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08-21-2010, 09:44 AM
It seems that each day THE ECONOMY situation in our world is by far the main topic of discussion.

Our TEAM of Prayer Warriors ( :) ALL are welcome to join! ) seems to be getting more and more requests for job and finance related prayers.

God hears us everywhere ;) but I was thinking maybe a thread just for these concerns would be beneficial for us here.


Our world is facing financial struggles like many of us have never seen before. We have lost jobs, we have submitted resumes, we have asked for assistance in places we never thought possible. Many are turning to You as never before and many are turning away. Help us to understand You are here and with each of us as we learn important lessons from Your Word. Help us to know that we are being fed in ways many don't understand. Reports of progress are mixed, many see no future in their employment possibilities. Help us to know that You are with us as we continue this journey and that You do answer our prayers in Your time....we ask in Jesus name, Amen.

08-21-2010, 09:47 AM
I am asking for prayers today for several men that have worked for me off and on for well over 30 years. As the construction industry here in California sinks lower, I am forced to answer their questions of "when can you rehire me?" with "I don't know"...over and over.

08-21-2010, 10:25 AM
Praying for you and your men Gary, I know it must be hard for you to look at them and tell them you just don't know, when you know they want to work so bad.

It is so hard right now for all, the best thing if possible is to stay out of dept if possible. Maybe a thread with advice Gary to cope with the economy might help ,like tips in ways to cut down on spending keep your family fed, bills places to go for help ect.. may help those in need . Learning to take jobs below your education to feed your families,till the job you want appears, grow gardens ect.. am I making any sense ?

08-21-2010, 12:22 PM
Thanks Ez..I am one of those who need the blessing of finding the job so I know the pain.I have been praying for everybody to get through this tough time and keep their faith in god.

@Bootsie : I have tons of advice on anybody looking to save money or trying to survive on little. There is so much information available online that people can use to find great deals. Make a grocery list before you go out to store and then do a simple google search on coupons on each item. If you know some brand names, search with those specific brands [e.g. - Krafts cheese ] and there is 90% chance you will find the coupon for that.

If you know which stores you are going to- make sure that you search for coupons specific to those stores too. [e.g. if you plan to buy something from CVS - do cvs coupns & deals search in Google and you will find out what all's on deal]

Most pharmacies offer the free items per week. Buy those items wether you need them right now or not. [e.g., there is a free tooth-paste atleast 10 weeks(out of 52 in year) in walgreens/cvs - make sure that you buy it when its free because you are going to need it soon and they have long expiry.

Not only, you can get this free stuff for yourself but sometimes you can sell it off or trade it. Lets say, you have 10 toothpastes sitting in the house and you need mouthwash -rather than buying it, try to put it up craigslist saying you would trade those 'NEW NEVER USED' TOOTHPASTES FOR 'NEW MOUTHWASH' - it sounds tacky but its not. Its just about surviving and making the best out of things sitting in your house.

Buy canned food / stuff that you can store for long time whenever there is deal on them. When fresh vegetables are expensive or the week is really bad-you can actually survive on those canned food and its far better and healthy than eating $1 value menus at fast food joints.

I hope these tips help somebody/anybody.

Prayers for everybody in this tough economic times.

08-21-2010, 01:20 PM
I am retired so losing a job is not the problem . My income rarely increases but the cost of living continues to increase. I use coupons when I can and shop at the stores that have the best prices. Costco, Smart and Final , WalMart as an example. Safeway and Lucky always have specials , I look for things I know I will use. I am also getting rid of credit cards,I save a lot of money when I don't have to pay interest.And no impulse buying !

08-21-2010, 11:08 PM
I just came from another site where I was doing just this -- praying for people to find work ... any work that will keep a roof over their heads & feed their families. Like BOOTSIE said, this is a time when people need to be more flexible and be willing to look for any job that pays the bills until the economy has time to rebound.

BUT in saying that ... I have been where you are and I know for sure that "THIS TOO WILL PASS!" Tough times never last, but tough people do! And, you need to work together with your family and support each other; and maybe even look at starting your own business. Interestingly, more successful businesses are started in difficult times than any other time.

Did you know that the man that started Hallmark Greeting Cards was unemployed & homeless when he started that business? He was living in a YMCA shelter; and he carried 2 shoe boxes of nice picture post cards around with him. His stored them under his bed; and even started selling them by mail order ... imagine that! Well, you know how that business has fared. It's probably not a coincidence that I was just reading about this today.

