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08-08-2010, 07:14 PM
Apparently I wasn't as prepared for phase 1 as I thought. I had a few mistakes, then yesterday it all fell apart. So I think I'm going to call last week my learning phase. I went and actually got a hard copy of the book (used bookstore $3, oh yea) instead of trying to go by what I remember from the library's copy. I printed out a few recipes and one of the muffin ones for breakfast so I'll be going to the grocery store in a little bit. Back on track tomorrow!

Now a question:

My biggest problem, and maybe one of you could offer some advice, is that I am so not a morning person and I have pretty much become addicted to those energy shots to get through work. My full-time job starts at 8 so I wake up at 7 (which I know isn't really *that* early) but I can't do it. I started in April and had hoped with time that I would adjust but so far I haven't. I go to bed by at least 11 (unless I work other job) every night, so I don't know...But I tried going last week without as much caffeine and I couldn't. It's a desk job in a tiny office with my boss literally sitting behind me. The days I tried, I started doing that sleepy head nod thing and making lots of mistakes (I'm a typesetter). I'm really worried she's going to see me falling asleep and fire me. I'm sorry this is so long, but how do I stay awake without massive amounts of caffeine and sugar or snacking? Is this just crazy?

08-08-2010, 07:40 PM
I had a practice week too. I wasn't sure I was going to commit and really follow Phase 1. Eventually I did and it really was the smartest choice I could make. It helped me get my carb and sugar cravings under control and set the stage for Phase 2.

Personally I didn't give up my coffee and I drink way more than Dr. A suggests. That's always been the one thing I did not follow.

It really helps me get through the morning when I start with protein. I was never an egg fan before but I have learned that starting my day with an egg and beans, that protein and slow carb mix, makes a huge difference. Then I plan a protein snack like Greek yogurt or a handful of nuts for about 10. Lots of days I still went for lunch at 11:30, the same pattern of protein, beans and veggies. I stuck with that for almost three years and it's worked for me.

Maybe posting a sample menu or two would help? I bet other people will have some ideas.

08-08-2010, 07:50 PM
I consume a fair amount of caffeine too. I drink coffee, tea and diet soda. Too many carbs is what puts me right to sleep. Protein does not have that effect on me.

08-08-2010, 07:55 PM
The reason you are getting sleepy and tired is because the sugar from the energy drink is rushing through you, hyping you up, then since your body is using it quickly, when the rush is over, your body is just exhausted, your mind is on "sugar speed" and you just can't function that way. Same with just coffee.

What you need is fuel. Look at it this way..if you had a mercedes, would you dump sugar or coffee into it? No, it would kill the engine pretty quickly. Same thing with the body. Phase one...eggs or another protein with some vegs. The protein will keep you alive and up a lot longer. Since you are not a morning person, boil some eggs ahead of time and keep them in the fridge.
You can also make some eggsalad and just dump it on top of some spinach, grab and go. I never gave up coffee either, but you can't function on coffee/speed...your body wants it's energy delivered through real food, not caffeine.
I try to make sure I have lots of protein early in the day. I do smoothies now for breakfast, but make sure it's full of protein and greens and a little fruit and I'm good to go for hours even though I get up at 4. I put raw eggs in mine, but that's a personal choice (no, it's not gross, you don't even know they are there)

08-08-2010, 11:22 PM
Cat- I am pretty sure if you dumped beans or eggs into the mercedes it would kill the engine too ;0) But you make some great points!

Cris- I find that after about a week of no caffiene I don't need it anymore... Protein is key- I think, as the others have said!

Cyndi is right it would be great to see a sample menu and we could probably give you some ideas!

08-09-2010, 12:45 AM
Great points. :)

First few days i ate 2 eggs for breakfast. Last couple days was a package of instant oatmeal (part of my mistake). Then i would drink the energy shot or drink around 9. Snack of mixed nuts at 1030 and 230. Lunch at noon was one of those cans of tuna. Supper all week (minus the last couple days) was taco soup minus the corn i made which was surprisingly good. I just made some sausage breakfast muffins for tomorrow.

Thanks all!

08-09-2010, 02:30 AM
I know it doesn't help for PH1...but when you hit PH2, an apple actually works really well to wake you up. :)

Fat Melanie
08-09-2010, 01:06 PM
I gotta say you gotta get a whole lot more vegetables in, Criseyed! :) And some beans, which will provide long lasting energy there. The instant oatmeal (as you already know) is an SBD no no, and it probably gives you an energy crash, contributing to your tiredness.

