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10-18-2002, 09:12 PM
Thru Thick & Thin is a group that was formed to give and receive support on our journey to take off the excess pounds and to keep them off. No matter who you are or where you are from, you're welcome here with us. We'll stand with you while you're losing and stand by you if you're not. We all have ups and downs and we need support in both.

10-18-2002, 09:26 PM
Hey Everyone :wave:

I thought that I had better take this opportunity to write a note to you girls. I am at the point that I can't really pack anything else until Monday. I have a special festival to attend tomorrow for the ministry of a friend. I am going to handle the registration desk. Then we are having a dinner at the church on Sunday in honor of our pastor's 20th anniversary. Monday will be spent taking the bird and fish to their babysitters, catching up the laundry and ironing and finishing the packing and giving the dogs a bath. I sure hope there are enough hours to get that all done. :lol: Then I can ride for two days in our suv and not have to do any work. My husband usually does all the driving even though I offer to take over for him.

Marlana~I hope that you had a good vacation and caught a lot of fish and just enjoyed being out in the wilderness. :dance:

JoJo~I didn't mean to send that Granny groovin thing to you at work for the very reason that you talked about. That was a mistake on my part. :dizzy: I am also very nervous on long car trips because of the number of accidents on those interstates roads. My husband is an excellent driver but it's the other drivers that scare me. There are some real idiots out there driving deadly weapons and so many people in a hurry to die. We usually see at least one really bad accident while we are on the road and just pray that we don't get involved in one.

Corina~Your husband has a very :stress: stressful job but sounds like he must be local only. I have a really good friend that retired from the City of Orlando court system and got her CDL to partner with her husband. They were in Washington state in her last email. I have always had a lot of respect for the professional 18 wheeler drivers. It is really scary when you run across one that shouldn't be on the road though. We had one run us out of the road on our last trip. We ended up behind him for a while and he was either drunk, falling asleep or just plain reckless. It was really scary though. Thank goodness that my husband is a very defensive driver and was on his toes.

Sally~I'm sure you are really busy since you started back to school. I hope you are doing okay and not burning yourself out. :flame:

I am going to miss all you girls while I am gone. I'm not sure if I will get a chance to post again before we leave. Y'all take care of yourselves and pray for us a safe trip. :grouphug:

10-20-2002, 01:27 PM
Hi. Hope your weekend is going well. I've got to get groceries today and do some stuff around the house but other than that, I don't plan to do much.

Skeeter, I mostly wanted to come in and wish you a very nice and enjoyable vacation. I wish it was me. We haven't been anywhere in years. Mostly when we take vacation time, we just stay home. No biggie about the granny email. I get stuff like that from other people but I just can't click the link. I feel bad that I can't reply to your emails from work tho. It just seems like if they want to get rid of you, that is one thing they can and will use against you even tho there are a number of people who get on the internet and go to game sites during the day when they should be working. The policy at work it kind of vague, it says as long as it doesn't interfere with your job and you have permission. But I'm to big a chicken to take the chance.

Corina, I can't go back and look at your post cause I'll lose what I've written but I wanted to say hi to you anyway.

Well, I'm getting off here now. DH will probably want me to fix him something for breakfast. Take care.

10-21-2002, 10:59 AM
Hi everbody. Well today is Matt's 9th birthday. His mom called this morning. I didn't recognize the number. I didn't answer I figured it was a wrong number but then when they left a message on the voice mail I knew it had to be her. Sure enough. She said she would call back later today or this evening. She was calling to wish Matt a happy birthday and that she hoped he would have a good day. And that she loves him. This weekend we will be having a party for both our boys. We are thinking of inviting her but ONLY her...of course she won't come alone. I don't know what is going to happen.

I am just crossing my fingers that I don't start to stress eat. I also have to jump on my elliptical machine for stress relief instead of eating. Good idea.

I best be going to get dressed the kids have a dentist appt. Talk again. I hope everyone is doing well. bye.

10-23-2002, 10:02 PM
I'm back. I was sick half the time while we was gone. I tried to get in here last night and couldn't. Don't have time to write, I've got tons of things to do. I am posting this......I find it very interesting.