In the early 80's we had a recession in Canada that rivaled the great depression; people here were laid off in the hundreds of thousands; and in the millions were unemployed. Yes, some people even stopped looking after awhile, but slowly the economy worked it's way back up again. New businesses opened up and started building; and places started hiring again.

What did we do? We had to learn very quickly how to get our expenses down to a minimum; and I mean drastically. We bought only what we needed for that day or week or month. People cut out the luxuries. They ate out less (if at all) and made homemade. They made every dollar do the work of ten. It was time to reuse, recycle, and repair everything. I still use most of the frugal & thrifty ideas that I learned back then.

Here are some of them ... as I stated in our chat thread, I bought sales first and foremost. I made a list of needs my #1 priority! I bought rice, pasta, sugar, and flour; and all the basics to bake like baking soda (it is cheaper). Made my own biscuits instead of buying expensive breads. I drank more tea instead of coffee which went up to $10.00 a jar. Anything that was too expensive, we did without!

We always grew a garden for carrots, beans, onions, peas, turnips, and potatoes etc; which are the basics of a good meal. We only bought meat on sale or the lowest price to make soups & stews & casseroles, etc. A roast or chicken or ham or turkey was kept for Sunday dinners; and leftovers were stretched out for lunches and other meals. Those of us living in the country, raised chickens for eggs & meat; plus turkeys & ducks too. We sold our extra eggs to pay for our feed; and we free-ranged as well.

I recall eating rice & veggies; pasta with tomatoes; biscuits with ham & eggs; lots of stews & soups with biscuits too. We heated or supplemented with wood, which I chopped and hauled myself. I diluted milk in half with water; stopped using the dryer and hung my clothes on ropes; sometimes even washing by hand until I could get to the laundry mat.

I later bought a second hand apt washer & dryer. We bought second-hand as much as possible. Went to yard sales and held yard/garage sales. DH and I made wooden homemade toys and plaques and sold them. He made our end tables, coffee table, a patio table, paper towels holders, candle holders, recipe boxes, cabinets, etc; and many other things we sold or used. DH repaired our vehicles himself.

We turned the heat down and put on sweaters and lots of blankets; fans were used instead of the A/C, and only rarely; plus we unplugged anything that wasn't a necessity to save hydro. Only the fridge & freezer were left on around the clock. We used those cheaper low-wattage bulbs for all our lights now but then we used the cheapest ones we could buy. I cut dryer sheets and sos pads in half; mended & made my own clothes and many other things to save money. I crocheted gifts; and even made my own decorations for our Christmas tree that we got for free from the farm.

Over my lifetime, I worked as a babysitter; and store clerk in all capacities in variety & grocery stores; stock clerk and meat cutter; hardware store; professional office janitor; housekeeper & laundress; kitchen aide; nurse's aid; personal support worker; dishwasher, waitress & short-order cook; social worker & counselor; daycare provider, officer clerk & typist; plus bookkeeper, dispatcher, and tutor, etc ... and I probably forgot some. :lol:

Both DH and I would take any kind of job -- part-time & full-time & temporary. I have done many different jobs in my life -- but I learned so much from them too. Now, some jobs didn't last but we gave it all we had. I went to college twice, so education was not the issue; it was one recession after another -- almost seemed like every decade. One time, we had to even sell our home, but at least we didn't lose it, and our good credit was saved.

And all through those years, we never starved; we always found a place to live; and GOD carried us through some way, somehow. Yes, some people wouldn't have liked to do what we did, but we can look back and say that we did our very best. We are still thrifty today; but we can have some extras now & then. However, I am ever mindful of what others are going through and we help out when we can. That's one reason why I pray so much for others -- becuz I have been there too.

GOD is still blessing us to this very day -- when DH couldn't work anymore becuz of bad health, we both cut down & then quit smoking (for health & money reasons). While he was doing that he found a new hobby that makes him pin money; he is a scrappie and loves it. People support him in this all the time; what a blessing for us and them.

I really believe where there is a will, there is a way; and that if we keep believing and trusting GOD, that He will turn things around eventually. Everything that we go through in this life has a lesson for us to learn. GOD wants us to be good stewards of the blessings He gives us and He wants us to share and help others too. GOD can use hard times to teach us how to love and care and share with others; and to lean on Him more as we should.

Ooops, didn't mean to make this so long ... but hope it helps someone feel a bit better somehow. Remember ... GOD will carry YOU through (Isaiah 46:4) ... :hug:

08-21-2010, 11:50 PM
Such great suggestions ladies. I am fortunate enough to be working, wages have not dropped but I have lost some perks as our company tries to compete. We also have work for the near future. Being in construction for 40 years I am used to roller coaster situations from time to time.

