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04-12-2000, 02:08 AM
Jamie's Sugar-free Microwave Cheesecake
(adapted from a microwave cookbook)
1/4 cup butter (4 Tbsp. or half of a stick)
1 cup crushed nuts (or part nuts, part crushed All-Bran Extra Fiber cereal)
2 Tbsp. Splenda or 3 packets sweetener
1 pound (2 8 oz packages) cream cheese
1 cup Splenda or 24 packets sweetener
1/4 tsp salt
1/3 cup cream
4 eggs
1 tsp. vanilla
2 Tbsp. lemon juice (optional, I don't care for the lemon taste myself)
Topping: either 1 cup sour cream or 2 cups fresh berries
Put butter in microwave baking dish and microwave at High for 45 to 60 seconds until butter melts. Stir in nut/cereal crumbs and sweetener. Mix well and press evenly in bottom of dish. Microwave at High for 1 1/2 minutes.
Place cream cheese in medium mixing bowl. Microwave at 50% (medium) power for 1 minute or until soft. Add sweetener, salt and cream. Beat at medium speed of electric mixer until blended. Beat in eggs, vanilla and lemon juice. Microwave at High for 4 to 7 minutes or until very hot. (be careful...or you'll end up cooking it in the mixing bowl). Stir and pour over crust.
Microwave cheesecake at 50% (Medium) power for 7 to 15 minutes, until almost set in center. Cool slightly and spread with desired topping. Refrigerate at least 8 hours before serving.

05-18-2004, 09:41 PM
how many carbs are in this. sue