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08-16-2010, 11:19 PM

We have a great group of ~ :angel: PRAYER WARRIORS :angel: ~ here We have had many of our prayers answered :yes:

If you are in need of prayer for yourself, a friend or loved one, please post your requests here. No request is too big or small :no:

If you post your prayer request here I can guarantee you will be prayed for by our PRAYER WARRIORS. Many of us will pray that Our Lord's will be done in the name of Jesus, and others offer prayer and good thoughts from their beliefs.

Will you join our PRAYER TEAM? :crossed:

Please note that our last 2 threads had over 17,000 views and 500 posts...we do come and pray but not always post...don't feel like you are being ignored! :angel:

08-17-2010, 12:09 AM

Prayers offered for your husband- may God bless that he gets this job.


08-17-2010, 10:42 AM
Thank you PWs, so very much. Every message sent above has power.
I am so appreciative of your support.

08-17-2010, 11:09 AM
Prayers for all , for a job to pop up even better than the one they are looking for! Your only a looser if you never try and I don't see that in someone who is out there looking for a good job, to support their family in fact I find them very wise and awesome, in this day and time.

Praying for all family members and friends health, asking the Holy Spirit to guide them to everything they need to do, to enhance and strengthen their immune system; and to give their Doctors and Nurses great wisdom to help them on their path to good health.

08-17-2010, 08:00 PM
^PRAYERS^ continuing for all your needs and concerns ...

-- for MITCHELL in NYC, to find & secure a good job that will help him support his family; and peace for Kittycat during that time.

-- for ERIK W. in Shaumburg, Illinois, for his health & peace; plus prayers for his doctors/surgeons for his upcoming surgeries. And, for OPTICAL GODDESS for peace surrounding her husband's health.

-- for DICK, VickieLou's dad, and their family for good health, peace, comfort & strength during this time.

-- for BOOTSIE, that her back & neck heal up quickly and completely.

-- for my AUNT PAT, that her knee continues to heal up well and her body fights off that virus/bacteria that she caught while in the hospital. Also prayers for her daughter, Shelly, who needs strength after her Dad's passing (they were very close).

-- for CARMEL ~ G's SIL, who has cancer; have stopped the chemo (not working), but are now giving her some pills & trying radiant heat therapy too.

-- for BIL, TOM M. ~ (heart aneurysm) he quit smoking for about 13 weeks now; needs strength for continued success.

-- for TIFFANY's DH , who is also trying for a new job; for peace & wisdom & guidance for the position that is best for him & his family as well.

-- for MATILDA & US ALL ~ for strength & wisdom for our good health & WL journey.

-- for all those who are mourning loved ones at this time; for comfort & peace and provision of jobs/finances, etc. Thank the LORD, that we have something called a Widow's Pension here that helps them so much! We are so fortunate to have that blessing, plus great health care & insurance in our province/country!!! FATHER GOD, thank you for blessing our people and our nation so much ...

-- we also lift up all other's that need healing and/or a blessing in body, mind, or spirit, like our own BARGOO ; Gary's sister, ANNIE; and all our prayer warriors & friends that come here too ...

-- for FRIDAYANGEL ~ for help with their finances & relief of stress; plus for friend's mother, NOEMI who has health issues & needs a job. :hug:

-- for PEA ~ for a job she has applied for that she really wants & needs (preferably in her own town in Alabama).

-- for TOM in Jersey ~ rushed to hospital in ill health; peace & comfort for him & his family; rb Amyleigh (Tom is her friend's Dad).

Please remind us if we forget anyone; we could use an update now & then, so that we can keep praying for your request(s) and Praise GOD for answered prayer ... plus thanks to all of you who pray along with us here!

Rosebud :hug:

08-18-2010, 07:38 AM
I am praying the lord somehow helps with our money situation
So a little stress can be taken off my shoulders..
and I can get my life back in order...

I will be praying for all the prayer request that come up.
I believe in the Power of Prayer..

God Bless You All.

08-18-2010, 12:08 PM
Praying for the Lord to guide you where you can make extra money to get your financial situation back in order to reduce the stress in your life Friday.

08-18-2010, 07:45 PM
Thank you Bootsie!

08-18-2010, 10:44 PM
Prayers for all

08-19-2010, 07:18 PM
I would like to know if you could pray for my Good Friends Mother, her name is Noemi..Her husband died a few years back, and she has health issues. and now has lost her job... Please pray the Lord keeps her strong and shows her the way..and for her and her family to only trust in the lord..
thank you from the bottom of my heart...

08-19-2010, 08:39 PM

Prayers sent for Noemi.

08-20-2010, 12:19 AM
Friday, praying in Texas for her too!

08-20-2010, 05:59 PM
I have been out of work for about 3 and half months now and we have moved to this small town in Alabama where there are not many jobs to start with. By god's grace, I got the call from a small company stating they need somebody with my technology expertise and they interviewed me last week. It went really great. Today I got the call saying the parent company is rethinking whether they want to open this position here in Alabama or in metro where headquarter is. They are going to take the decision in next week. I really need some prayers that the decision comes in my favor and I get this job. A lot is riding on this job for me and my savings are thinning out.

My name is Pea and I will appreciate if you can keep me in your prayers for next couple of days.

Thanks everybody..

08-20-2010, 06:37 PM

I said a prayer for you to get this job, and will keep you in my prayers.


08-20-2010, 06:43 PM
prayer request for my friend's father, Tom, who was rushed to the hospital earlier this week and now the family is facing some incredibly rough times.

i'm sending out a prayer of thanks for all of you whose prayers help those of us in need.

08-20-2010, 07:44 PM
:angel: CURRENT PRAYER LIST ~ ^PRAYERS^ continuing for all your needs and concerns ... :angel:

-- for MITCHELL in NYC, to find & secure a good job (real estate broker) that will help him support his family; and peace for Kittycat who is holding down 3 part-time jobs during this time. They have 4 boys and good health; so PTL!

-- for ERIK W. in Shaumburg, Illinois, for his health & peace; plus prayers for his doctors/surgeons for his upcoming surgeries (heart bi-pass; kidney transplant; diabetic). And, for OPTICAL GODDESS for peace surrounding her husband's health.

-- for DICK, VickieLou's Dad, for his heart health + kidney & treatments; and her mother, EVE, who has liver diseases & other health issues: prayers for restored health, peace, comfort & strength for the whole family during this time.

-- for our BOOTSIE ~ continued strength and good health for her busy life. Plus a WL buddy near by ...

-- for my AUNT PAT, for peace & continued good health. Also prayers for her daughter, Shelly, who needs strength & peace of mind after her Dad's passing (they were very close).

-- for CARMEL ~ G's SIL, who has cancer; doctors have stopped the chemo (not working), but are now giving her some other pills & are trying radiant heat therapy too.

-- for BIL, TOM M. ~ (heart aneurysm) he quit smoking for over 16+ weeks now: PTL; but his aneurysm has grown a bit so they are thinking of doing surgery on that plus to clear a vein in his left leg & neck, all at the same time. They are waiting to hear from his specialist about it this week (Dr. Ravi). Will keep you posted ...

-- for MY DAD, BILL S ~ UPDATE: PTL -- he is feeling better after a scare with food poisoning; thanks 2 his doctors for getting the right diagnosis & meds. The respite here helped them a lot; so thanks for your continued prayers ...

-- for my brother, RPS ~ we ask for mercy & RESTORATION of his health & life; plus GOD's help to rescue & deliver & protect him. For peace & strength & hope so he won't be too discouraged. We thank you for all you have done for him & will do for him: oh, what a story he will tell one day! What a glorious witness for JESUS he can be for men: lift him up dear JESUS; lift him high; exalt him & bring glory to GOD's holy name through him. "What man means for evil; GOD means for good!" We ask in JESUS' name & we thank you, Father ... Amen.

-- for TIFFANY's DH , who is also trying for a new job; for peace & wisdom & guidance for the position that is best for him & his family as well.

-- for MATILDA & US ALL ~ for strength & wisdom for our good health & WL journeys. We ask for restored good health, in Jesus' name and we thank you, Amen.

-- for all those who are mourning loved ones at this time; for comfort & peace and provision of jobs/finances, etc. Thank the LORD, that we have something called a Widow's Pension here that helps them so much! We are so fortunate to have that blessing, plus great health care & insurance in our province/country!!! FATHER GOD, thank you for blessing our people and our nation so much ...

-- we also lift up all others here that need healing and/or a blessing in body, mind, or spirit, like our own BARGOO ; Gary's sister, ANNIE; and all our prayer warriors & friends that come here too ...

-- for FRIDAYANGEL ~ for help with their finances & relief of stress; plus for friend's mother, NOEMI who has health issues & needs a job. :hug:

-- for PEA ~ PTL -- for helping her get a job ...

-- for TOM in Jersey ~ rushed to hospital in ill health; peace & comfort for him & his family; rb Amyleigh (Tom is her friend's Dad).

-- for ANNETTE in Alaska ~ for depression and a job where she is treated better; rb Dee.

-- for MICKEY ~ for direction in her life; plus for her MOM who needs strength, hope, peace; freedom from substance abuse; and direction in her life too!

-- for AMY ~ for her new WL journey; school.

-- for SHARON & JOHN and their adult children: LEAH, PHILIP & SETH ~ all three of these young folks are drug addicts and LEAH disappeared in Albuquerque, NM in 2006. Their parents are Christians; and they are still searching for her. We pray that the Great Shepherd will seek these three lost lambs out and rescue them all from the chains of drug dependency, as only He can do; rb a friend in Fort Worth, Texas ...

BRAYDEN ~ 3 months old; heart problems -- will be seeing a cardiologist very soon for this; rb Onederchic, aka Michelle.

WILMA'S FAMILY ~ her MOTHER has pneumonia, plus a bad knee that needs replacement & reovering from a car accident; her BROTHER has lung cancer & will start chemo therapy shortly. Plus Wilmas has two other family members that are fighting cancer right now; so prayers for them too.

RONNI ~ for good health (MS); and for peace & strength for her & her family after suffering loss of loved ones recently. MILrecovering from breast cancer too. :hug:

For SOLDIERS, EVERYWHERE ~ prayers for all soldiers who are fighting for peace & equity & the welfare of all the people of the world; plus doctors, nurses, aides, peacekeepers, and rescue workers such as the Red Cross who help with disasters & emergencies too. We pray for strength, wisdom, and safety (protective Angels around them all); and may peace come soon, so they all can come home ...

Please remind us if we forget anyone; we could use an update now & then, so that we can keep praying for your request(s) and Praise GOD for answered prayer ... plus thanks to all of you who pray along with us here!

Rosebud :hug:

08-20-2010, 08:35 PM
Thanks Rosebud & Dee. I am going to keep everybody in my prayers too.

08-20-2010, 08:41 PM
Prayers sent.

08-21-2010, 10:43 PM
I am praying for everyone on the list.
I believe God does everything for a reason...
So most of the time, I pray that we can accept what he has
brought to us... and whatever answer we receive from him..
that we can accept that..

I pray the lord holds all of you in his hands, and protects you and
helps us all get through these hard times a lot of us are having..

May we all find peace in God's love..


08-21-2010, 11:56 PM
All requests have been included in prayer.

08-22-2010, 12:39 AM
Praying in Texas!

