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10-18-2002, 12:59 PM

It is cooler here in this neighborhood ~ closer to the coast and further from the mountains makes about a 15 degree difference. This is the type of climate I spent my younger years in - just about 5 miles away and 2 blocks from the beach. Old stomping grounds are fun to revisit. We drove to the little port town I spent my youth in and they sure have made it grand. The city planners did a bang up job with the buildings and the parks and everything looks like a picture. My grandmothers old Victorian house is a historical monument now and sure looks great since my brother gave it a face lift. Nice trip down memory lane.

Since I ate BIG yesterday I am facing a 19 point day today which I have barely gotten started. I have had a glass of juice and am sucking on a straw in my Hazelnut coffee and thinking I have good sense.:lol: Life is good. We are going to make this area look great with some potted plants and trees in our little space.

Everyone have a wonderful FRIDAY and a fun safe weekend.

10-19-2002, 12:20 AM
Hi Maggie,
Wow! That was quick! How far are you from your old place? Are you in Northern CA? I had a friend in SC whose husband was raised in Ft. Bragg,CA and she said it was spectacular. Having never been farther west than St. Louis, I'm clueless about the west, but one of these days.............
Was all set to make a delicious chicken/apple bake I'd seen on a WW site today. I'd chopped apples and onions, dredged the chicken in flour, etc., and when I turned on the stove, the *&#*@* burner wouldn't heat! That does it! I"m on a search for a new stove. I've put it off for at least a year, but at the rate I'm going, i"ll be too old to care when my kitchen gets remodeled, so I might as well replace my appliances while I"m still able to use them. I think the library is open tomorrow, so I'll do a Consumer's Report search there and then head out.
One of the guys from Antiques Roadshow is going to be here tomorrow appraising antiques. It costs 5$ to go in and watch, so I think I'll do that. I have a couple of letters written in 1861, which have been handed down through the family, and I'd like to know how to preserve and display them. I could care less about their appraised value, as they're not going anywhere.
Have a great weekend youall.

10-20-2002, 12:49 AM

We now have some pretty flowers in large pots set out in front of the trailer. We have plans for the place but will have to do it in stages but these I can see out my window. :lol:

BUBBLES we are in South California and have only moved 30 or so miles from where we were last. A new stove! That will be a nice appliance to pick out. My main one I use now in this small space is my DeLonghi Turbo Convection toaster oven which we dearly love. It toasts to perfection and bakes beautifully. Great for just the two of us.

Have a good night folks and a lovely Sunday.

10-20-2002, 12:07 PM

Just a quick peek in before I get myself ready to head out to church. Today is a special worship for we are having a bi-lingual service with interpreters followed by a pot-luck. Now that will be a huge challenge for me. Good cooks abound.

Have a great day which the Lord hath made and rejoice and be glad in it.

Catch you on the rebound.

10-20-2002, 06:27 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers!
I don't know if it is me, the computer, or the server, but I've had one heck of a time getting in here today. If I disappear, it's not because I haven't tried to get here.

The baby shower was great fun and Baby Bennett received lots of neat and useful things. The food was wonderful -- all sweet stuff and cut into tiny bite sized pieces so that one could have a taste of everything. :T

Maggie -- I'm glad to see that you got moved and are back online with us. Your area sounds beautiful and it's always fun to take a walk down memory lane. I think the frost has taken care of my flowers for this year. It froze the cat water and the bird bath last night. :(

Bubs -- We have a TV show where people can bring their treasures and have antique dealers give estimates on what they are worth. It's fun to hear the history of the items. In going through my dad's wallet, I found a silver dollar (dated 1898) with a note saying that his father won it in carnival type game in 1940. I knew that he carried it with him during his military tour of duty but never knew the story behind it. I think I will be shopping for new kitchen appliances after Christmas. I've thought for a long time that my oven didn't heat correctly; both the stove and refrigerator are 20 years old and I'm sure not very energy efficient by today's standards. Let me know what you find in the Consumer's Report search. :)

I have laundry to fold and some ironing to do so better get a move on. Have a good week, Flowers!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

10-21-2002, 06:10 PM
Happy Monday, Flowers!
It's been quiet in the flower patch the last two days . . . where is everyone?

