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09-02-2010, 12:52 PM
Hi everyone! I have completed phase 1 of SBD yesterday, and today is my first day of phase 2. Several months ago I got to phase 2 and gained back a few pounds that I had lost on phase 1 and then hit a plateau and never lost any more in the next month. I got discouraged and quit. However I realize how healthy this lifestyle is, so I'm back!!

What I'm looking for are ideas to continue the weight loss that vie achieved thus far on phase one (---I lost 7.5 pounds---) while moving onto phase 2 today.

Oh, just in case this info is helpful. I started at 218.8 and am now 211.4.....

Thanks for your help!!!!


09-02-2010, 08:49 PM
Sheila -
I'm in the same boat - finishing phase 1 and nervous about heading into P2. I've been doing really well so far - about 7.5 lbs too (Yeah us!) - and I don't want to lose my momentum. I really hope someone out there has some great suggestions!:^: (And, yes, I've been reading the book - but I would love some first-hand knowledge.)

09-02-2010, 09:25 PM
:welcome3: Sheila and Steph and congratulations on starting a new and healthy lifestyle. Quite a few of us did either slow or even regain a little when we first moved to Phase II so don't panic. Remember that your loss in Phase I was water weight and now your body is moving to the real work of losing fat. Just keep making good choices, exercising and it really helps to check-in here when you can. Visit the on plan thread and post menus and get feedback to help tweak your eating plan. Join us in the daily just for support. There are lots of threads about moving to Phase II. Here are just a few that might have some helpful ideas:

What's your PII combo? (

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09-03-2010, 07:08 AM
The best advice I can give you is to EXPECT your weight loss to slow down now. It is a little disappointing when the rapid weight loss of phase 1 ends, but it doesn't have to be discouraging if you're ready for it.

I had a slow first week of phase 2 but then was able to maintain a pretty regular 1.5 - 2 lb loss/week until I got close to my goal weight. Things that helped me stay on track as I eased into phase 2 were drinking lots of water, adding new phase 2 foods slowly and kicking up my exercise routine.

When I'd lost about 45 lbs things slowed down again and I averaged .5 - 1 lb loss/week. By then I was feeling really good and knew that exercise and eating well were the reasons for my good health so I was fine with the slower weight loss. Now I'm maintaining (trying to stay between 148 and 152) and it's just become a way of life - doesn't even feel like a diet anymore. :lol:

Good luck and keep up the great work!

09-03-2010, 10:42 AM
Your weight loss does slow down in Phase 2, and there's not a whole lot you can do about that. The rapid weight loss in Phase 1 is great, but even Dr. A admits it's unsustainable...not to mention losing that much weight that quickly isn't exactly healthy after more than a few weeks.

Sometimes doing a Phase 1.5 thing can help. For me, that means still trying to eat 2 meals a day as if I were in Phase 1, but for others it means different things. It just depends on what you can do.

The best thing to do to keep the weight loss going is to simply exercise. I'm not's difficult to do when the weight just falls off in phase 1 even without it. But it's the only way to actually cause your body to start burning the fat.

09-03-2010, 11:21 AM
Thanks so much everyone! This is a great place for encouragement - I know I can do this! I have to keep reminding myself that I started SB to be healthier - the weight loss is a great side effect.

Before SB, my eating habits were ok - little to no fast and fried foods, lots of veggies (so easy in the summer!) and lean meats. But my weight just kept creeping up. I think it was my reliance on carb-rich foods. My favorite snack was crackers - actually, anything salty and crunchy. That craving is gone, and now I'm satisfied with pepper strips, raw broccoli and hummus.

I'm just nervous about reintroducing some carbs. I've always eaten ww bread and limited pastas - I guess I will just have to be really conscious about how much I eat.

I like the idea of Phase 1.5! Very clever - that may allow me to ease into P2!

Again, thanks so very much for the support! You all are amazing!:hug:

09-04-2010, 06:42 PM
I just completed my first week of Phase 2, and I was also very nervous about moving off Phase 1. The numbers on the scale were such a motivator for me during that phase. I'm doing the P1.5 thing, which seems to be working for me. One thing I did to help myself feel good about Phase 2 is adding exercise this week. I think it really helped.

It also helps that I feel sooo much better on SBD than I did with my normal "never say no to a donut, but maybe fry it and dip it in cheese" eating habits. I have much more energy.

Big Mama
09-04-2010, 07:39 PM
"never say no to a donut, but maybe fry it and dip it in cheese" eating habits.

:lol: That is hilarious. Tragically, I can totally relate.