08-22-2010, 11:31 PM
Please pray for my cuz, he always emails me every day and I have not heard from him in 2 days. I am getting somewhat worried. He has got a new address and it works on his phone. Though dish was out this morning and sometimes when that happens our phones get some what goofy! I can not even email to Canada on my personal email any more, for the last 8 weeks,don't know where they went, did not come back to me, have to go to a yahoo one to email to Canada, crazy. I am going to try calling if I don't hear from him soon!

08-23-2010, 12:41 AM
praying for your cuz's safety Bootsie! He would be fine - may be some cell phone /internet trouble ..or just weekend stuff going on in his life.

please do update when you hear back!

08-23-2010, 01:37 PM
Please pray for my friend Annette. She suffers from severe depression and has a job she hates because they treat her really badly. She's been hoping an opportunity at another employer might come up. Her doctor also thinks she has polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and she's really depressed about that because it can affect fertility.

08-23-2010, 01:49 PM

Prayers offered for your cousin. I hope he's ok!

08-23-2010, 01:58 PM
Oh my cuz is alright I think, he just picked up his card I sent by email so I know he is alright and just sent me an email to let me know he is still breathing. Geeeeeeeeee! If I remember right,when we would go walking when we were younger,he is the one that used to tell me about the little boy who cried WOLF! Thank You for the prayers for him ,he has a really bad back. Was afraid he had fallen and could not get up, been there!

Praying for Annette bless her heart, there are places to go about depression on line and they may give you some hints what to watch for and to help her Dee.

08-23-2010, 05:20 PM
BOOTSIE ~ Does your cousin live in Canada? Praying that he is OK; but, maybe he is having trouble with his email too ... :hug:

DEE ~ have added your friend, ANNETTE, to our current prayer list, above; maybe if she finds a position where she is treated better, that may go a long way to help her depression too.

^PRAYERS^ continue for you and yours ... :angel:

08-23-2010, 11:38 PM
Prayers for Annette

08-25-2010, 12:07 AM
URGENT PRAYER REQUEST ~ Could you all pray for my middle brother RPS; he needs GOD's special protection right now. He was/is doing so well, but is being persecuted again. Dear Father, please send your Angels to protect him & rescue him & deliver him from this wicked & deceitful persecution & person(s). He needs your strength & peace & love & hope & comfort tonight; please lift him up & carry him through all of this ordeal, dear JESUS!

OH, lift him up & exalt him as a witness for your glory. We ask for your mercy & grace, in JESUS' precious name; and we thank you, Father ... Amen & Amen. :angel:

08-25-2010, 12:34 AM
Prayers for RPS...may God's will be done in his life in Jesus name...

08-25-2010, 02:35 AM
Prayers sent for RPS.

08-25-2010, 10:38 AM
Prayers sent for Rosebuds brother RPS.

08-25-2010, 08:42 PM
GOOD NEWS UPDATE ~ Thank you for your continued prayers for the Matthews family who lost their Dad recently; his wife Francis has decided to move the family back to her home town where they can get support & financial help from her native community. :D

Plus thank you for your prayers for my brother; he needs them so badly right now. May the GOOD SHEPHERD go out to rescue his lamb(s) from the big, bad wolf at the gate. PTL!

08-26-2010, 01:34 AM
This is Pea again. They still haven't decided about the job :( Please pray for me that I get this job. I really am reaching the end of the rope here.

I have sent prayers for everybody on the list.

08-26-2010, 01:38 AM

Prayers sent.

08-27-2010, 12:02 AM
so, my mother needs prayers.

after the divorce from my step father she has seemed to have just gone to pieces. (the separation and divorce happened in 2007 going into 2008)
she lost her house due to not being able to afford it, and has moved in with a friend she rather not be living with. lost her STNA license and has turned to drinking to cope with her depression.

It's almost as if she has given up and no long wants to fight for anything anymore, and she need's all the prayers she can to help her be strong now.
thanks much!

08-27-2010, 01:58 PM

Prayers sent for your mother.

08-27-2010, 03:42 PM
PEA ~ prayers for you (for strength & rest) and for your job search as well. I know that you really wanted that one specific job (and I am praying about that), but maybe it would help to widen your job search a bit; I found the more places you apply, the better ...

TIPS: I am going to put some tips about job hunting in the "Praying In These Economic Times" thread; please check that out.

MICKEY ~ sending up prayers for your MOM -- was she a nurse? Can she get her license back? Maybe take her some flowers or take her out to lunch; or buy her a manicure/pedicure or day at the spa for Mother's Day or her birthday to make her feel better about herself ... even just sharing with her how much you admire her might help ... :hug:

PS ~ our full current prayer list is on page 2 of this thread ... thanks! :)

08-29-2010, 02:01 AM
Thanks Rosebud for tips~ I have been applying at lot of places, the problem being I can not work in any industry other than the one that I got my visa on ~ unless I start working illegally :( which I don't want to do. To think of it, I have been in US for 13 years on legal visa and still have so many restrictions on what and what not, I can work on sounds ridiculous but thats how it is. Wish I could explain more but this is not a proper forum for that. Thanks anyway for all the tips and I know that you mean well.

I am going to pray for everyone on your list. Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully things would be a lot better soon!

08-29-2010, 09:16 AM
Continuing prayers for all requests, will take them to church with me this morning in private prayer.

09-01-2010, 09:02 PM
^PRAYERS^ continue for you and yours ...:hug:

09-01-2010, 09:14 PM
Praying for all needs that have been requested.

09-01-2010, 09:58 PM
I would like to ask prayers for my best friend Sharon and her husband John and their three adult children, Leah, Phillip, and Seth.
I'll be brief. They are God loving people who listen to what God tells them and they are faithful. All three children have become entangled in drugs despite the efforts of their parents to help them. Leah has been missing from Albuquerque, NM since 2006. She went there (from TX) to stay with some friends who were youth pastors at a local church. She disappeared less than two weeks of being there.There is an active, unnamed serial killer in Albuquerque and we pray she did not fall victim to them or some other predator. Her parents have made multiple trips there looking for her, in fact her father is leaving again this Friday to look. Phillip needs prayers to follow through and do the right thing. Not only for himself, but for his small son. He has a severe problem with drugs. The other son Seth, has a spirit of deception in him that only our Father can slay. He is rebellious and disrespectful to his mother and also has a severe problem with drugs. I would like prayers for John and Sharon to continue being faithful and believing God's promise. Thank you so much :)

09-01-2010, 11:38 PM
ISLAND CHICK ~ have sent up prayers for Sharon & John and their three adult children ... and will put them in the current prayer list on page 2 as well ... :hug:

09-02-2010, 12:53 AM
ISLAND CHICK ~ have sent up prayers for Sharon & John and their three adult children ... and will put them in the current prayer list on page 2 as well ... :hug:

Thank you so much!! I really appreciate it . :)

09-02-2010, 01:05 AM

Prayers sent.

09-02-2010, 01:07 PM
Prayers sent for everybody.

09-02-2010, 02:25 PM

Prayers sent.

Thank you so much Dee. :)

09-02-2010, 11:20 PM
Prayers for my 3 month old nephew, Brayden, who has to see a cardiologist :/

09-02-2010, 11:47 PM
MICHELLE ~ prayers going up for BRAYDEN tonight; and will add him to our current list on page 2. BTW, that's a cute avatar pic too -- you fit the whole family in there ... :lol:

09-02-2010, 11:47 PM
Prayers for all requests

09-03-2010, 03:06 PM
Prayers sent for Brayen, his family and his doctor.

09-03-2010, 05:00 PM
Praying for all .

09-04-2010, 01:31 PM
UPDATE ~ well, they have found out the cause of JACK MURRAY's infection -- it was food poisoning by a strong strain of Salmonella. His wife & family are asking for answers, as Jack was so young and such a wonderful man; and they don't want anyone else to fall victim to this bacteria.

Our local medical experts are investigating as there have been 13 reported cases in our area (our town) in the last two weeks alone; and they are suspecting that there may be more. Mr. Matthew's daughter had told us that her family was told that he died of food poisoning as well.

So, we need prayers that our PORCUPINE HEALTH UNIT can pin-point the actual source of the salmonella bacteria that led to their deaths, so that it can be eliminated. Thank you so much ...

09-04-2010, 04:42 PM
is that the bacteria that they found in the eggs that have all been recalled?

09-04-2010, 04:49 PM
Prayers for All Requests.

Need Prayers for My Dad, Dick who has to go on Kidney diaylsis soon. Also he has heart problems. Also My Mom, Eve has cirrohous of liver ( not caused from alcohol). She rarely drinks. But is very overweight she had another liver disease too. Thank You for Your Prayers.

09-04-2010, 05:53 PM
DEE ~ we're not sure yet; but I will google that as I know that you shouldn't eat raw eggs at all. They aren't releasing any info here yet, that is why KIM (Jack's wife) went to the media with their story. I know that our provincial health expert made a public warning that some GREEN ONIONS were found to be carrying a form of Salmonella bacteria recently too, but this one wasn't that strain.

Apparently, there are more than one kind of this bacteria; and this isn't the first time we have had warnings -- I remember them warning people about sprouted beans last year. A lot of people are very nervous; even my Dad was warning me to be careful what and where we bought our food. I will be making our food at home for some time and really checking out the food we buy even more so now.

I can't tell you how many times my DH & I (and my Dad) have mentioned to store workers here about veggies, fruits, and breads that are moldy; and one of my biggest peeves is POTATOES that are GREEN -- which are toxic (we see this all the time but it falls on deaf ears when we complain about it). The potatoes turn green when they are exposed to too much light or sun; they must be shaded and/or stored in a dark, cool place. That is why the bags are supposed to be turned upside down in the stores, but they keep leaving them out in the open. We have even found rotten potatoes in those plastic bags that I could smell an aisle away (I have a very sensitive nose).

Oh and don't get me started on the way the meat used to be -- thank goodness, they have new workers in that department that are really conscientious about the meat now. I know the new owner is really trying hard, but his workers in each department should take out 5 minutes each morning to remove all old or out-dated foods off the shelves.

Now we are seeing what terrible things can happen when bad foods are sold or served. I worked in both stores and restaurants, so I know how things must be cleaned -- with lots of hot, soapy water, with a bit of javex mixed in to kill germs. We used this in the stores and the restaurants for public safety; I was trained by very good people, and I received a lot of compliments from the government inspectors for cleanliness.

I also worked as a professional cleaner in public institutions; and probably am a fanatic about cleanliness now becuz of all the flus and colds out there, but we would rather err on the side of caution than see awesome young men like Jack, die so needlessly ever again. Sorry for the rant, but this is one of my biggest peeves in this life ... so I'll get off my :soap: for now ... ;)

VICKIELOU ~ prayers going up for your DAD (DICK) and your mother (EVE) too; and for you as well as this must be a very stressful time for you and your family ... :hug:

09-05-2010, 08:49 PM
That is so sad die from food poisoning...

Prayers for all and continuing for Dick and Eve...

09-09-2010, 08:37 PM
Hi everyone-

Today I'm asking for your prayers for me. Something's wrong with me, and I don't know what. I've been sick for about 5 days but not with anything I can figure out. You know that feeling you get when you hold your breath too long, or you ran faster than you could breathe? That burning you get all over? I have that. I feel like I'm not getting enough air. There's this squeezing in my chest, but no pain. My blood pressure is normal, my heart rate is normal. It's not a panic attack, although I sort of feel scared with what's going on.