A lot of people still drink some coffee, so do I. And I'm with CyndiM, on some days I probably drink more than Dr A suggests as well. You could just have a few cups in the morning before you start work so you're not falling asleep (and maybe get to bed a tad earlier, maybe 10? Just suggesting. I have problems in the morning too so I feel ya!) Some coffee and a good combo breakfast that will give you lasting energy.

08-09-2010, 02:06 PM
No oatmeal allowed in Phase I either. Agree with Mel on the veggies & beans. Also dairy.

08-09-2010, 03:15 PM
if i did just 1 can of tuna for lunch i would be STARVING. I put mine on a salad or eat with tomatoes and cucumbers....also correct me if im wrong, but mixed nuts 2 a day doesnt sound op to me....i think you are allowed 1 serving a day??

i drink at least 2 cups of coffee a day as well.

08-09-2010, 03:31 PM
if i did just 1 can of tuna for lunch i would be STARVING. I put mine on a salad or eat with tomatoes and cucumbers....

Agree. My salads do not even fit in a single serving salad bowl. I eat mine out of a medium sized mixing bowl.

08-09-2010, 04:41 PM

murph-I also eat my salads in a mixing bowl! :)

Fat Melanie
08-09-2010, 05:19 PM
Yup SnackieJackie, you're right, a serving of nuts a day.

Yummy tuna and salad ideas too. I have a few more tuna/veggie combo suggestions. I like to make tuna salad with a bit of mayo and mustard, garlic and onion seasonings and stuff, with a lot of cut up veggies like celery, onion, SF dill pickles, sometimes green and red pepper. Then I like to cut up cucumber coins and have it on that, (like mini sandwiches), or in celery boats.

Like everyone suggested, having it on a salad is delicious. For lunch today I had a can of tuna on top of a huge bowl of salad (I too use those big mixing bowls for my salads). I had chopped romaine, tomato, green pepper, and a sesame oil/vinegar/garlic type dressing I made. (I'm in the asian food mood today!)

To get some more beans in, Criseyed, you could have them as a side dish for dinner in lieu of pasta and rice, or at breakfast (I've learned this recently from some of the members here, and it's a great idea!!). You can even throw them into a midday salad. Chickpeas (garbanzo beans) are a great choice for salads.

Dairy is really easy to get in. You could have a cup of FF milk here and there with meals or as snacks, and FF greek yogurt and FF cottage cheese are other delicious (and filling) options as snacks. When I had my FIL and his gf and some of her family members from Illinois come visit, I learned they like to use cottage cheese as a side dish with many meals. I'm not sure if that's a Midwesterner thing in particular or just my FIL and his gf's family type of thing, but it definitely influenced me a lot. So although I mostly use cottage cheese as a snack or after dinner snack, it's a good accompaniment to a meal in lieu of pastas and whatnot and I do this from time to time. And it's nutritious, filling, and a great way to easily get your dairy servings in.

08-10-2010, 09:14 AM
Thank you so much!

The oatmeal and nuts were pretty much the reason I need a do-over (and an unfortunate encounter with a lasagna). I was pretty surprised yesterday, I had my coffee and 2 breakfast "muffins" and didn't even need the energy shot all day. :) Kind of feel silly that it took me this long to realize maybe breakfast does make a difference. Definitely need to work on those vegetables. But yesterday I stocked up on celery, peppers, black beans and all those yummy things. That tuna salad sounds so good.

Day 1 of do-over was a success. :)

Fat Melanie
08-10-2010, 12:18 PM
Great job, Criseyed!!!!

Lasagna is hard to resist, it's so delicious. There are recipes in the Recipe forum for stuff like eggplant lasagna. I've never tried it because I'm afraid of the eggplant (never was a fan as a kid) but some people love it. (I plan on trying it someday.) There is a Deep Dish Spaghetti-Squash recipe as well that uses tomato sauce and stuff, and I made a take on that turning it into a type of lasagna/spaghetti bake type thing using ricotta and mozarella and tomato sauce which I posted in the forum if you ever want any ideas to make Italian dishes without the pasta. Spaghetti Squash is unbelievable... I tried it for the first time using that recipe and OMG! It looks just like thin spaghetti and makes you believe you're eating the real thing (if you've never tried it before).

08-10-2010, 02:22 PM
WTG criseyed! Keep it up :)

08-10-2010, 03:56 PM
You girls crack me up, I also am on a do over from months back, only this time my Dr told me I have to , or go on meds for sugar and cholesterol. So here I am just copied down the Ricotta Muffins as, I can't eat eggs often, never could. So keep up the good work girls !!