General Diet Plans and Questions - So lets talk stools can we?. My stools are smaller.

Fat Boy Wants 2 Slim
08-11-2010, 12:14 PM
So yeah I've noticed since I've been on this healthy eating, exercising thing it has made my stools smaller and well.... not long log like?:?:

Is this normal? I do eat fibra (bread and nuts), plenty of fruit and veg and protein. So healthy foods. I've cut carbs down tho?

I don't have trouble pooing, just that it is smaller then normal? Is this because my body is taking alot more nutrients and burning more then normal and therefore poo are smaller?

I am regular so no problems there, pretty much every morning I need to go.

08-11-2010, 12:54 PM
if you are not constipated, or feeling bloated, I wouldn't worry about it. I am low carbing and find I need to take psyllium to stay regular now, however. (with LOTS of water of course) I take it plain as metamucil has sugar and I am allergic to some ingredients in sugar free metatmucil.
Also, if you are low carbing, make sure you get enough fat or you will get constipated.