If you could pray for God to help, I'd really appreciate it. This has been going on since Saturday, and it's worse today than ever. I left work early, but neither of my doctors had room to see me today. I'm half considering going to the hospital- but what do I tell them is wrong? The symptoms themselves are just so vague. It feels like something is really wrong...but I'm afraid if I go right now they will just blow me off.

09-09-2010, 09:15 PM
Heavenly Father, We come tonight asking you to watch over Dee as she anxiously waits the reason for her symptons. We ask that she is able to see her doctors and they find the reason for her breathing issues, we ask that she be healed from this, but as always, we ask that Your will be done as You alone know what is best for Jesus Name we pray, Amen.

09-09-2010, 09:52 PM
:hug:DEE ~ May I ask how old you are? I went through the same thing when I went into peri-menopause when I turned 46 y/o. What you describe could be hormone-related -- you feel very hot like you were in a sauna, but from the inside out. It feels like you have to try and catch your breathe even though you weren't doing anything strenuous. Sometimes, my heart seemed to be racing or there was a fluttering in my chest.

There is this feeling of anxiety too simply becuz you are wondering what it is. At first, I thought that I was having heart or circulatory problems, but all the tests came back negative on that ...

I found sipping cold water; taking slow relaxing breaths; walking around; wearing looser clothing; and mind meditations by PRAISING GOD & SINGING all helped a lot. I kept telling myself ... THIS TOO WILL PASS --- THIS TOO WILL PASS ... :lol:

Each time it was really bad, DH & I would pray right away and that helped me feel much better; and I must honestly tell you that one thing that really helped me was 1/2 glass of cold beer; as it has natural hormones in it and is a diuretic as well. I would sip that and put my legs up and get my mind on the LORD as I stated earlier, and the symptoms would go away within a short while (at first, they lasted 15-30 minutes; then later they shortened as time went by until they were only a minute or less).

Are you on a low-dose (80 mg) coated aspirin? That is sometimes recommended for those of us in our 40's & 50's too; but ask your doctor if that is needed first. Were your blood sugar levels ever checked? These symptoms can also be that of LOW blood sugar. Did the doctors check you for that? You may want to have a good overall checkup to rule out anything more serious just for peace of mind. My doctors eventually did a cat scan and some other tests -- and everything came out fine; but they do have me on lifelong aspirin therapy as a preventative measure.

These "WEIRD EPISODES" as I called them -- eventually slowed down, and now I only get them occasionally. One doctor and nurse both thought it was peri-menopause symptoms; while my personal doctor thought I was too young (yet my research found that it can start from 40-60 or as low as 36 y/o), but since the beer helped take it away almost immediately, I suspected they were right on. The beer also calms your jittery nerves which is another symptom of peri-menopause. You don't need very much -- as little as 1/2 to 1 cup (or even a bottle if it's a bad one; not enuff to make you drunk; just don't drive after drinking a whole one). If your doctors conclude that it is peri-menopause -- you may be able to find some other natural remedies that will help you.

I have sent up prayers for you already. It is very scary when you are going through it. Just try not to panic and repeat scripture verses right away. "THE LORD IS MY SHEPHERD and I SHALL NOT WANT ..." The 23rd Psalm is so calming and reassuring ... :hug:

09-10-2010, 12:55 AM
Dee please get this checked out, may be nothing, better safe than not. Will be praying for you.

Interesting about the beer Rosebud, did you know they even mention beer in the Bible to drink it? I did not know they had even invented beer yet! Deuteronomy 14 :26 New Living Translation, Holy Bible

09-10-2010, 04:49 PM
Please pray for the people of San Bruno, Ca. They had a terrible tragedy yesterday , a natural gas line exploded causing terrible fires. I have heard 53 homes completely destroyed another 120 damaged. Several deaths and numerous injuries. San Bruno is near San Francisco. There was no warning , those who did get out had no time to anything but get out.

09-10-2010, 06:07 PM
Bargoo heard about it this morning as I was leaving for town then coming home, they still were going through homes to help people. Just horrible! Praying for more survivors and no more deaths.
Does our Gary& Angie live anywhere around there?

09-10-2010, 07:45 PM
Prayers for those in the San Bruno tradgedy, been hearing of it all day down here.

Bootsie, Angie and I live about 8 hours south....San Bruno northern California and we live in southern California.

09-10-2010, 09:58 PM
So glad yo live and your family live a ways away from it. I figured it would of been all over the news but did not see anything about it. Though I fell asleep 5 minutes watching it, could of came on then. It know it was on the radio though!

09-10-2010, 10:20 PM
Bargoo heard about it this morning as I was leaving for town then coming home, they still were going through homes to help people. Just horrible! Praying for more survivors and no more deaths.
Does our Gary& Angie live anywhere around there?

San Bruno is near San Francisco, about 45 minutes from where I live. Gary is closer to L.A.

09-10-2010, 11:38 PM
^PRAYERS^ going up for the people of San Bruno and their families too ... :hug:

BOOTSIE ~ yes, people of those by-gone years were much more advanced than we sometimes think they were ... ;)

09-12-2010, 10:35 PM
Update- he did not get the position. there has been literally zero income (from dh) for 2 years. And insufficient income for 6. I work part time in 3 dif jobs. We have our health and 4 healthy boys. My mother is alive and healthy. We own our house (with the bank) and amazingly enough a small country cabin (with the bank).

I prayed and prayed and asked those I love to pray and pray and the job went to someone w/in the company. I know we are not alone in this situation. I know there are many who need help. He has applied for multiple jobs. nothing. I know we are not unique.

09-12-2010, 10:44 PM
Continued prayers KITTYCAT....

the stories seem to be getting worse "overall"...

09-12-2010, 11:39 PM
Kitty Cat continued prayers for your husband , for job, I am sorry this one job did not go through.

09-13-2010, 03:24 PM
Prayers for those in San Bruno and for Kitty Cat and her husband.

Thanks to all who prayed for me last week. I spent yesterday at the ER. I was having extreme fatigue, dizziness, chest discomfort, difficulty breathing. They did an EKG, CAT scan, chest x-ray. They said I have viral pleurisy. I've had pleurisy before and never had the shortness of breath and dizziness and weakness, but I guess everything is different. They said they ruled out heart problems and a clot. Thanks again- your prayers are much appreciated.

09-13-2010, 05:11 PM
Dee so happy that you went and had it checked out. Hope they gave you something to get rid of it.

09-13-2010, 08:37 PM
DEE ~ yes, we have had some really bad viruses going around our country that have those symptoms. Oddly, my father said that he just had a really bad flu virus with those same very symptoms; thankfully, he got lots of rest and fresh air while he was here and is now feeling much better. Like BOOTSIE, I hope they were able to give you something to help fight it ... am sending up more prayers for a full and quick recovery as well. :hug:

KITTYKAT ~ :hug: we really feel for you and your DH ... I know that you realize that this had nothing to do with a lack or prayer or your DH -- you were surrounded in prayer. This happens all the time. I know it can be discouraging; but don't let it get you down. Tell your DH to just keep on, keepin' on -- becuz eventually things will slowly start to change and someone will hire him. I am praying for you too, as you have a lot to carry right now ... :hug:

09-15-2010, 04:11 PM
Thx for all the support PWs. Heh, Rosebud, you know I did have the 'are we deserving' thought... and chalked it up to it just wasn't time yet. I am still praying and I know there are many prayers sent up for us. Keep 'em coming...please.
Mine continue for all mentioned here.

09-16-2010, 12:38 AM
Praying for everyone tonight.

09-16-2010, 05:25 PM
KITTYKAT ~ I was praying for you & your DH -- and something came into my mind ... your DH is a real estate broker, right? I was thinking how he could use those credentials & skills to diversify so he could earn income in a related field. Has he every considered getting his APPRAISAL CREDENTIALS and/or take an INSPECTOR'S COURSE? He may already have some of those skills now, which would give him a big head-start.

Here appraisers and inspectors hire themselves out to clients looking for someone appraise or inspect a place for them, either to buy or sell. They charge a set fee for this service; I think the last inspecting fee I heard of was $200.00 here, but it can range depending on where you live. Living in NYC, he may be able to charge much more -- he would have to call others and see what the market would bear and maybe give a discount. Say, if most charge $300, he could charge $250 and be sure to say his fees are the best in town, etc (marketing advantage, you know).

Just something for him to ponder; he could work on getting those credentials now and that could not only give him more ways to earn an income now, but would be great for his resume too. Prayers continue ... :hug:

09-16-2010, 09:21 PM
That's a pretty good idea. There was a huge demand for inspectors in AK when our state did an energy rebate program. You had to have your house energy audited before you did anything to it, then you replaced your windows or boiler or whatever, then you got it inspected again. The waiting list was up to a year, and those guys stayed really busy.

09-18-2010, 10:04 AM
KITTYKAT ~ I was praying for you & your DH -- and something came into my mind ... your DH is a real estate broker, right? I was thinking how he could use those credentials & skills to diversify so he could earn income in a related field. Has he every considered getting his APPRAISAL CREDENTIALS and/or take an INSPECTOR'S COURSE? He may already have some of those skills now, which would give him a big head-start.

Here appraisers and inspectors hire themselves out to clients looking for someone appraise or inspect a place for them, either to buy or sell. They charge a set fee for this service; I think the last inspecting fee I heard of was $200.00 here, but it can range depending on where you live. Living in NYC, he may be able to charge much more -- he would have to call others and see what the market would bear and maybe give a discount. Say, if most charge $300, he could charge $250 and be sure to say his fees are the best in town, etc (marketing advantage, you know).

Just something for him to ponder; he could work on getting those credentials now and that could not only give him more ways to earn an income now, but would be great for his resume too. Prayers continue ... :hug:

Thx Rosebud and Dee, that is a good idea for DH. I will discuss that with him. Around here appraisers get 350-400/house appraisal. Several years ago a woman I know offered to have me apprentice with her for just that. But, I am the health benefits holder for our family and felt I could not risk leaving my hospital job.

Today we fast. It is the holiday of Yom Kippur, the day of Reckoning. We go into God's book tonight, for the year's fortune and happenings (health and otherwise), good or bad. It is a solemn day as we are busy apologizing and cleansing for all our past year's sins. Tonight we break our fasts at sundown hoping for a good year ahead.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. I will continue to add all of you to my own.

09-20-2010, 06:19 PM
GOOD NEWS REPORT ~ Just wanted to share that DH's sister dropped by for a wee visit and told us that her DH, TOM M, still isn't smoking -- yeah! She says he is doing very well, and that he really thinks he has it licked this time. She said "THANKS" for the prayers for him, as she has really been concerned for his health as you know. He even felt good enuff to go on a fly-in trip this week too, and that's a good sign ... :D

^PRAYERS^ continue for you and yours ...

09-21-2010, 01:26 AM
:cheer:Rosebud my sister in law has quit smoking too! Been a year now! That is so hard for them to do! :carrot: Proud of them!

09-21-2010, 05:34 PM
CAR ALERT -- PRAYERS PLEASE ~ :lol: yes, our car will be going in for another inspection (#4) at another garage (and new mechanics) tomorrow afternoon between 2 & 3 o'clock to see if these fellas can find the source of the gas fumes. He sounded pretty confident that they will find it; so we are praying that they will, as we don't want this going on all winter ... thanks! :D

09-22-2010, 06:29 PM
Ok..I have some prayer requests. I know nothing is too big for God, and boy do I have a
First of all, Please pray for a house for my husband and I..We have been praying for this since we got engaged in 2004. We got married in 2006, and still no house. We have not given up, I know the right house will come available eventually.
2) My husbands job and safety
3) I myself need a job!
4) I need help with my weight loss. It has been a struggle for me. I lose all motivation when I dont see result when I work really hard at something, and my weight has been the biggest issue in my marriage. I want to lose weight for myself, and hubby wants me to lose weight before we have kids, for my and the babys health!
5) My mother has some things going on in her life, and she needs guidance. I am asking that Gods will be done in her life and not hers.

