General chatter - Please control your dogs! <random rant>

08-16-2010, 10:47 PM
Alright, first off...I LOVE animals. I've owned horses, llamas, cats, dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits, etc. And I really really love dogs (although I am more of a cat person). Just wanted to put that out there before everyone thinks I'm an animal-hating scrooge, hehe.

Today I was out for a walk, like one of those in-the-zone-blasting-my-iPod-speed walk kind of walks. This girl was walking her dog. He was a big bouncy standard poodle looking thing. He saw me and he was all excited and goofy and was pulling on the leash to come say hi to me. Frankly, I didn't feel like saying hi to her dog, lol. She kind of halfheartedly tugged him away, but he made it over. She smiled and said sorry and told me he was friendly. I wasn't afraid of him mauling me, I just didn't want to say hi to the dog, lol. Well he dragged her over, and at that point I was committed to petting the dog. He slobbered all over me, jumped up on me several times. She made no attempt to pull him away, so I kept walking. At which point, this dog jumps up and slams his paws on my back and knocked me forward, I just about fell over. Still, this chick is just laughing and saying "sorry, he's not mean, he's just playing!" I don't care, I don't want to play with him! I shouldn't be obligated to play with your dog to be on this's your responsibility to keep him off of other people.

Anyways, I know this just sounds grumpy and whiney. I just looked in the mirror and I have scratches down my back and it's already bruisy looking. I love dogs, but I can't stand when owners don't train them, or at least control them. Just because you are used to your big bouncy dog jumping on you doesn't mean I want him to jump on me. I do not think your dog is "so kyoooot" like you do. It doesn't take much to teach some basic obedience, and you'll have a happier more well-adjusted dog.

08-16-2010, 10:57 PM
Doesn't sound whiny to me and I have 2 golden retrievers...

08-16-2010, 11:17 PM
Ugh. I recently moved to a neighborhood where lots of people just let their dogs run free. I have to plan my c25k route around all the houses that have dogs off leash. It's such a pain, not to mention irresponsible dog ownership. I mean do they want their dogs to get run over?

winning the war
08-16-2010, 11:31 PM
I am a dog lover and, personally, I think it's unkind to let your dog act any way he/she wants. Dogs need and thrive on discipline and obeying commands makes their minds sharp. A lot of people in my neighborhood are lax w/ their dogs too. In fact, one day while I was walking i was almost attacked by lab who was out loose in his yard. The owner was there, by chance, but was leaving for work and said the dog was just "worked up" over a squirrel he was chasing earlier. Yeah, that'll make the attack all better.

08-16-2010, 11:41 PM
I'm not a dog lover at all; in fact, I don't really like them in general (there are specific dogs I like when I get to know them). I think they smell bad and I don't like to be slobbered on, glared at, growled at, jumped on, licked or sniffed--at least not by a dog. Heh.

I will cross the road when I'm out jogging or walking so that I don't have to deal with people's dogs on those stupid retractable leashes. I don't like it, either, when the dog owner beams proudly as their dog is straining towards me, wanting to sniff or lick me. I had to quit walking a certain route because there is a house that has a huge German shepherd that bounds out into the middle of the road, glaring and barking at me. The neighbor man sent him packing one time, but the next night he was there again so I had to quit going that way. :(

08-17-2010, 12:00 AM
I must say though, these things go both ways. Meaning, just as dog owners should ask before letting their dog greet you, you should ask before running up and petting someone's dog. My sister's dog has some aggression issues of which she is very careful and conscious. She socialized him from the time she first got him. She's taken him to a whole host of obediance classes without much luck in this particular issue. So she always keeps him on leash (the solid kind, not the retractable kind), and gives others (especially those with children and dogs) a wide berth. But people come up and assume they can pet him all the time! Just because you take your dog for a walk, doesn't mean you've brought him out for show and tell.

