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08-02-2010, 10:28 PM
Hey guys... me and my DH are going camping starting friday WOOHOO!!! YAYYY&*

So anyway..I'm struggling thinking of foods to take.

So far for one night at supper its burgers, sweet potato, red peppers, onions, corn... (its a big meal i know, but i dont have too much of each and we usually eat Bison burgers)

the next night: my DH is in love with smokies and he thinks "it isnt camping with out them" So the next night were having some grilled asparagus, smokies, beans and cream corn..

I figure ill be alittle off but not too much Off Plan.


eggs (omelet) using up the spare onions, red peppers and asparagus.

orange juice ( i think im hypoglycemic and this seems to get me "jump started")

Lunch we will be eating in the town because we will be there anyway..etc.. So that is ok i can figure that out...

For some snacks i will probably have protein powder and orange juice just to keep me going/

But what do you guys think of it so far? Also any suggestions on some snacks we could have? we are trying to avoid things that really need to be in a fridge besides the eggs and meat..etc..Camping and being healthier is hard! hahaha

WELL THANKS for listening to me excited and trying to figure it out :P

Alana in Canada
08-02-2010, 10:38 PM
smokies and beans and cream corn would be too much for me at one meal! How many nights are you camping?

I love lean beef burritos--a pre-fry the meat with onions at home. (Lean ground beef, of course.) and then take tomatoes and cucumbers for chopping up. I do also take some low-fat sour cream for garnish.

I also like to have chili--again, pre-fried lean ground beef at home, and I mix the spices in a baggie to pop into the pot when we get there--along with a can of kidney beans. A little low-fat cheese--and you have a nice meal for you and a decent "side" to go with those smokies for your hubby.

(You could also use ground chicken in either of these recipes.)

Does that help?
Fresh fruit is always nice, too, for snacks.

08-03-2010, 01:18 AM
thats a great idea! i think he would be up for the chilli! :D

Definitely will have to add fruit to that list!