I will be checking this board often throughout the day everyday, and praying for all the requests that I see!

Faith is not knowing the God can, its knowing that God will! :hug:

09-22-2010, 07:44 PM
:welcome2: Bailey! Will be praying for you and your husband and Mother. It is not easy starting out in marriage right now financial wise but love, dreams each other and letting God be the center of your marriage, you can make it together. I been married almost 39 years!
Bailey I moved a thread, Praying for the Economy back to the top that has helped me a-lot, thought you and others may want to read it and it may help you also. Oh by the way I have a granddaughter named Bailey Kaye!

09-23-2010, 11:38 AM
Praying for all

09-23-2010, 07:24 PM
Welcome, Bailey- prayers sent!

09-24-2010, 06:22 PM
BAILEY ~ in Mark 1:41, JESUS was asked by a man to heal him; he had enuff faith, and he asked Jesus this -- "I know that you CAN heal me, but are you willing?" JESUS answered, "I AM WILLING ..." I have this verse on a sticky on my monitor to remind me that not only does the LORD want to heal us, but indeed, HE IS WILLING TO HEAL US too! We have been praying for a home too, but much longer than you; but we have a nice place to live and a camper on our lot we bought many moons ago; and this year, we just started to build a small cabin/cottage on it. It has taken awhile, but GOD has kept His word of promise to us. Sometimes, it is hard to wait; but GOD knows best -- keep praying: it will come, all in HIS good time!

Maybe in the meantime, save as much money as you can for the down payment ... the more you save, the better. It will be easier for you to carry, the lower your mortgage payments are; and in hard times, you won't lose it. We buy and build as we have the $$$ saved, so we will not have any debt. BTW, clear up all unnecessary debt (like credit cards/loans, etc); banks are more likely to give you a mortgage if you have no debt.

One of my friends paid cash for her house; they lived on her DH's wage, putting any extra money in savings; and banked all of her wage, which included a vacation/Christmas savings fund too. She found the best apartment for the lowest price; moving twice to save rent. She bought mostly sales; and she took lessons on thrift & how to cook from her MIL to save even more money.

THANKS FOR YOUR PRAYERS ~ well, usually three's my charm, but this time, it was the FOURTH MECHANIC! He was confident that he would find the problem from the outset, and he was right! PTL -- hallelujah! We were being bombarded with exhaust fumes at the front of the car (from the two front exhaust baffles which were finished). He not only replaced this large piece but installed it, changed our oil & oil filter (we bought), and all for only $100.00. Did I say -- PTL, Hallelujah? AMEN!

I was almost hesitant to come in and say it was fixed, but DH assures me that it is fixed for sure, for sure this time. We will be doing a test drive to the country sometime this weekend, but DH said there were no fumes all the way home. He also told us that we have taken good care of the car (well, we have only put untold K's of $$$ into it since we bought it ;)); and it should last us for some time now that this has been fixed.

I read recently that Ronald Reagan used to say, "TRUST, BUT VERIFY" ... so I will remember this from now on ... :lol:

^PRAYERS^ continue for you and yours ... :hug:

09-26-2010, 11:52 PM
Hello everyone, I got a prayer need... I got bit by a spider and I don't think it was poison but it bit me on my finger and it felt almost as bad as a scorpion did on the finger beside it 3 nights ago then on the other finger next to it a snake got in the duck house and I whammed my finger on a bucket and bruised it , trying to get the snake! I got 1 finger and 1 thumb left on that hand and I am wondering now what is going to happen to them! Mainly I need prayer this spider bite does not turn out bad using an old method on it, found on the internet. This spider was the size of a quarter black fuzzy and a large white spot on its back.

09-26-2010, 11:53 PM
Prayers for All Prayer Requests.

Latest Update: My Dad, Dick is having a vein attached to an artery so he can start diaylsis soon. The procedure is on Friday Oct. 1st. Pray procedure goes well. Thank You for all the prayers for my Dad and Mom.

09-27-2010, 12:17 AM
BOOTSIE ~ I read about your spider bite and said a prayer for you right away; and made a suggestion on the chat thread that you clean it with some alcohol OR, better yet ... soak it with some javelle & baking soda in warm water, which is supposed to draw any foreign stuff out; so does salt & javelle (or any kind of javex bleach). Praying about the scorpion bite too; oh, your poor hand ... :hug:

VICKILOU ~ prayers continuing for your Dad & Mom & family ... :hug:

09-27-2010, 09:18 AM
Prayers are with all concerns

09-27-2010, 10:44 PM
Hello everybody, This is Pea from Alabama. I have been away from the forums for last couple of weeks but have been praying a lot.

I have to share good news with you guys, I got 2 job offers last week and I am going to decide which one to take tomorrow. Both are good jobs and hence, difficulty in deciding :) I just wanted to tell everybody here that I believe in my heart that I only got the jobs with the power of prayer and submitting myself completely in hands of God. Telling him that its up to him to find me what is right for me and stop worrying about it from my side, helped a great deal.

Hope everybody get their prayers answered and I will be praying for everybody too.

09-27-2010, 11:29 PM
Alright Pea! Happy for you!

09-28-2010, 05:44 PM
please pray for my husband to stop drinking, he has completed rehab and programs several times and just recently lapsed again. he just got a job (thank God) Hasnt started yet though. I have been the one to mostly financially support us the 5 and a half years we have been together, I raised two kids on my own for ten years and would really like a little financial support on his end. I stress eat and need to stop as there is always stress in a person's life but i just wish I did not have so much all the time. son and his wife just separated with a one year old as well and now son is back at home. God is good and I am making and effort to work on myself and let God be God and give all my family to Him and not try to 'fix everyone'. but instead fix myself.
Thank You!!!!!!!

09-28-2010, 06:13 PM
ASHLY ~ oh, you do have your hands full right now; I am not surprised that you are stress eating with all that is going on but GOD can help you. Am sending up prayers for YOU, your DH, and your son & his marriage. Maybe just try to eat regular meals for now; maybe put up a plan for your dinners only for now. Small steps ...

Don't know if this would help as each situation is different, but I love a site called, DIVORCE BUSTERS ~ she was a divorce lawyer who switched to becoming a marriage counselor becuz she felt that most marriages can be saved, if both partners want to save it, and are willing to get counseling for their problems; and most problems CAN be solved. I really believe GOD wants our marriages to last ... :hug:

"A Happy Marriage is the union of two Forgivers!" -- Ruth Graham-Bell. The Lord has really been showing me this lately; it isn't easy, but it's necessary ... ;)

PEA ~ CONGRATS TO YOU ... I knew that sooner or later, you'd get one ... I think it was key that you let GOD decide what is best for you ... that's wonderful!!! :D

09-28-2010, 07:27 PM
Ashley, I am praying for you and your family.

09-28-2010, 10:17 PM
Prayers for all!

09-29-2010, 04:40 PM
Prayers for your husband, Ashley!

Pea- Congrats!

10-02-2010, 11:36 PM
UPDATE & PRAYER REQUEST ~ for our BIL, TOM M. ~ (heart aneurysm) he quit smoking for over 16+ weeks now: PTL; but his aneurysm has grown a bit so they are thinking of doing surgery on that, plus to clear a vein in his left leg & neck, all at the same time. They are waiting to hear from his specialist about it this week (Dr. Ravi). Will keep you posted on what's happening and when ... thanks!

^PRAYERS^ continue for you and yours ... :hug:

10-04-2010, 09:06 PM
Prayers sent for Tom.

10-04-2010, 09:09 PM
Prayer request for Ron...he and his wife, Victoria, our friends at church...he fell and broke his hip and is on life support from complications.

10-04-2010, 09:43 PM
GARY ~ prayers are on their way for RON & VICTORIA tonight ... :hug:

Thanks for the prayers for our BIL, TOM M. Could you also say a small prayer for me too -- I am having some more problems with my bowels again (same as before). Had to get some different meds today to see if they help. I am trying to drink much more water to see if that helps. I haven't had the colonoscopy yet, as it takes a while for that, but I think they may be waiting to see if the other problem heals itself up. It was good for all this time, but just the last two days, I am having problems again. I am putting my trust in the LORD that HE is looking after me, but the prayers sure help a lot too. Thanks, it is so very appreciated ...

10-04-2010, 10:37 PM
Praying for Ron & Victoria and you too, Rosebud.

10-04-2010, 10:40 PM
Got'cha covered ROSEBUD!

10-06-2010, 08:49 PM
Prayers sent.

10-09-2010, 10:24 PM
PRAYER REQUEST PLEASE ~ for my DAD (BILL S.) who called today and said that the doctors found out what was wrong with him; he has an infection in his bowel that they think may have been caused by food poisoning. He had a colonoscopy yesterday (all clear there; removed a couple of polyps), but he still has a few more tests they want to do, so they have him on a liquid diet while pumping him with really strong antibiotics at the same time (which is very nauseating as you know). I know he would appreciate prayers that this heals up quickly; and he is very hungry ... ;)

Boy, we both have issues with our bowels at the same time; plus he advised me to push things along a bit, and hopes I get my testing done soon too. Am praying the LORD heals this up for me as quick as can be too!!!

Standing on healing scriptures -- Jeremiah 30:17; Malachi 4:2; Psalm 30:2; Isaiah 53:5. :)

THANKS ... :hug:

10-09-2010, 11:37 PM
Rosebud prayers in Texas for him and could not the same be wrong with you? Strange that you do have bowel problems at the same time.Might go on liquid diet for a while and see if you can flush what ever is irritating you out.

10-10-2010, 06:33 PM
BOOTSIE ~ well, maybe I could give it a try with fruit and/or veggie juices, green tea, water, broth like my DAD is doing. I'll try it and see what happens ... I made a big dinner tonight for today and tomorrow. Hmmm ... think I'll start with a liquid breakfast and see what happens and go from there and see how I do ...

10-10-2010, 11:28 PM
I tried it this morning but that is as far as I got. I think I had an emotional temper tantrum trying to till that garden up. The weeds were so thick they wrapped around my tiller even though I tried my best to rake all I weed eated up! I think I just got so frustrated I turned to food! David brought in Buritoes they had at the store and I gobbled two, before I knew it! Tomorrow I am going to try again and add broth into it, love broth. Most the time I feel really good on liquids I think I let my emotions get to me!

10-11-2010, 04:14 PM
Prayers sent for Bill S. and Rosebud, that their bowel problems might be healed.

10-11-2010, 05:17 PM
THANKS, DEE ~ I so appreciate them ... :hug:

BOOTSIE ~ this wasn't my day for fasting or anything close to it; I think that I will only be able to last for one day for some tests, oh dear. Will have to have lots of juices and such on hand, I think. I munched a bit in the afternoon, but only low cal stuff (thank goodness), so limited the damage there. I will still be on track for the day with a healthy dinner in the oven and room for a snack in the evening. By keeping my calories so low for my meals, I can have a bit more for my snacks and still stay under my daily cap ... phew. Just keep going and tomorrow will be another day. :hug:

BTW, about the garden -- I cheat; I wait until the spring and buy soil on sale, add it on top and blend it in. That is the lovely benefit of permanent raised beds; much easier than a big garden (which is too hard on us physically). We are converts to the raised beds, containers, and the big dryer drums: and this will be our garden mode from now on ... so easy!

