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08-25-2010, 02:15 PM

For years I have jumped from one diet to the other. Thinking each time this is the one for me , never asking myself any important questions. I lost some I gained some. I have dieted all my life, and it has got sorta boring and I am tired of jumping around like an old cotton tail rabbit and I want to settle down to one diet that I can live with the rest of my life. Here is some questions I have came up with if you can think of more that I should be asking, please add them!

Can I make God the center of my diet ?
Can I live on this diet for the rest of my life.
Can I find some joy being on this diet?
Can I find some activity for exercise for the rest of my life; that will help keep me in shape?
Can I give away foods that I can live without and replace them with foods that I can live with the rest of my life?
Can I find a good friend that supports me and encourages me that lives around here?
Am I going on a calorie diet , carb , the balancing act, all vegetarian, no sugar, hmm.. ?
Do I want a diet that fits my life or try to make my life fit someone else's program?
What do I want?

I like for My Forever Diet to be fun , and I know when everyone hears the word diet, they all need to hear a joke real quick to get a free facelift. I think if you think it is not going to be fun , well it will not be, but if you go into it looking for it to be fun loosing weight, you are right on track and you are on your way to success! Making your own diet to fit your own life style is important because when you reach your goal, then you still have to learn how to stay right there and not regain. So I need to prepare for a diet I can live with the rest of my life and an activity I can do even when the thrill in it seems to walk right out the door, I can pull it right back in, still get motivated to get my daily exercise, maybe even change it somewhat to put some life to it again.

These are my goals:
This week to find My Own Personal Diet Within Me and it may consomme of several diets that I have been on, but it is going to be fun and fit my life style.

My second week goal is to find something I can do for exercise that will be fun or productive and when the thrill goes out of it be motivated to do it for it is productive..

I am going to start with these two goals and make some more when I accomplish these two.

Now what I would like to know do you plan before you diet ?
Does it fit your life style, how?
Do you have goals, what are they ?
I would love to hear from all of you on this for what you are doing may help me in planning my very own personal diet and you may help someone else also.

08-25-2010, 04:59 PM
Gee, are you writing a book, Bootsie? :lol:

Well, I think you already know my answer to your querie -- that is a good description of my own plan ... a mish-mash of several plans all congealed into one ... one that suits me; one that fits my lifestyle; and one that works for me too!!! I think that for many people, a successful plan has to be tailor-made to some extent; but for some others, they are able to follow a pre-made plan that they somehow adapt to their lives. There may be others that do a bit of both.

I think what is more important & relevant is that GOD is in the center of our lives, rather than just a diet or exercise plan. We must be careful to realize that our "diet" or eating style is just one small part of our total selves; it doesn't define us or our spirituality at all. Just like the mouth is only one part of the body; not more important than any other ie the brain or heart.

We definitely need to enjoy how we eat; and that was GOD's intent when he created all the food that is available to us now. If you look at some of the food-related scriptures that I put in my last two posts in the "encouraging scriptures thread", you see how important it was to GOD that we enjoy some of life's pleasures and food is one of them.

Sure, we need some self-discipline; and some limitations, but not to the point that we take all the JOY out of life. I have cut some stuff out of my life and replaced them with healthier, yet just as yummy alternatives. My pita pizza tastes just as good to me as the other; the main difference is that the crust is thinner and that's OK with me, becuz I save 100's of calories that I don't need or want.

I think we have to be careful about being too self-sacrificing in the dieting & exercise part of our lives. We have to keep perspective -- it is only one or two facets of our whole life. As PAUL said, exercise has a little value to the body ... but GODLINESS is much more important for our lives here and the next one as well (condensed; 1Timothy4:8).

I think it is great if you can find an exercise or activity that you love, so that you will want to do that for the rest of your life. Is there a sport that you particularly love? Golf, biking, trekking, weights, soccer, basketball, hockey, jogging, or swimming ... which one is your favorite?

I am doing toning exercises each AM that are relatively easy, yet quick and effective for me -- plus I do hand-weights; stretchie band work; walking from spring to fall indoors & out; and ski-walking in the winter. We have also taken up fishing which is a fun activity that gets us outdoors, walking around, and burning up calories.

I like the term "MY FOREVER DIET" ... becuz I really think that is what we really have to accept if we want this weight off and to keep it off. We have to get to a place where we accept that we cannot go back to unhealthy eating and lifestyle choices ever again. If you do, then you are choosing to sabotage yourself; and then you need to ask yourself another question -- WHY don't you want to lose the weight for good?

I think PLANNING is one big key to success; I find that I stay on my plan when I have my day planned out well, esp my meals & exercise: what I am having and when; plus what I am doing & when. Now, my AM (upon wakening) toning exercises have become automatic -- after thanking GOD for each new day, I immediately start into my regimen. It has become MY NEW BEST HABIT!

As for GOALS -- of course that was one of them; to make these changes permanent. I made small changes over time; adding and tweaking as I went along. My main goal is to be a certain size first and foremost; and then weight is secondary for me. I always did it this way in the past and it worked for me; so I am doing it my way!