I think what a lot of my guys, younger ones, are finding out is that this situation could be real "definite".....I have been warning them for years that they cannot afford all their toys and houses way over priced when tough times come...guess they never thought they would.

I have experienced 3 pretty good recessions not counting this one. I bet $$$ to a donut this one will bring many more to their knees before it's over. This is the real deal.

It is just hard to keep telling the guys there isn't enough work for them....I have been telling them this for over a year now. For many their unemployment has run out, they are not afraid to work but many are up in age, not exactly great great "English" speakers AND are not yet ready to lower their pay standards....they make a pretty good chunk of change for us...and they are worth it...if there is work. They just keep thinking that things will get better soon and be back to normal....I am afraid this may very well be the "normal" for many more years.

Angie and I went to church tonight since it is going to be a gorgeous morning tomorrow to walk the beach with the mutts, and get breakfast :) at the beach cafe.

Pastor's sermon was titled "No Pain, No Gain"....from Hebrews 12:4-13....God tells us in the scripture to endure the hardship as discipline....He has a bigger plan for us...and that is to find the path to HEAVEN....:carrot:

As more and more are brought to their knees may more and more be uplifted in Him....

There are blessings in hardships when we look close...:hug:

08-22-2010, 12:35 AM
This is just awesome, I have learned so much from each of you. I never thought of going on line to special companies and getting coupons, free stuff etc... Bargoo, I cut up my personal card years ago when they charged me for being late when I sent it a week ahead of time, and it must of got lost in the mail for they did not receive it they said 2 days after. I had always paid on time, so I threw it in the fireplace and called and canceled it forever.

To keep the price down on products at the store for the people in the community, we do not take credit cards. People are very understanding about it and or really happy to pay less than they would in town!

Another good thing when you go to buy groceries eat before you go in that store! Never take a hungry husband in either, feed that man!

Last year I bought up enough toilet paper to go through the winter . Well just ran out last month and went to stock up again for that is one thing I don't want to run out of. The price was twice as much ! I figured I saved around 100 dollars or more. Well we are using cheaper now and I am stocking up on it.
I wash my clothes in Regular Dawn dish washing liquid ,if it can clean and be safe enough for an oily bird; it ought to be safe for my clothes and get them clean . Does a great job and it is high but last longer and better than that cheap washing powder. You can also wash your clothes in cold and save on electricity, I do!

You do not have to live in the country to have a garden, I have one year round but you can use containers that are wore out and of not use any more like a shop vac, drill holes in the bottom plant some squash in it. Have fresh squash, or tomatoes. Just anything like that is great cold weather headed in Texas roll it in and out. Up north I would be really storing up for hard times, I just really don't know how you live in those conditions. I could really learn a thing or two from y'all. As I was reading Rosebuds post was wondering why she and her husband have not made a movie or book on survival, for they have lived through it more than once! Rosebud I really enjoyed reading your post and plan to go back and take notes.
I am going to cut my dryer sheets into and use just half each time don't think you need a whole sheet anyway.

08-22-2010, 08:45 PM
GARY ~ that is so true ... we learn from the good and the bad; or the easy times & the hard-times. I think that we actually learn more from the hard times than the good times. Just like we learn from our parent's good qualities and their faults (and our spouses for that matter), likewise we learn from all the experiences in this life. Paul talked about learning to be content in all circumstances ... good and bad.

This is a learning curve right now -- and many will come to or back to GOD through these difficult experiences. GOD can and will use the circumstances caused by man to bring him into a closer relationship with HIM. Plus we can learn values that will stick with us for the rest of our lives so that we can teach them to our children and grandchildren, plus others too.

BOOTSIE ~ we use some similar tricks; I also use DAWN for a liquid laundry soap substitute and you only need a few squirts. When I do use the powder, I only use 1/4 cup anyways (for white loads, etc). I read in a book once that you really don't need all that soap as it is really your machine that is cleaning the clothes. Even a tbl of baking soda will work as a soap substitute; and it is really cheap.

My DH said that people on the other side of the world don't even use soap; they just beat their clothes on rocks. :lol: If it is the pretty smell you want; then just use 1 tbl fabric softener; best price of course.