10-11-2010, 06:32 PM
Fasting is not easy at all. I feel if God wanted me to fast I could do it like I did but you know I last till noon and then I gobbled again. But I don't feel like a failure I am only that if I don't try. As you say Rosebud tomorrow is another day and it is good to train ourselves in case we do have to fast. Rosebud when you take that colonoscopy you cannot drink nothing but water right? Praying for you and your Dad.

10-11-2010, 07:28 PM
BOOTSIE ~ honestly, I don't know; I haven't ever had one before. I hope I can have more than water. I was talking to my sister and she said that I could have clear juices, tea, broth, coffee, etc. I don't know if jello is in or not either. I asked about those veggie & fruit juices and those meal shakes and she said "NO" I can't have those ... oh, drats!!! ;) I don't know what I am gonna do ... :eek:

Hmmm ... what about regular 7-UP, Sprite, or Gingerale? They are clear but have sugar in them that could give me some energy???

10-12-2010, 11:06 AM
Rosebud don't fret, Jesus will give you the strength and knowledge to get thru it, just ask him. I know he has helped me do things that I know I would never of done it on my own; several times. When I was a child, at 7 ,17, 18, all thru my adult life.

10-12-2010, 03:26 PM
ROSEBUD I was able to have all sodas and sport drinks like gatorade...even red...I could have all jellos but red or grape...chicken, beef or veggie and tea and of course water. It really isn't that hard because you stayed focused.

Thanks for the prayers for our friend ROD (I accidently posted Ron before). Rod passed away yesterday morning....continue prayers for his wife Victoria nad his grown sons Andy and Jason.

10-12-2010, 05:39 PM
THANKS FOR THAT INFO, GARY ~ I have all three broths here; plus I can have tea(s), coffee, soda pop, gatorade; and the jello will really help me a lot too. I have lots of jello, just have to stick to pineapple, lemon, orange, etc. I'll check to see what I have first, and be ready ahead of time ... :D

Sent up prayers for VICTORIA and her sons; I'm sure that GOD knew who we meant as they sound similar anyways ... :)

Yes, BOOTSIE ~ I will definitely pray about it; and I will let you all know so that I can ask for extra prayers too ... ;)

10-13-2010, 02:12 AM
Prayers for my upcoming surgery (at 9:45am today (Wednesday)). First time being put to sleep for me and I am skeered :/

10-13-2010, 09:26 AM
Got'cha covered MEESH!

10-13-2010, 11:07 AM
Praying for you onederchick

10-13-2010, 04:33 PM
MICHELLE ~ I had already prayed for you ahead of time (as I read about it in another thread). Prayers included your surgeons for a successful surgery with no complications, PLUS for peace & comfort; and for a quick & full recovery. Continuing prayers for you this week as well ... :hug:

10-16-2010, 12:03 AM
Thanks for the prayers ♥

Prayers sent up for all requested as well.

10-16-2010, 09:25 PM
Prayers for my upcoming breast biopsy on Tuesday, please ♥

10-16-2010, 09:29 PM
MICHELLE ~ ^Prayers^ on their way for your biopsy on Tuesday ... and for continued healing ... :hug:

10-16-2010, 09:44 PM
Thank you very much ♥

10-16-2010, 10:20 PM
Prayers for All Prayer Requests.

Michelle I will keep praying for you and hope all goes well with your biopsy.

10-17-2010, 08:28 PM
Thank you :hug:

10-18-2010, 11:45 PM
Hi all-
Glad I found this thread. I am finally coming to realize that the body is a temple and we are responsible for treating it as such. I've been fumbling along blissfully in denial to the fact that my weight is partly a spiritual battle. At the risk of sounding like a religious zealot, I believe that the Devil has his little claws in me when it comes to food. I often commit the sin of gluttony. I used to consider myself superior to those who were addicted to smoking, alcohol or drugs, but my addiction is no different. I need to recognize that and attack it like an addiction - ie., giving up control to a Higher Power. So, long story short (too late), please pray for me if you get a moment. I need all the help I can get!
Thank you - see you around the discussion boards.

10-19-2010, 12:58 PM
Prayers for my upcoming breast biopsy on Tuesday, please ♥
I will be in prayer for you today, I understand what you are going through. I shared with you in another forum that I have breast cancer. Prayer makes all the differance.

10-19-2010, 07:45 PM
Thanks so much :hug:

10-20-2010, 10:19 PM
MICHELLE ~ hope all went well yesterday; prayers continue ... :hug:

THIN ~ prayers that you will come to know and feel GOD's Grace & Love in your life regarding your relationship with food ... :D

10-20-2010, 10:28 PM
The biopsy was traumatic and painful. They said I should have results in 3-5 business days. Hoping for the best. Thanks for prayers ♥

10-20-2010, 10:44 PM
MICHELLE ~ I am sorry for that, sweetie ... I was wondering about that and had sent up some extra prayers for you too. I was trying to imagine in my mind what exactly you would have to go through. Well, it's all over now; and you are a survivor kiddo! We sometimes surprise ourselves just how tuff we actually are ... :hug:

Sometimes, life throws us these kind of curves -- I had to have a test on my leg once that was so painful I wanted to scream (and I certainly let them know what I thought of it); and I told my DH that if they ever ask me to do that again I will walk right out of there, but not before I tell them what I think of some of their barbaric tests ... oops, sorry -- a bit of a rant there. :lol: Hey, I lived through it; got over it, but will remember it enuff to know better next time.

Some things we can change, Michelle; some things we can't. May GOD give us the wisdom to know the difference. When something like that happens, I always ask them if there is not anything they can do to lesson the pain of that procedure in the future. The lady apologized profusely and really tried her best ... BUT turns out, they now have a test that is even better than that one, and it isn't painful at all. So sometimes, protesting can encourage positive change ... :D

10-20-2010, 10:46 PM
Thank you :hug:

I don't think I will ever be able to do that biopsy again. It is the worst thing I have ever been through :/

10-20-2010, 10:50 PM
Praying for you Michelle

10-20-2010, 10:51 PM
Thanks :hug:

10-21-2010, 01:07 PM
Hello Prayer Warriors.

I haven't been here in a while due to moving back to my hometown. I have no christian support here, like I did back in Idaho and the church that i was really starting to like back there doesn't have a nearby branch here in Pa. The nearest one is 3 hours away :(. I can feel myself being disconnected from that fellowship and comforting 'family' support and it's scary.

Also, I've posted something in another area on here that I desperately need prayers for as well: Sorry for the length of the post.

I'm trying to atleast find a good study bible that I can read from, but all the ones at bookstores are covered in the plastic wrapping so I can't see inside and I don't want to pay 30+ dollars for something that I don't know will work for me. I'm looking for an easily comprehensive NIV women's study bible. Does anyone have any good suggestions?

I am grateful for this thread and all the wonderful caring people on it who are always willing to help one another and pray for others' needs.

Thank you all!:hug:

10-21-2010, 08:22 PM
HI EVE ~ glad to have you back here; we remembered that you said that you would be moving back home and were just waiting to hear from you again. Have sent up prayers for you & yours all along; and will gladly continue to send up more too ... :hug:

PS ~ I left a tiny message for you on your other thread as well ... :)

10-23-2010, 09:39 PM
My SIL (Denise) came by today to tell us that the heart specialists think the 3-way surgery would be too risky for our BIL, TOM M. -- so they now want to do another CAT SCAN to see if there is another vein available that they could use to fix that aneurysm by itself. Even the Cat Scan is risky in this kind of situation, so I know the Denise would appreciate prayers that all goes well with that test. TOM is having trouble eating these days; seems some foods don't taste the same to him anymore and so he needs help with that too, I think ... THANKS SO MUCH!

10-23-2010, 09:44 PM
My biopsy came back negative so I don't have cancer, thanks for the prayers :D

Prayers sent up for all requested.

10-24-2010, 11:49 AM
[YA-HOO! From down in Texas! So happy for you that you came back negative!
Eve try some resale shops for Bible Studies and books to read can find some good ones for 3 dollars or less!
I try to look for something good in people that I really don't take a cotton too and Eve I find that they really are not as bad as I thought. Our sermon this morning was on God uses all kinds of people to serve his purpose even people we don't take a cotton too. I have also found when you are down the one person you would never in your life dream of helping you will be there for you.
I too, can not find a church around here that walks the talk , so I just pray and sing to my Father and don't worry about it . He knows I love him and I find ways serve him through helping other people when I can. I find it a privilege to serve him in this way. God loves you Eve and all . Just read your post. Please look for the good in people, not what they look like, or their past,for God sent them in our lives for a reason.

Prayers for Tom & Denise and you Rosebud.

10-27-2010, 09:34 PM
MICHELLE ~ PTL, we are so glad the results came out good for you -- just charge on, honey ... :hug:


10-28-2010, 02:16 PM
I have a prayer request for my family, my father, sisters, and brother. MY mother passed on to heaven last tuesday. We all miss her. I am sure she is in heaven, I am Christian so was my mother. I pretty sure my dad is, and i believe he knows she's in heaven. He has dementia and is 83 years old so it's hard for him. My sister Yvonne is Christian but i am worried about my other sister and brother.
I am asking for prayers to help all of us heal, I know i will always miss her but knowing she is in heaven helps a lot. Hopefully with enough prayers the rest of my family will know this too. Also prayers for all of us to stay strong would be appreciated. I miss her so MUCH!
thanks for reading,
PS i will pray for those that requested it.
God bless you all

10-28-2010, 08:19 PM
:hug:ANITA ~ I would like to reassure you that your mother is indeed in heaven where she is well, and in no pain whatsoever; she is also filled and surrounded by GOD's perfect love and all His Angels; plus her loved ones who have gone on before her (her parents & siblings, etc). I am sending up prayers for you all -- as you learn to adjust to life here without your mother's presence. I know that you will feel comforted to know that your mom is A-OK.:)

I know how you feel; our mother passed away in 1993 and she was a Christian too. Not long after that, I was blessed with a dream-vision where my mother came to show me where she was. She showed me a beautiful place that had much meaning to her and some to me; plus there was no doubt it had to be in another realm becuz the walls were imbedded with all kinds of gems (diamonds, rubies, emeralds, etc) and the ornate roof was trimmed with gold and silver. Only in heaven could such a place exist. Also, we could travel around there -- just by thinking of where we wanted to go.

She told me that she could only stay a few minutes but wanted to tell me something; and that was to show me where she was and that place was indeed heaven. It was so vivid and in color too; therefore I recall it just as if it was yesterday. It also had many elements that resemble earth so that it isn't totally foreign to us; but it has many more wonderful blessings that we can only imagine.

Since my mother's passing all of my siblings have come to a deeper spiritual walk with GOD; and we are so grateful for that. I will pray the same for your siblings so that they too can be comforted with GOD's perfect peace. I hope this helps you feel better ... :hug:

10-28-2010, 08:52 PM
Thank you Justwant2Bhealthy, I appreciate the prayer!:hug:

10-28-2010, 09:44 PM
UPDATE ~ TOM M. will be having his CAT SCAN this Tuesday, Nov 2/10. At that time, the specialists will decide if there is another vein that they could use to remove the aneurysm or not; depending on a few things, they may go ahead and operate right away or not. It all depends on what they find at the time. His wife (Denise) called; and I know they would appreciate your prayers on this matter; and for safe travel as well ... thanks so much!