> Snack Attack: Coping With Cravings
> Moderation is key to satisfying your sweet tooth or salt craving.
> By Carol Sorgen
> Reviewed By Brunilda Nazario, MD
> WebMD Feature
> Have you ever felt you absolutely must have a piece of chocolate, a potato
> chip (oh, let's get real -- an entire bag of potato chips), or a box of
> Krispy Kremes?
> Those food cravings are not a sign of weakness on your part. If you crave
> certain foods like cereals, grains, and sugar, you may actually be
> to them, says James Braly, MD, medical director of York Nutritional
> Laboratories and author of Food Allergy Relief.
> People with a food addiction may have symptoms like headaches, insomnia,
> irritability, mood changes, and depression, Braly says. They can relieve
> these symptoms -- but only temporarily -- by eating the foods they crave.
> Most often, the foods we crave are processed carbohydrates. These change
> brain's chemistry, increasing the level of serotonin, our feel-good
> neurochemical.
> Boost Serotonin Right
> "People with food cravings may actually have neurochemical and hormonal
> imbalances that trigger these cravings," Braly says.
> If you think you may be serotonin-deficient and want to increase your
> serotonin levels without resorting to a pint of mint chocolate chip, Braly
> suggests trying these alternatives:
> Identify and eliminate suspected food allergens -- paying special
> to gluten (wheat, rye, oats, etc.) and milk products.
> Avoid alcohol.
> Avoid stimulants like caffeinated drinks, cigarettes, and amphetamines.
> Increase your exposure to bright light or sunlight to 1-2 hours a day.
> Get 60 minutes of moderate or moderately intense exercise every day.
> Make sure you get enough deep, restful sleep every night.
> Although they have not been proven to be helpful, certain supplements
> help, according to Braly. These include:
> 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP)
> Ginkgo biloba
> Acetyl-L carnitine
> St. John's wort
> Vitamin B-6
> NADH (vitamin B-3 derivative)
> SAMe (S-adenosyl-L-methionine)
> Body or Mind?
> "It's important to distinguish whether your craving is physiological or
> psychological," says Rebecca Wilborn, director of the Midtown Diet Center
> New York City. "Pay attention so that you can determine whether you are
> feeling actual hunger in your stomach."
> Physical cravings may be a result of low fat intake or low blood sugar.
> many of us, the mid-afternoon cravings we feel are merely our body's way
> telling us it has been too long since lunch and we actually need to eat. A
> piece of fruit, yogurt, or a handful of nuts can get the blood sugar
> back up and keep us from reaching for the no-no snacks we think we're
> craving, according to Wilborn.
> Emotions play a big part in food cravings, too, Wilborn says. "When we're
> stressed, anxious, frustrated, lonely ... all those feelings can trigger
> cravings." She adds that we may have memories of how good certain foods
> us feel when we were younger.
> Sensory triggers, like smells and visual cues, can also set off cravings,
> says Wilborn. If you walk by the pizza stand on your trip through the
> chances are you're going to start salivating.
> How to Cope
> If you're not physically hungry, Wilborn offers several recommendations
> handling your cravings:
> Brush your teeth and gargle with an antiseptic mouthwash like Listerine.
> "Part of wanting to eat is the taste. Nothing tastes good after you've
> gargled with Listerine," Wilborn says.
> Distract yourself. "Take yourself out of the situation for 45 minutes to
> hour," says Wilborn. "Then if you still want whatever it is you're
> have a small amount."
> Exercise.
> Relax with deep breathing exercises or meditation.
> Choose a healthy substitute. If you want ice cream, spoon up some
> sugar-free ice cream, frozen yogurt, or sorbet. Wilborn also recommends
> freezing a container of Dannon Light yogurt. "It takes on a wonderful
> consistency," she says. If you want potato chips, try baked tortilla chips
> instead.
> Listen to your cravings. If you want something salty, you may very well
> salt. Add salt to your food instead of having salty snacks.
> If you know what situations trigger your cravings, avoid them if possible.
> Drink at least 64 ounces of water a day. "Often hunger is a signal that
> we're thirsty," says Wilborn.
> But allow yourself some moments of weakness, too. "Give in now and then,"
> Wilborn says. "It's really not healthy to be so rigid."
> Jennifer Grana, a registered dietitian with the Dr. Dean Ornish Program
> Reversing Heart Disease in Pittsburgh, agrees that if there is no medical
> reason for you to avoid your favorite snacks, you should cut yourself some
> slack. "If you're reaching for a bag of chips only now and then, that's
> As long as 80% of your food intake is good for you, you can play with that
> other 20%, she says.
> Think of your favorite foods as a reward, she says -- a small treat after
> you've finished your exercise for the day, perhaps. "Don't think of a food
> craving as a negative," she says. "For most people, anything is OK in
> moderation."

