General chatter - My bra squeeks, WD 40 anyone?

View Full Version : My bra squeeks, WD 40 anyone?

08-10-2010, 07:24 PM
Seriously, my expensive bra from The Avenue squeeks (or maybe groans) every time I love my arm or shoulder! This is rediculous, it is from the boning that is under the arm on the side. And it is not just this one, I bought 4 various one and they are all the same.

Is there a WD 40 for delicates? I am about ready to LOSE IT!:dizzy:

08-10-2010, 09:41 PM
Hahaha Mikki, I have had this problem SO many times with my Lane Bryant bras. It gets better, I promise. After they get worn in a bit, the squeeking/groaning goes away. Doesn't help you now, but that's all I've got for you.

08-10-2010, 09:43 PM
I have the same issue! It does seem to get better after wearing them for a while. :)

08-10-2010, 11:28 PM
had that problem with my Torrid bras. Horrid is more like it. haha i gave mine away and went back to the "i give-up bras" you know... the ones that come in a box at walmart and you have to hang upside down because the larger sizes are always on the bottom pull out rack?! :)