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08-09-2010, 06:41 AM
Good Morning:sunny:

I like this time of year because my sunshine matches all the sunflowers in my yard! They always greet me while the rest of my world is sleeping.
I have a list;
1. coffee
2. dig out of office
3. walk dogs
4. visit my friend who's home from the hospital
5. have an op day

I think I'll go work on #1

What are you all up to this Monday? Sit and chat for a bit :cofdate:

08-09-2010, 06:58 AM
Well, I am doing #1 on your list and already have a load of laundry in the washer which will be ready when I finish my coffee. It really rained yesterday afternoon but today will be sunny and I'll hang the laundry out on my line. There's nothing like the scent of sun-dried sheets when you slide into bed!

At 7:15, I'm off to the gym and then will go to The Mill to check my mail and collect the weekend "take" from the gift shops to take for deposit. I need to get one of those coin sorter gadgets. We have a donation box in the Mill and Museum and it's always loaded with coin to roll and lug to the bank.

That's the start for my week. How does yours look from over the top of your mug? :cofdate:

08-09-2010, 07:02 AM
A cheery happy Monday to you, Debbie! I'll join you in your first and last on your list of priorities. :coffee:

It's just starting to get light here, and it's a reminder that summer is coming to an end soon and fall will be on the way, although it's supposed to be another hot and steamy week. My granddaughter Amber starts back to school next week, already!

I'm not sure what today will bring. Audrey is home from camp, and it will be nice to have both my girls again. I missed her! We may go swimming since it's going to be so hot, but we have to start thinking about what they'll need for school and start school shopping soon.

What's on your agenda for the day?

08-09-2010, 07:05 AM
Good morning, Ruthie! I wish we'd have gotten some of that rain yesterday. It's pretty dry around here. And speaking of dry, my blueberries still aren't done. They've been in the dehydrator since 11 am yesterday. :dizzy: I don't think I'll be doing them again, since they take so long. It'd better be worth it. ;)

08-09-2010, 07:30 AM
Good morning :coffee2: I'm hard at work on Debbie's #1 item :)

Debbie - Happy sunflower season :)

Ruth - I just made a little mental note to remember to have small bills for all those donation boxes we pass in the summer :) I never thought about someone having to lug and sort all that change.

Cottage - I guess I'll stick with freezing blueberries and making leather. 24 hours isn't a bad time for fruit though, as long as they don't take 2 days. I have my first load of green peppers in and need to get more zucchini.
Fall is definitely on the brain around here. The shorebirds are already migrating and most of our orioles are gone. Hard to believe it's happening so soon.

We had a great but very unproductive weekend. We ended up at a friend's camp - lots of talking, swimming, kayaking and a little too much eating. It was lots of fun even if I have to scramble a little to catch-up this week :)

Time for more coffee and to check those peppers.

08-09-2010, 08:31 AM
Ruth, Yay! for sunny days!

Linda, Yay! for OP days!

Cyndi, Yay! for great weekends, even when "unproductive". lol

I'm really trying to get stuff done here, but my DH arose at 4:15 and I'm trying to find a mix of social and productive. Ok, I'll keep tryin'!

BTW-a hint of changing seasons is definitely in the air here, too...darn...I'm going into winter with another ailing pup...I'll stay in denial as long as I can.

08-09-2010, 08:49 AM
Another Monday. One more, then the summer is officially over for us.

Debbie - I like the list idea. Maybe it will work for me to write things down like that too.

Ruth - In this day and age of homeowner's associations, I am pretty sure we are not allowed to hang our clothes out to dry.

Linda - My teen starts next week too. I keep suggesting he consider buying some supplies now but suspect that won't happen.

Cyndi - Sounds like a great weekend. I am not ready for fall yet because for me it comes with ragweed.

I have a long conference call today so am very glad that the cable people fixed out internet problem this weekend. My eating has not been at all good lately and I am trying a new goal as part of a summer challenge I joined (through the blog world). I am only going to eat at my kitchen table. Sounds so simple. I am dreading it.

Have a great one all.

08-09-2010, 09:28 AM
Morning all! I like your list, Debbie. I'm a chronic list-maker. I make lists of my lists.

My morning routine is getting shaken up today as I am replacing my coffee with herb tea. Mood swings got the better of me last week, and I decided to cut out anything that might be contributing. I just hope my monkey in the tree doesn't turn into a gorilla swinging an ax. (No bread, no wine, no coffee, no chocolate . . .that's a lot of self-indulgence to give up all at once.) But I was plotting to kill my husband last week, so if it saves a life . . . : )

I'm kidding of course. I'm lucky to be at a point where I have the time to focus on my health completely. If I fail now, well . . .

I will watch summer fade vicariously through those of you farther north. Please, keep the descriptions coming! I love them. I planted sunflowers this year for the first time, Debbie, but then the grasshoppers fell upon us.