10-24-2002, 12:39 AM
Welcome home Marlana. Thanks for the tidbits that was certainly interesting. I also could relate so much to the craving bit. I do have mood swings more than I should and seem to have them when I am wanting a piece of chocolate or a bag of chips or a soda. Hmmm...now I have an excuse. LOL But it is great that I can now understand what it is that controls the mood swing. Maybe I can control it better now that I am that much more educated.

I am really sorry that you were feeling ill while you were away. I hope you are getting better.

Well DH's X-wife called Monday on our son's birthday. Of course she left a message saying she would call back but never did. O well that is nothing new.

I am exhuasted and I have to get up early for school in the morning. I will catch you all tomorrow. I hope everyone is doing well. Take care. bye.

10-24-2002, 10:44 AM
Good Morning, I've been up since 3 AM, and I'm beginning to go blind, as I've been on the puter all that time. My reg. ISP is down this morning and I'm on with msn, which I don't like at all. I can't send mail out of Oulook Express. Mostly thing morning I've been drawing in PI. I love working with that program, and spend much too much time doing it. This morning I drawed a Cougar. I like drawing and making stationery best of all. I guess Skeeter is gone on vacation. She was going as I was getting home.
I done really bad with food while I was gone, really bad. I'm trying to come up with something that will get me lined out and keep me that way. OK...I'm addicted to food, and I'm also addicted to the computer. I need to make a committment to myself concerning a deal between food and the puter. I don't keep committments to myself very well, so I need to work on that. Here's the deal, I can play on the puter if my food is in line. Boy I would have a battle with me, myself and I on that one. Who knows it might work.

10-24-2002, 08:16 PM
Hi everyone. A quick post and then I've got to get supper started. I'm fixing spagetti since its fast.

A friend of ours died yesterday and then I found out a cousin is dying. She is in the hospice now and I planned to go see her but I can't remember what her last name is. I hadn't seen her for probably 30 years and then she moved back and moved into the hi-rise my mom lived in so we got re-aqainted but then after my mom died, I lost touch with her again. I feel really bad that I didn't know she was so sick. I'm going to make some calls after I get off here to try and find out what her last name is now.

We've got our friends visitation tomorrow night. Dh and his veterans group is going to do a special military service during the wake. Dh became very good friends with him over the last several years and visited with him alot these last several months so I know its hard for dh.

Marlana, I'm glad you are back. I know I sure missed you. Sorry you were sick most of the time tho. I've done bad with the food to. You know, I think I'm just going to try WW's again. I have to do something and quickly. I about grossed myself out when I saw myself in the mirror in the bathroom at work today. I'm almost tired of fighting it but yet, I just don't want to stay like this. I'm really pathetic lately and I need to pull myself up. I think your cougar is cool. Oh, your email with the halloween picture, it locked my puter up at work :lol: The picture opened and everything was moving but I couldn't close it out. Where do you find all your pictures to make those?

Kina, maybe the ex will not call you for several more years. Its really pathetic that she doesn't keep in contact with her child. How does he feel about it? Hopefully he has gotten past it although I'm sure he has bad feelings about her. Sounds like you are a good mother to him so he is lucky.

Well, I've got to get my butt moving. Take care everyone.

