General chatter - Weight loss conundrum - the more I lose, the fatter I feel

mascara blue
08-22-2010, 05:11 AM
Does anyone else feels this way?? That the more you lose you realise how much more there is still to go? Initially though, even after 2kg I felt soooo much thinner, now its almost 13kg and I feel huge and realise just how big I was and how much I still need to lose.

It also doesnít help that I am at that weird point where large sizes are too big and medium sizes are too tight, so I cant really buy clothes. I tried on a size 14 dress the other day coz the 16 was too big but the 14 was too tight and I couldnít do up the zipper. And they donít make size 15 and so this means that I am still wearing the same clothes I was wearing before and it makes it feel like I am not progressing.

How do you deal with the in-between size clothing drama?

08-22-2010, 07:29 AM
I remember this stage so well. When I was fat, I pretty much just picked clothes that would fit and didn't think about appearance again. But as I lost, I was ready to look good. But body wasn't quite there yet, and worse, I had to spend time really looking at it while trying on transition clothes.

But I promise it will get better and while you're moving down through sizes you'll be discovering new styles that may suit you better than what you were used to wearing.