10-28-2010, 10:18 PM
Praying Rosebud.

10-29-2010, 07:26 PM

11-03-2010, 10:08 PM
Let's just pray for each other , love all of you!

11-06-2010, 01:00 PM
Anita I am so sorry I did not see your request for prayer. Mothers are so special, I am so sorry for your loss. My Mother passed away when I was 19, I still miss her and today I still remember our precious moments, I call them precious gifts from God.
I am so sick with a bad chest and head cold today. No sleep last night ect... so this is going to be short my eyes feel like someone has been shooting pool with them. Y'all have a good day.

11-06-2010, 08:45 PM
BOOTSIE ~ sent up prayers for you that you are healed of that bad cold ASAP; and whole once again ... in JESUS' name we ask and thank you, dear Father ... Amen & Amen.:hug:

11-07-2010, 05:30 PM
Prayers going up for all requested ♥

11-09-2010, 08:54 PM
PRAYER REQUEST, PLEASE ~ Well, I finally got my call about the colonoscopy test -- it will be on Monday, November 22, 2010 but not sure of the time yet. I have to go the Wednesday before for the pre-op consult for preparation, and they will tell me the exact time then ... eeks, I will try and not be too nervous about it. I am feeling better and the symptoms seemed to have eased off, but they want to make sure and check anyways. I would appreciate prayers about this test -- thanks so much ... :D

11-09-2010, 09:11 PM
Rosebud you have been doing so good , will pray for you, let us know when you get the exact time and Rosebud is our time with your time? I don't want to be praying at the wrong time.:hug:

11-09-2010, 11:39 PM
You got it ROSEBUD!

11-12-2010, 08:13 PM
Sure hope Rosebud you and hubby are alright . I know a blizzard must of been through there for the cold is just now hitting here and hear it is cold up north. Our front tank has gone to a mud puddle going to have to water cows again. They expect rain but a slow drizzle that is not going to fill that tank up. Praying for all.

11-13-2010, 09:31 PM
HEY, BOOTSIE ~ we are fine, thanks. Actually, we have had the most awesome weather here for over a week now with lots of :sunny: and temps in the 50 & 60's during the day. Of course, that had to come to an end; and some clouds rolled in today with cold temps too (they dropped down to 33F) ... but we have no snow here yet! This is really unusual for here, but we don't mind.

Oops -- Oh, I have to take that back, DH was just letting NIKO out and says that we have a very light ***** falling right now. :lol:

I spent the last few days responding to some email; a friend of mine needs some help. She used to live here, but moved away about 10+ years ago; we just recently got back in touch over the net, and she needed some urgent advice over the last week or so. The last few nights I have been engrossed in another novel to relax; it's kinda like watching a movie, only better, I think ...

Thanks for your concern and prayers, everyone ... :hug:

11-18-2010, 10:31 PM
Asking for prayers for families in need of food this Thanksgiving.

Our church hands out 30-40 food baskets each year for Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas...we have always covered all requests...

this Thanksgiving we have had requests well over 100...which we can provide for....requests will reach over 200 before the week ends...

we will not meet all requests....

11-19-2010, 12:01 AM
Praying Gary and your church will make it. I am going to check with the church down here that hands out dinners for all in need and see if they need help. Thanks for reminding me.

11-19-2010, 12:34 AM
UPDATE ~ Colonoscopy @ 10:00 AM on Monday, Nov 22/10.

~ my best computer crashed; viruses ...

~ using my old one for now; v e r y s l o o o o o o w ...

~ prayers for all ....

~ will check and read ....

~ will post when can .............

THANKS ... Rosebud :hug:

11-19-2010, 09:06 AM
Praying for your computer Rosebud and praying for you this Monday at 10AM ,now is the time the same in Canada as Central Texas?

11-20-2010, 11:42 PM
THANKS BOOTSIE ~ pray also for the prep for tomorrow (Sunday); can only have liquids (like juices, broths, water, black tea/coffee, gatorades, and jello ... yes! I made lots of jello up today; I have to drink gallons of liquids and hope all gets cleared out without too much discomfort.

As for time; ummm, well, it is 10:42 pm right now; let's see if that jives with the time on this site. THANKS for all your prayers -- I really need them and appreciate them this weekend; prayers in return too ... Rosebud :hug:

11-20-2010, 11:51 PM
Praying for you Rosebud , you have been in my thoughts all day today. I need to get one of those done too but just don't have the money, falling out the back door on my back sorta got close to emptying my account . I don't understand why it cost so much for getting health care.
My cuz in is in the hospital and they don't expect him to live has something to do with his liver. Please pray for my cuz Dad, our Uncle and family.

11-21-2010, 07:31 PM
Praying today went well for you Rosebud and tomorrow does too.
my cuz died yesterday evening.

11-21-2010, 07:38 PM
Anita Sorry to hear about your Mother. :hug: Prayers go out for you and your Family.

Prayers go out for All Requests.

11-21-2010, 09:04 PM
:hug:TO YOUR FAMILY, BOOTSIE ~ prayers for comfort and peace at this time too ...

I could tell that (y)our prayers were being answered today. I made up a plan so that I had broth & jello for my lunch & dinner, so that my body would think that it was getting a meal; followed up by some white grape juice, teas, and banana popsicles (yum). So far so good; although, there were moments that I thought I was going to float away ... :barf:

Honestly, the hardest part so far is that DH kept forgetting and kept eating in front of me -- cooking toast & making things to eat. :dizzy: I sent him to the restaurant to have his favorite homefries & gravy for dinner, but he brought them back here! :?: So, I banished him to the bedroom to eat them. :lol:

Just the morning meds & drinks to get through before we go to the hospital tomorrow -- THANKS FOR YOUR PRAYERS ... they are very appreciated!

^PRAYERS^ continue for you and yours ... :hug:

11-21-2010, 09:08 PM
You are all in my prayers!

11-22-2010, 10:25 PM
UPDATE ~ Thank the LORD, this day is over -- it was a long one. I think the waiting causes the most anxiety; as I ended up being the last one in even though I was booked for 10 AM. The doctor wanted to take a little extra time at the end of the day becuz of the family history and that turned out to be a good thing in the end. He found two polyps, which he removed right away ... yeah!

There were some anxious moments when 2 nurses had trouble finding a good vein; took 6 attempts (ouch) to get a good one. They had to give me more cleaning meds and that caused some issues for me -- let's just say that I had 3 showers today ... ;) I was asleep for awhile, but woke up and the assisting doctor had to give me more meds 3 or 4 times (so felt a bit more than I'd hope to); but I got through it by the grace & strength GOD gave me today.

ON a good note, there was no tear or hems or other conditions; but we didn't find the cause of the bleeding. He said it is possible that the one polyps could have bled a bit; we'll see what happens in the future (sure hope it is all healed up and I don't have an ulcer or something like that). I am pleased that all that turned out well in the end though.

THANKS FOR YOUR PRAYERS EVERYONE ~ I sure needed them and I am sure they helped me a lot. I still can't eat solid food yet though, until tomorrow night and boy, am I starving ... think I'll try to get lots of sleep not to think about it as I didn't get much the last couple of days ... SO, THANKS AGAIN.:D

PRAYER REQUESTS ~ My poor sister NUMPSTER has to have an endoscopy (for her stomach) & a colonoscopy at the same time on December 13th; they have been having trouble with giving her enuff sedation as they did me today. We must have strong resistance or something. They are looking to see if she has an ulcer; and for polyps again.

GRACIE S. (my stepmother) ~ has to have another bladder operation on the 30th of November to remove cancer cells; I know she would also appreciate prayers for that as well. She has her prep on Wednesday this week.

11-23-2010, 10:03 AM
Thank You Father for Rosebud being alright,been missing you so much Rosebud, praying for all request.

11-29-2010, 10:23 AM
There were but two occasions when our Lord Jesus is recorded to have marveled at all, and both of these were concerning faith. First, he marveled at the centurion: ‘I have not found so great faith, no, not in Israel’ (Luke 7:9). And on the second occasion, he marveled at the absence of faith where it might have been expected to be found, namely, in his own fellow townsmen: ‘He marveled because of their unbelief’ (Mark 6:6). So you see that in both instances it was faith or the absence of it that caused Christ to wonder. See the importance of faith! Never place that precious grace in a secondary position. – Charles H. Spurgeon

As we continue to pray for ourselves and others, don't forget to thank God for our faith! :)

12-01-2010, 12:11 AM
There are 2 young mothers that I am aquaintted with. Both are suffering from drug and sexual addictions. Both have lost their children because of their lifestyles. Both are in desperate need of prayer and salvation. Both are beyond my physical reach, but not beyond our Father's. Please pray for deliverence for these two young woman, that they may come to know Jesus as their Saviour, and know that they are NOT alone, and through Christ, there IS help for them.Their names are Kristi and Dia

12-01-2010, 02:38 AM
Gee I don't know what happen but my message went zoooooooop! Will try again.

Praying for Kristi and Dia's children. They must be so confused and afraid of what has happen, that Jesus puts someone in their lives that they can trust, guide them and give them a wonderful life.

I pray for Kristi and Dia that they can pick themselves up and leave the old life behind and make a new one worth living. They can only do this if they want to though ,it is up to them. I pray they do pick themselves up and reach out to God but they should not expect him to do it all, they have to do their part also. It is just like anything else in life , if you want to succeed you have to work for it and Jesus does not promise it will be easy or that there will not be any temptation along the way. The poem Foot Steps in the sand though I just love when he carries us through when the tough gets to tough so to say. Be praying for them tonight.

12-01-2010, 11:28 PM
THANKS, BOOTSIE ~ I guess you could pray for my PC issues too; I'm using an old one until I either can fix the other one, OR I am even looking into maybe buying a newer one with much more memory -- so we'll see what happens.

YES, GARY ~ thank the LORD for our faith and for His tendermercies & lovingkindnesses towards us all; I am so grateful for the faith He has given us all here as well.

^PRAYERS ASCENDING ^ for KRISTI & DIA for direction & guidance & the LORD's healing touch and grace in their lives.

PRAYER REQUEST FOR MY NIECE & FAMILY ~ one of my nieces has come into a relationship with a young man who isn't a good influence at all. Her name is KAYLA -- she just suddenly left home recently & her parents are very worried about her well-being. She was/is a Christian & we are hoping that her good upbringing will hold her steady; and that the LORD will keep her safe & lead her back on a good path again. Plus at least, keep in touch with her family as they are very sad & upset about all of this ... thanks!

12-02-2010, 12:07 AM
Prayers for all requests.

12-02-2010, 12:15 PM
Rosebud, keeping your sister and stepmom in prayer.

12-02-2010, 09:22 PM
Me to Rosebud and for all request.

12-04-2010, 12:30 PM
I have a friend that has kidney stones and I been praying for her but she needs more than me ,please pray for my friend that I have never met but still she is dear to me.

12-04-2010, 11:53 PM
THANKS FOR ALL YOUR PRAYERS ~ very appreciated!

BOOTSIE ~ prayers going up for your friend; kidney stones are very painful ... :hug: to her too!

12-06-2010, 10:58 PM
My friend had a lot of snow fall and she had an ultra sound this morning at 11:20, have not heard from her ,she is more than likely tuckered out or she might of had to have surgery for she was in so much pain. I pray for her doctor to have wisdom and the nurses to do the best they can and her pain go away and she has a fast recovery.
Praying for Rosebuds computer for I sure do miss her! Also praying for your sister and stepmom.

