Mini-Goals - My weight tracking thready thingy...

08-02-2010, 06:20 AM
Soooo, I've decided to post here once a week (maybe a bit more) as and when I reach little goals that I have set myself. It'll probably be boring, but I'm hoping that reporting this somewhere will help me see how far I've come should I have an off day further down the line...

I have been eating well for 8 weeks. I eat three meals a day and do not snack as I find this works for me not to over-indulge. Also, setting three meals a day means I don't have to be so strict if, say, I'm invited to a friends for dinner. It will count as one of my meals but I won't fret too much (I don't like making a fuss because I'm allergic to nuts, so people who cook for me have that to contend with without having to also worry about the fact I'm watching my intake).

Then, 3 weeks ago I started gyming again properly. By properly I mean I go 4-5 times a week and burn between 500-700 calories (plus some weight and resistance training for toning and strength). I sometimes factor in a swim a week too, 1 mile in about 50 mins. I love the gym, I don't feel I do too much and am always looking forward to going back which is a good sign.

Weight wise, I started at 182 lbs (13 stone) about 8 weeks ago. This is the most I have ever been. My lowest weight has been 126lbs (9 stone) but I did it in a very unhelathy and dangerous way and I will not be going back to that way of living. Sometimes it's hard for me not to starve myself and thats the bit that requires the most willpower for me!

As of this morning, after a long weekend in the lakes hiking fells and eating plenty of fruit, my weight is 170lbs (12 stone 2lb)...bringing my weight loss in 8 weeks to quite a healthy 12lbs.

My goal weight is 140lbs (10 stone) which means I have 30 lbs to go (just over 2 stone) which I would like to do in 15-20 weeks.

I weigh once a week (I tend to get obsessive and weight everytime I eat and go to the loo). Monday mornings in PJs. So I'll update here...

I'll also be around giving support and taking a little support too ;)

And I will get round to posting pictures at some point so you can put a face to a name.

Abi x x x x

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Thanks you two *blush*

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Welcome and good luck !

08-03-2010, 10:13 AM
Thanks bargoo, and everyone else, seeing what you have acheived makes me feel like I am doing the right thing :)

So an update, for me and anyone who is interested. (I'm not sure if this is in the right place, but I'm also not sure how to move it :/)

I spent the weekend at the Lakes (Ullswater) with my sister. I wanted to give my metabolism a kick start so I only took fruit, bread, tuna salad, tinned fruit and sweetcorn. And lots of water. On the first day we walked for 6 hours. Firstly road walking to get to a gorgeous waterfall, walked to the top (many many stairs!) and then walked up and along a fell (Gowbarrow) to get back...a long walk and in my sleeping bag and asleep by 6pm (!)

Another day, another fell (Winder). Sunday was a shorter walk (about 3 hours in total) but a very steep one. I have never been more happy to see a random stone as I was to see the random white stone that marked the summit (tiny at 1550ft but quite large incline in my opinion). I had to stop and rest at times, my feet hurt, my legs ached from the previous day, but I did it! And my reward on the way home? A skinny hot choc from Cafe Nero.

I didnt eat much over the weekend, just to fuel. Drank pleanty, but the amount of calories I took with me in total was about 3000 and I had some food left.

So yesterday. Was in a bad place, didnt eat much:
2 x wheatabix with skimmed milk and a little honey
Salad sandwich from the Uni shop
Toast and a low fat yoghurt...

Not enough fruit and not enough calories but I didnt go to the gym because I needed a break from the weekend.

Two slices of toast with a tiny bit of marge
Couscous and peas
Small chicken sandwich
Will be bean,lentil and veggie soup with maybe a fruit salad.

I'll be going to the gym and aim to burn 700 cals and do some weights and toning things...

Monday will be my day of dread...I mean weighing (;)) and I will try to post as often as I can, either for myself or anyone who wants to know. If anyone has similar aspirations as me in terms of weightloss and similar starting/ending weights, let me know and we could maybe make a little support group as well...

Over and out for now x x x x

08-04-2010, 05:31 AM
Made it to the gym dispite being really tired (with some help from my man geeing me up)...had quite a good session, 45 mins cross-training/elliptical and 10 mins rowing. Total calories expended = approx 550...a little less than I was hoping but had a small dinner when I got home. Today so far, two slices of toast, tea and a bottle of water. Got a bagel and fruit for lunch because I'm going out for dinner and want to try and keep it light during the day...I'm sorry if this is really boring, I'm just trying to keep an accountability thingy for myself ;)
Hope everyone's well and happy today
x x x

08-04-2010, 03:16 PM
Good job, keep it up!

08-05-2010, 08:24 AM
Thanks Sonata...:)

So no gym yesterday as I was dinnering with my man shape. I had a chicke breast sandwich and some chips. I'd kept my cals down during the day by not having too much so when we got to the pub I'd only had 600cals so far and knew I wouldnt be eating again that day. I was really panicking after I ate (a fimiliar scary feeling from when I was out of conrol with restricting) but I tried to chill out and told myself I will work extra hard at the gym, which I will. I dont know how many clories I ate exactly, I wasnt overly full and stoped when I was satisfied but there's this niggle that I have undone everything I have worked to acheive...:(

I'm going to sneak to the gym today during work (naughty!) because I just had a meeting so I have a couple of days grace. Today so far just two slices of toast and a mug of tea. A little light marge on the toast (might get some low fat jam or marmite to shake it up a bit)...I will try and get to 700cals to cover today and yesterday.

I am dog sitting a rottie over the weekend so hopefully will get in some decent walks with her (she may walk me!) and I will work hard not to eat the owners naughty foods as Im staying over at their house...might not have the interwebs there but will try and update.

So yeah, feeling good because of pending gym and also my PhD supervisor has nearly finished a paper for a journal so then I will be a published scientist. Feeling less good because of last night and the fact I'm worried about weigh in on Monday...I will be gutted if I'm not a lb down at least :(

x x x x x

08-07-2010, 06:17 AM
Wow you really do a great job tracking you exercise! I did it a very long time ago, I remember post grad school/work as being really stressful. I also had two babies in two years, which goes to show how silly and young I once was!

Have you ever considered weighing in on a day other than Monday? I switched from Monday to Thurday about 4 weeks ago. I can't explain why but it really feels far less stressful.

I am new here and don't want to be overly aggressive with the advice but this has helped me alot and I hope this suggestion is useful to you.

08-09-2010, 07:08 PM
I am new here and don't want to be overly aggressive with the advice but this has helped me alot and I hope this suggestion is useful to you.

Aw there's no worries with that hun :hug: I was considering it as weekends are for enjoying (although I tend to use them for exercise binges ;) I've not been keeping up with writing on here as I've been on the August acountability thread...I try and write there every day. Everyone's really friendly so don't worry about getting stuck in, I'm fairly new too and have been made so welcome :D

x x x