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10-20-2002, 08:49 AM
Angie-U beat me awake this morning!!!!!

Good Morning all!!!!
Feeling more energetic today..Guess resting all weekend vs working makes a difference...REally couldnt sleep cuz Ms Kaleigh is really tearing up my ribs from the inside at night...She does soo much kicking and moving and squeezing the bladder...The funniest thing is..when she get the hiccoughs-drives me crazy cuz my belly button(outie now)grows with every little jump and then goes back where it started..Looks really funny with a tight shirt on!!!:D Picked up the dresser yesterday, now just waiting for the armoir...They said 8 weeks and it has been 3 already..If it doesnt make it, thats ok, cuz the bed and dresser are here!!!!

WEll, off to get my 1 cup of caffeine a day!!!Like she needs that one!!!!:cb: :cb: :dance: :dance: :dance:
Take care all!!!!

10-20-2002, 09:53 AM
Hi All,

Looks like we have a bunch of early birds today, first Angie, then RR!! No more sleeping in, huh?! :lol:

Angie- That is soo cool about all the b-days on the same day! In my family, we have a lot of July birthdays, and we just have one big party. My Gran and I are on the 17th, which also used to include our old poodle, my DH is the 19th, my aunt and a cousin are the 11th, and another cousin is the 27th!

RR- I had the worst night's sleep last night. :( I tossed and turned all night, and felt like my whole body was aching.

I worked for about 4 hrs yesterday, cleaning and reorganizing our bedroom. Most of the junk in there was my clothes that I had to go through and put in bags what is summer and just doesn't fit anymore. Once I found the floor, I vacuumed and had DH help me move a couple pieces of furniture around so we could fit the bassinett in the corner. I put my 2 matching garage sale lamps in there, one on my night table and one on his dresser. It looks so much better now! What a difference a clean bedroom makes!

DH went through most of the boxes he had in the living room (that were in the baby's room), that need to go to my mom's basement. We're taking those over today. I think most of them are comic books, but there's a lot of art supplies too. DH found a picture he painted of 2 little dalmation puppies playing with a fireman's helmet. It's soo adorable, we're going to hang that on the wall in Petey's room.

My body aches soo bad today, I don't want to go to mom's, but we've been putting it off too long, and it's supposed to be nice today. I have to go through the things of mine in her garage for the garage sale, which we were supposed to do today, but is put off until November now, because of the weather and laziness!

Oh well, hope everyone's doing good! Have a great day all!!

10-20-2002, 07:03 PM
hi all. :balloons:

I am home again for a few days. I have a family member who is going to go into rehab this next week - that's where I've been - doing the preparations with them, an assessment appt. and etc. Anyway, so I am leaving on Thursday and will probably be gone most of the next month. I will be taking care of the children. It is all very painful but it is a very good thing that this is happening, it needs to be done. Please include her and her family in your prayers.

Jul - hope the boys are enjoying their tennis. :)

Angie - Hooray for you on the loss! :high: ~ Too weird about the family birthdays all on the same day.

Liz - sorry your BIL has had such a tough time and I'm glad to hear he is okay.

Greek - so does your post say you have a new job and a new house?? I was a little confused!

Karen - hope you're enjoying the Las Vegas trip. :D

RR - I've forgotten, why is dh going to China and for how long? ~ Nice that you sounded so chipper today!:)

Tech - Belated Birthday Wishes to you! :gift: :hb: :hat:

Lauren - doesn't it feel great to have a room organized?

Have a great week all.

Rabbit :tired:

10-20-2002, 07:46 PM
Rabbit: thanks for taking the time to be there for your family. Rehab time is rough on everyone but so worth it in the end - I have an aunt who has been thru 3 rehabs for drinking problems. This time she has been sober 4 years...I think she is going to make it :)

Today was a good day. I took the boys down into the wilds of Arkansas. Scenic Hwy 7 is stunningly beautiful in full fall color. We enjoyed a 2 hr drive thru the "Boston Mountains" and found my dads camp. He and a few buddies are bear hunting this week. The boys and I hiked a creek and the waterfalls area. We had a fish fry with the "mighty hunters" (who have not seen a bear yet this year). Then had that crazy 2 hr drive back home. The 3 of us have had baths and are already in our jammies. (its only 6).

I am so struggling with food right now!! So disappointed in myself. I'm maintaining - just not losing.