10-25-2002, 01:11 AM
Hi everybody.

Marlana~~~that pic is so cool. I can't believe you actually do that by hand on the computer mind you. OMGoodness! You are so talented...you must know that.

JoJo~~~I hope she doesn't call again but at the same time I told DH that I want to give her an ultimatum. The next time she calls I am going to tell her "You have a choice! Either you can hang up this phone, walk in the opposite direction and NEVER look back or make a commitment today for always and if you ever forget to call of visit then you might as well keep walking." But I tell DH I don't think I have much right to make any ultimatums. He says "Like Heck! You have been more of a mother than she ever has been." Which is true I took over when Matt was 3 1/2 years. Before that the X would leave him here and there many times for days with no calls. At times as I wait for her to call again I want to just call her and nip it in the butt voice my thoughts and get it over and done with. Our son doesn't want to see her much less simply listen to her message she left on the voice mail. He forgets about her since we don't speak of her. The other day the kids and I were having a pow wow on my bed and my oldest was talking about how she hated her chin. Then I said "you have my chin and I call it a determined chin. Which means no matter the struggle you will get through it." Then Matt says "Mommy do I have your chin?" I got all teary eyed and I said "Yes you do." I had to look away after smiling at him so that he wouldn't see my tears forming. He was so happy about his chin he started to smile from ear to ear. So we will wait and see what happens I guess.

Oh but some other news. I know this post is going to be the biggest in the history of 3FC...LOL. But I have to tell you all about the tornado that hit here in Texas. I typed it once elsewhere and I am just going to copy and paste here.

If you have seen the news it may have mentioned a tornado creating chaos in Texas. Actually it hit right outside the office that I work at on the College campus. I had heard the weather was getting bad so I figured I would call it a day and go pick up the kids and get home. Just as i was walking out at about 2:35pm I saw some other college workers standing outside looking up to the sky. The rain had started in really hard and the winds had picked up strongly. As I looked up I could see the image of Twister happening right before my eyes. The wind was moving in a circular motion with some debree. All of a sudden I hear a voice yell ''Every one inside head to the back of the building away from the windows!'' So as we were running in the door did not just close immediatley because the winds gushed through the breezeway pulling on the door. As we were watching our ears popped in such a way that caused us to clencth at them. The lights went out and the alarms started to go off. The wildness had passed. We went out to see the devestation cars that had been directly in the path of the tornado had all their windows busted out. An 18 wheeler that is used for the truck driving students had been pushed over on their sides. The library wall had been directly hit and was bashed in where a class was in session the debree fell on a teacher, that later died. A few students from that class had some injuries. Sever portable classrooms were demolished...luckily the students had left early for a field trip otherwise there would have been about 45 students in those classrooms. The student center across from our office had many windows shattered to peices. On the campus I work we have student training for firefighters, police, paramedics, Physical therapy, Occupational therapy, mechanics, welding, cosmetology and a few others I didn't mention. All in all I think we were in good hands and unfortunately all that with just one fatality...a Math instructor Mr. Gillis.

I think there isn't much room left for more. But I wanted to give you as much info as possible. A friend took some pics. I'll see if I can get some scanned to share.

Enough said. Thanks for listening to my babbling. bye

10-27-2002, 01:01 PM
Hi there. Hope your having a nice quiet weekend.

I've got a couple things I've got to do today and then, well, nothing else, besides housework. I'm not sure if I'll do any of that or not. I'm feeling a lot lazy today.

A friend of ours died last week. Friday was the visitation and Saturday was the funeral service. They are taking him home to another state for burial (and another funeral). I have not ever been to a nicer funeral service than this one. The minister was so good, it wasn't like a church service, he really knew our friend to a T. Dh's veterans group did a service both days and yesterday they had a bagpiper come in. Our friend loved bag pipes and I think he was probably smiling down at everyone. It was more like a celebration than a sad funeral. I've never been to one like that and even tho everyone was crying, well, it was light hearted to. The bag pipe just about did me in tho, especially when he played Amazing Grace.

Anyway, we went out to the veterans hall after that and visited with everyone, and ate.

