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08-23-2010, 12:47 PM
Just a quick stop- I created the attached pdf yesterday to use in planning my week. I thought I'd share! It has the calorie and item allotments for 1600, 1800 & 2000. I can see it already needs some tweeks, so feel free to comment if you have ideas on how it might work better.


08-23-2010, 01:15 PM
hi everyone. just checking in.

i'm set to be on plan today and to go back to the gym.

school started today so that was emotionally charging. was not expecting that.

we had a great weekend. ate on plan MOSTLY. I ate one bad thing. Moved on. Then this morning, i was up 2 lbs! what? well, i guess it's water b/c nothing I ate was so off my plan or in abundance of what I'm allowed. so oh well, i'm sure it will be back off tomorrow. just so strange to see it.

stress is high so it's imperative that i stick to smart eating and work outs. it's like life is a basket of laundry. you can wash it, fold it and put it away, but somehow it's full again 2 days later.

08-23-2010, 02:14 PM
I've spent the morning reading through the forum and catching up on food-planning. I'm still trying to determine when is the best time to plan for my meals. This seems to require that I plan the rest of my life, which is necessary, but -- WHOA -- difficult! I'm still learning, and I appreciate all the insight into the practical details of planning and re-organizing.

maryblu & AmberPr: Thanks for the offer of a diet buddy. Right now I'm still testing the waters of the forum (and planning planning planning) but I may need more help in the future. As for English majors, maryblu, well: sometimes I feel crazy to be so involved in reading, but in the end I think it makes the world a better place. :) Hope I live up to your experiences with other Lit folks!

seadwaters: Thanks for the affirmation that this is a great place to have found, and that my goals are appropriate if difficult. It actually helps me when I hear that others struggle with what some people seem to accomplish so easily -- like cleaning and organizing and eating mindfully. I already feel like I'm not facing these changes alone!

alma4343: That's great advice about *when* to plan the next day. Sometimes I'm exhausted at night, and so planning at that point is just painful. I'm trying different approaches. I think that planning while eating lunch is perhaps just a revision of the Beck "eating mindfully." I imagine it might actually make you more conscious of how you're eating? OR am I rationalizing? :)

Starling: You rock for all that homeschooling! Looking forward to hearing more from you.

BillBlueEyes: Thanks for the quotes you attach to your messages, for the very colorful welcome, and for the "credit moi" phrasing. I may just steal that! ;)

I came to the Beck books through my partner, who loves to distract herself with thrift-store browsing, and came home with the Pink workbook. I browsed through that, and was excited by seeing so much detail for changing the way you eat/live/think. As I mentioned, I was seeing an occupational therapist once a week on a Lifestyle Redesign Program, which began my process of balancing my life. But once our sessions ended, I was having trouble motivating myself. I had a lot of ideas in my head -- I knew what I needed to do -- but I just needed more help, more tools. So the Beck workbook seemed sent by the Universe. THEN, I found the accompanying textbook on sale at B&N for $5. Again, the Universe seemed to be telling me something. And yet again, when my first google search "Beck Diet Buddies" produced this link among the first results. So here I am!

And I feel blessed!

Thanks again, to all. More soon.


08-23-2010, 05:58 PM
Hi all!

Can I just say that YOU ALL ROCK!! Thank you so much for all your kind words. When I came home that night, DH was very helpful and although he said that my post made me sound crazy, he thought that the 30 minutes of frantic eating wouldn't harm me much. Well...I don't know what happened, but I LOST weight! Maybe my metabolism needed a kickstart, or maybe it was just that saying "out loud" what I did was what I needed to get me back on track. I'm at my lowest weight in over 6 years! :carrot:

I've got to run, but I will post all the personals tomorrow morning - I promise!

:hug: to everyone!!!

08-23-2010, 06:28 PM
Hi everyone! I can't believe how active you are on here! I turn my back for the weekend and there is just sooo much to catch up on!
Friday was my Hunger day. I did fine. Ate breakfast around 9ish. Didn't eat dinner until 7ish. Surprisingly, I felt fine all day. I even did well at the grocery store. At the time, I felt like I ate the whole world for dinner, but reflecting back, I only had part of my pasta. And half a chocolate cake. And the rest of my weekend was an "OMG I'm restricting my diet on Monday so I have to eat the whole world" kind of deal. Oops.
Yesterday I planned my meals through Thursday. I guess half a week at a time is good for me (credit). Also went grocery shopping and prepared what needed preparing (credit). Today I've been taking the stairs (credit), which I haven't done in months. I've also been on plan all day and tracking my food journal as I go (credit). Oh and I read my ARC (credit). I also got a note card app for my phone and am in the process of moving all of my cards onto that (already have my ARC there, and it's on my phone's task bar all day, so it always reminds me!).
Does everyone weigh daily? I did before...but I don't think it's right for me. Hmmm. Maybe I'll try it again. I like it so much better just going to my Weight Watchers meeting, and that's it. We'll see.
I hope everyone is having a nice day!