It has turned colder as the day has gone on and they are predicting 4 to 6" of snow tomorrow afternoon and on into Wednesday. I sure hope that forecast is WRONG as it is much too early for shovels and boots! Guess I should be thankful that my furnace is running and keep quiet! :lol:

Maggie -- Will you still go to WW in the same place or will you have to find a new group? Hope your WI is a good one. I really blew it this weekend. Ever since I have been back home I have been hungry or at least I think I am. I need to get back in control and keep the pounds going down in the right direction. :yes:

Have a terrific Tuesday, Flowers! I have card club tonight so will see you tomorrow.

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

10-22-2002, 12:43 AM

It has been a very busy day for us. First of all I stopped in at a nearby WW place to weigh in at which I showed a loss of 0.2 for which I am very thankful ~ and then we went to talk to the surgeon and got Cowboy's gall-bladder extraction set for Thursday morning. Then over to the hospital to get things set up and have lunch there which was Mexican and better than the local restaurant we went to last. Then on to do some shopping and getting my car washed. Then home to have dinner then over to my sisters to stay with her while Cowboy and her husband went to a meeting. Now I am home.......

JEAN your weather sounds absoluteley awful!:censored: That is one reason we came back out here :love: where we have 4 seasons. Early Summer, Summer, Mid Summer & Late Summer. My potted flowers are lovely right ouside my window and we won't ever have ice in the bird bath. I don't have to change WW places if I want to drive the 30 plus miles to my old place. I will go to the one closer here and occasionally visit the other one. There are some ladies that go to both that I know and there are many times to choose from here and we will be going to the 9:30 am one on Thursdays for starters. I hear there is an excellent leader there and a couple of the ladies in the group have lost over a hundred pounds each which will be a great incentive for me.

Have a good evening ya'll :wave:

10-22-2002, 01:14 PM

Another lovely day in the neighborhood. I got the neatest book yesterday SIMPLY HOMEMADE FOOD GIFTS ~ more than 325 ideas for delicious foods and pretty packages. There are some great ideas on packaging that I am going to use this Christmas. Also some recipes that look absolutely georgeous. I am going to pick a day or two and get some of the items needed to decorate some of the packages together and take them over to my sisters house that has old timers disease and craft with her. When she was her ~ she was able to do all sorts of neat things. I think she will enjoy pasting some things on jars and boxes. I want to get my items together from the craft store before the holiday rush crowds the stores. That is the plan.

Have a good OP day ya'all :wave:

10-23-2002, 12:57 AM
Good Evening, Flowers!
It is 32 degrees and cold outside! The wind blew all day long and we had everything from a fine mist to huge snowflakes. Nothing stayed on the ground so I am glad about that. I did plug in the electric blanket tonight -- it just feels damp and chilly upstairs. As I said before, I am NOT ready for this drastic change in the weather! :no:

Maggie -- I had to laugh at your 4 seasons comment . . . my grandpa always said that someday California was going to break right off and slide into the ocean. :lol: He never traveled very far from Iowa so I suppose that theory seemed very possible to him. Your Christmas ideas sound wonderful! I wish I had the time to stay home and do some crafty gifts. I think my Christmas stocking will have to wait until next year as I just can't seem to settle down and stick with anything for very long. Tell Will "good luck" on Thursday and I will be thinking of you both!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, Flowers! The days are flying by so fast!

Jean -- :yawn: and off to bed in Iowa!

10-23-2002, 02:28 AM
JEAN Looks like it is just you and me that post here every day. I will tell Cowboy what you said - that is very sweet of you. We go to the hospital tomorrow for his pre op stuff like the chest x-ray, EKG, and blood work ~ probably have lunch once again there. YUM :D I love those huge dixie cup sized snow flakes which don't stay around very long.