My sister NUMPSTER was the one who told me about cutting the dryer sheets in two; I actually cut mine into three now ... :lol: I cut the SOS in two as the other half always got wasted. I also cut those scrubbies into three pieces (they come in green, blue, and white); making each one about 2.5" x 3.5" ... plenty good for any pot or scrubbing job.

I used to cut my paper towels in half and quarters for small jobs; and now the companies have caught on and you can buy them as half sheets ie Bounty or other brands which I buy on SALE. I have a roll in my bathroom under the toilet cupboard for guests so they don't need to use my towels. This is a good way to stop the spread of flu/cold germs today.

We also stock up on toilet paper sales for the whole winter. Watch out for the seasonal clearance sales -- you can save a lot of money on stuff. I just got bleach for half price. Some stuff is is up to 75% off right now; same with after-Christmas sales. I cut old clothes into rags for most cleaning jobs & dusting.

We watch all the sales at our local hardware and other department stores; I spend so much time each week looking at all the flyers (including the drug store). I buy the best sales at each place, since we are going that way anyways. I buy mild inexpensive dish soap and put that in my hand-soap dispensers for guests and us as I don't like dirty soap bars.

I buy lots of stuff in bulk; and go to our local bulk food store for things like soup bases & gravy mixes; and saltless nuts, etc. We also have 2 x dollar bargain stores in town; and I get some good stuff there too.

You know I once did do a journal about our experiences on the farm back then; but I don't have it now (in the fire pit). I still remember most of it anyways. We had to wash in cold water there, as we had no running water ... we carried it and gathered rain water too. I guess that is why we don't find carrying a few 5 gallon jugs to our camper that big of a deal now. See, you really learn from everything.

I sure appreciate the hot water for the showers though; but like you, I use mostly cold water for our laundry. On rare occasion, I use lukewarm or hot for disinfecting; or for dying stuff like my towels so they would match my new shower curtains ... I even dyed my underwear as I don't like them all white; I like bright, pretty colors ... :lol:

08-22-2010, 11:35 PM
...We also stock up on toilet paper sales for the whole winter. Watch out for the seasonal clearance sales --....

Toilet paper is seasonal :o No wonder I spend so much extra $$$...I go daily! :D

Great advice Rosebud. Angie has always cut dryer sheets in half anyway, if she uses them...too potent.

I have heard on the radio recently that the manufacturers of washing machines are working with the soap people to advise people they don't need as much soap for the new machines....honestly, I am not a big fan of our new washing machine...a Maytag, middle of the road...I can sure tell it doesn't clean the drywall out of my pants as well as past is supposed to use less water BUT I end up running loads twice...aaarrrggghhh :mad:

08-22-2010, 11:49 PM
Salt & Pepper seem to last along time to, on any products that last a long time I buy up. Store my flour, cornmeal up in the freezer but up north you don't have to have a freezer to store yours. Baking soda and I buy the baking soda by 25 pound bags for the goats through our feed store , they eat some every morning to keep from getting indigestion. My brother in law does not believe me but they do, I pour it out on a rock and they eat what they think is enough and off they go, so do the sheep! Acorns are falling and they give indigestion, but they love them, sorta like we love Pizza! I am hoping that baking soda will run the worms out of them so I won't have to worm them. I know that baking soda will kill my plants because I mixed some up to keep the grasshoppers off some of my plants for an experiment and I ah killed my plants....:( Oh well learn and live...;)
Try Dawn Gary a little goes a long way use it on my husbands greasy tractor clothes, cold water , sometimes warm but I put it on fast so they get a good scrubbing.

08-27-2010, 05:22 PM

Many people are coming to our prayer thread and asking us to pray that they get a specific job that they have applied for; not many say, please pray that I get a job ... any job. Meaning any job that will pay the bills for now so that they won't lose their homes and vehicles, etc.

Like GARY, I have been through 4 recessions and know how hard it can be to get a job during those times; the early 80's was one of the tuffest recessions ever in Canada. Hundreds of thousands of people lost their jobs and millions ended up unemployed; but many people started their own businesses when they couldn't get a job (some going in together with family & friends). Some were only part-time but ended up doing very well in the end.

One young man that I worked for started his own janitorial business doing offices mostly; and he ended up very successful. I have a cousin who got together with her SIL and they started their own cleaning business as well.


I pray at another site too for people looking for work and find that so many get their heart set on one dream job; but they forget that maybe 20 or 200 other people want that one great job too. They don't hear back and get so disappointed; and weeks & months go by and they still wait for that one job -- and most times, it is already filled.