08-23-2010, 10:08 PM
Greetings Beck People, and thank you for your very warm welcome! :goodvibes:

Previously, I had drastic swings in my blood sugar level. I would shake uncontrollably and be sick if I didn't eat. My food plan eliminated all white sugar/white flour and my BS is very stable now.

Thanks, I hadn't thought of that! The plan I chose involves cutting back on sugar / white flour but there might be big advantages to cutting them out completely.

habits like always making sure that you have an on-plan snack with you

That makes a lot of sense! I'm pretty careless about that, and it has definitely caused trouble.

Congrats for completing nine years of home schooling. ...Sending supportive thoughts for both of you in making this rather major transition.

Thank you! ...One aspect of The Homeschooling Life ;) that I hope doesn't change is, the way everything turns into a science experiment. I hope DS doesn't decide that that sort of thing is "uncool".

One of our current projects is trying out a special form of composting using a "BioPod". This sort of relates to the Beck program, so I'll go ahead and describe it... :comp: BioPod composting is a lot like vermiculture, but instead of using worms, you're using a special species of grub* to break the food scraps down. When the grubs are ready to pupate, they naturally crawl away from their compost. The BioPod (which looks like a toddler's training potty :lol: ) has an area inside for the grubs and food scraps, and a ramp that leads up out of the compost. When the grubs are ready, they wiggle their way up the ramp, and fall over the edge right into a collection bucket. The grubs are similar to mealworms and you can feed them to chickens, fish, herps, or, in our case, pet starlings :D

Get rid of extra food. It'll be wasted in the trash can or in my body. Either way, it's wasted.

Yesterday my DH found a half-full bag of potato chips and said "Yuck, these are stale". Ordinarily I would have a really hard time throwing something like that away. But I gave it to my grubs! "Here you are babies, look what mama has for you!" :lol:

* For those of you who are biologically inclined. Technically a "grub" is a beetle larva. The organism here is the Black Soldier Fly, so the larvae are actually, um, well, they're maggots. :eek: I try not to think about it :lol:

08-23-2010, 11:42 PM
Well, our trip to the beach went OK, but the night before we left, I hurt my back so I was unable to walk on the beach at all. I don't think I have ever gone to the beach w/o taking at least one walk a day in the sand, no matter what the weather. But low back pain and sand-walking don't mix.
It was difficult to make a plan as we were eating out at least once a day. But I did my best. Of the 3 dinners out I : split a meal with my husband; ordered a cup of chowder and a side salad for my meal. CREDIT!!
I was able to get on the treadmill today and am not in pain as a result. I hope to do some gentle yoga this week.

-most evenings I am writing out a food plan for the next day
-my in-laws are visiting and I am not stuffing food in my mouth at every turn
-I found the "pink book" at a used book store and am so glad I bought it; I love the workbook, but the book-book has so much more...

WI: 164.6

Someone was looking for a diet buddy: I'm open!!

Starling, I did not see your original post about homeschooling, but I'm a HS mama too!

That's it for now. Keep on everyone!


08-24-2010, 01:05 AM
Well, I have been going a little off plan each day. I am still doing fine with my calories, but not sticking to my plan. In the past, I tend to make it to the 12 week mark in dieting and then it all goes down hill. This is week 9. So, I need to find a way to stay on track!

exercise x 2
Credit for staying in calorie plan
Planned next 2 days


madrikh: Sorry about the back pain, it is so hard to exercise with pain. I hope it starts feeling better soon.

Starling: Hey, if you stick to your diet you will have some very happy grubs over there! Welcome to the Beck Board

ade903: I do not weight daily. I TRY to just weigh once a week. However, on days like today, where I wake up feeling "light" I usually weigh. So, I usually weigh 2x a week and only count one, my wednesday weigh in. I have done WW in the past and I use a lot of the principals still. I am counting calories now.

MorganleFay: CONGRATULATIONS! Lowest weight in 6 years is a big accomplishment. I am glad your husband was so supportive.

MaryContrary: I agree with stealing "credit moi" I don't write it but now I actually think it everytime I give myself credit ;) Looks like we have very similar goals and starting weight. I started 5 lbs higher and want to lose about 5 less pounds. My weight loss has been SUPER slow. But, I am finding it easier to tolerate using Beck principles.

Houston2Command: Good luck during this super busy time, I hope you can keep that basket from overflowing ;

AmberPr: Thanks for sharing the spreadsheet. I downloaded and will look at it more later.

Shepherdess: The Beck crew seems to be doing a lot of cleaning out lately. It has motivated me and I now have 3 bags of clothes to take to the womens shelter.

new2me2: Hope the teeth are OK. I go to the dentist tomorrow :(

onebyone: Credit for not letting those sabotaging thoughts keep you from staying on plan and moving forward with planning and healthy shopping!

gardenerjoy: Yippee on the new low! This Richard simmons food mover is interesting, I will have to look it up.

Beverlyjoy: Glad your rash has been diagnosed. I am sure you are ready to get the foot/ankle surgery over with. Hope it is soon.

maryblu: I am really jealous of your night time swim. It makes me want to live where the water is warmer.