- jul

10-22-2002, 04:19 AM
Hi Girls,
Haven't been "regular" at all. Work, home, etc, you know the drill...
Newest episode of Greece Today says:
1. Definitely-Ex-BF is leaving, at least looking for a house (?), have not seen him around that much which is so much the better, so I can't take pity (on what?, you'd say, god knows I'm a softie/wet hen, I cry at Bambie and the sound of music.)
2. Gotta Job, now only the details have to be worked out.
3. Sent some more CV's, just in case. Will keep doing so.

Rabbit, very nice to help out with the rehab. Keep in touch from time to time if you can!

Jul, don't feel bad about yourself. Go read LintaT's new article in the Library. I found a lot of things I do are there! I love going out hiking! I am really jealous! Here it's not been a real autumn (except for in the mountains, where first snow has already fallen), and I'm thinking to go swimming this weekend. it's a long weekend as 28 Oct. is a national holiday (WW2 related).
Was at "Beauty and Diet" yesterday, a series of slimming and beauty salons here in Greece (people prefer shelling out for "fast solutions" and slimming miracle machines, rather than a good eating plan and exercize: they're SO LAZY they make me want to smack them!).
They work like this: They talk you up on the streets and take your tel #, say that you have "won a facial or 2 weeks program" (This is actually true), so you go there, have a talk with a (generally snobby) "consultant" who tries to persuade you to take a program that costs about 800 $ for 2 months (this was only the facials!!!), and you can pay with CC so NOOOOOO problem at all, right! WRONG! They first make you feel inferior about your body/face so you give in and then BOOM! they make you poor too! I HATE THIS KIND OF MARKETING! IT MAKES ME SICK! So I take revenge: every time I get an invitation like this, I go and let them waste their time 1 1/2 hours while offering me free coffee (hold the cakes), and then I get a free facial into the bargain (next week). This is my personal sweet revenge on the beauty industry on behalf of all women who were duped. Picture me sitting there, smiling shyly, listening to various sales talk (very instructive, free seminar!) from this woman saying how good I look BUT HOW MUCH BETTER I WOULD LOOK WITH THAT FAT OFF, says this thin-but flabby woman, and I am laughing inside, and in the end after a long long talk I spontaneously decide "I'd rather not, this is a difficult period for me and I don't have the $ to spare right now". What do you think? Nice revenge? Comments and critics below! I have done this twice up to now and it feels good anyway, and I'm not robbing anyone of their income either. It kind of makes up for all the nasty remarks I had and the expensive useless crash diets/gimmicks I bought over the years...

Friday, I'll be away anyway, as I have an extra "gig" touring around a Canadian couple for a day. Should be fun!

Love to all for now (and where are you anyway???),

MadGreek (but not flabby)

10-22-2002, 05:55 AM
Good Morning!!
Just a quickie before heading off to work!!!! I have a sonagram today to see Ms Priss again!!! I am soo excited cuz it has been 11 weeks!!! DH can take a pic to China when he leaves tomorrow morning!!!
Have a great day all!!!!

10-22-2002, 07:34 AM
Have fun, RR!

10-22-2002, 10:09 AM
Hi everyone!! Things are going well here. BIL is out of the hospital and learning how to eat right and exercise -- a new concept for him. I started my new workout routine at the gym this week and my leg muscles are very sore today. It involves jumping back and forth between weights and cardio machines for one hour so it's a great variety -- I really love it. My first 5K is this Friday evening so I'm anxious to see how I do. I jogged for 33 minutes on Sunday so I should be okay. It wasn't easy by any means!!! :o I'm so short and stubby I don't think running will ever get any easier for me!! After this year I will probably stop going more than a mile or two jogging. I'm just not cut out for it -- boobs too big, legs too short!! :lol:

RR, good luck with your sonogram. Sorry DH is leaving you for now. Tell Kaleigh to stay in there until he gets home. :D

GG, Yeah XBF is leaving and getting a job!! Have fun with your facial. Good job taking advantage of the freebie. I don't have the patience to listen to their sales pitch.

Jul, your drive sounds wonderful. This is the time that I don't like living in FL. I really miss the sight, smell, and sound of fall. It's such a beautiful thing!! Stand ankle deep in the colorful leaves and take a deep breath for me. :) I can relate with your maintaining. I've decided I can only lose weight the first four months of the year. Right now my goal is to make it thru the holidays without a gain. I'll be happy to maintain.

Rabbit, good luck with your family. I will include them in my prayers. Just remember you are doing a wonderful thing for someone. Check in with us when you have a chance.

LBH, your post made me tired!!! No one should have to work that hard on a weekend. Especially someone who's pregnant. I hope you had an opportunity to get some rest.