12-06-2010, 11:32 PM
Just heard from my friend and she did not have her ultra sound today for she got snowed in, 3 feet of snow fell and expecting more tonight! Will try to get her ultra sound done this Thursday depends on the weather. Rosebud are you getting snow?

12-08-2010, 09:25 PM
Yes, we have had a blowing snow storm here for the last few days; thankfully much of it blew across the road to an empty lot. We did get enuff to bank around our place which really helps keep us warmer as there is no basement in this place.

Still sending up prayers for your dear friend for relief of pain & a quick resolution for those kidney stones. I know Grace's procedure is done; we haven't heard from Dad yet -- he usually calls us (we try not to bug them as she needs lots of rest afterwards). I know he will call us when he can; my Dad has to really take care of her after these surgeries. We will keep praying that her bladder will be clear in the future ... and continue to work that FAITH!

GOOD NEWS UPDATE ~ our brother is back at home and feeling well; thanks for all your prayers for him and our family ... and PTL for hearing and answering all our prayers!!!

12-13-2010, 10:25 PM
ANOTHER GOOD NEWS UPDATE ~ talked to my SM, GRACE tonight and she is feeling very well. Her latest surgery went perfectly well with no complications at all, and all went very smoothly with no after-effects either -- PTL! She explained to me that what they are doing is removing little tumors off the bladder; so far, they have all come back benign, meaning NOT CANCEROUS -- PTL! As long as they keep coming back negative like that, she doesn't have to have the chemo treatments. THANK THE LORD, for his grace in this matter for our GRACIE ... and thank you for your prayers as well: she is very grateful for them, as are we, her family. Thanks again ... Rosebud :hug:

12-13-2010, 11:59 PM
I would like prayers for a young man. I don't know his name, but God surely does. This young man was sleeping in his car at a local grocery store. As most of us know, it has been horribly cold, especially at night. I watched the young man sleep with just a thin blanket covering him as he lay in the reclined driver's seat. As he slept I wondered where was his family? His home? When he awoke, he seemed embarrassed that I had seen him, and he left. Prayers please for him that he might have a place to call home and family to embrace him. Let there be restoration in his life. Pray that he will be blessed abundently.

12-16-2010, 12:49 AM
^PRAYERS^ going up for that young man that he will find a nice, warm home to sleep in ... and for all other requests too ...

12-16-2010, 11:17 AM
I too pray for him Judy. Thank you for sharing this with us.

12-16-2010, 12:14 PM
Prayers go out for all Requests.

12-24-2010, 03:27 AM
Can I request some prayers for my uncle?

He was diagnosed about 2 months ago with a stage IV non-metastasizing brain tumor, and is undergoing chemo and radiation. Tonight, he started having seizures, and was taken to his local hospital, where they ran a CT scan. Whatever the results of that CT scan, they were troubled enough that they are currently helicoptering him to UCSF Medical Center. Clearly, that is not a great sign. My mom, dad, and grandpa are driving out right now to meet him and his daughter at the hospital in San Francisco.

Can I get prayers that whatever God's will is, He will protect and comfort his family and loved ones, and that my uncle will not experience any pain and suffering as a result of whatever treatment he undergoes or actions are taken? His daughter has remained strong throughout this due to her faith - I know that your prayers would mean so much to her (and to me).

12-24-2010, 09:45 AM
Heavenly Father, As this difficult situation in Amanda's family progresses we ask for Your will to be done and that the comfort, only You can give, surrounds her uncle, the entire family and friends.

As the celebration of the birth of Your Son draws near we ask as those look to You for help, that they may see Your Glory and be reminded that pain, suffering and even death has already been conquered because of the work of Your Son.

In Jesus Name we pray....Amen

12-24-2010, 10:38 PM
Amanda praying for your Uncle. I pray for you and your family also.

12-25-2010, 10:31 AM
Praying for all requests. Whatever the need . Bless you all in the New Year.

12-26-2010, 04:41 AM
:hug:^PRAYERS^ are on there way, Amanda ~ foir your UNCLE & your whole family too; also sending up prayers for all our other requests here as well ...:hug:

12-26-2010, 08:11 PM
Prayers Going Out for All Requests. Have A Blessed New Year!

12-28-2010, 02:12 AM
Thank you all so much for your prayers...I have an update, and it is mostly good news!

My uncle is still in UCSF. We spent probably half of the time we weren't sleeping this holiday at the hospital in ICU or driving the hour there or back. His daughter was all by herself for most of the time, and he pretty much needed someone in the room at all times (once he was more conscious, he was very aware of the catheter/breathing tube/IV and the discomfort that they were causing, but not aware enough to know that they had to stay in. So he would attempt, constantly, to pull them out unless he was restrained. The restraints that they put him in, though, were bruising the heck out of his wrists and arms, so it was better if someone was in the room to hold his hand and calm him down. We were able to take shifts so his daughter could go nap, eat, shower, etc, which was great, but meant we spent a lot of time at the hospital. Totally worth it to be there for her, though, and we had a couple of very tender moments with him and with her.

On Friday he was totally unconscious and on a respirator after being medivac'd to UCSF, but on Saturday he woke up, which was an awesome Christmas present. He still wasn't talking or responding consistently to commands...but he got to be off of the respirator. Sunday, he was talking in full sentences, but without a filter (at one point, he looked squarely at Sarah while his nurse was in the room, and said "Sarah, do you think (male nurse's name) is gay?"). He was definitely getting his sharpness back, though...a speech pathologist game in to do a swallow test, and was talking to him like he was confused - not her fault, he totally was a lot of the time - and said "I'm a doctor who looks at your talking and swallowing"...and he looked her in the eye and said "You're a speech pathologist named (name he read off of her nametag)". Today he moved out of ICU and onto the regular floor, and is eating again and continuing to talk. So that's all good. Apparently his anti-seizure medications were really hard for him to swallow (they were large and his mouth was dry from the chemo), so he and his doctor decided to wean him off of them...which was clearly the wrong decision. But he's back on them and on the mend.

NOW the good, other than the fact that he's recovering well. They did a CT scan to check for damage in his brain from the seizure, and those scans showed a TON of improvement in the size of the tumor. Like, remarkable improvement for one round of chemo. Where there were obscured ventricles before, they were totally visible. Where there was evidence of the tumor putting pressure on his brain, the brain was back in place. He'll always have some damage, and he'll probably not get a whole ton more years, but the responsiveness he had to the chemo and radiation is a GREAT sign. And there didn't appear to be any actual damage from the seizure once they got it controlled. So that part is simply phenomenal, even though it was one heck of a weekend. It looks like he'll be released Wednesday-ish.

So thank you all very much...despite the scary circumstances, it looks like things are looking up for his health in general.

12-28-2010, 10:02 AM
Will continue prayers for your Uncle, doctors and nurses and his wonderful family. The family sticking together being there for him I bet means a-lot to him and helped him get better. God is good! Please keep us updated.

12-28-2010, 10:06 AM
That is good news Amanda.....continued prayers for all.

12-28-2010, 09:42 PM
AMANDA ~ that's awesome news and what a nice Christmas present for your family too -- prayers continue for you & yours ...

MORE GOOD NEWS UPDATES ~ thanks for your prayers for my niece too; we asked GOD that she would contact her family over Christmas as a gift to my sister who couldn't sleep with concern for her safety ... well, our GOD IS SO GOOD -- she not only contacted them but her & her new friend went back home and spent Christmas with them; and are now living with his relatives there. They asked us to thank you for your prayers, and ask for continued prayers for their daughter as she goes through this personal learning & growing curve in her life ...

PRAYER REQUEST ~ we have a foster nephew (SS) who is mentally challenged, and needs special prayer: he has a unique gift that needs correction -- he is a squirrel .... he likes to take things -- anything of value and hide it, then gives it away: mostly to his birth family members. They have tried everything to curb this behavior; and now are trying counselling. I wonder if he is trying to impress his family or buy love from them (that's my interpretation of what he is doing). Sometimes these kids try to buy their parents love & acceptance & approval this way (i.e. to want to let him go back home with them again); I have seen this before ... Anyway, his foster parents ask for prayers that he will eventually grasp that what he is doing isn't right and could lead to big trouble and/or harm for him in the future ... thanks in advance.

12-29-2010, 02:16 AM
Ok that Monkey just scared the **** right out of me! I had the radio going and I thought the cats was in a big fight at first outside my door. I have learned where it is coming from but how do I stop it? After the Monkey some woman comes on trying to talk. It is from some video showing on here, as advertisement. Please, does anyone know how do I stop it?

Praying Rosebud for your nephew; tonight.

12-30-2010, 09:43 PM
THANKS, BOOTSIE ~ I am not getting that ad on my PC, so maybe it only comes through on some people's PC's. Some PC's won't let things like that come on; maybe you need to upgrade your anti-virus programs too -- not sure if that would work, but it might ...

Also, maybe run a scan on your computer too; just in case ... one time someone sent me a Christmas email greeting with this cute Santa who talked and sang, but later on, he started popping up on my screen saying things to me. It was some kind of tracker program which I then had to remove from my PC (it had downloaded itself when I read the email).

01-06-2011, 11:58 PM
Please pray for my Leadership in Outlook Ministry, this weekend they are going to decide if I would be best as a heart , mind, Bible Study, strength Leader in exercise or Food -Plan Leader.

01-07-2011, 09:29 PM
Prayers on their way for you BOOTSIE ~ that GOD will inspire these ladies to match your strengths with the right kind of leadership position ... :D

01-10-2011, 11:22 AM
I posted this on Christian Encouragers but will also post it here. I am asking for prayer for Steven's family and friends so that they may find peace. Phillipians 4:7. Steven committed suicide. I attended his memorial service yesterday. We sang the most beautiful song, "Jesus The Light Of The World". I had never heard it before.

01-10-2011, 06:46 PM
^PRAYERS GOING UP ^ for Steven, plus his family & friends ... :hug:

01-10-2011, 06:57 PM
Bootsie- Prayers sent that you are selected for the position that best serves His will.

Bargoo- prayers sent for Steven's peace, and for his friends and family as they grieve.

01-10-2011, 08:45 PM
Thank You all , they have picked me for Soul this week next week maybe something else,
Please pray for Mexico our neighbor in Texas, that the killings and all stop over there . This Sunday morning came over the news that 15 had been killed in the parking lot , news paper says they were spread out over the parking lot and all during the day they found is the Link they need a-lot of people praying for them. This just came across one time on the news and that was all. I know it was in Mexico but they are one of our neighbors. Jesus says to love thy neighbor.
Praying here for Steven's family.

01-10-2011, 09:10 PM

Prayers sent for Tom and his family and friends.

01-12-2011, 09:01 PM
PRAYER REQUEST PLEASE ~ A friend of ours is in need of prayers right now -- his name is GUY BOULET. He had an ulcer in his chest which burst; they operated on it but now one of his legs is swollen up as a result of that condition (they believe). GUY is anxious because his father passed away from a similar condition. We ask for prayers for GUY for restored health, peace, and comfort; and for his wife, HUGETTE and their family too. Thanks in advance ... :)

01-12-2011, 09:28 PM
praying Rosebud for Guy.

01-18-2011, 08:50 PM

I hadn't logged in for a bit and just saw this, but sent prayers for Guy and his wife.

