Biggest Loser Challenges - Red Team BP Last Chance Workout Week 12 (8/16-8/22)

08-15-2010, 11:52 PM
For an effective weight loss program it is important to incorporate exercise as well as making better dietary choices. While any kind of exercise is good for you, it has been proven many times over that just cardio or just strength training isn't the way to need to have a combination of both, with a little bit of core focus as well. So as you plan out and track your exercise this week, be sure to get in 2-3 strength workouts and 2-3 cardio sessions. And don't forget about those abs! Copy and paste the follow format and come back throughout the week to edit your original post. Letís get busy!!


08-16-2010, 12:09 AM
Monday- 2x30 min dog walk, steps:16,367
Tuesday- 40 min dog walk, steps: 11,299
Wednesday- 2x 40 min dog walk, steps: 15,047
Thursday- 2x 40 min dog walk, steps: 15,226
Friday- 2x40 min dog walk, steps: 15,345
Saturday-60 in dog walk, steps:10,362
Sunday-2x40 min dog walk, steps:12,461

08-16-2010, 10:07 PM
Monday-60 min step, 60 min yoga
Tuesday-30 min treadmill (4.7) 60 min body sculpt
Wednesday-20 min bike ride, 60 min step class
Thursday-60 min body sculpting, 60 min Zumba
Friday-60 min step class
Saturday-75 min step class
Sunday-75 min step class