Everyone sleep well. Nighters.

10-23-2002, 12:16 PM

I am having an early morning peek in while I am sucking up my Hazelnut coffee through a straw. The trash truck has just been around dumping the dumpsters and now the fix-it truck is here fixin to take away one of the bins to to the shop to fit it with a new lid. And away it goes. We need to be at the hospital at 10 am so I will get a move on when I get off of here. Have a good OP day JEAN and everyone else who comes this way.

10-23-2002, 01:38 PM
Oh Lord,
I don't want to be in the doghouse for not being OL.! Walked 5 miles yesterday on the trail, and my sciatica is killing me. Sun's just come out, and I'm tempted to try a couple of miles this afternoon. Am waiting for the FedEX man. THe Iron Monster reminded me I can not eat Candy Corn and get away with it! I gained 3 lbs. this week. It will be interesting to see where I am at the Thursday class. Got a call yesterday to clerk at another at work class they're starting on Tues. nights. I reminded them I was already doing a Tues. class. Sometimes I think left hand doesn't know what the right's doing in the main Office. Just finished filling out a questionnaire for eTools. I may not have a job much longer, as I told them exactly how I feel. I think it's awful to charge regular, faithful members another $12.95/mo. to use the WW website.......especially when there are so many good ones out there for free.......like this one. Regular members are spending an average of at least $50/mo. and I think that's sufficient, thank you very much. I"m sure corporate doesn't think so, but oh well. For what we get paid as clerks, they can fire me anytime and it won't hurt my feelings or my pocketbook very much.
According to Consumers 2002 Ratings guide, here are the top 5 smoothtop electric ranges:
GE Profile JBP79WB(WW)........$900
Kenmore 9558(2)........$750 (Best Buy accdng. to CR)
GE JBP78WB(WW).......$750..(Best Buy accdng to CR)
If you prefer gas ranges, I can give you the scoop on them as well.
I can't stand being inside anymore. I may have to leave the FedEx man a note.

10-23-2002, 07:35 PM

Maggie: Cowboy will be remembered tomorrow as he has been all along. Only good wishes are flying his way. The way they work today he may be home on Friday. :goodvibes I am also sending a big:bravo: to you for showing a loss with all that is going on in your life. Your new place sounds nice and when Cowboy gets back on his feet I think you will be able to really enjoy it.

JEAN: :crossed: That's what my fingers are about your weather coming our way. This morning we had "snow". It came down for about an hour but didn't amount to anything and that's fine with me. It is much too early for us to have snow and I have been telling the weathermen just that....right through the TV...think that will help.:joker:

BUBS: WOW!! a Five mile walk. :tired: I am tired just thinking of it. The most I can do is half that but then I a good for nothing the rest of the day.:faint: I didn't know the ww web site charged for it's use. That's outrageous. I love this one. Always feel better after visiting.

Gloria in MA....off the clean the kitchen and then watch Mark Russell on PBS. He is a political satirist and is very good. He is only on once in a while so I like to catch him while I can.

10-23-2002, 08:01 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers!
It's another dark and gloomy day here in my corner of the world. I drove home in snow "showers" again today. I almost wish it would actually snow and get it over with; but that makes the winter seem so long when it snows this early.

Maggie -- I will definitely be thinking of you and Will tomorrow. My GOOD LUCK wishes are coming your way! :yes:

Bubbles -- I have Kenmore appliances right now and they are working fine after 18 years. Both DH and I grew up with Sears so we have no complaints except that our catalog store closed and the nearest store is 75 miles away. They won't deliver here so we'll have to work that glitch out ourselves. I want a smooth top stove; wonder what the difference is between the $900 one and the $750 one. I also want the refrigerator to have the freezer on the bottom. I tried to get one years ago and the salesman talked me out of it. :mad: I haven't priced those either. My feet hurt just thinking about 5 miles!