I'm doing so-so on the eating. I'm trying to watch my portions more so than anything else. I made pumpkin pies last weekend and every bite tastes like heaven!!! Has anyone else in here been reading Griller's journal??? He is an amazing writer -- very entertaining. He's got a great attitude and has several 3FC members tuning in daily for his updates. Check him out if you have a few minutes.

Have a great week everyone!! My work is going to get nuts starting tomorrow so I'm really trying to enjoy today.

10-22-2002, 10:26 AM
Hi All,

Just a quick check in, had to take the cat to the vet this AM. He's got some sort of abcess or something under his neck. They are keeping him because they have to put him under to check him out (because he's such a rotten patient!!) Even just to take his temp, they have to, never mind shaving the area to see!! :rolleyes: He's such a bad boy at the vet's. They said they'd call me in a little bit, but to call around noon if I don't hear from them. Guess I'm taking a half day, maybe the whole day. I don't even know what I have left to take!! I may have to start working Saturday's to make up for it!! :(

I don't have the energy to reply right now, I'm emotionally drained from the AM soo far, and it's only 9:30. Darn PG hormones...

10-22-2002, 11:51 AM
Hi everyone. I'm new here so I will do a little intro if that's ok. this is my 1st time on a "fat" board and as I browse through the posts I already feel at home. I am almost 32 yrs old. As Oprah says....claim your age, you own each and everyone of those years! I am married and have 3 kids, well 4 actually counting my step daughter who lives very far away. I am over weight. My DH says I am gorgeous no matter what but that is not what I see when i look in the mirror. I am 5'8" and weigh about 157. It's not the weight, it's my size. I have been a size 8 most of my life and I want to be that again. I am currently a 12. I want to go back to work, but all my "office attire" are size 8. We are boke and I mean BROKE so I can't afford to buy any new clothes right now. I guess I wil have to look elsewhere for a job where I can wear "street clothes". Not that I have that much of them either but..... (BTW, I love clothes!!! I miss my cute clothes . A new job has to pay enough to be worth my while, ya know. Day Care is expensive!! Anyway, enough rambling about that.

I joined a gym in February weighing in at 164. My youngest was only 3 months old then. By Spring I had lost 14 lbs. I was so happy. I could fit into my size 10s and I was looking much better. Or feeling much better about myself I guess I should say. Then I had a terrible reaction to some fire ant bites and was unable to workout for a couple of weeks then the big floods came (in Texas in July) and I was unable to drive to the gym then I couldn't afford my membership anymore so I didn't work out all summer and gained most of the weight back. The worst part is that we live with my inlaws. That a whole 'nother problem in itself. My inlaws love to cook with oil...lots of it. If I want to eat something more healthy than them then I have to make my dinner seperate...that's fine, but I can't afford to cook 2 meals each night. If I cook something light and healthy then they complain. I bought some fresh green beans the other day. Was looking forward to steaming them with some onion. I walked into the kitchen and my MIL had already tossed them in a frying pan with a buttload of bacon. ARGH!!!! I am sick of fixing myself turkey sandwiches everynight while I watch everyone else eat enchiladas, tamales, fried chicken tenders, pork chops and gravy, etc. It's torture...LOL!!!

Well, that's my story for now. I hope to get to know each of you well. Oh yeah, I can't figure out how to use the smiles, etc.

10-22-2002, 12:34 PM
hi all. :goodvibes

Just a quick check in before I run off to do errands. I'm leaving again tomorrow but have gotten lots done since I came home and I'm ready. I should be able to come home for a few days the weekend of the 1st - someone to relieve me coming for a few days. I'll check in from there as I can. I did awful there eating-wise last week. :( I don't know what's wrong with me, I keep gaining this year.

Jul - glad your aunt looks like she's going to make it this time, that she's been through rehab 3 times is scarey for me. ~ sounds like a wonderful drive with the boys. :)
Greek - congrats on the job. :bravo: ~ Enjoy that free facial.

RR - enjoy the sonogram!:bb:

Liz - good luck on the new workout and on that 5k!! :^:
Kesco - welcome to the group! :wave:

Rabbit :ink:

10-22-2002, 01:53 PM
Hi all!! I'm back from Las Vegas. I must say I am so glad to be home. Vegas is not for me. It was full of cigarette smoke and people walking around with HUGE drinks (read drunk). They say people in NY are rude, but I found Vegas extemely rude. I think they just come in from all over and loose all inhibitions. Anyway, thank God I'm home. :) The wedding was nice, there was an Elvis impersonator for entertainment at the reception. We did do Hoover dam and Lake Mead. That was nice. I really enjoyed that part.