Have a lovely Monday!


08-09-2010, 09:59 AM
That's a great list, Debbie, my #1 and #2 are the same. I'm glad the JB show was good. I guess 61 is not too old. For some reason, I thought he'd be older than that.
Ruth, can you just use the Coinstar machine? It does take a fee, but anything is worth never having to roll coins again!
cottage, DD2 is anxious to go school shopping and will probably drag me out this week. We've got two weeks before school starts though. It's tax free week here for BTS stuff.
Cyndi, fun weekends are well worth the catching up!
Hey Karen, good luck with your challenge!
Sally, we are still firmly in the grip of summer here too. Can't wait for some signs of fall!
Welcome back Xan!!
Cat, did you go to the seafood cookoff? I would love to see one of those in person.

Got a few things on the to-do's today. I've gotta take a little time off at lunch to go with my niece to pick up her wedding dress. I am going to do alterations, got my fingers crossed that they will be few and simple.
I was told to expect a call this afternoon from the recruiter to discuss the offer. My stomach is in knots over that because I am not a tough negotiator. But I do know exactly what I want, so I will go for it. For me maybe it will turn out to be Momentous Monday! I haven't changed jobs in 15 years.
Oh, and DD1 is recovering nicely from her surgery. It was a breast reduction and she is tickled pink with the results. Before the surgery she was doing Phase I and dropped 10 lbs and was rather thrilled. I keep thinking I should get her on this site, but I haven't because then I would have to watch what I say. Is that selfish?

08-09-2010, 10:01 AM
Hi Karen! Glad your wireless is fixed! Best wishes for your table eating experience. Beck says only eat while sitting and I've mastered that, but don't think I'd fare well just at the table. Anything is worth a try, though. lol

Hi Sally! Yes, you are in the land of warmer winters. Ours are long and drawn out. I've never heard of grasshoppers devouring sunflowers-I guess we just don't get the major influx of pests at high altitude. Best wishes to you as you start your herb tea regimen.

It's looking like time to get ready for dog walking. DH wants to go fossil hunting which is messing with my plans which required a vehicle. I'll think on that one.

See ya'll later!

ETA-hi Schmoodles! lol I'm trying to imagine a Coinstar machine at the little diner in Delta. I hope your phone call goes well. :crossed:

08-09-2010, 10:25 AM
Good morning,

I am back from Myrtle beach, we had a wonderful time. I didn't lose any weight but I didn't gain any weight, so I managed to keep off the 5 lbs I lost before leaving so that is great news.

I have tons to do today, Laundry is coming out of my ear and I have to get the girls registered for school they start on Friday, have to take DD2 to Ortho appointment and return the rental and get groceries. Tomorrow back to work.

Hope everyone had a wonderful week and have a great day.

P.S. Schmoodle I don't think you are being selfish, I would probably feel the same way that I would have to edit what I wrote and this is a place where you can unload. :)

08-09-2010, 12:51 PM
Good Morning Ladies!

Debbie- busy day ahead(I am sure you are already well into it- I'm such a late riser!)

Ruth- Ive always wanted one of those but I always end up just sorting my change by hand... however I will take my pennies to the machines that count them and take a percentage... I think its well worth it for the pennies but not the larger change!

Linda- Seems school starts earlier and earlier- kids started here week before last! I'm curious to hear how the blueberries turn out!(and how long the finally take!)

Cyndi- Sounds like a fab weekend~! Enjoy your day!

Karen- Eating at the table is a great idea- I think it would be good for me too-if it included not nibbling while cooking... but hey I gotta see what more it needs right? lol

Sally- Im with you on the fall thing- I know we will get it but who knows when. I don't feel it in the 98 degree hot and humid air at all! haha

Schmoodle- Good Luck! and I think it is selfish but I have done the same thing-and it is for good reason.(sometimes you need to be selfish for healthy reasons) there are only a couple people I have told about this site... Which seems silly but sometimes you just want a place for yourself. I have however told people that I use an online support site and left it at that... There are many out there... lol

Pearl- Myrtle beach sounds wonderful! Hope you have a great day!

As for me, not a whole lot going on here... Its pressure cooker day which means its also clean out the freezer and fridge day so I have place to store all my beans and rice! I'll be cooking pintos, black beans, great northern beans, chic peas, brown rice, and wild rice... busy day! Laundry is going now hopefully only a couple loads to do. I ate way too many starchy vegetables yesterday so its back on the green veggie train today... If I can get all these beans cooked I will make a trip to the store, if not I will be doing that tomorrow. I have enough to get me through a few days! I think I will freeze some tomatoes today too... Wish I had a bigger freezer! Drinking my cantaloupe smoothie now- better head over to the OP thread! Hope you chickies have a great day!