I can't tell you how many times that I found out that jobs that were advertised in the paper, were already filled even before they published it ... why -- becuz the law says that they have to open the job to the public, but they know that they already have it filled; and no, they won't tell you that either.

It is an "employer's market" right now, so they can take their merry time hiring people. While your future depends on that job, it's business as usual for them. Most jobs are filled in 1-2 weeks; some take a bit longer (about a month); and a few are really, really fussy and will takes months or years to find that one special person ...

NOTE: if they don't pick you during or right after the interview, then likely you are not it.

#1 BEST TIP: Don't forget to NETWORK -- that is, TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW AND MEET that you are looking for work ... as MOST JOBS ARE FOUND THROUGH THIS METHOD!!!

Do you have any family members that own a business; call them up. Do your parents have any friends that own a business -- ask them to call them up on your behalf. Ask all your siblings if there are any jobs coming up in their place of employment. Tell everyone in your CHURCH and put a notice up in their bulletin board that you are looking for a job.

Put a notice on bulletin boards at your grocery store or local laundrymat with your name & phone number on tags for them to pull off. Do you belong to any clubs; tell everyone there too. Even put an ad in the paper -- that you are looking for work and what kind. Ask everyone at the local coffee shop or variety store if they know of any openings; go once a week to have a coffee and spread the news.

#2 TIP ~ the second most reliable place to find job openings is at a government-run employment agency -- why, becuz they are really available!!!

#3 TIP ~ Of course, don't forget the internet -- there are lots of jobs advertised for towns & cities & colleges & universities & hospitals & large corporations, etc.

#4 TIP ~ Look for HELP WANTED signs in windows; go for a walk through the downtown core to check this out.

And BE PATIENT ... you won't always get the first job you apply for; or maybe even the 10th. In really bad times, you may have to apply for over 500 jobs (I know I did).

BE FLEXIBLE ~ as my DH says, APPLY FOR AS MANY JOBS AS YOU CAN, and in as many different places; and many different types of positions as well. Try some jobs you are qualified for; some that you are not; and even some that you really don't want, but that could lead to the one you want ...

BE REGULAR ... this means to apply weekly; an employment agent once told me that most jobs come in on Mondays & Fridays -- so go those days to see what's available; and go other places in between.

BE CONSISTENT ... MAKE IT YOUR JOB TO FIND A JOB! If you really want to find a job, then you have to willing to put some time and effort into it. Applying for one job and sitting at home waiting for 8 months for them to call, isn't enough.

TIMING ... apply for jobs in the AM; and ask them to call you in the PM, so you aren't sitting around waiting for nothing; and they know when they can reach you for sure.

ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS ... find out exactly when they are calling people for interviews & holding those interviews; how many people applied for the job; and when they will be making a final decision.

CALL BACKS ... be sure to call back if you don't hear from them when they said they would contact you. Don't be afraid to ask why you were not considered for an interview or the job; and if someone else doesn't show, would they call you instead. I got some jobs, simply becuz I was the only one who called them back (which showed them how much I really wanted the job)!

THE RESUME ~ remember to hone your resume & what you share about yourself towards the job you are applying for ... if you are an experienced legal secretary, they won't want to hire you as a junior receptionist or Girl Friday as they know that you won't stay in that job for long (so, less is more). Plus if you are too fussy, then they won't hire you either; they want someone who is flexible and willing to do many different things.

IMPORTANT ~ your resume should be neat (hand-printing or writing or typed) and without spelling mistakes; hire someone to make one for you if you must (and get several copies made). Same goes for applications: ask to take it home and get someone to help you fill it out completely (leave no blanks); then take it back the next day. Most employers throw messy applications in the garbage.

FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS ~ sometimes you are given special instructions with your application of a position: there is always a reason for this; ie include a full-length picture with application. By not following their instructions, you indicate something about your character -- will you follow instructions on the job?

THE INTERVIEW ~ dress UP for the interview; unless you are a laborer, blue jeans are out. Be neat & clean; shaven; no smoking; no gum; and need I say, no swearing. Smile and be polite & friendly (but not too friendly). Let them know why they want to hire you; what you can do for the position & company. Most first impressions decide if you are hired, so look your best!

HONESTY ~ it is sad that some people do lie on their resumes and during interviews, but they are often found out and let go within a few months. Focus on what skills & talents & education & experience that you have that relate to the position instead of resorting to lying and you'll keep the job. More employers check out resumes and backgrounds today than ever before.