Other than that, its been kind of a quiet weekend. I need to get dressed pretty soon and go to the store. Also, if I'm not to late, I've got a cousin who is in hospice and I would like to go visit her. I'm just not sure I can make myself go see her tho. Thinking about going to see my cousin makes me think about my mom when she was dying.

Kina, you know, maybe the ex does need an ultimatum. Even if she doesn't answer you, maybe it will make her think. But then again, maybe Matt is better off. Sounds like he really loves you and sees you as his true mom. And with his birth moms past history, I doubt if that changes. Its wonderful that you have him and he has you. I heard about a tornado in Tx but it was just the tailend of the story. I bet that was scary. I don't think we even had any tornado warnings this year. We live just a block away from one of the warning sirens and its scary when it goes off cause its like its right in our back yard. I go bezerk when it goes off, trying to figure out what I need to do. I'm not good when it comes to bad storms. My dog heads for the bathtub. I've gotten in with her a couple times and then I heard that the tub is not always the best place to be during a actual tornado.

Well, I need to get off here and get my butt in gear. Take care everyone.

10-27-2002, 09:36 PM
Hi, I'll try to get a quick post in here. Sorry I don't come in more but I just don't have the time. The truth is if I was doing well and losing weight I'd want to come in and tell how much I've lost. I had Jackie over the week end and was trying to teach her how to work PI. Boy was that a job. I'm giving her my PI that I bought in may. I just bought the new 8.0 that come out. since I belong to the PI groups I get a bargain on the new verions that comes out. I paid 89.00 for 7.0 and I only paid 45.00 for PI 8.
Girls what on earth is it going to take to get us to losing weight. I'm sick of my of myself, that isn't working.
Kina~~Don't talk about those tornado's, I live in Okla., we sure get our share of them in the spring, and sometimes this time of the year. A couple of years ago one come within a mile of our house. Sure made a mess out of the State park a few miles down the road. They scare the dickens out of me.
Jo Jo~~I'm sorry that the gif halloween made a mess for your puter. I didn't know I sent it to work, I thought I sent it to your home. Sorry. It was a big file. It's entered in a contest. It won't be how good it is, just if they draw my name. I entered twice. I'll see if I can attach a part of a stationery I made for Skeeter with her dogs. She isn't here to use it, but she can use it next year. She can read her mail on web2 mail, but I don't thank she gets stationery there.
Ladie's I'm so sick of myself being fat. Someone come up with something that will get us on a roll here. Hope your doing better than myself. Bye Bye

10-27-2002, 10:10 PM
I forgot to attach the dogs.

10-27-2002, 10:31 PM
How cute! Is that a true pic Marlana? Did you really dress up those dogs like that? I have a baby cockatiel and I wish I could hug him but he doesn't let me. He just wants to sit on my shoulder.

Good Golly we didn't get ANY warning. Tornadoes aren't all that familiar in this city. So we didn't have any warning what so ever.

JoJo~~~I am really sorry to hear of your family's loss. I know it wasn't a family member but a long time friend tends to become a part of the family in many ways. Many hugs go out to you all.

We pray that the X doesn't pursue any contact becuase we found out a couple of years ago she had been put in jail because she stole someones purse and then used the credit cards for her personal shopping spree. Then when Matt went with her for a visit (3years ago) before we knew she had done this just a month before, Matt said she had to use a screw driver to turn on the car. What the heck is that about? We asked her and she said her car was messed up but we have never seen that car again. But then that is how she is with any possession of hers. She uses it to the last drop and then when she is done with it she tosses it on the side of the road never to look back again. She has done that with her children as well. But we will see what happens. She hasn't called again. Thank you for the nice words.

Marlana~~~What is PI? I hear you referring to it a whole lot but what is that? The first thought that comes to mind is Private Investigation. I have to do my own private investigations to find DHs X every time she disappears or my X disappears. Or I have to do foot work to get police records and marriage recordings. But is that what it is when you mention PI or is it some kind of computer software program for your drawing and whatever?

