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08-23-2010, 12:03 PM
Hey everyone

Yesterday I've met an old friend that I haven't seen since a few months now (she just came back from a trip), she's always been overweight (a bit bigger than me, in the 190 pounds for 5"3 if I remember well)
And OMG! I didn't recognize her at first! The girl has totally melted and was so full of energy (I clearly remember both of us complaining about feeling sluggish & tired, unable to go to the gym or do any physical activity)
So she told me what her secret was: she has lost about 30 pounds since she started this new diet called "the warrior diet" where you are supposed to eat most of your food at night. I have to say being asian, eating late at night is total nonsense!!! I've always heard that the best plan is to eat a lot for breakfast and nothing after 6pm, I've had a hard time believing at first but I saw that she was 100% serious about it.
I've replaced my yesterday's thread (tahiti diet, sorry about this mess :dizzy:) since I know that this works, and that i will be giving it a shot instead!
I sincerely hope it will inspire you as well

I've personally never ever heard of a "warrior" diet (let me know if you do)
I still need to buy the book to give you more details, but you can also see people's feedbacks on amazon and also if you look for warrior diet on youtube!

I'll keep this thread updated

Thanks for reading!