08-17-2010, 12:48 AM
one of my biggest pet peeves is dogs NOT on leashes. I think that's the most irresponsible things ever. For everyone involved. And I love dogs, and all animals. But come on. "oh he's friendly", or "oh he's never bit anyone before". Riiiiight.

08-17-2010, 12:58 AM

I was running one day with my golden lab and
out of nowhere one of my neighbors dogs came
charging at her! They almost got into a fight because
the owners did not leash him and after hearing all the
barking and fussing they finally came out to get their dog.
Mind you, their yard didn't even have a fence either!
I was very thankful the situation was controlled and I
have never used that rout again.

08-17-2010, 01:02 AM
Oh, I could write a novel on all the things that bother me in the interactions between people and dogs. And I'm a dogowner who loves dogs!

First off, out of control dogs are no good for anyone...the dog, the owners, the surrounding people. I know way too many dogs who have started with minor misbehavior, escalated because they weren't corrected, and ended up being surrendered (or, in one horrible case) put down because their owners refused to take control. We often go to the dog park, and I've had a lot of encounters with out of control dogs. Some are just annoying, like the ones that jump up. Some are dangerous, like the dog I had to pull off of mine when it decided she was too close and attacked her. I understand its a dog park, and I'm expecting everyone to be a little wild and free...but people let their dogs get way too far.

And then there are the people who do stupid things around dogs, like (another dog park story) parents who bring their 3-8 year olds into the park, don't supervise them, and don't teach them about how to interact with dogs. This resulted one time in a kid reaching down and basically hitting my dog, then grabbing her fur and not letting go. Thank goodness my dog is kid-friendly and nothing happened (well, and I stepped in right away to get him off of her). Or people who run up and pet other people's dogs without asking...makes me crazy.

We adopted a shelter dog, and she had some issues and required a lot of work on our side (they said she'd never be able to interact normally with other dogs or men...she was crazy-submissive and very shy). And now everyone keeps telling us she's a dream pet. And she IS. But she didn't come that way! You put the work in and take control, and everyone ends up happier!

08-17-2010, 06:44 AM
We often go to the dog park, and I've had a lot of encounters with out of control dogs. Some are just annoying, like the ones that jump up. Some are dangerous, like the dog I had to pull off of mine when it decided she was too close and attacked her. I understand its a dog park, and I'm expecting everyone to be a little wild and free...but people let their dogs get way too far.

This is why we don't take our dogs to the dog park. Not because of the other dogs, but because no matter how much interaction my babies get, when they're together, they're a pack. They act like a pack, hunt like a pack ... I don't trust that they won't get a hair up their butts and take down someone else's dog. We've never had an issue with them on leashes, but my dad brought his Great Dane over one day and stuck him in our backyard with our dogs. The Dane apparently did something that didn't sit well with my dogs, and the next minute they were stalking him. They're obedient, and stopped when they were told, but I refuse to take the chance that they hurt someone.

That being said, my dogs are great on walks. They don't charge over to new people, and they don't mind being petted as long as we tell them it's ok. My dogs would never dream of dragging me across the street to accost someone. Never, ever. And I agree with a previous post - people should not assume that just because a dog is there, it's ok to touch it. I cannot stand when people just walk up and touch my dogs.

08-17-2010, 07:25 AM
I don't get people that let their dogs act crazy....what a disservice you are doing to the pup (odds are they'll get tired of her not being trained, the cuteness will wear off & either abuse or bring her to a shelter).

On the coming up to pet my dogs when I take them out.....luckily most people don't because of the sheer size of my great dane or they will mistake my boxer for a Pitt bull (I don't get that but whatever keeps them away lol).

08-17-2010, 11:29 AM
This is exactly why I have always had little tiny dogs . . . . I KNOW I will maintain control with my little dog, big ones I'm sure - if trained properly it wouldnt be an issue. I don't have the confidence to be sure I'm in total control with a larger dog, so . . . I don't get one.
I don't let Jack run around, not going to let my dog either. They both know when they here "no" or worse "Excuse you" it's time to stop doing whatever is they are doing lol.