08-09-2010, 12:54 PM
You people get up so early! Luckily, I don't drink coffee, so I get a late start.

This is supposed to be my break (I'm a high school teacher) but things are frazzled at school, several key people are leaving, and I spent the weekend writing letters to parents, and phone calls; more of the same today. I didn't get to taxes, and they have to get done this week. I also have loose ends to tie up on the quarterly magazine I publish. I not only edit it and do the layout, but have to stuff and stamp the issues for mailing and lug them to the post office, one backpack full at a time. I have one more batch to go. Then laundry.

I'm glad in wrote all that down! I don't feel so bad about not having time to cook today! I love reading about your gardens. I'm becoming a vicarious gardener.

08-09-2010, 02:51 PM
Hey all,
Chiming in to say hi and intending to become active once again. The summer has been pretty off plan for me; one good thing, though, is that I started exercising regularly again (something that always throws me off because I always gain water weight when I first start exercising), so...I've gained back about 5 pounds of my 10 pound loss on SB since starting in January *sigh*. I'm hoping I can get back into the groove with my new focus on exercise, and I've also adopted some principles from the Belly Fat Diet (mono unsaturated fats at every meal) and the Fat Flush plan (unsweetened cranberry juice diluted with water all day). Posting every day really kept me on track so hopefully I can get back in that groove. Welcome to all the new friends too!

08-09-2010, 03:24 PM
Rikki, you are the Monday SBD poster child :lol: All the beans and brown rice WHILE drinking your canteloupe smoothie! (hopefully in a sporty outfit!)

Pearlrose, glad your vacation was nice and you didn't gain!:cp:

Xan, oh, the quarterly...count it as exercise.:strong:

Mmc, great job on the exercise! I have the Belly Fat book on my table, and always thought the cranberry flush was a great idea!

I've had a great day so far...Mom is coming at 3 I need to clean her house/storage shed.

BTW-Schmoodles, and others re 3FC. I have lots of people who comment about my weight loss and HOW did I do it-I say I have a specific plan which focuses on eating healthy and I'd be happy to sit down and talk about it if they're interested. I've had one taker, and I have shared 3FC with her.

08-09-2010, 04:38 PM
BTW-Schmoodles, and others re 3FC. I have lots of people who comment about my weight loss and HOW did I do it-I say I have a specific plan which focuses on eating healthy and I'd be happy to sit down and talk about it if they're interested. I've had one taker, and I have shared 3FC with her. I LOVE IT! such a great idea- who is sincere sure shows too :)

Rikki, you are the Monday SBD poster child All the beans and brown rice WHILE drinking your canteloupe smoothie! (hopefully in a sporty outfit!) (not very sporty this morning... shorts, tank and flippies though ;)comfy!)

Ahh, the sound of the pressure cooker is aggravating me! But I am probably about half of the way through... Pintos, black beans, brown rice, and wild rice are done... Some are in the freezer and some are still cooling... garbanzos and great northerns to go! whew. I forget every time how much work this is... or rather how time consuming. But nice to have it done in one day and not have to eat sodium filled beans for at least a month!

08-09-2010, 06:58 PM
Just popping in to say hey.

Started back at school today (the kids come on Thursday) so summer is over and no time to chat. Getting up at 3:30 to get to the gym by 5, then to school. sigh. I'll try to come around to chat on the weekends!!

08-09-2010, 07:47 PM
Cat- I don't know how you do it! I can hardly get up by 6 much less up at 3:30! And to go to the gym at that!!! whew! But will be looking forward to chatting on the weekends :)

Fat Melanie
08-09-2010, 08:10 PM
Hey Schmoodle, if you don't want to direct DD1 here there's another good website.

Many different groups to join, weight tickers, challenges, and various things that track your eating plans, weight, goals, and lots of neat stuff. I became a member a few days ago and I like it but I still find that for me personally, holding myself accountable works best here in this smaller SBD community at 3FC. Sparkpeople has so many people, it's overwhelming. But for someone who hasn't been coming to 3FC for a long time, they may very much enjoy :)


Hope all of you are doing well... I'm weak and my legs are rubbery from Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred but boy does it feel great, because I can definitely feel it in my legs and calves and thighs... no pain no gain, right? No muscle gain without pain. Or rubbery legs that is. Not pain so much. Jillian really knows how to work the body in a short time period!!! Making a modified version of the crack slaw for dinner tonight and I'm excited.

Went to the college today and turned in my w2s. They always want more and more paperwork every few days it seems, but I'm glad to do so and I'm really excited and nervous. College starts in about 7 more days and my son finally starts day care at the Head Start. I hope I make some friends in my classes. I'm sooo nervous about it!!! I also hope one of my besties and I end up taking a class or two together. My mom's 1st cousin wants to take a few classes with me too but maybe I need to learn some independence. :D :D But looking forward to everything!