WW Food and Point Issues - WW Points For Foods I Have Found In My Journey

09-06-2010, 10:31 AM
Good Morning All!

I am now starting day 4 of my WW diet. I would like to share what I found for a hot dog dinner with low WW points. What I did was take the food that I used to enjoy and tweaked them to have fewer points and so far they taste just the same and I am just as full as I was before my diet but of course better for me. I am now getting into the swing of things and hopefully will start losing some of these pounds. I am getting excited about weighing myself this Thursday. If I have lost 1 pound I will be happy because that is 1 pound towards my goal and 1 pound towards me and my friends goal (she's also on a diet) of being the new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models. LOL Just a joke. But seriously so far so good and I am so far not getting depressed. Me and my husband went grocery shopping yesterday and he is a sweetheart. He took the time to help me figure out the points with my points calculator for every food that we looked at to help me find healthier and better choices. We even figured up points on some of our favorite foods just to see what they were and we were so surprised. I am trying to talk him into joining me on this diet because he is also overweight but I am not pushing him. I have learned that it is a choice you have to make for yourself and you have to be ready to change. He has cut back a little and he is considering it. But enough about that here is what I found for a hot dog dinner.

WW=New Way of Eating
Old=Old Way of Eating

Hot Dogs: 5 Point Difference per Hot Dog!

WW--National Hebrew 97% Fat Free All Beef Franks (1 point); Flowers Brand Hot Dog Bun (2 points); Ketchup; Mustard; Onions (0 points)-----3 points per hotdog

Old--Ball Park Hot Dog (5 points); Store Brand Hot Dog Bun (3 points); Ketchup; Mustard; Onions (0 points)-----8 points per hotdog

I also had a large salad with lettuce; tomatoes and cucumbers with Kraft Zesty Italian dressing (2 points per 2 tbsp.)----4 points

Total Dinner: 2 Hotdogs and large salad----10 points!

I don't think that was bad considering if I had eaten it the old fashioned way with ranch dressing for the salad (LOL) I would have eaten 26 points!!!!!!

I hope everyone has a great day and maybe someone will try my new way of eating hot dogs! :carrot:

09-27-2010, 01:19 PM
That sounds like something I would love. I am just starting and looking for different things to eat.
You could put sourkrout with that . :)

09-27-2010, 06:20 PM
I'm about to start week 5 of WW and I do exactly what you are doing! I decide what I want to eat and figure out how to get it with as few points as possible. My newest find is Thomas bagel thins with Laughing Cow swiss cheese and sf strawberry jam which is a 3 point breakfast compared to my old breakfast of a bagel with strawberry cream cheese which is about 9 points.

Congrats on starting WW!


11-17-2010, 11:44 PM
I have been doing the same thing....Eating THIS instead of THAT!
I found white bread that is 35 cal for two slices that equal 1 of regular white bread...it was Whole Wheat to boot and delicious with 98 percent fat free Turkey Breast....whole sandwich with the works was only 4 pts.
Large pickle on the side and LIGHT chips...good lunch. One ounce of chips 1 pt. Diet coke and I am set to go.