RR: Good luck at the sonogram. Hope that Kaleigh is cooperative.
Sorry that DH is leaving. I must have missed that from the other thread. How long will he be gone?

GG: Yippee on the job. That must be a load off of your mind. Are you still looking for a place since BF is now looking for another place? Hope it works out well for you.

Liz: I'm so glad that your BIL is doing better!! Yeah on the no heart damage. Now comes the hard part of learning to eat better and exercise. I think we can all relate to that. Sounds like you are doing awesome with the exercise.

Lauren: Sorry you are having a bad day with the cat. Sure hope you don't have to work on Saturdays. That would be a bummer. I have to work a couple of Saturdays a year and I really hate it.

Kesco: Welcome to the group. You will find lots of support here. Good luck with the dinners!!

Rabbit: Sorry that you will be away for awhile but thank goodness you are available and willing to help. I think you are earning a few extra stars for your crown in heaven. Hope things go smoothly.

Sure hope that all the cigarette smoke I breathed over the weekend wasn't harmful to Peanut! I go back to the doctor on Friday. I sure hope he lets me go back to work. I'm bored!! Speaking of pg hormones, on the flight back home yesterday I had a ladies knees in my back for the longest time and I actually yelled at her. I NEVER do stuff like that. I usually suffer in silence, well if you don't consider muttering to myself or my traveling companion. OK, gonna go clean the bathroom now. Have a great evening.

10-22-2002, 02:36 PM
Hello Everyone,

My b-day turned out ok. Thanks for all the birthday wishes. I was just in a funk over the weekend. I really need to get back to counting and journaling my food. So starting tomorrow (I know why not today....) I am going to get back to it. We have ww tonight, but I'm still not looking. All my pants are fitting looser, so I think I'm doing better. I think if I do this again I might just go 6 instead of 12 weeks.

RR - Hope the sonogram went well. Hope DH's trip works out for both of you :D.

Liz - I could never live in FL would really miss the seasons. Good luck with the new work out and the 5K

GG - Congrats on the new job :) .

Kesco - Welcome!!!

Rabbit - I hope everything works out for your family member, you are so great to help out.

LBH - Yea on organizing a room. Wish I could say the same. :^:

Karen - Welcome back, sorry you didn't enjoy LV. That's on the list of places I'd like to go someday.

Jul - Your day sounded like a blast. Remember maintaining is better than gaining :D.

Well, gotta go my sister is coming over to put together the invites for the b-day party for my mom.

Have a great day everyone.

- Tech :spin:

10-22-2002, 07:51 PM
Hi All,

Zeusmonster update: He's home and it looks like he's got a tracheotomy!! The vet shaved his whole neck area and felt around and pushed on some bump, and out popped this thing that looks like a hair ball!! She said she's never seen anything like it!! It's the size of a jelly bean. She is calling it a dermoid cyst. That's something that is a foreign object growning where it's not supposed to. She's sending it out for biopsy, to find out what it is. All in all, our little visit today cost me $331.50!! :fr: I have to give him antibiotics via dropper starting Thursday and I have to clean the area with warm water or peroxide everyday. That will gross me out a little, but I think I can handle it. He was a little groggy when I brought him home, and he's passed out somewhere now, but otherwise he seems OK.

Tech- Good luck getting back on track, you can do it!!

Karen- At least there were parts of the vacation you enjoyed. LV has never been on my list of places to visit.

Rabbit- Hope you're able to get back on track this week. You can do it!!

Kesco- Welcome! Sounds like you've got a big obstacle there with your in-laws...good luck to you!!

Liz- Glad to hear BIL is doing soo much better! No, I haven't checked out too many of the journals! Heck, I barely have time for my own!

RR- How'd the U/S go? Was missy showing off for you?! I can't wait to see my little man again, maybe I'll see if I can get one for before Thanksgiving.

GG- Do tell more about the new job! Glad to hear ex-bf is finding his own place.

Jul- Sound like you all had a great time!

Oh well, I made a good dent cleaning up the living room today, but it's mostly DH's stuff, so he really needs to do it. Have a great evening all!

10-23-2002, 11:45 AM
Bye all! I hope to check in some. Would really like to focus on what I'm eating when I'm there and not gain weight. Wish me luck! :lucky:


10-23-2002, 05:52 PM

:grouphug: :grouphug:

- Tech:balloons:

10-23-2002, 07:10 PM
Helllo all!!!
DH left today and will be back Nov 1st...Kaleigh was cooperative and she is definately a she!!!!! Ms Priss weighs 4 and 1/2 lbs and I have gained 11 lbs total with about 7 weeks to go...My due date is now Dec 14 and she is talking about a week early...Now I know why I have such bladder pains with 5 lbs of baby inside!!!The MD wanted to know where she was hiding since my belly wasnt too large...HELLO!!!Large and uncomfortable to me!!!:lol: :lol: Her little face had chubby little cheeks!!!Dh's turned up nose but definately my cheeks!!!DH has thin bony features to the face(Norwegin descent)

Have a great evening..Single mom of 2 for now with one on the way and lots to do!!!

10-23-2002, 09:08 PM
Hi all. I had a very non-eventful day today. Just did some laundry and slept. I'm getting very lazy. I hope they let me go back to work next week. We got a lead on someone who wants a border collie so we may be able to get rid of Tripper. I hope we can find him a good home and not have to take him back to the Humane Society.

Lauren: Glad that your cat is doing better. Bummer about the medicine though. I know how hard it can be to pill a cat. I used to put the pills in cream cheese and just drop it in the back of the cats throat. The one of mine I was having to medicate would start hiding from me to keep from getting the medicine.

Rabbit: Sending best wishes with you!!

Hope everyone is having a great evening. I'm off to do the last little bits of tweaking to my program and then I'm done. NO MORE SCHOOL!!! Yeehah!! Tomorrow is my last night. I am so happy.

10-23-2002, 11:32 PM
Karen, I missed that you were having problems with Tripper. We finally realized that Ginger was just not the right fit for our family. We all still missed Levi the golden retriever too much. Ginger was hyper and the boys were scared of her. My friend Jennifer really liked Ginger and now Ginger lives full time with Jennifer. I still find myself looking at www.petfinders.com to drool over all the pretty dogs but I realize that I just can't have a dog for now.

We just had some friends over for dinner. It was enjoyable. We just haven't had anyone here for along time due to our crazy schedule.

DH leaves tomorrow for a show in St Louis, he'll be back late Sat. night.

I think I'll pick up a few videos tomorrow and just be lazy. - jul

10-24-2002, 01:08 PM
Hi All,

I'm having a rotten day...my company really sucks. My company is a business segment of the company that supplies our health insurance...you'd think they'd give us decent benefits!! :mad: They up'd our hospital co-pay from $100 in 2002, to $250 in 2003!! :eek: What the heck are they thinking!! I'm waiting for them to say, you have to have your baby on a lunch break, or a weekend, and come right back!! :censored: OH, but they'll let me pay extra with my pre-tax dollars to get 80% pay, instead of 60% for the 6 wks. they are giving me of STD!! :censored: This has just put me in the foulest of moods for the day.

Karen- I didn't know you needed to get rid of the border collie. Is he bad, or what? They're good babysitters when you're busy doing stuff around the house! My friend has one and she rounds up the kids for her!! :lol: It's her heard. Thankfully after seeing what he was like, they gave me Clavamox liquid for Zeus. He gets an eye dropper full (1ml) a day. We didn't do too bad this AM, he freaked a little when I grabbed him with the towel, but I think he was having flashbacks of the hospital!! :lol: We got it down no problem.

Jul- Bummer that you had to get rid of Ginger, what kind of dog was she? I understand missing Levi though, I sat in the hospital the other day waiting for Zeus, thinking about Niki. It'll be 2 yrs. in January and I still cry just thinking about her.

RR- Glad to here Kaliegh is still a she!! :lol: My mom insists on asking me if the tech was sure it's a boy, because she was soo sure it was a girl, and so was I! I keep telling her that I was soo sure because I wanted a girl, not because I really thought it was one!! :lol: How big does he think she's gonna be, if she's 4 1/2 now?!

Hi to everyone else!!

10-24-2002, 01:22 PM
Thank you all for the warm welcome. Please bear with me as I try to get to know everyone.

As for my inlaws.....they are going out of town for the weekend. Yippee!!!:dancer: DH and I are going to rent movies and make sushi. I can't wait to have the house to ourselves. Anyone have any good tips on making children sleep for an entire weekend? Hehehe!!