GOOD REFERENCES ~ try to find 2-3 nice people (ie ministers) or past employers who can give you a very good reference; call them or ask them if they will do this ahead of time. Some employers will give you a letter that you can have copied and hand out with your resumes; which saves them time and bother (this is my favorite method).

ATTENTION GRABBERS ~ you have to find a way to really stand out so that prospective employers notice you over all the rest. I was gonna suggest to one person here that they take a bunch of roses and hand them out to the office staff when they go -- it may seem odd, but they will remember you! I know one guy that takes a box of fresh Tim Horton's donuts every where he goes. They sure remember him ... ;)

08-29-2010, 02:09 AM
Thanks Rosebud for great tips~

08-29-2010, 09:22 AM
Great tips ROSEBUD and BOOTSIE....I know these will be helpful to many you come here.

I was able to hire one of my guys back on this past week for a few weeks or so, good news for his family.

As the project I am on continues, I see sad faces from the men completeing their trade because they have no job to go to now ... BUT ... I am seeing happy faces on the men coming in for the next trade as most of them have been off for some time.

08-29-2010, 10:27 AM
EZ, I am so glad that you were able to hire atleast one guy back :) If every business starts a trend of opening some positions~ things would be a whole lot better.

I too will be praying for everybody today.

08-30-2010, 09:25 PM
GARY ~ that's great news; one more worker back to work is always good news!

T-A ~ that's a good idea that you suggested; if every company tried to bring back at least one worker each month or EOM, etc ... that would help so many people.

Our country has come up with some unique ideas to get our people back to work at our plywood plant and mill -- the government introduced a scheme of subsidizing with UI. The company brings them back for 2 weeks on and 1 week off; and the gov allows them to collect UI for awhile until the economy rebounds a bit. This is going to help so many keep their homes and to be able to stay in our town near their families.

Some people are even doing volunteer work during that week off, as they are so grateful for the plan and income. A clever idea ... hats off to our gov for being so brave and helpful ... :D

09-05-2010, 08:55 PM
Amazing how the stories change from day to day in the paper/TV/radio on the economy...

bottom line....I believe most in the article that I read this week that said....

Americans (and I am sure Canadians/and all free countries) will need to live with a lot less in the future than many have had to live with in the past...

My knucklehead nephew has been here most the week-end...has been telling me about the new "apps" he bought for his cellphone....

he needs new tires but can't afford them....or so he says....

I guess "apps" are more important.....

Prayers for all needing work

09-22-2010, 07:40 PM
Giving this a good Christian Kick back to the top, for Bailey and others who may want to read it. It sure has some good hints to help all, I know I have been using it! Please keep praying for all looking for jobs too.

11-03-2010, 08:48 PM
I forgot to mention something that I know is very helpful for some people -- and that is VOLUNTEERING ... during some of my layoff times, I volunteered for job experience and one employer gave me a job out of that. I know others that have been offered jobs from volunteering and/or on-the-job training placements ... this not only gives you more experience to add to your resume, but it also looks good as well! Volunteering is also good for you; and builds character ... :D

11-03-2010, 10:05 PM
You are right Rosebud, I got a job one time with a Vet. I asked him if he would give a rabie drive out at our house for the community and he said Yes. He found out that I was looking for a job and he wanted to hire me to be a groomer. I told him I had no experience and he said he would teach me everything and he did . I worked for him for 3 .5 years and then went to work for my husband.
What I really want to do is volunteer for the new hospital going in. I hope they need me.

11-04-2010, 12:29 AM
These are some really good tips :) for some really tough times.
I have a job but am also looking for a part time as well. Initially I wanted one to pay off my debt (I feel that this is an important thing to do right now), but now I am trying to get the funds together to get my daughter back into college. She also is looking for a job to facillitate this. I also have worked many different types of jobs. I was a single mom raising 5 kids so I took whatever work was avaliable. I still will. I am grateful that I am still healthy and able. I worked 50 hours a week at my current job but they recently cut us back this past year to 40. I managed, but I just don't have any wiggle room anymore. Thankfully, my home is paid for. But, I just keep the thought that the Lord is my provider, and always has been :)

11-04-2010, 10:11 PM
YES, BOOTSIE ~ you reminded me when you mentioned that you wanted to volunteer in your new hospital; there are many things you can do there. Some people help the patients; bring books and/or snacks; some do people's hair; some visit and/or read to people, etc.

JUDY ~ you are very blessed that you don't have a mortgage or rent to pay; and you have a full-time job, so you will be OK. I understand about wanting to get a little extra to pay off your debts though; that would be wise too -- prayers ascending ...