I believe there is nothing written in stone ... each person is free to find their own plan and structure that works best for them -- one loves the scale while another hates it; and while one likes calorie counting, another doesn't. To each his own. If you want to share your ideas and tips; fine -- but we have to let others choose what works best for them and their lives.

What works for a single person might not work for someone who is married or who has a family; but I think that we can modify our plans to fit them too; and/or work around them, if needs be ie sometimes I have steak and DH has a pork chop or a hamburger -- no problem! Plus I made everything healthier for both of us; and he hasn't complained yet, ie switched to extra lean meats but they are still in our favorite dishes.

My goals right now are to just continue on what I am doing for the longterm and fitting my plan into more situations like holidays and vacations. That is my challenge right now -- not giving myself permission to blow my plan just becuz it's a holiday or a vacation.

As you know, I am doing very well with the EMOTIONAL STRATEGIES using PRAISE & PRAYER & VERSE & SONG to combat that. We have surely been tested over and over. We had some bad news yesterday, and sure enuff, I heard those negative thoughts trying to urge me to go eat some junkies -- but I said "NO WAY, JOSE" ... you aren't trapping me into that again!!!

First I prayed about it, using a new tool -- THE LORD'S PRAYER -- which I will shared in the HEALING EMOTIONAL EATING THREAD. I deliberately did the opposite, and had only protein for my snacks. I counted my calories for the day to make sure that I was still on plan and I was.

It was another victory ... under extreme temptation, but with the LORD's help, I prevailed!!!

Tested & tried, but I overcame! THANK YOU, JESUS! THANK YOU, GOD!!! PTL! AMEN!

:lol: Do you recall my first question? :lol:

08-25-2010, 07:11 PM
Sorry NO book Rosebud.:) Just my own personal diet that fits my life style.;)

In exercise when my hip gets where it can do something I need to do a-lot around here, like get some wood to the house for this winter, clean out which is about a foot and 1/2 deep 6 ft wide and 14 ft long birthing room, need to finish cleaning the yard , till the garden, cut down my enlarged thorn -less cactus by the house , getting bigger than my front room! I need to move my kittens outside. I need to go through my kitchen cabinets and throw out a bunch of stuff and restock, food and items. Closets also. Move the pullets to the main chicken house. Get my milking parlor set up. Clean this office and go thru my books and give away what I don't need or want anymore. I have not really cleaned house in 5 weeks, needs cleaning and clothes need to be put up.

Right now my exercise is chasing 17 pullets at night time who want to roost on the back steps instead of their house and I put them some steps in there to roost on! Then I have 2 old hens that want to stay out till the last glimpse of the sun. I have to chase them down around and around the barn, till they get in the chicken house. Hubbie was helping but he is tired of it. So am I but they gotta get in for protection from other animals. Feed the goats and the dogs and each dog has their own pen , 5 dogs. One, that is really old and has really been my ramrod that needs special feeding, she can't do much but stand there and have a good dog laugh at me trying to handle those goats and eat special food just for her. Put Rufuss and Harry in their Cat Condo. Make sure everyone has water, pulling hoses here and there. I don't have a garden so don't have to take care of that right now and kinda thankful in a way for how in the world would I get those beans picked in my condition? When I get in the house my hip is hurting like someone speared me! I am ready for bed but still got to feed the kittens and Hubbie and of course they are down stairs, I have to climb up and down on. I used to have trouble sleeping before I got hurt now I am so glad to see that bed or chair.

For just having fun... and when able... hopping garage sales - going to places like Mason Texas for the Apple Festival, pie contest bobbing for apples etc.. sounds like fun! I can't though hubbie will not go.:( Fredricksburg Texas, just roam the streets same in Llano Texas. Love their bridge. I love to carve wood not much exercise to that but just love it. Well best go get the work done C y'all tomorrow, have a great Thursday plan on going to town tomorrow, maybe not sure.

08-25-2010, 08:15 PM
Oh, BOOTSIE ~ prayin' for that hip; that it will heal up for you; here I was praying for you neck & back ... must have forgot about the hip, but got that now! :lol: Ya, you certainly have a lot of work to keep you in shape; I'm surprised that you need to add anything to that at all, esp since you have to go up and down stairs on top of that. ;)

What a magnificent menagerie of animals you have there; it's fun for me to read about them. On our farm as kids, we had cows (milking and meat), horses, ponies, sheep, chickens, geese, pigs, dogs & lots of cats. Later, my parents had goats, pigs, dogs & cats; and DH & I had chickens, ducks, turkeys, cats & dogs (plus a few foxes who kept stealing my nice plump hens).

I was thinking that maybe you could find a friend in near you that might like to go to those places with you for a day visit. Maybe if you find a local church to got to, you could find a WL buddy or just a Christian friend who would like to take those fun day trips with you.

TIP: maybe make something healthy, but EZ for you & your DH. When it cools down, you could do some ONE-POT OVEN DINNERS. Say put a whole chicken or roast in a large roaster with lots of veggies and tators; then let the oven bake it -- this could give you enuff for a couple of days or more with leftovers for soup, etc. I do that at least 1-2 times a week; maybe once with a chicken and once with a roast of some kind.

Have a good restful night ... :hug: