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08-19-2010, 11:32 AM
Today is day 4 for me and I'm in Phase One. I know you're not supposed to weight everyday, but, I swear, those nasty little white scales just follow me around everywhere!

Each of the first 3 days I lost weight, but this morning I had gained back (1/2 lb). This in itself should be enough reason not to weigh daily (discouragement), but this is what I learned from yesterday:

I had to leave the house early so grabbed some deli turkey slices and a cheese stick to gobble down for breakfast. Went shopping all day with friends, and rather than eat something "bad", I chose not to eat at all. :bomb: After I got home, had a good SBD dinner (grilled tilapia, green bean shellouts and a tossed salad). Gained a 1/2 pound this morning.

Lesson: By not eating, I put myself into starvation mode.

From now on, I will eat something even if it's my fingernails! Seriously, I could have had many good choices if I'd only made the effort.

From now on I will eat, from now on I will eat, from now on I will eat...........

Thanks for listening to my sob story!!

08-19-2010, 02:53 PM
You probably didn't gain that half pound because you were in starvation mode. It takes quite a few days of being behind on calories to cause your body to start storing fat. It was probably just a normal fluctuation. I weigh daily, but I don't allow myself to get discouraged by little fluctuations. I weigh officially once a week, same time and place.

You're right about not eating being detrimental - but probably more for the fact that it makes us ravenous later and we're more apt to overeat when we finally do sit down for a meal. You would be well served to keep a snack with you at all times - nuts, cheese, just something.