Lexxiss: The mushroom meal sounds so good. Great staying on plan.

BillBlueEyes: I will have to try the arctic zero ice cream. Sounds interesting. I love ice cream.

Nuxmaga: Hello, I have only been here about a month.

Have a great week and thanks for being here.

08-24-2010, 06:34 AM
Hi Coaches

Home late and about to eat so need to hurry (dinner burning I think!). An on plan day - not hungry but could have been tempted by interesting food. Stopped for petrol and didn't buy chocolate - skim milk instead.

Progress - :df:
- I motivated myself by reading A&R cards - No
- Consciously gave credit for positive eating / exercise behaviours - Yes
- Limit junk food to once per day - No junk food
- Made food plan - Yes
- Logged food soon after eating - No
- Food on-plan - Yes
- Ate seated every time - yes
- Ate mindfully & slowly & put down fork occasionally - Yes
- Weighed myself - Yes - up .5 - 212.2
- Exercise - No

Working on - :running:
What to eat as usual - hate carrying food when I am a nomad and have nowhere to keep food or lunch. New diet means I can't eat at the city canteen

Have a good day Beckies

08-24-2010, 07:05 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - A friendly neighbor brought over a large slice of blueberry pie - homemade from personally harvested blueberries, with portions made by her 3 year old daughter. (Yesterday it was established that I am a "push over" for little cuties, LOL.) Had to adjust my plan to eat half of it; will have the other half tonight. Sorta partial CREDIT moi, I suppose.

Put on the Goretex to walk to the gym, CREDIT moi. This time I didn't hesitate as I sometimes do. It was time for gym so the decision was what was the appropriate clothing to wear, not whether to skip gym due to weather. Hope this way of thinking persists.

maryblu - Moonlight swim on a private lake, <sigh> . . . now you got me thinking about moving to Minnesota again.

onebyone - Monster Kudos for coming right back with the Helpful Response, "I only have to do this for today. I don't have to do this forever." You're on your game. Good idea to resurrect your No Seconds rule.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Yay for finding what it takes to get you to eat more. Double Yay for an adult having a favorite color. Triple Yay because it's purple.

Beverlyjoy - Thank goodness for some answers, even though I agree with your thought, "I'd rather NOT be rare." Am glad that you now can get back to having a realistic goal date for your surgery.

nomad (Seadwaters) - Skim milk instead of chocolate from the petrol station is Kudos worthy to be sure. (And I like typing 'petrol' - wish we used that instead of 'gas' which can be confused with gaseous gas.)

Shepherdess - So interesting, "It’s so much easier to stick to my plan when the house isn’t in chaos." Chaos does seem like permission to be in chaos in other parts of my life.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Oh yes, fresh wild mushrooms are a reason to quickly adjust the plan. Drooling here at the thought. Kudos for doing the bike "even though I didn't feel like it."

Donna (new2me2) - Ouch for visiting the dentist; hope he solves the problem to your liking. Good work continuing your de-cluttering.

Houston2Command - LMAO at, "life is a basket of laundry. you can wash it, fold it and put it away, but somehow it's full again 2 days later."

Amber (AmberPr) - Your plan is neat to have three choices. (There seems to be a typo in some lunch sub-totals, although the individual items and day totals add up.)

Alma (Alma4343) - Smart thinking to be aware that 12 weeks is a key time for you. Just saying it out loud is a big step toward getting through it.

MorganleFay - Congrats on lowest weight in six years. You're moving on.

Marci (madrikh) - Ouch for lower back pain; that's the pits. Hope it recovers. Kudos for splitting a meal with your DH.

Ashley (ade903) - Kudos for doing those stairs. I find it easy to incorporate stairs into my life and not even think about them. Yep, I weigh daily; for me, seeing the scale jitter daily make it easier to see the real trend. YMMV.

MaryContrary - Congrats for choosing a partner who not only does thrift-store browsing but also brings you the treasures. Double pleasure type of thing. Yep, planning works. It's helpful to think of planning for the next few months and you can make a decision what to do after that. I can find myself stuck when I try to envision something for the rest of my life.

Carol (Starling) - Now you've got me researching "BioPod" - that's super neat; I want one. Not sure what to do with the soldier grubs since I don't have birds to feed. We have a compost bin with red worms to make our garden mulch. I like to think of them as 1000 pets so I don't have to toss food away - just feeding my pets. Like you did with the stale chips.

Readers - day 36
Believe It

When Brenda came to see me, she had more than 125 pounds she wanted to lose - and was convinced that she'd never be able to lose it. After all, despite the fact that she had "been on a diet" for 35 years, she was still growing heavier rather than lighter. She felt doomed to endlessly repeat her cycle of crash dieting, followed by out-of-control eating.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 239.

08-24-2010, 08:25 AM
OK! This is it! My ticker is back to telling the truth and I'm darned sick of seeing it so away it goes. (Credit)
The Beck Book is gathering dust on the kitchen table so I've packed it to take on my relaxing vacation in Cape Breton. I promise to read it daily. (Credit)
I am sick of being stuck at the same weight and will get it down more before I go to Italy!

08-24-2010, 09:00 AM the directions. Or in my case, read the blueprint. I can't call BDSL anything else. It is the key to success, the script, the formula. Really am liking the green book being more structured than the pink. Who knew?

Feels good being back on track..surprises me how much dedication, focus and commitment it is taking. It's not like it's hard to do, you just gotta do it. Not sure why I got so off track, but I think it was just being rebellious..trying to prove I *could..and not gain wt. *sigh. I guess not.

Thanks again, Seadwaters, for asking the right question.

The one I will ask all my dear Beckies today is:

Are you 100% positive that if you follow the Beck blueprint step-by-step that you will succeed in your weight loss/control effort?

08-24-2010, 09:49 AM
Hi Coaches:

It's cheap movie day today and my pick so if we make it on time we will see Toystory3 (in 3D!). So, for today, no poporn for me. I think I should bring in a big bottle of water. I don't drink diet stuff. I can get a coffee though... that is problable what I'll have water and coffee - maybe pack my lunch even. Depends if I go directly to the theatre from work of if I go from home with DH.
credit for thinking about this in advance and forming a plan of action.

Stayed OP yesterday. credit.
Ate sitting down and consciously credit
cooked food from scratch credit

This morning I put a tiny layer of olive oil Becel on my one piece of whole grain bread. My foodplan says to eat dry toast.
Like black coffee it makes me feel yukky and makes me feel like not doing this particular foodplan which is 99% okay besides these two points. So I cut myself some slack and allowed the marg on the toast. It makes me more overall compliant which I think is better than harbouring a foodplan resentment.

What do you guys think? Am I rationalizing? Do you think it is okay to tweak a plan to suit you? Or are you supposed to always follow something to the letter?

gotta run. Have a good tuesday-day.

08-24-2010, 09:54 AM
The canning went very well. Just a single batch of pepper rings, but I needed an easy place to start. With something I had all ingredients for in house. Next on the list is a big batch of salsa. I have never done this before and am very happy to be able to put this into action.

Great walk yesterday. I can keep my pace much better and the hills aren't slowing my down as much as they use to. Still working on the exercise plan for the in between days....Maybe because when I don't want to "do", I "plan".

Busy week as usual, but also big goals I hope to accomplish around the house. I am feeling a little blah this week. I am hoping it is not my motivation wavering.

here's to moving forward!

Billblueeyes- always good to find a tasty treat that fits into plan, even better when you can "window shop" for ice cream and not need to buy it on the spot. ;-) Kudos for knowing the right decision is what to wear to accommodate the less than ideal weather not weather on not you skip the workout due to the weather. With some re wording there might need to be a card of this for myself. thanks for the perspective.

Lexxiss- a healthy pot luck = big credit, and the wild mushrooms sound delish!

maryblu- I might have to order that green book. (or keep an eye out for a good deal on it while I finish my pink one.) I believe that some of my resistance is rebellion also.

beverlyjoy- glad you were able to get some answers to your skin issues. Sounds painfully miserable, hope you are healing nicely. good luck on moving forward on plan.

gardenerjoy- you have me intrigued. I think I might have to get this "walk it out" myself. once the kids are off for school, I may be able to have the wii without any witnesses. ;-)

oneboyne- it can be so frustrating when those sabotaging thoughts get into our heads. Credit for staying on plan with your brother and his juicy temptation AND for remembering that hunger is not an emergency. Glad your lunch was worth the wait. The best validation that the right decision was made. also + for your excellent shopping experience.

new2me2- hope the dentist went ok.

shepherdess- I can relate to the chaos of the house effecting other areas of my life. It is a huge distraction to my goals. hoping to get it under control and finding the freedom to just let go.

Houston2command- your analogy of stress like a basket of laundry is SO true. here's to moving on.

marycontrary- I was resistant at first to meal planning. I knew that would take things to another level at planning other areas of my life to be able to accommodate. Slowly it is coming together and honestly most of the other planning fell into place more naturally than I expected. It has actually taken some stress off the day to have these things in order.

ade903- i put my card on my phone as well. It really helps when I am on the go, or sitting somewhere. Especially if I skipped one of my planned readings. (which happens often.) I track my weight once a week. Monday. If I need more feedback I will weigh again on Thursday, but just as a guide. I do not record this weight officially and I am trying not to weigh this second time at all.

Starling- your bio pod sounds very neat. I bet the starlings love it when your grubs are ready. ;-) as will the grubs enjoy your new eating habits.

Madrikh- sorry to hear about the beach walk. Hope your back is feeling better soon.

alma4343- I slowly feel myself doing some slipping. It must be reality check time. I think looking back a few chapters may be in order.

Ruth- best of luck, glad to hear you dusted off your book.

08-24-2010, 10:14 AM
Food went well yesterday with the nephew to feed. And exercise went well with lots of squatting and bending and lunging in the garden. Not so good -- allergy reaction from being outside all day. Today's challenge will be finding a way to cope with nasal symptoms and fatigue without overeating. Overeating is not a cure for either!

WI: NC in kg, Exercise: +60 1385/1800 minutes for August, Food: 90%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Onebyone: yep! I definitely tweak my plan. In all likelihood, you'll lose weight anyway. If you don't, then you can tweak it in a different way.

maryblu: that question reminds me of an article that was recently published in the Weight Loss News section of 3FC. Turns out many women would give up sex or cell phone usage or any number of other things to lose weight. Smart 3FCers pointed out how stupid the question was. What we need to know is whether women will give up overeating and skipping exercise in order to lose weight, since that's actually what it takes.
I am 100% positive that following Beck step-by-step will lead to success in my weight loss effort. Even better, I don't have to be 100% perfect at doing that and it will stil do the job!

Ruthxxx: yay for renewed commitment and a plan for following through!

Hello to everyone else! And thanks for making this such a busy and vibrant corner of the web!

08-24-2010, 10:49 AM
Good morning coaches!

Well, the tooth was pulled and an implant put in. I've got stiches and sort of weird looking metal thingy in there now. :D I "knew" it was a possibility, but truly expected he'd have me come back another day for the actual extraction, so I'm a little unprepared, lol.

I have to eat soft foods for 6-8 weeks! :eek: Didn't see THAT coming! That kind of throws my eating plan, lol. So, after I finish here I'm going to sit down with my food log and WW points calculator and figure out what soft foods can fit with the WW plan. My protein shakes are perfect, so they can stay, but I'll need something more portable for work. The main problem I can see here is that most soft foods other than eggs are kind of empty carby type things...I'd rather not load up on those. :p They make coconut milk yogurt commercially, but it has a lot of sugar in it...even the plain version. {{sigh}}

I took the day off work because I'm still quite sore, and I had quite a fitful night of sleep...just couldn't get comfortable. The bleeding has slowed to almost nothing, but I'm keeping ice handy today to keep the swelling down so I can go to work tomorrow looking somewhat normal. :D

I'm on pain meds (refused Vicodin and am taking Naproxen which sits better with my stomach), and antibiotics.

I weighed 1 pound less this morning, which puts me at a NEW LOW, but pretty sure that's some dehydration as I didn't drink as much water yesterday as I normally do, and virtually nothing after the procedure. I fully expect that pound will come back when I hydrate.

Did no's orders. Also did not do the decluttering...all I did indeed feel like doing was laying on the couch with an ice pack...and that's just what I did. :o I will do some Walk It Out later, and will declutter the area on the floor next to the couch today at some point.

onebyone Good for you for recognizing that sabotaging thought!! Kick it in the patooty! :D Great job with your visit with your brother!! And, great plan for the movie day!! And regarding tweaking...I guess I think it's okay since I do it kind of regularly. I DO think there is a "line" somewhere where tweaking becomes rationalizing, but really I do think a "plan" has to be livable to work. Our WW leader has talked about something similar. In essence: A couple of small tweaks would be fine, but if weight loss stalls or you start gaining, then perhaps there has been too much tweaking. And, in the end the "plan" that Beck talks about is what you plan for the day, not necessarily what your food plan says you can have.

Shepherdess Ouch for the nibbling response...I've done the same thing in the past, and sometimes I still get that thought in my head!

Houston2Command Good for you for recognizing that you have to stick to smart eating under stress!

MaryContrary One thing at a time, lol. The food thing is important...the rest will come later...a sort of natural progression I think.

MorganleFay Congratulations for a great SIX YEAR LOW!!!! :carrot:

ade903 It IS surprising how long we can go without food isn't it?! I think that is the whole point of the exercise, but it still short of "shocks" me, lol. I weigh daily because it keeps me accountable in a way. I can see daily fluctuations and don't get overly excited about them anymore, but can also tell when the trend is going up and need to take action.

Starling LOL on feeding the grubs!

madrikh Great job on eating out! Sorry to hear about the bad back! Major credit for not overeating while in-laws are visitng!

Alma4343 Perhaps just recognizing that you seem to go off plan at 12 weeks will help you this time. Good luck at the dentist!

seadwaters(Cheryl) Wow, sounds like you had a great eating day...on plan, not hungry, not tempted by interesting food (LOL) and no chocolate! Very nice!

BillBlueEyes What a very good Beckie pushover you are! Kudos on the Goretex! :)

Ruthxxx Sounds like you have a great plan! Good for you for taking ation!

maryblu In answer to your question...I say YES, I am 100% sure that if I follow the Beck principles I will succeed in my weight loss/control effort. I've already seen the results of what adopting even some of them can do.

newbebop I am totally in awe of you all that can do things like canning, lol! It amazes me. Great job on increased exercise capacity!! That's a great sign of progress!

