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08-07-2010, 06:45 AM
Some people get to sleep in on the weekend but my furry terrorists think it's a decadent habit. They woofed me awake and are now zzzzing on the couch after breakfast and potty. I can handle my own potty - so far ;) - but sure would like someone to make my breakfast.

My mini-vacance in Stratford was great. I'll do it again next year but for a longer time. Next time I'll drive because going by train takes too darn long and is a drag. The train had delays on both legs of the trip and again on the return. However, I guess it was less tiring than braving the traffic north of Toronto. Food was excellent but I will spare you a description of the gastronomic delights. I walked to dinner and the theatre which helped keep my ticker from lying.

Less than three weeks until Cape Breton with Cottage. I'd better get at my to do list............after another coffee, of course.

Hope your weekend is both fun and productive.

08-07-2010, 06:51 AM
Good Morning:sunny:

Hi, Ruth! I'm the one who derails any thoughts of weekend sleeping in here. Bing only obliges because his primary purpose in life is to follow me everywhere. I do hear Kirk stirring and will bring him some coffee. Glad to hear you had a nice trip. I agree on the train-we have a beautiful ride to Denver but it's hard to plan for an overnight when the train is 4 hours late. I hope you get lots of things crossed off your list. Linda is talking vacation, too. I'll have to google where you're going.

I'm up early working on our family cookbook. Bing and I have already been outside to check the weather-it's shaping up to be a nice one here. Today's agenda includes dog walking, bike riding, farmers market, pool stop, gardening and house organizing....possibly a bit of relaxation and healthy meal planning, too.

08-07-2010, 07:50 AM
It's lovely and cool here right now. I'm shivery and it feels great and makes the hot coffee taste even better! Marketing this morning, then Band Jam this afternoon. We've got a grand opening of a walking trail that my P&R Committee was instrumental in making happen. I think that's the first concrete thing we've accomplished in town, and local dignitaries attending, so it's a big moment. Then the Band Jam, then movie at the park. I volunteered everyone - DD2 and DS will sell snow cones and popcorn, and DH will run the movie equipment. DS not too happy with me LOL. Have a great weekend all.

08-07-2010, 08:08 AM
:coffee: Good morning!

Ruth, I'm glad you enjoyed your mini-vacation, but that's too bad about the train. There's been a lot of train delays lately, it seems. Caite and Carley's train broke down on the tracks and they had an hour delay when they left here on Tuesday. I bet Disney and Jazz woke you up early because they're delighted to have you back home. :) Enjoy your day, and start getting ready for your next vacation. I've already started packing my bags!

Debbie, I've been checking out that family cookbook site, and it sounds great! I made cookbooks for Monica and Andrea a few years ago, after they kept requesting different recipes. It was a lot of work, but they both loved them. It sounds like you have a very busy, but fun-filled day ahead. Enjoy!

Schmoodle, what are you doing up so early on a weekend? Your day sounds like fun, too! Isn't it a gorgeous day today?

The only thing I have planned is to load my dehydrator with tomatoes and see how they turn out. I gave it a trial run yesterday with peaches and apples, and they turned out great, although the peaches stuck to the trays and were hard to get off. I had to soak the trays in the bathtub overnight, but they were easy to rinse off this morning. :)
Well, Jake is ready to go for breakfast, so I'll check back in later.

Have a wonderful day!

08-07-2010, 08:24 AM
Good morning.

Ruth - I have no pets but somehow my internal clock never lets me sleep in. Glad you had a nice trip, despite the train.

Debbie - I like it when my DH sleeps longer and I get the house to myself for a while; quiet. Sounds like a busy day for you. Just got to Linda's post... will you share the site please? I have nagged my MIL for years to do a cookbook.

Schmoodle - Opening a walking trail sounds like a great accomplish. Hope you all enjoy the day.

Linda - I love dehydrated peaches! Yum.

Today we pick up DS2's out-of-town guest at the airport. I hope my son can find ways to entertain him for a week. There is another teen in town here involved but he has a job and commitments every day so won't be much help. No time for a bike ride so I will take advantage of the morning off to go to the farmer's market early.

Have a wonderful weekend all.

08-07-2010, 08:47 AM
Wow, look what happens when I sleep in :coffee2: I was up in the middle of the night with allergy yuckiness so caught up a little this morning.

Ruth - Bet those dogs missed you. I do love traveling by train but the delays must be frustrating. Happy day back home

Debbie - Sounds like another full day with a nice mix of things.

Schmoodle - I love cool nights and mornings. Hope the weather is perfect there and everything is a success (So nice to see you more often. I missed you!)

