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08-06-2010, 12:05 PM
I was just wondering if anyone may have insight on this, I have been doing the daily weighing thing(NOT getting discouraged;))BUT, my weight is up and down constantly. I am wondering if maybe it is my scale or if it is normal- I know my weight varies drastically sometimes, but usually when I eat foods that trigger inflammation. This isn't ,or hasn't been recently, drastically up or down but within 2lbs.

Also, if I step on it a few times at the same time or move it around the bathroom it changes. So I try to step on once and just go with that!

So, I guess my question is do you think maybe I need a new scale? or maybe my floor isn't level and causes it to change? Also, what kind of scales do you guys use and do they seem to be accurate(or at least weigh the same each time you stand on them)...


08-06-2010, 12:41 PM
I think it depends on your preference. Some people get nice digital scales and they stay the same (at least when you are moving them around but weighing at the same time).

I have a crappy old school scale. I'll get on, get off and it's at -2 pounds, re-zero it, get on, get off and it's at +2 pounds. I only count the weight if it's at zero when I get on and get off.

Also, my weight fluctuates wildly, going up and down by as much as 5 pounds. My sister has the same problem, and I do think it's related to inflammation, now that you mention it!

I weigh myself everyday, and the lowest weight that week is my "official" weight. Usually I will hit my lowest weight once a week at least, if not I have actually gained weight.

But I'm just wedded to my scale. I should probably get a new one, but I'm afraid I will weigh more on it and even though that's stupid I just feel comfy with my old scale.

08-06-2010, 01:16 PM
My digital one does this too!! I move it around and around and weight something different everywhere I go. I typically get on and off the digital one 3x and typically by try 2 and 3 the number is the same and I go with that. But like you my weight fluctuates so much. Even between hours from 2-5lb difference. Its frustrating

08-06-2010, 01:28 PM
My weight can shift as much as 5 lbs in a few days, often for no obvious reason. My floor is uneven but I try to use one spot. I think some of us just fluctuate a bit. I can often feel it in my more fit jeans too.

08-06-2010, 01:44 PM
Just watch this video. perfect explaination. (

He knows his stuff. He is a guy with a degree in kinesiolgy and is VERY knowledgable about the chemistry of the body/nutrition and just says stuff in terms one can easily understand. His videos are great and sensible in a cute funny way..."undergroundwellness"

08-06-2010, 01:56 PM
Have noticed my digital scale, is all over the place too.

Fat Melanie
08-06-2010, 02:10 PM
Femmecreole, I really liked that guy's video! In fact I am watching more of them. I like his approach and he's a cutie too.

Rdw1, I had an old school scale that forever gave me different readings, and always had to be re-zeroed out, and when I moved it from place to place it'd give different readings. I'm not sure if you have an old scale or a digital one though! I now own a great digital one.

As women though, our bodies fluctuate all throughout the day! It's usually just bloating, water retention, puffiness from sodium and other womenly things! :-)

It might be fun for you though to go out and find a scale that you really like, for reassurance.

08-06-2010, 02:55 PM
I think I may have worded my question wrong....

I have a digital scale... and like I said before the scale doesn't hurt my feelings... I am more wondering if it is normal to have a scale that fluctuates so much and from your responses apparently it is normal... I suppose I wil keep doing what I am doing...

I weigh everyday but I only count my sunday WI. I think a scale is a good tool for me- in finding which foods cause inflammation in me, I can usually tell somewhat when I wake up in the morning but the scale helps me confirm the way I feel- I don't jump on it to see if I am 10lbs lighter ;0) Although if that happens I would like it-but then probably realize my scale broke! haha

08-06-2010, 03:04 PM
Melanie...I'm just in love with him too. Like Dr. A...just makes sense. He has hundreds of videos, radio interview shows etc. His "poop" videos are great too. He is going places. I love his rant on Oprah's KFC offer and the one on parents who feed their kids crap while they are on a "diet". He takes complicated chemistry and makes it easy to understand.