Gloria -- It definitely feels like winter outside and it's almost dark at 6:00. Next week it'll be 5:00. :( I keep hoping we will have a mild winter like we did last year. We should be so lucky! I can never get into the WW site; maybe because I never paid up, do you suppose?

It's time to dream up something for supper so guess I'd better get going. Bob just got home from the farm -- they got rained (snowed?) out for the day.

Have a terrific Thursday, Flowers!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

10-24-2002, 01:57 PM
It's not snowing here, but it sure looks like it! The sun tried to come out, but that didn't last long.
Maggie, we're all thinking of you and Will.
Gloria, when I walk 5 miles I'm shot the next day too. Fortunately, Wonder beagle has short legs and an inquisitive nose, so the pace isn't a recordbreaker by any stretch of the imagination!
So glad they've got those Sniper idiots! I can't imagine what it's been like for the people up there. I'm glad to live in the boonies.
Jean, Our Sears left also, then they built an appliance store which sells Kenmore as well as others. The thing that ticks me off is that they charge to deliver less than 2 miles away! There are lots of people here who won't shop with them for just that reason. Also, the nearest service dept. is in Beckley, which is about 50 miles from here, so those calls are really pricey.
Jean, the $750 one has "fewer features" whatever that means, and doesn't have variable broiling........whatever that is! The letters in the brackets indicate color codes. They all have 1,000-2,500 watts........whatever THAT means! Your personal shopper has told you all she knows about that subject:~}

Off to balance my checkbook...........I'd rather be in a classroom full of first graders!
Have a great Friday youall.

10-24-2002, 07:26 PM

JEAN and BUBS: I will jump into the discussion on ranges. My latest and I hope last experience in purchasing a range was when we did over the kitchen 9 years ago. I, also, wanted a flat top and found the Jenn-Air to be the best they had in a small applaince store in the next town. I decided to get the Convection Oven with it and am not sorry at all. The only thing I wish it had is a halogen burner. It is a burner that turns on immediately with no warm up and it also will turn off the same way. It is sort of the kind of heat that you get with gas. I love the clean up of the flat top...no problem. The oven is self clean and that is important, I think. Hope this info helps somewhat.

Jean...I agree about the early dark. It makes the day so short!

Bubs...When DH walks the neighborhood dogs they do the same slow meandering walk you discribed. But he still makes the 2 1/2 miles twice a day.

MAGGIE: Hope all has gone well with Cowboy and he will be back with you in no time.

Gloria in MA.....off to see a bit of TV before bed.

10-24-2002, 10:30 PM

YIPEKIO the Cowboy came through the surgery without them having to open him up. Those new techniques of just putting little slits and using those "eye spy" cameras are great. They de-roffed that cyst and took out that gall-bladder. The surgeon asked me if I wanted to go golfing.... that gall stone was huge - big as a golf ball.:?: Mine was only as big as a grape and I thought I was going to die. I should be able to bring him home tomorrow. I read a whole book while he slept the day away.

OK let me put in my two cents about a stove. :soap:I believe the Jenn-air with the convection oven wins hands down. Love it! Don't have one anymore though - they don't put those lovely things in travel trailers - yet that is.

I picked up my charm bracelet today and it is so neat. I am putting a new charm on it for every 10 pounds I lose and it is slowly getting filled up. As my Thin Within I put on one of those little Montana Silver cowgirl charms that denote gril or boy for grandkids or kids. You know the sort I mean.... several different companies put them out in different shapes. This one has boots and a hat and is a charmer. I have a silver dime with the year I was born that I got one of those keeper thingies on it that I will have soldered to this bracelet when I have reached the 100 pound loss. My next charm is going to be a palm tree ~ the shop has it on order for me. I only have them all planned up until the dime. It sure paid to shop around because one shop charges $15 to silver solder each of the little rings of the charms so they don't pull apart and the one I am now going to only charges $5. Quite a large difference there I do believe.

Have a great evening folks and thank you all so much for the good wishes for my Cowboy!