Cottage - Put the trays in the freezer for a few minutes and the fruit will come off easier. I've had the same problem with peaches. I like to sprinkle my tomatoes with basil and garlic powder. Yum

Karen - Happy Farmer's Marketing :) I just got an email that a local farm is having a big produce sale so I'm heading down there after breakfast. The cantaloupe are suddenly ready :drool: Can't save them but I do enjoy them right out of the field.

As usual I have too much planned for the weekend :) I'll get through what I can and do a little prioritizing after coffee (the first priority!). I want to pick blueberries once more, do some garden stuff, get the dehydrator loaded with peppers, clean a lot, do some laundry and defrost the little chest freezer and sort jars for dried stuff. I also need to stop at a friends and we plan to kayak tomorrow morning. Oh, and my bike really misses me. Hmm, that is a lot. Need more coffee

08-07-2010, 09:47 AM
Morning all!
Rushing to go take a bath and get ready to hit the road.
We are going to the Satchmo fest in the French Quarter. When we can't stand the heat any more, we are going to head down to the convention center and watch the Food Network Seafood Cookoff..should be a fun day.

08-07-2010, 10:36 AM
Nigeria here I come, the journey begins tomorrow! I will be gone 4 three weeks, I'll miss u all!

08-07-2010, 11:21 AM
Good Morning Ladies!

Ruth- I am glad you had a fun trip! Stinks about the train though... Without the delays that would be a nice laid back way to travel!

Schmoodle- Sounds like a fun filled day! Enjoy!

Debbie-I have never thought of doing a family cookbook, then again I don't have that many family recipes... Very cool idea though!

Cottage- I wonder if you could put parchment paper in the dehydrator to keep them from sticking? you're making me jealous- I really want a dehydrator!

Karen- Enjoy the farmers market! I may have to get by there this weekend myself!

Cyndi- lots on your agenda! Kayaking has always looked interesting to me but I have always been afraid I will tip the kayak over! lol... maybe I will give it a shot sometime next summer... hopefully when I am lighter!

Cat- Sounds like a fun day!

FO- WOW, big trip! See you in 3 weeks be careful and have fun!

As for me, not much going on... got the rest of the trim done yesterday so at least the house is back in order... Cleaning is on my mind today as well as running a few errands. I have 10 Kohls cash to use up and not necessarily looking forward to going into the store because its Tax free weekend here in TN... and the clothing stores can get a little nutty... Would like to check on some more furniture today but that is only if I can get my upstairs cleaned this morning!(motivation and reward ;)) Well, smoothie in hand I better get to my todo list!

08-07-2010, 12:32 PM
This may be one reason my To DO list keeps growing. Just got a FB message from a friend and we are off to her lake camp for the weekend. Oops :)

Rikki - kayaks seem hard to tip, like canoes. we are still renting them but are buying 2 in the spring because we've discovered we love it

08-07-2010, 03:39 PM
Whew! :bike2:

I set a goal for myself this month-100 miles on my bike. I've been all over the place. Now, home for the day! :cp: I wanted to say hi before doing my cleaning chore and starting lunch. I have a fun SBD dinner in the works, too and vegetarian at that!

Schmoodle, hope you're having fun right now. BTW JB was good! (and only 61)

Linda, Kirk loves his dried cherry tomatoes as snacks. I never thought of soaking the trays in the bathtubs. Hope your breakfast was nice.

Karen, Super easy! My bro bought a year subscription, but you could easily do it during their free month if you got organized beforehand.

Cyndi, your day sounds like mine....wish we lived closer.

Cat, I'll have to google Satchmo fest. Hope it was fun!

Okie, be safe and have fun! Think of us everyday and eat healthy, friend!

Rikki, Kohls today sounds like pre-holiday! Hope you got your chores done and earned your rewards. Have I said, "I'm glad you're back. I've missed you!"

08-07-2010, 08:57 PM
Hello! I'm back for another try, just about a year ago from my first try. Nothing astrologically significant about that. It's because the summer session ended and I have three weeks before school starts, and hope to get into a routine by then.

I'm very glad to see that nearly everyone who was so helpful to me last summer is still here. That says a lot about you, this forum, and South Beach, I think. (I bumped up my original post from a year ago, just before the cut-off date for closing, I think.)

08-08-2010, 07:38 AM
Xan! Welcome back! :wave:

Church this morning and then another day of "vacation". I may get a few house chores done or might just sit and read or sew on the porch. Rain is predicted so I can procrastinate about weeding for a while. ;)

Happy day of rest....if you can manage it.

08-08-2010, 08:31 AM
Happy Sunday! :coffee:

It's nice to see you back, Xan!