08-24-2010, 11:51 AM
Hello Beck friends:wave:

Today would be a great day for emotional eating and I'm making a commitment to not let other peoples' "stuff" take me there. It has helped me to sit down and write personals and calm down. I need to stay home and "caretake" today and think I'll use this opportunity to declutter. There are a lot of us doing it these days! My spaces I've dealt with feel really good! I have a food plan and I'm sticking with it.

BillBlueEyes, as with the mushrooms, I feel there is a time when we need to enjoy the harvest, in moderation, of course. I think *credit* is due; 1 for enjoying it and 2 for saving part for later. Yay! for Goretex!

Beverlyjoy, I'm glad to hear they are figuring things out. *credit* for willingness.

gardenerjoy, I hope your allergies calm down today and *credit* for recognizing overeating wont' help! PS I love the RS Foodmover, although I don't have one. It's like bingo or something!

newbebop, I've been thinking of making salsa, too. Time to do a little research. Great job on the walking! I'll bet it feels good to see improvement!

onebyone, I have tweaked my foodplan in a few places-I think it's important to be following something you can live with. If a bit of margarine is what makes your toast edible, I would suggest putting it in "your" plan and make it standard. *credit* for thinking it through.

maryblu, "yes".

Ruth, *credit* for book cleaning. I found it really helpful to take it "one day at a time". I have really found that the principles stick in my head and help me through food challenges.

Cheryl (seadwaters), *credit* for another day without junk food and for not being tempted by "interesting food" when you aren't even hungry.

Alma4343, *credit* for recognizing past dieting mistakes and making a commitment to finding a way to stay on track! Beck really helps!

Marci (madrikh), good to hear from you but sorry your back is bothering you. It sounds like you have a plan for taking care of yourself. *credit*

Carol (Starling), thanks for the science lesson! I, too, have red worms for composting. These guys sound pretty reliable.
*credit* for getting rid of the chips!

Ashley (ade903), I have an "official scale" at my health club, but I step on my home scale daily. I really believe that using the scale as "information", as Beck suggests is really helpful. I don't stress about numbers anymore. *credit* for jumping right into the planning mode.

MaryContrary, *credit* for taking on the task of planning even when it doesn't come naturally. I personally try to plan on Sunday afternoon when I don't have bunches of responsibilites.

Houston2Command, sticking to smart eating and work outs during stressful times is a key for long term success. *credit*

AmberPr, thx for the attachment!

Shepherdess, *credit* for taking decluttering steps recognizing it does relate to your food. Me, too. I've been working on it. ...think it has to do with recognizing that I'll be spending far more time indoors as Fall turns to Winter.

Donna (new2me2), Wow! It sounds like you have some challenging weeks ahead of you. These are the times I am so happy to be with Dr. Beck's tools. I am confident you will pull it off just fine! Thanks for taking the time to update us even though you aren't feeling up to par.

Nuxmaga, go to hear from you! *credit* for recognizing when your eating gets squirrely and doing something about it!

08-24-2010, 12:28 PM
hi everyone. i really try to read everyone's posts but forgive me for always blowing in and out.

i worked out and burned 500+ calories. SUPER CREDIT.
and went to the grocery store. CREDIT.

I lost 1 inch more. But the scale refuses to budge. It infuriates me. I know the inch is more important but my mind says SCALE! aaaah. i hate that thing. (except when it does what I want).

08-24-2010, 01:45 PM

Which makes me really nervous, as I have this perpetual fear of failing or not meeting expectations. Not like y'all have any expectations of me. Welcome to my crazy world. :^:

Let me listen to my therapist and start with credits (the positives):

CREDIT -- joining a gym even though we never ever have the $$$
CREDIT -- Keeping mindful eating as a goal even when I'm sharing an unplanned burger and fries with my partner.
CREDIT -- Sharing a meal rather than ordering and consuming separate meals.
CREDIT -- Getting back on track after these unplanned moments, such as making sure I drink plenty of water and eat a healthy snack.
CREDIT -- Sitting down to this forum for the 3rd morning in a row.
CREDIT -- Reading my R&A cards.

Okay, so the "negative" stuff. I totally went off plan because my partner wanted to indulge in some emotional eating and I have an incredibly hard time saying NO. I have recognized that this is an issue, that the world will not end if I say "no, thank you" -- but I'm still working on developing the right resistance techniques.

Also, and perhaps more problematically, I stopped ticking off my FP after this indulgence. I didn't wrap up the day, and I didn't plan for today. So I'm sensing, more and more, that planning for the week is what would help me to best stay on track. That's my next goal.

A few personals:

Congrats MorganleFay!

Starling: I can see how the BioPod relates to the Beck plan, especially in terms of an experiment! I wonder if the BioPod can take on more symbolic "letting go" type of power??? Hmmmmmm.....

Alma4343: Not only do we have similar weight goals, we seem to be doing similar stuff with our plans -- staying on calorie, but not following the plan precisely. Here's a question for long-term Becksters: How did you approach The Plan in the beginning? My understanding is that the point is to learn to follow precisely and then, once you've gotten into these habits, you can learn to be more flexible? OH! The pain of commitment. :listen:

BillBlueEyes: MAJOR credit toi for being able to eat only half of homemade blueberry pie served by an adorable little being! My step-grandkids love to share with their Mary, and they make it super-hard to resist homemade chocolate-chip pancakes, which are not even my favorite.

maryblu: an excellent question, and I must be honest: NO. I'm still in the mindset that it's going to take some sort of miracle and/or stomach virus for me to finally be at an ideal weight. BUT -- I do believe that following the blueprint will help me to change this way of thinking, which will help me to become 100% positive. I just think I answered the question I asked above. :dizzy:

newbebop: Thank you for this perspective! I feel, in my gut, that food-planning will help a lot of things to stay on-track. Love to hear about your canning, which brings back bittersweet memories of my grandmother . . . I'm not sure about canning salsa, but I've discovered a nice touch to salsa is roasting the veggies in a dry cast-iron skillet, adds a great smokey rich flavor.

new2me2: OH! Speedy recovery to you! :hug: I will be interested to see what kind of plan you come up with. Dental work is in my mind-body-balancing-future!

Lexxiss: That's a great idea about doing a week's worth of planning on an "easier" day. And major CREDIT for the reflection you were able to do on the impulse to eat from an emotional space. Keep that up!

Many blessings, much appreciation, and be well, all of you wonderful folks!

08-24-2010, 02:31 PM
Hey there!

Okay...I can't figure out how to change my ticker! Do I make a whole new one each time, or does it save it somewhere for me to update? I'm so confused!! :dizzy:

The scale jumped back up to 134...the 132 must have been a fluke. Oh well...I knew it was too good to be true. 134 is still the lowest weight I've been in six years! LOL

Houston2Command: The inches matter more than the weight! You are losing fat and gaining muscle so that you will look better in your clothes! Just keep reminding yourself! Keep going!

Lexxiss: Boy, do I know where you are with the emotional eating urge. Usually, that's when I try to hold HRH, so that my hands are tied up with a baby and can't get into a snack. Another colleague of mine just accepted a job offer (yay for her), but boo for me...I'm jealous!

new2me2: I hope you feel better soon! As for soft foods...delve into fruit smoothies and veggie juice drinks! They'll round out your protien drinks nicely.

gardenerjoy: Have I already suggested a neti pot to you? It is a life saver to me. Georgia has a bazillion different kinds of pollen -to the point that it turns everything yellow in the spring. I have a deviated septum and would be almost bedridden each year. My dr. suggested nasal irrigation and although it feels weird - it works like a charm! I went from having to take three different nasal medicines to nothing at all within a month!

onebyone: I Love cheap movie day! I also sneak in my air popped makes me feel like a 20-year old sneaking into a bar! LOL

maryblu: Am I 100% positive Beck will work? Nope. However, nothing else so far has either - so what have I got to lose except weight?

BillBlueEyes: ate only HALF a piece of homemade blueberry pie and planned to eat the rest today? That's credit and a half IMO! That pie would scream at me from the refrigerator until I went back to eat it! Good for you!

Starling: Welcome! More power to you for homeschooling. I don't have the patience...I get frustrated while trying to explain their homework to them! LOL

See you all tomorrow!!!


08-24-2010, 05:44 PM
Boy oh Boy you guys were crazy busy while I was on vacation!

Back and trying to get caught up on work, but wanted to report a huge credit! 100% on plan all through vacation, camping, etc! no sugar, no flour, no grains, no processed crud....just fruits, veggies and meat and eggs! Feeling so good mentally and physically!

Will post more as I can find time

08-24-2010, 06:02 PM
I made a plan yesterday (and so far today) and stuck to it, so apparently it is possible. Yesterday, I still had the normal PM urge to snack, but it was easy to ignore. I love those days when resistance is easy. I also went for a run both yesterday and today. It’s the first post-marathon run I’ve done and it felt great. I’m still keeping it short and easy, but it’s nice to get back into a running routine. I just feel better about life.

AmberPr, thanks for sharing your food chart. Looks like a good way to track your food.

Houston2Command, lol at the “life is a basket of laundry” metaphor. Those day-to-day fluctuations can drive you crazy if you let them. Over time, you’ll see the trend downward and it puts those overnight 2 lb gains into perspective. Yay for a 500 cal burn!

MaryContrary, food planning can be a little overwhelming at first, but after a while, it will begin to come easily. Some of us find that planning even saves time with shopping, etc. The great thing about a plan is that you can change it if something isn’t working. It just takes time to work out the kinks.

MorganleFay, yay for getting to your lowest weight in 6 yrs! As we all note regularly, the day-to-day number on the scale always seems fickle. There are so many factors that influence it. Your dh is right that 30 minutes of poor eating isn’t a big deal in the long run. It’s more important to work on keeping those 30 minutes from becoming a habit.

Ade903, we’ve all fallen prey to that sabotaging “Last Supper” mentality. Great job recognizing it and just moving on with your food plan. Sounds like you are off to a good start. There are pros and cons to weighing daily. I like it because it has helped me overcome a fear of the scale, but everyone is different.