01-18-2011, 11:08 PM
Prayers for all

01-20-2011, 11:24 AM
Pea praying for your job offer and Amy praying for your friend Dad Tom and the family.
Have a request for my friends they just said their last good byes to their 34 year old daughter who died to a heart condition that did not know are she had. Please pray for comfort for all the family.

01-20-2011, 08:54 PM
Thanks, BOOTSIE ~ sending up prayers for your friends during this sad time ... :hug:

01-20-2011, 09:07 PM
Prayers for all requests

01-20-2011, 09:34 PM

Prayers sent for your friend.

Everyone- I need some prayers for my good friend Annette. She's been having a rough time lately and is very depressed. A combo of bad job and wanting to find love for years with no luck. I hope you'll join me in praying that the Lord will bless her and help her to find a job that matches her skills and personality and that He will bring true love into her life.

01-20-2011, 10:15 PM
Sending up some more prayers for your friend ANNETTE tonight ...

DEE ~ my DH just ask me what I was praying about, so I told him; and he said to tell your friend that she needs to go where the men are ... ie join the golf club or hang out at your local hockey arena as there are lots of men there (esp during hockey games). DH also said to go to the bank and flirt with any men you see withdrawing lots of money ... he's joking of course, but then again ... hmmm ... he may have a point. Don't forget to go to the local Tim Hortons' as lots of bachelor men hang out there having coffee in the AM and afternoon too ... oh, and at mealtimes, visit local restaurants as lots of bachelors hate to cook ... ;)

01-21-2011, 11:10 PM
UPDATE ~ just wanted to update you on our friend GUY -- seems what happened was that he had SCIATICA, where a nerve in his leg was really bothering him -- from the buttocks down to his heel, making it hard to walk. So they gave him some medicine for it that ate a hole in his duodenum (the part that joins the intestines, I think). So he had to have blood transfusions and an operation. That is all healed up now; but he still has the Sciatica Nerve Pain problem, but it is getting better; he is now getting another type of treatment for it. Seems DH was a bit mixed up on the details, but they really appreciate your prayers; so thanks ... :D

01-22-2011, 08:45 AM
Continuing in prayer for Guy, that the right treatment will be found.

01-22-2011, 09:20 AM
So many hurting...continued prayers

01-25-2011, 12:45 AM
My brother has bronchitis and he is afraid he is going to have to go to the hospital. Went to the doctor last Friday, got some pills but he said his cough is no better.

01-26-2011, 11:12 PM
BOOTSIE ~ sent up prayers for your brother ...

01-27-2011, 02:47 PM

Prayers sent.

And- you might suggest your brother try ginger for the bronchitis. It's a Chinese remedy and it works. Everyone in our family uses ginger now for congestion and bronchitis, the kids even ask for it. There's two good ways to use it. One is to grate about a tablespoon and then cover it in honey and swallow without chewing. The other is to slice about an inch of root into thin slices and boil into a tea. Sometimes I'll even put in a real tea bag or some orange juice or something to make it a bit tastier and then sweeten with honey.

01-27-2011, 10:48 PM
Thanks I will tell him when he calls. He cannot hear the telephone ring when I call and I use his minutes up he says. My Daddy always said Ginger was good for ailments. Thanks! Never knew it was good for bronchitis!

01-30-2011, 09:31 PM
Asking for prayers today for a few folks at church.

AJ, a young man around 28 yrs. was born with lung issues...he is now having heart issues. I have known him since his birth and his folks before that.

Greta, an elderly women at church I have known for 30 years has fallen and broken her shoulder for the second time in about 6 months.

Miriam and Bob, friends from church...elderly...they live in a nursing home by church..Miriam had to have her leg taken this past week because of blood clots.

Thank you all in advance.

01-31-2011, 02:55 PM
EZ- Prayers sent.

01-31-2011, 09:33 PM
GARY ~ prayers on their way for everyone on your list and their families ...

01-31-2011, 10:42 PM
Thank you ladies! I/we know the prayers will be heard.

02-02-2011, 06:37 PM
PRAYER REQUEST PLEASE ~ for all the people laid off at our Plywood Plant and their families, in our small Northern Ontario town -- plus ...

DH was visiting a friend and came home with some sad news that a couple of men who lost their jobs had taken their lives: we hope it isn't true, but just in case it is, I am posting a prayer for them and their families here.

We also pray that others will not panic and make that same bad choice -- as their families are only left with heartache for the rest of their lives. Suicide doesn't solve anything; and it should NEVER be an option for our problems. People must reach out and support each other; help each other in whatever way they can (money, food, etc); encourage each other; counsel each other; and pray for each other too!

We are going to suggest they start an emergency fund to help those that can't even access the UI funds to pay their mortgages and utilities, etc. I have heard this done before in other places. They say the Plywood Plant tried to use a new type of inferior wood to make products and it didn't work, so the workers were laid off for 7 weeks -- they were supposed to be called back this month but nobody has heard anything.

People need the LORD in their lives so they can have PEACE and HOPE during good times and bad. Thanks for your prayers ... Rosebud

02-03-2011, 02:57 PM

Prayers sent.

02-03-2011, 03:08 PM
Praying for all

02-03-2011, 05:12 PM
Prayers going out for all Pray Requests.

02-06-2011, 09:54 AM
Please pray for my friend Cissy. Her kidneys are failing, she is in hospice care. Her family has been called to her side.

02-06-2011, 10:00 AM
Prayers for Cissy and family/friends have been sent.

02-06-2011, 10:26 PM
BARGOO ~ prayers on their way for CISSY and her family & friends for peace, love, and comfort at this time ... :hug:

UPDATE ON PRAYER REQUEST ~ OK, I looked into that story I mentioned earlier; it was accurate and it wasn't at the same time. There were two persons who worked there who died (both were sick and both committed suicide, but not at the same time). One was a man about 2 years ago (we knew him & his family); the other a lady on the day I mentioned (last week). There was some confusion becuz they were mentioned at the same time; and the layoff was discussed too. I think I will check the stories out myself in the future BEFORE I mention anything to anyone ... forgive that please! :?:

02-07-2011, 02:16 AM

I ask for your prayers for my Grandma Jo. She was just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. My Grandpa depends on her and she's the glue that brings the family together. She's a good Christian woman and says she's not afraid and puts her faith in the Lord, but I hope you'll join me in praying that when the doctors go in for surgery and do the chemo that they can get all the cancer and cure her.

02-07-2011, 01:02 PM
Praying for a healing touch for Grandma Jo and Grandpa as well.

02-07-2011, 03:32 PM

02-08-2011, 09:00 PM
DEE ~ prayers going up for GRAMMA JO and her family & doctors too ... :hug:

02-08-2011, 09:37 PM
Prayers as requested

02-09-2011, 12:12 PM
I have a request for prayers for one of my best friends. Diana has had ovarian cancer which was treated 3 years ago, but now has come back and is in her hip bones. She has been on chemo since summer-the first rounds did not work at all and she was put on a new regimen about 2 months ago. This was supposed to be easier on her system, but it hasn't been. She's very ill with side effects from the chemo (she gets IV's every 3 weeks and takes a different chemo pill every day). She's so weak that she's unable to even talk on the phone for more than about a minute. She's only 55 years old and is a Christian.

Please pray that the chemo will be killing this cancer and that the side effects would go away. I don't have many friends (only 3 or 4 really good ones) and I sure don't want to lose this one.

Thanks everyone.

02-09-2011, 02:52 PM
RONNI ~ prayers on there way for your friend,DIANA ; and family & friends too ... :hug:

02-09-2011, 09:33 PM

02-09-2011, 09:40 PM
Praying for Diana.

02-15-2011, 12:59 AM
Prayers for all Requests.

My Dad, Dick is starting diaylisis tomorrow. Pray it goes well.

02-15-2011, 05:28 PM
VickieLou, I'm praying for your family and your dad! I hope things go well!

The past few days I haven't exercised, (or eaten anything really) because I found out a friend of mine who I've known almost my whole life committed suicide. It's a tragedy, and has majorly affected me. Please pray for strength, and that God will comfort his family and friends with a blanket of peace.

02-15-2011, 09:18 PM
VICKILOU ~ prayers going up for your DAD (Dick) that all goes well with his treatments ... :hug:

HAPPENSTANCE ~ prayers on there way for your friend, his family, and friends (like yourself) for comfort and peace during this sad time. Try to eat a little something to keep up your strength ... :hug:

02-16-2011, 02:57 AM
I will be praying for you and your dad.

02-16-2011, 12:37 PM
Happenstance Prayers for You, Your Friend and his Family.

Prayers for All Prayer Requests.

Thanks Everyone for you Prayers for my Dad. His first diaylsis treatment went well.

02-16-2011, 07:22 PM
Glad it went well.

02-17-2011, 09:52 AM
First, I have a praise that I was able to talk to my friend, Diana, yesterday and they believe the radiation has killed the cancer in her hip. Praise God for that!! She's still on chemo and still having lots of bad side effects from that though, so still asking for prayers for the sick, flu-like side effects of that to go away (she's been having these effects since Christmas).

Next, I have another request for my DH and situations at his work. Since we came here 5 1/2 years ago, there have been problems-unsafe practices by other workers that go ignored by management, favoritism by management (even to the point of less skilled and less senior employees getting promotions rather than my DH). In the last week, they had a person come in who's a 'mock OSHA' inspector and she listed out many, many things that would be violations if the real OSHA would come in (most of which my DH had listed out a couple years ago, because he has 25 years experience at this job). Now, management is ignoring the recommendations on what needs fixed, including having no fume hoods over chemical areas in the lab my DH will have to work in (it's a new construction being put up by a friend of one of the management's 'favorites'). DH also caught one of these contractors running plant equipment in violation of the lock-out procedures and union contract, but the 'favored' employee says he lets them do it all the time, which is very scary, as someone could get killed if they turn on something that's supposed to be locked-out. That apparently turned into something of a yelling match yesterday. Things aren't being done to code or contract and are being done by unqualified people.

So, after this long, yet not nearly inclusive, explanation, my prayer request is for safety for my DH, including his vehicle, as we've already had 2 mysterious flat tires, due to nails, on his car. It would also be nice if HR, who has been contacted on several occasions, would finally step in and remove a couple of the managers who are allowing this stuff to go on. In the other plants my DH worked at before this transfer, the offending 4 employees would have been fired 3 years ago, but here, the management seems to like the 'kiss-up' attention and atmosphere.

Thanks and know that I'm praying for all requests here, too.

02-17-2011, 10:34 PM
RONNI ~ PTL -- wonderful news about DIANA; prayers continue for her for comfort & peace during her treatments as well.

Also, sending up prayers for your DH -- for safety and protection by GOD's angels; and that circumstances will improve at his workplace too. :hug:

^PRAYERS^ continue for you and yours ... :)

02-19-2011, 11:19 AM
Prayers for all requests

02-19-2011, 04:31 PM
Today my family and friends will be having our #4 Grandma Judi's Chili celebration. A time we set aside to honor and remember her and all of our loved ones that have passed on. We play games inside and out and I make my mom's chili and my family favorite and Angie makes her white chili.

Today will be a bit sad as my sister and her mil will be taking my bil's aunt off life support...Aunt Val was always a part of Grandma Judi's Chili Celebration and always at our house for holidays and bbq's....she will be missed!

What she is going through once again reminds us of how precious life is....we thank you Jesus that our life does not end here as we believe in you and what you did for us!