Martha Stewart (who I dispise) had a lady on her show yesterday that demonstrated a few ab exersises. I think I can do these. I usually rely on the machines at the gym. Last night we met a couple and she was at least 5 months pregnant and I looked bigger than her. :(

I am starting a food journal today. I've started several of these in the past and I only keep tally for a few days then I quit. Not this time.

Well, I'm off to read bios so I can get to know yall.

10-24-2002, 02:02 PM
Hi everyone, I'm having a fairly good day. I made the mistake and stepped on the scale this morning -- one pound loss. You'd think that would be good, right? Not for me, cuz now I can't stop snacking today. It's like seeing the loss allowed me to eat more today. I'm putting my scale away tonite. It just messes with my head.

We got some puppy pics developed yesterday and this one of Abby turned out so cute I had to make it my avatar. She doesn't look anything like that anymore. Three months later and she's all grown up and looks like a poodle -- no more tiny little fluff ball.

Kesco, have a great weekend!! How'd you learn to make sushi? I've never been brave enough to try that but I'd love to.

LBH, sorry your company is so crappy when it comes to insurance. It's never made sense to me why people in medicine have such terrible insurance. My office is horrible too but luckily I have the option of marrying someone with good benefits.

Jul, have fun watching videos. We watched Frailty last weekend -- strange, creepy, weird. I didn't like it much. But Matthew McConaughey is such a hotty!!

KK, Congrats on finishing school. Are you all done or just taking a break? Sorry you have to get rid of Tripper. I hope your lead works out and he goes to a good home.

RR, Good luck holding the fort down on your own.

Rabbit, Bye-bye and good luck!!

Tech, happy belated b-day. Good luck getting back on track.

Have a wonderful day!!

10-24-2002, 02:48 PM
Hello All,

I'm supposed to be cleaning house and I'm procrastinating, so what's new. Was w/in points yesterday :D. Let's hope I can keep this up. I'm craving deep dish chicago style pizza, so I've been trying to find a recipie to make my own tonight, hoping it'd be lighter than Uno's (wouldn't take much) besides they closed the one near here. Anyway.....

LBH - Sorry about the benefits :( DH's aren't any better?

RR - Glad the u/s went well.

Karen - So why are you getting rid of your dog? Hope the line on a good home works out.

Jule - Dog's are a part of our family and loosing one is hard, although I was threatening to give mine away earlier, he was growling at the insurance inspector who happened to be afraid of dogs and here come our 2 70 pounders rushing the door. Sometimes they're lucky they're so cute.

Liz - That's exactly the reason I'm not looking at my weight at WW until Dec. Let's hope I make it that long it was easy at the start, but it's getting harder. But at least my pants are fitting better now.

Kesgo - have a great weekend w/o the inlaws. No way K and I could live with either of our folks w/o bloodshed :eek:

Well need to get busy. Have a great evening all.

- Tech :chef:

10-24-2002, 05:11 PM
Hi All,

Boy, have I been a slacker today, I just can't seem to get motivated since my day got ruined this AM. I'm in I want to quit mode again. :(

Tech- No, unfortunately DH's insurance costs more than mine, and the coverage is worse!! He's actually on my dental, but his own medical, it just works out best that way. I was actually reading an artical recently, think it may have been on the Dollar Stretcher site, about how it's almost always cheaper for 2 working people who get married to keep their own insurance!

Liz- Abby looks like a real cutie!!

Kesco- WooHoo, a weekend alone!! Enjoy!! Can't help you on making the kids sleep through the weekend, but I may be looking for advice on that in a few months when I have a screaming newborn that doesn't understand the concept of sleep!!

10-24-2002, 05:14 PM
Well..one day down and 8 more to go and I am hating it!!!Dh called from Seattle and then after 26hrs of flying around and hanging out in airports, he was at his hotel in China...My sugars are still good and I am trying to stay calm to keep them ok.I had to apply my own belly cream last night and tonight must wash clothes....Hmmmmm...wonder which button turns the machine on????:eek:

Lauren--She thinks probably 8lbs as long as I keep my diet under control and avoid the sweets, which I do...I go back to the MD on Nov 5th and we will discuss options..She is leaning towards C-sec and that is ok with me!!!She is soo active now, it is great to watch my stomach roll around..TOday..everyone laughed cuz a foot was sticking out in the front of my uniform and she left it there for a minute or two..It is the weirdest thing...When is your next sonagram????My friends are throwing me a shower Nov 9th!!!Cant wait!!!!

Tech--Hope the hunt for the healthy pizza works out!!!

liz--that is why I threw out my scale years ago.It just causes problems with the head and makes U frustrated!!!!