Ruth, I spent most of yesterday reading on the porch, and plan to do the same today in between loads of laundry. It feels good to have a lazy day now and then, doesn't it? :)

I wouldn't mind a rainy day for a change. We've had threats of rain, but nothing significant, and could really use it. I must get down to the garden today and pick beans and beets, and I know we'll have a lot ripe tomatoes, too. The ones I dried yesterday turned out great! Today I'm going to try my hand at drying blueberries.
It's supposed to be sunny and 87*, so Dustin and Andrea and the grandkids will probably be over this afternoon for a romp in the pool. I'd better look in the freezer to find something for supper.

08-08-2010, 10:02 AM
I'm back for another try, just about a year ago from my first try. Nothing astrologically significant about that.
I always enjoy your sense of humor, Xan. One thing that really helped me alot was to recognize just how fast the years go by. Keeping that in mind, I committed myself to 6 months on SBD, entirely On Plan. I said, it will probably fly by, and it did. The committment gave me strength when I felt like it wasn't working, when I still felt fat, when I wanted to give in to other foods. It motivated me to plan better, too.

Hi Ruth! I'd vote for sitting on the porch. :lol:

Linda, yum! blueberries!

Me, slept alot last night which is always good. Cookbook, church, bike ride, cleaning and dinner. Just another day for me which I like much better than the routine I was in.

Happy Sunday!

08-08-2010, 11:56 AM
Oh, I wish I had a porch to sit on! Enjoy, Ruth. (I live in a porchless, garden less, though not completely unpleasant when the neighbors aren't playing the stereo at assault level, apartment.)

Thanks for advice, Lexxiss! I know that. I'm just not very good at doing it.

We need rain too! We've had storms, two that took down huge, hundred year old trees, but no significant rain. It's been in the high 90 s all summer. I want to start walking, but cannot do it in this heat.

And so I read. I just finished The Reliable Wife, by Robert Goolrick. Several friends highly recommended it, and I'm glad I took their suggestion. It's an odd book, but very compelling. It's set in the Midwest about a hundred years ago. A man seeks a mail order bride. His voice is a schemer whose goal is widowhood. It's also about cold, and loneliness, and ultimately, as one review said, forgiveness.

And now, having read, I'm off to do taxes (the ones most people do April 15th. I lead a disheveled life.)

08-08-2010, 01:12 PM
Good morning chickies!

Xan- Good to see you back! I have just recently returned myself. Im in the same boat as you in the upper 90s the entire summer! unbelievable... I am just hoping fall is going to come soon and be a nice long season... That book sounds good I will have to put it in cue ;0)

Cyndi- I am paranoid of canoes too! Funny thing is I love love love the water and love to swim so I don't really know what I am afraid of?! Maybe trying to get back in....

Debbie-I've missed you too- all of you! Thatís why I am back! Nice that I got to keep in touch with several of you on fb though Wish it was cool enough here to get outside and exercise, I have been thinking of getting a bike and just may have to do it when the weather gets a bit cooler...

Ruth- I vote for reading on the porch... It rained here the other day and I just said forget it, I'll do the chores tomorrow... I read several chapters of my book, took a nap, and well, then did dinner and a few chores but it was a great day! Enjoy your day whatever you choose!

Linda- you're really making me want a dehydrator! I've wanted one for a while but I really have no place to put it... My mom told me my grandpa has one that he probably never uses and I am flying out to visit them in a couple weeks I may see if I can finagle a way to borrow it for a while while the garden is going!

As for me, I had-IMO- a huge NSV last night... We went out with friends downtown to a couple bars and at the first one I just had soda water and lime, and the second I had 2 glasses of pinot noir(and more soda with lime) which is exactly what I had planned to do. I don't think I have ever went out downtown, or possibly out any night to bars where I didn't just say screw it and drank beer or whatever I was feeling like! It definitely helped that the wine was good- And I think the scale rewarded me this morning for it! down almost 2.5lbs for the week! Yeay! SO I got my chores almost finished yesterday- just a little more tweaking left to do in the bedroom bath that I have to do and I am going to try to talk dh into running to the farmers market with me, and maybe to the furniture store if I can't I will just have to go myself. although I did tell him if he doesn't go to help me pick out the stuff he is not allowed to say anything negative about it! Even if it is just his opinion. bc it doesn't matter at that point that the furniture is sitting in the living room and there is no sense in bringing negativity into play!\rant.

08-08-2010, 02:51 PM
Morning Ruth, Debbie, Schmoodle, Cottage, Karen, Cyndi, Cat, and Rikki! Bon voyage, FoodO, and welcome back Xan! I'm new here, and I just finished Week 1, Ph1. I just realized I now get to say good morning to egg-dropping chickies (at home) and pound-dropping chickies (online).

Official first-week weigh-in this morning showed a 6 lb loss. That's FAR better than Week One when I went on SB last fall. I am pumped, to say the least. And DH is gone for 5 days, which should make Week Two a breeze, cooking only for myself.

Have a lovely restful Sunday, see you tomorrow!