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08-22-2010, 01:00 AM
Has anyone had experience with both programs? If so, which one worked best for you? Are they pretty similiar?

I am looking to start a program after I get back from vacation next week. I need to lose the baby weight and I am having difficulty accomplishing my goals.



08-22-2010, 02:44 AM
Hi Sarah,
I have lost 12 lbs with IP, but it is prohibitively expensive here
in NYC ($30/box), so I am switching to Lindora for my last 8 lbs.
Of what I have tried, the protein packs are comparable in nutrition,
but MUCH cheaper in price ($10/box). The bars are phenomenal
(possibly TOO yummy!), and the soups are actually better.
The chocolate drink on the other hand, pales in comparison to IP.
I would give it a try if you feel you have enough self-discipline to
forego the weekly in-person visit to a coach.

Good luck!