Have a great evening all!!!

10-24-2002, 09:33 PM
Hi all. SCHOOL IS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeeeeehhaaaaaa!!! I passed the presentation and I have no worries about passing the project because I know it works. I even tried it out on another classmates computer to make sure it works on someone else's machine. I have to go by on Tuesday to pick up my grades. Then I never have to go to that place again. I'm SO happy.

We have to get rid of Tripper because he is so HYPER. Not that that is a bad thing, he just has way more energy than we do and he deserves to go to someone who can spend more time with him. He needs a lot of training to stay happy. He is very bored with us and therefore, he gets into trouble. He doesn't mind all that great either. And he is mouthy. He doesn't bite, he just puts his teeth on you. I understand that that is a border collie trait, but visitors don't. When we got him we were told he was a young adult and he was so placid, we thought he was going to be great for us. Turns out he was a 4 month old puppy with pneumonia. Go figure!! Also, the housekeeping chores are doubled with two dogs and DH doesn't help. So, two dogs, two cats and a baby just aren't going to work.

Lauren: That really sucks about the insurance. I haven't checked on what mine is going to pay yet. I'm still trying to get over having to use three weeks of sick time!! I was watching A Baby Story the other day and there was an accupuncturist on there. She said that if your pulse is stronger in your left wrist you are having a boy and right wrist means your having a girl. She said the accuracy rate is 90%. Of course, the lady she told was going to have a girl had a boy!! (Guess she was in the 10%!!)

Kesco: Yippee on the weekend alone. Hope it works out well. When you figure out how to keep the kids occupied all weekend, let us know. There are three of us on here who would love to know!!

Liz: OMG!! That is the absolute cutest picture of your dog!! I love it. She's adorable. Get off the scale and put those snacks down. Right now!!

Tech: Procratinating on cleaning the house? You mean you don't just leap up to do it right away? :D I've done so much of that lately that my table looks like it's moving it has so much junk piled on it.

RR: Hey, at least one day is gone!! I bet the kids will keep you so busy during the day and the baby will keep you so busy at night that the time will fly by!! (Well, I'm trying anyway!!) DH has to go to freakin Maryland next week and I was so worried but they think they caught the snipers so I am feeling a little better. I still want him to wear a bullet proof vest and a kevlar helmet. I would feel better.

OK, guess I will go for now. I've typed a whole novel here!! Have a great evening.

10-25-2002, 11:23 AM
Well it's Friday and I woke early this morning and cleaned the house so this afternoon when I get home from errands, I will come home to a clean house and will just relax. I can't wait to spend this evening alone with my husband!

KK- Are Border Collies normally hyper? They are Dh's fave breed. When he lived in CA he used to rescue them. Anyway, I've never been around one (partial to Boxers myself). Congrats on school.

LBH - sorry about the ins. I used to work for a financial advisor. We specialized in managing retirement accounts. Do you think my boss could manage to 401K program for us? No!!

Liz - throw the scale out!! They are the devil! Your dog is so cute. Oh, DH is one who makes the sushi. We went to World Market this summer and boiught the seaweed sheets and the rolling mat thingy and he just read the instructions we found in Cooking Light magazine. They turned out really good.

Tech - Good luck keeping the points thing going. I assume you are speaking of Weight Watchers.

RR - Why is your hubby in China? What part? I went there when I was 5 mnts pg with my oldest son. It is so dirty. Yuck. The rest of his visit will fly by and he'll be home before you know it. I know how hard it is to have your husband gone from home.

Sorry if I've missed anyone. Still using the "newbie" thing as an excuse ;)

10-25-2002, 01:26 PM
Hi All,

Well, I'm feeling much calmer today, I'm actually in a pretty good mood...it is FRIDAY, you know!! :D

Kesco- What I know about border collies, yes, they're naturally high strung. If you think about what they're original purpose in life is, it makes sense. They're supposed to round up sheep and things for the farmer, and they do that by nipping ankles. They do the same thing with humans, especially when you have a large group at your house, they'll circle around and try to round everyone up, it's a natural instinct!! :lol: I think they're good with kids, but they have to be trained.

Karen- Hope you find a good home for him. DH and I always said we wanted one, and we definitely have the perfect yard for one right now, but no room in the house. :( Glad class is over and you passed. LOL, so much for the accupuncturist theory!! Actually, the MW suggested that as a possibility for pain relief, but again, it's needles!! :fr:

RR-WOW, :eek: 8 lbs.!! I am hoping for a 7 lb'er myself, I don't blame you for wanting a C/S for an 8 lb'er!! You're tiny to begin with, you need to have a 6 lb'er. :lol: I have my GTT tomorrow AM and I'm stressing. How quickly does the sugar leave your system? Do you think it would be better if i had eggs for breakfast tomorrow, instead of Cheerios? She said to have a normal breakfast, just not a lot of OJ, or anything sugary. I don't put sugar on my cereal, but I'm thinking it's carbs, therefore sugar, right?

Have a great afternoon all! I'm in semi-crunch mode here with audit stuff.

10-25-2002, 06:54 PM
Hi all. Had a good doctor's visit today. He used the ultrasound to see Peanut's heartbeat, so I got to see him again. Couldn't really see much though, just the little heart beating. He's going to let me go back to work. Yipee. I can also take Sudafed now so I am going to be able to breathe at night. Maybe I can get some sleep now.

Kesco: Hope you have a nice evening with hubby. Yeah, like Lauren said, Border Collies have LOTS of energy. They were bread to be able to run 25 miles/day. Course, when we got him I didn't know what kind of dog he was. I would never have gotten him if I'd known. That's what I get for picking with my heart!! He was so darn cute.

Lauren: Good luck on your test tomorrow. Hope it goes well. I have an appt for an amnio on Nov 19. I'm already nervous.

OK, gonna go play with the poor neglected dog. Have a nice evening all.

10-25-2002, 08:52 PM
Lauren--MIlk is a no no for me due to the fact it makes my sugars crazy...I would do the protein thing and leave the milk alone..I have to admit, being on a restricted diet, and being totally faithful is what has limited my weight gain soo much...I went to Babys R Us and completed my registry..I think..I have 2 showers comming up and must have it all done...It is sad when they know U by name at that place cuz I "nest" there daily!!!! :D :smug: I was even proud that I wear a size 4 maternity pants!!! I have to send U the belly pic..OMG too funny!!! Dh will show me how to post it!!!!

Kesco--Welcome!!! DH is on a ChemE Technical conference in Shanghi..He said the same thing about dirty city...I just hate him gone--first time in my marriage he has left me!!!:( Life is stressed cuz I am a fulltime mom of his 2 children and 8 months pg....

Karen-Yeah on sneaking a peak!!!

Hello all and I am off to bed!!!!!
7 more days to go and DH is home!!!

10-26-2002, 10:51 AM
Hello All,

The weeks just keep flying by. I can't believe that Halloween is next week. At WW our leader was funny (well she's usually funny) but she was talking about how Halloween is a holiday just for junk food junkies, I had to laugh. Anyway.... still doing OK with the eating. Really need to work on the wine though :^: . But yesterday I was so proud of myself, it was raining, so I knew we wouldn't walk the dogs that night, so I walked on my afternoon break. I've been told it's about a 1/2 mile around the museum, and that's probably about right it took me 20 min for 2 laps, that plus working the hand car all day, I'm was feeling pretty good :D add to that I stayed w/in my pts for the day!!!

Pretty sad when good day can cheer you up like that. We've got to go out to my folk's church tonight, my nephew is getting baptized, and then we're going out to dinner. Hopefully we'll get a walk in before we go, although it still looks like it might rain.

Should probably get motivated.....

RR - You'll do fine while he's gone :). I don't envy you though.

Karen - :bravo: on finising school. You mean there's a table under all that stuff :?: . Actually it's the fur, with 2 people, 2 dogs and a cat, it can get out of control.

Kesco - Have a fun weekend with hubby in your clean house, want to come do mine?????

LBH - Don't worry so much it'll all work out.

Have a great weekend all!!!

- Tech :spin:

10-26-2002, 10:59 AM
Good Morning all. It's raining here this morning so we are just lazing around. Tripper is asleep on the couch and Nikki is sleeping on the living room dog bed. DH ran out to run an errand and I'm still sitting here in my jammies :eek: . I do NOT want to sit here all day so I gotta think of something to do. DH would love to spend the day at the mall, but I hate to shop. It's too yucky to go geocaching or take our annual trip to the national forest to see the leaves. Hmm. I will have to think on it :D.

Tech: Good for you for walking. I'm hoping to start back with Curves now that I'm freed from restrictions.

Do you know how wonderful it is to take a nice long bath when they've been forbidden for a month!! ?? I was like a little kid at Christmas last night. I had my bath pillow and my book. :D

OK, gonna go see what kind of trouble I can get into. Have a super Saturday!!