Beach Patrol
08-17-2010, 12:13 PM
I am a huge dog (all animals, really) lover and I have 2 dogs (& 2 cats) - I would NEVER allow my dogs to act that way! I keep them under control when out in public, and I certainly wouldn't let my dog just jump up on someone. Sadly, some people just don't get it.

08-17-2010, 12:28 PM
I am terrified that one day something terrible is going to happen. I have a scary dog who would protect me, but isn't aggressive on walks. That said, on more than one occassion someone's dog has come barrelling at us (usually an equally scary looking dog) and even though MY dog is the one behaving on the leash, I worry that he will one day get defensive and I will pay the price. Just the other day I was walking my puppy and this huge chow busted out of the front door of a house and charged us. I've never been more afraid in my life. It just wanted to play, but how do I know that?? The owner came running out after screaming, "he's nice! he's nice!", but that gave me no comfort. I know the day is coming when some poor dog is going to be run over right in front of me because the owner refuses to leash/control their dog. :(

And don't get me started on dog parks. If you leave your dog locked up all day and the only exercise it gets is when you drive to the dog park, that park is the LAST place that dog should be. I saw this more often when we lived in the city, but not so much in the 'burbs.

So yeah, just because you *think* your dog couldn't hurt anyone doesn't mean it won't.

08-17-2010, 01:55 PM
I am a dog owner. I love to take my dog on walks through "human" parks... however... and I do occasionally let her offleash if we're in an area where it is both legal and I know I can get her back under my own control in an instant.

I am not a fan of people who let their dogs do just anything... I don't allow my dog to "greet" people unless they ask to pet her (and most don't... she's a black pit bull lab mix... and I guess a lot of people are afraid of her... no idea why... she's only "bitten" once... and that was when my little brother decided he was going to put his hand IN her mouth while she was eating her favorite food... smart boy... ;) ). Dogs need to be controlled. I've had dogs practically tackle me and/or my dog... and my dog's a single dog type of dog. She doesn't mind other dogs, but she gets annoyed pretty fast. Never attacks, but will snarl and snap if provoked to that point. And then I'm the one that gets in trouble, when it was their dog that was all over mine, when mine was backing off. *rolls eyes*

I love dogs. I love them. But, I absolutely hate it when people have little dogs (or big dogs), and those dogs are allowed to rule the place. Yeah... the dog was probably being friendly when it jumped up at you... however... unless the person wanted it... there is no excuse for it. If you have to jerk the dog back to the point where it falls over, in order to keep someone from even being touched by a hair of your dog... then so be it. DO it.

I get so annoyed when I go to people's houses... and their dogs come to the door and start bouncing on everyone, or climbs all over the furniture and licking everyone's faces. I don't mind animals on furniture... or licking people's faces, but it should be on the HUMAN'S terms... not the dog's. There are several of my friends' dogs that respect me and don't do any of that with me, because I showed them from the start that it's not allowed. Not wacking them or abusing them or anything that would cause the owner any kind of alarm, but I push them away, and will even make a menacing act (never touching the animal), and they respect me... while they still go nuts over everyone else. I don't stand for it.

My dog has issues... but she has manners around people. She will jump up, but only either if you ask her to, or if someone is coming into our property and then start making waving motions and so on... which would make even me want to jump up on them. ;) Otherwise, as long as she's had her exercise that she needs, she's a perfect gentlewoman when greeting guests.

08-17-2010, 02:25 PM
Otherwise, as long as she's had her exercise that she needs, she's a perfect gentlewoman when greeting guests.

Exercise is so important. I feel like people REALLY underestimate the amount of physical activity that a dog needs. Ours was owner-surrendered back to the shelter because she was "too active". First off, she's part shepherd and was about a year old at the time, so I'm not sure what they expected, but second, honestly, she's not that active! Give her a good walk, then let her run her fool head off at the park, and she sleeps pretty much the entire rest of the time.

