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10-11-2002, 07:26 AM
I want to celebrate a good choice I made last night.

Dh and I had a big fight. This doesn't happen often and it's very upsetting. There was yelling and an exchange of harsh words.

I just wanted to get away, so I went into my office (in the house) and closed the door and just hung out on this website for a long time.

I realized this morning, that on many other occasions, I would have drowned my sorrows in overeating at that moment. . .maybe not MANY other occasions, but EVERY other such circumstance.

Yea! I am strengthening little by little.
(We made up later and everything is fine, btw)

So, anyone else want to share a positive choice you made recently? Accentuate the positive!


10-11-2002, 08:19 AM
Angi--That's what I call PROGRESS!! You dealt with an uncomfortable situation rather than eat your way through it. Good girl!!!


10-11-2002, 09:36 AM
Any time we turn away from food for comfort .. that's success!
Now go have wild make up sex and count it as exercise! :lol:


10-11-2002, 10:07 AM
Woohoooo! Little by little..we get there.

Dana..I agree...wild make up sex is very good exercise!