Okay DH is going crazy pacing the floor he is having computer withdrawals. I sware is he doesn't get his hands on the keyboard every other hour he is in a mood. Kind of like caffeine. LOL Anyway talk to you all later.

10-28-2002, 07:02 AM
Morning Ladies,
I'm still alive and reasonably well. Just had a lot going on with work and school and kiddies and all. We've had two ladies at work who lost a son within the last week--one was murdered and one took his own life; it's been really hard to be at work, especially for the ones of us with kids--although these boys were in their early twenties, it's so awful to think about losing one of my girls. I believe I would have to be put away somewhere.
Other than all that, my uncle & aunt were here from Florida, so we got to see them for a little while yesterday; they don't come up very often;they're my only uncle & aunt still living. School is going well; I wish it would just GO though--I'm ready to get my certificate and move on!:tired: I love school, but I'm just so splintered in so many directions this time, I want to get thru in a hurry.
Kina, I read about that tornado; I didn't know that was where you were, though; I'm so glad you didn't get hurt! My husband lived outside of Austin for 20 years before we married and he moved here; he said one thing he didn't miss was the weather. I'm glad you're handling the "Mother" situation so well; your boys are very lucky to have you. I use "Mother" loosely here--my ex is no more a father to my girls than someone off the street. They don't even call him that--they use his first name. He gets mad when they call my husband Papa, but that's what he is--he's raising them, not him. Try not to stress eat! I do that too. A lot!
Mama, glad you're back, but sorry you've been sick; I hope you're feeling much better. I wish I was as artistic as you! Those pictures are neat. I hardly have time to turn on the computer any more (Can you tell from my few and far between posts?) The doggie picture is so cute!
JoJo, hope you're doing okay; those bathroom mirrors are unkind, aren't they? I started back on WW about two months ago; I had let myself get very lax with the eating--you know--"estimating" calories. Unfortunately, I think my "estimations" were a little low; my weight was a little high. :devil: I'm still not completely on program--I have such trouble exercising! I'm a slug. But it's better than it was. Sounds like you had funerals to go to also---seems like they come in bunches....I go for a year or more without going to one, then several friends/relatives pass away.
Skeeter, hope you are having a great vacation, and hi to everyone I missed; Love you all, and hope I can get in here sooner next time---I still am holding right about 140---about 20 pounds too much! UGH. Well, it's better than this time last year, that's for sure.

10-30-2002, 07:55 PM
Hi, quick post tonight. I just wanted to say hi. I've got to figure something out for supper and then we've got to go somewhere. Hopefully we won't be gone long. I want to come home and put my night gown on. Take care everyone. I'll post to everyone tomorrow.

10-31-2002, 07:43 PM
I am here for just a quick hi. I've got a dang tooth ache. I don't see the dentist till next Tuesday and thats just a consult. I had one tooth taken care of and now I've got another one bothering me. He told me I had a large cavity in another tooth and it could also be causing me trouble. He was probably right. Either way, I'm tired of it.

Take care and if I feel better later one, I'll come back and write to you all.

11-01-2002, 08:53 AM
Morning Ladies, it's morning here anyway. Thought I had better drop in before you thought I had dropped off the face of the earth. I'm so busy with PI that I hardly ever have any time for anything, and I still can't keep up with all there is to do. Something has got to give. I have so many things here in the house I want to get done this winter. My diet is BAD. I'm about ready to give up.

Kina~~Yes I put the sheets on the dogs. I'm learning how to do all kinds of things in PI. I have tropical fish and I can't hug them either, but then I don't want too. PI is a editing program that you can do some many things with. Too many to try to explain it. I don't even know how to use all the tools that is in that program. I'll post a picture I made last. I made everything in it. Sorry to hear about the X's. Glad we don't have that at my house. My son has an X. Thank God she is an X. Boy am I glad my hubby don't touch my puter. He would make a mess out of it.

Sally~~Glad to hear from you. I don't get in much either, just can't do everything there is to do. How terrible, one son killed and the other killing himself. I don't know how someone can go through losing a child. I know people do it all the time, but boy, nothing could be harder than that. Or Grand Children either. You didn't say, but when will you be getting out of school? Glad to hear that your holding your weight off. Wish I could just lose some.

