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09-02-2010, 07:50 PM
So, I guess I'm officially training for a 5k at the end if the year. I feel so silly saying that because a.) I don't feel like a 'real' runner and b.) 5K is a piddly distance for 'real' runners. That said I'm not gonna let my self recrimination steal my thunder. I've never been able to run, the fact that I'm doing it is a huge deal to me personally.

I just made my distance, jogged 3.09 miles in a bit over 42 min. So a pretty easy pace, except that almost the whole distance is up and down including a couple steep inclines. Lots of hill work, uneven rough paved country road. I'm jogging Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On my off (no run) days I've been doing some sort of DVD that incorporates weights/ resistance. I've been on a One on One with Jackie Warner kick. 60 min of pain!! Not high impact though for the most part. Do that Tuesday and Thursday and I'm debating adding upper body/core workouts on Saturday too. Currently take the weekend totally off except for stuff I don't count as exercise.

I'm trying to come up with some other video ideas to avoid burn out. I don't want to go too high impact (gotta rest the legs after runs) and I have to do weights/ resistance. Any ideas?

I have 30 day Shred but haven't done it yet, also have a couple step workouts that I don't remember being to high impact.

Looking forward to hearing what others are doing for cross training. Oh, going to the gym isn't an option. I like in the boonies. I am right by a river and can (and do at least once a week) swim while the weather is nice.