder to bail out on the gym or whatever if you have someone else to say "nope, you need to go to the gym." I go in the afternoon w/ my mom before I head to work, but in the mornings after work I can't get anybody to go w/ me, unfortunately. :( One co-worker even told me that she wanted to start going w/ me b/c she sees my weight loss and is getting mad that she's not doing anything about her weight. But she's gone twice w/ me. :(

Lindsay - Zero containment??? Wow...that's horrible. :( I hope they can get it under control soon. 92 homes I've never flown w/ my dog w/ me...but she's an 85 pound lab, so I don't think she'd be very cabin-friendly. LOL Good luck, though!!!

rdw1 - You are SO right about the pumpkin shortage last Thanksgiving. It was HORRIBLE!!! I think that was the first year that we haven't had my mom's homemade pumpkin pie. :( I wouldn't think it'd be bad again this year...but who knows. Good luck finding it!!! :)

murphmitch - Wow...that's pretty sad. When school started back I went to Wal-mart and they had the "Back to School" area up at the front of the school. It was full of soda, sugary snacks, chips, and things like that. And people wonder why we have an obesity problem in America now, ha ha!!!

Schmoodle - Hope your hubby and friend are both feeling okay. Sucks that you won't be able to be there for your friend when they have their bypass done. :( But OOOH, I would be SO excited to get picked for jury duty, especially on a murder trial!!! I can't get jury duty to save my life...and I think I'm the only person I know that actually WANTS jury duty.

As for me...I just got a subpoena at work today and now I have to be in court Monday morning, which means I'll have to cancel my doctor's appointment that I've had scheduled for 3 months now. Last time I canceled my appointment it was another month before I could get in to be seen again. :( Maybe I'll get lucky and he'll plead out...but I doubt it. In 10 years I've never actually had to testify, but this is only my 4th time being subpoenaed. Oh well, such is life.

Hope you ladies are having a great day.