Jo Jo~~Oh my gosh, a tooth ache. I'm not over my experience the last time I went to a dentist. I hope everything else is going well. Sorry I don't get in here more often.
I heard from Skeeter this morning. She is in Ohio but is leaving this morning early and heading up east. She had a cousin pass away and they are leaving her Mother's early so they can attend the service's fro her. I don't know when she will be back.

11-01-2002, 09:52 AM
Hi to everyone out there! How did your Halloween go? I was eating candy all day yesterday and I plan to be eating a great deal of it for more days to come. It is just worst when TOM is visiting it's like your hormones are steering the path for you and you can't think straight. Hahahahaha. Anyway this morning the scale read 192 so I am going to keep that in mind all day and hopefully that will keep my focus. I would like to see the 80s by next Saturday...doable you think?

So how is everyone. Marlana~~~it's wonderful to hear from you more often. So okay PI is some kind of program that helps you to draw those beautiful pics? Which means on my simple Word program I couldn't do? Because I know I try to just write my name and can't do it. Yes, the X is a issue from time to time but not that often since she keeps herself "busy" as she says. But something new just crept up and it has my undies in a bunch. AAaaargh!

JoJo~~~I hope that tooth gets better soon. I hate tooth problems because like you can break a leg and yet you can talk and smile and eat without much pain but anything to do with your mouth just ruins your life. Take care of it and maybe gargle with some warm salt water. I don't know it is an old wives remedy and it always seemed to work for me. Get better.

Sally~~~Sorry to hear all the pain that is going on in your world. I guess it's times like those that we seem to rethink our families and wonder why we get upset at our kids for the little things.

Well folks I have a test I must prepare for that I will be taking this morning. Take care and don't eat all the left over candy leave it to the professional. LOL
Bye. Corina

11-01-2002, 09:46 PM
Remember me?! I've been gone a long time and I can't even find what Marlana sent me about how I can change colors to address different people:?: :o Oh, well, wanted to say Hi to all of you.

Starkeeper I'm glad to see you're using that "sign off" Love it!

I hadn't planned to try an answer all the different things that have been happening to all of you, but all of a sudden decided I'd write something. :cool:

Had to straighten up my little apt this afternoon (by moving piles to an away place :D I live in an adult gated community and we've been trying to add some activities to get people together more. So tonight I have a small reading/book group coming here. We don't just read a particular book (because I don't read enough to get through one in a certain time!) but we share some things that we've read or heard about. Tonight I've asked one of my neighbors, who really likes to write, to read us one of her short stories. It will be some good conversation. As we age it is so comfortable to just stay put -- and for me in front of my computer.

Spent 4 days at my 50th Reunion from college in TN and had the greatest time. I'd been the "hub" for emails back and forth and never have I been thanked so much AND even got a special citation at our Alumni banquet.

Yes, we all like food way too much, but we'll keep trying to cut down a little at a time.

11-02-2002, 03:10 AM
Hi all. Well, its almost 1 a.m. here. I love staying up late when I can. I hate to go to bed early and have to get up early. I wish I was rich and didn't have to work. I'd hire a maid and stay up all night and sleep all day. Not much of a life, huh?

So far today my tooth has not hurt much. I've really got to lay off the aleve and ibuprofen. I've had terrible heartburn but I've been taking something for pain for over a month now. I thought when I had the root canal done last week that that would fix the problem but I guess I have more than one bad tooth. Thats what I get for not going to the dentist regularly. I just wish I could find a dentist that I really like. The one I'm going to now, well, he is really good when it comes to giving you shots of novacaine, my dentist before me always hurt me so bad. But this latest dentist, he is going to bug me about doing all this work on me. I don't mind getting a filling or root canal if I really need it but then they want to crown the tooth which ends up costing me $600 over what the insurance pays. I can't afford that. Besides, I'm not all that sold on getting crowns since I've had one come off because the tooth started getting decay again and I was under the impression that once you have a root canal and a crown, thats it for that tooth. I'm not sinking another $600 in a tooth I've already put $1200 into. Last time he did a complete exam, he wanted to put 6 crowns on. He's nuts if he thinks I'll do that. Another tooth I had a root canal and crown and ended up having the crown drilled into cause there was a root that was missed. I'll find out how much work he wants to do when I see him Tuesday. Last time, 2 years ago, it was $5,000 over the insurance. Oh, I have a year to pay it all off to. Sure, I've got $500 a month I can pay him or so he thinks.