I have a love-hate relationship with the dog park, honestly. I love it because my dog loves it, and is a really good dog park candidate (not aggressive to dogs or people, playful, very good at dog-appropriate play, very good at giving clear warnings when she's getting bothered and giving other dogs a chance to back off, very attuned to whether other dogs are getting overwhelmed and good at backing off, good with dogs of all sizes, good at listening to her commands when distracted so she is under my control, etc).

But I don't like it because most of the other dogs aren't like that, and are either not dog-friendly enough to be at the park (either because they are scared of other dogs or dog-aggressive) or not under good enough owner control to prevent problems. Plus the owners who bring in their dogs with tons of pent up energy from being inside all day and the dogs just go nuts. We're careful to read the energy of the place before we go in and monitor appropriately. Ellie has some good playfriends at the park, so usually things go alright during the week (with the owners who are out at the same time every night, your dogs learn to play well together). Weekends are iffier, because you end up with a lot of strange dogs who don't get enough exercise during the week and don't have a lot of park experience flooding in.

One more pet peeve - people who accuse me of being over-cautious with Ellie around other creatures (people, dogs, whatever). For example, yesterday, Ellie had a tennis ball and decided she didn't want the other dogs to have it, so another dog came close and she raised her lip back in the "I am about to snarl at you" warning pose. I immediately took the ball away, because she's not allowed to guard her stuff like that. Other owners were like "Oh, the dog taking it needs to learn", no. I am preventing an undesireable behavior in my dog...if it was a toddler taking the ball away from her, would it still be OK for her to growl? No! So let me train my dog please! I'm also very attuned to what is "play" and what is "discomfort" from my dog, and can't count the number of times that Ellie has been getting uncomfortable and throwing warning signs, and I've called her away from whatever the situation was, and been told "Oh, they're just playing". YOUR dog is playing, maybe. Mine just curled her lip up, and that's her sign that she is DONE. The ones who say this, BTW, are always the ones whose dogs are humping other dogs, jumping on the people, and generally under poor control.

I'm rambling. Clearly this has been on my mind!

08-20-2010, 05:38 AM
I couldn't agree more! I am a dog owner and I put a lot of work and effort into training her! so she doesn't do these behaviors! I too have found people who think I'm too strict with her or I'm not letting her have fun just being a dog, but yet at the same time people will say you have the best behaved dog ever and she's so smart and well trained.. well it's because OF that time and trianign I spend on her she's that way if I just let her act hyper and do what she wants then she wouldn't be so well behaved! I'm a huge fan of Cesar Milan the dog whisperer and I use all his techniques and they really really work! Dogs feed off our energy and if we are calm and in control our dogs will stay calm and in control- and on the occasion they do an undesirable behavior they need to be corrected on the spot.

I noticed a lot of people saying they avoid certain places because they are scared their dog might bite or might do this or that.. if you fear it, it will most likely happen, try to not be scared, be in control but calm. your dog with the proper time and energy spent on them will learn how to behave, you jstu have to envision it happening and make it happen

08-20-2010, 07:37 AM
Love animals - sometimes it's the owners I dislike! I was walking to work one day and a black lab came jumping up on me. Mind you, he wasn't off leash, he was on one of those flexi leashes so it was getting all wrapped around me. So I guess it was ok. At least the owner said it was, said the dog was just playing.

I said I wasn't. Idiot.

08-22-2010, 10:37 PM
For example, yesterday, Ellie had a tennis ball and decided she didn't want the other dogs to have it, so another dog came close and she raised her lip back in the "I am about to snarl at you" warning pose. I immediately took the ball away, because she's not allowed to guard her stuff like that. Other owners were like "Oh, the dog taking it needs to learn", no. I am preventing an undesireable behavior in my dog...

ah! isn't that like Cesar Milan's number one rule too? Don't let the behavior escalate - watch for and be attuned to the warning signs and snap them out of it right away!