Sally, thats awful that kid took his life. Its so sad that someone gets that bad and they want to end their life. Thats total hopelessness. I've felt hopeless before but never felt like I wanted to kill myself. Sounds like your really busy these days.

Newnana, hows California these days. I miss that state and would love to go back for a visit. Glad to see you again.

Corina, oh last night that tooth hurt so bad. I was miserable. Today it hardly hurts at all. Not that I'm complaining. Now if I can get through the weekend I'll be thrilled. Oh, lucky you and that TOM. I definetly dont miss that. I had a total hysterectomy done a few years ago. You know, I hung onto my "PLUGS" for, gosh, almost a year before I finally gave them to someone. I don't know why I hung onto them. Maybe in the back of my mind I was thinking "just in case". :lol: Who knows.

Marlana, love the picture you attached. Gosh, its getting so close to that time of year again, you know that word "Christmas". Yikes. I do have a few gifts bought already. I'm trying to get dh to give me some ideas but he is blank. I told my MIL I want a new bundt pan and a crock pot. Thats really all I want or all that I can think of right now. If only we could get a new slimmer body for Xmas. That would be all I would ask for. Oh, I just saw the picture of the ghost doggies. Cute. Skeeter will like that.

Well, I'd better get off here. I should go to bed but I'm just not sleepy yet. Maybe I'll read for awhile. Take care and I'll talk to you later.

11-05-2002, 07:15 PM
Just wanted to say hi. Today is a day off for me and I've just been a lazy bones. I did go to the store and voted. I've got a dental "consult" at 6:00 so that the dentist can tell me all the thousands of dollars he wants to sink into my mouth. I got news for him.

Nothing exciting to report here. I think we need to get some kind of diet challenge going, exchange ideas. I'm kind of stuck and feeling like I don't know how to get a diet going again. Maybe we can help motivate each other to do something. I know I'm getting sick of myself and my weight just keeps going up and I know I'm not the only one feeling this way.

Well, I'd better get going. Gotta figure something out for supper and then head to the dentist. I'm half tempted to cancel.

Take care.

11-06-2002, 01:50 AM
190.5! :cb: I am almost there. I can see the 80s just over the horizon and it is just an awesome sight. Now the challenge is to see if I can keep this 190.5 and work my way to the 80s. I always seem to lose some pounds when it's that T.O.M. I have not ever understood that but lately I seem to do that. Well I would like to see the tippy top of the 80s by Saturday but I don't know if that will be doable. I am going to try.

Well it looks like next semester is going to become very rough. I am considering a day job and classes in the evening. Ugh! I think I can do it as long as I have the support of my husband. :crossed: I don't necessarily enjoy depending on anyone other than myself but this time I can't do that. I will keep you posted.

I am sorry I am being selfish with this post and not giving proper shout outs to you all but you know I send hugs to all of you.

I have to go now I am exhausted and I have to get to work in the morning. bye

11-15-2002, 04:52 PM
I hope everyone is doing well. I haven't seen any one here for a few days. I changed my avatar in case you didn't notice. This other thread I am on everyone put their smiley face as their avatar so I joined in. So anyway how is everyone doing? Busy I bet? Thanksgiving is just around the corner. My 11 year old's birthday falls on Thanksgiving this year.

Well I thought I would give a big hello to all of you. I hope you all are doing fine. Take care.

11-15-2002, 08:30 PM
Hi Kina, I just come in to tell you I'm leaving you a private message.
Sally I'm leaving one for you too. Sorry I haven't been coming in more.