Starling, the BioPod experiment sounds very cool! And bonus that it helps you get rid of food that you don’t need.

Madrikh, sorry that your hurt back kept you from taking walks on the beach. Hope you are on the mend. Kudos for finding some exercise that does work for you. It sounds like you did great eating out!

Alma4343, good job recognizing a potential problem before it hits. Maybe if you give yourself mini-rewards for sticking to your plan (regardless of weight loss). I’m just throwing out an idea.

Seadwaters, I hope dinner didn’t burn! Great job making a smart choice when filling up the car. Good luck figuring out how to pack a lunch. Our Women in Ag group gave out insulated lunch bags as a door prize. Would something like that help broaden your lunch options?

BillBE, kudos for braving the elements and going to the gym, and without even giving it a second thought. I think you deserve more than partial credit for the blueberry pie. It sounds like you found a sane way to work a little treat into your diet. That sounds like success to me.

Ruthxxx, yay for dusting off Beck and getting a chance to read! Italy sounds like it will be a great motivation.

Maryblu, what a great question! You’ll have me pondering that one for the day. I think the answer is “yes.” So my follow-up question is, “Then why do you let yourself get off track?” I think that rebelliousness is part of it. Thanks for giving me a thought to chew on for the day.

Onebyone, great job thinking ahead for your movie. It makes all the difference. I don’t think you’re rationalizing. The “Perfect Plan” is completely useless if you don’t follow it. The modified “Pretty Darn Good Plan” is better since you’ll follow it.

Newbebop, sending you motivational thoughts. (I’d appreciate any sent my way as well!) Yay for those hills being easier. My FIL loves to say, “That’s no hill for a high-stepper” every time someone easily overcomes a challenge.

Gardenerjoy, ouch for allergies. Best of luck in dealing with it. I like to use a sinus rinse when I’ve been breathing in those allergens. Yay for the garden giving you such a great workout.

New2me2, ouch for the tooth extraction and for the sudden change of food-plan it requires. I know you already had a tough list of dietary restrictions to begin with. Best of luck finding soft foods that work.

Lexxiss, kudos for identifying an emotional eating trigger and stopping it before it starts! Great job using the time for something constructive like de-cluttering. I’m in denial that fall and winter are upon us. I think it can stay summer forever.

08-24-2010, 06:07 PM

Well, yesterday was a success. On plan (diet) all day (credit). Read my ARCs (credit). Stairs always (credit). I planned to exercise, but did not (I have a pretty good excuse, but I'm not going to post it. There are no excuses! lol).

Today I spent a good chunk of time planning dinner for Thursday (credit). It's my sister's birthday and we are going to Claim Jumper, so I need to be prepared (that place is not even a little diet-friendly). And then I'll sit down with my mom and see what she plans to cook this weekend (or what options I have at their house...they have a lot of healthy stuff, so I'll just need to plan before Friday!). I put my workout DVD in my computer, so me and Jillian Michaels have a work out date in 2 1/2 hours. NO CHOICE! lol. I'm on day 16. And she kinda specifies food and no choice, but I'm using it for exercise. I've decided since I slipped up yesterday, I'm counting that as my rest day! That'll teach me!

Starling - I like "Get rid of extra food. It'll be wasted in the trash can or in my body. Either way, it's wasted" too. I need to remember it when I'm getting full at Claim Jumper!!

Alma4343 - you can make it past week 12!! Unrelated, but I've always broken up with my BFs in September. I'm hoping he makes it past this time!! ;) lol

BillBlueEyes - you are too funny! cuties are hard to resist!

Ruthxxx - Italy? Lucky! Just saw "Eat Pray Love" and now I'm dying to travel!

onebyone - I'm new at this...but sometimes when you are expecting Bananas, life throws us Grapefruits! lol. Just plan to alter the dry toast for tomorrow when planning tonight! :)

newbebop - sending you motivation dust!!

new2me2 - Soft foods? Yikes! Good luck!

Lexxiss - I'm guilty of needing to de-clutter. *sigh*

Houston2Command - way to go losing that inch!

MaryContrary - partners make this difficult. I think that'll be my biggest obstacle. My boyfriend is the type that either goes out for every meal (literally) or decides at the last minute to go to the grocery store and just get food for that ONE meal. Drives me nuts. But hopefully now that I'm planning and cooking, he'll just go along with it...

MorganleFay - I think some of them you can just change the number in your signature. I usually make a new one cuz I get bored easy lol. *ohhh shiny!!*

Well, I've got to get back to the daily grind. Have a fab one!

08-24-2010, 08:16 PM
Hi Coaches

I have a really full day away from the computer and home late tonight so I am checking in early. I have a plan for a difficult eating day and have packed food to get me through. I have organised my dinner which is marinating in the fridge and it gives me a ridiculous sense of safety.

It is also encouraging to see all your posts and journeys - keeps me on track

As to whether I am "100% positive that if you follow the Beck blueprint step-by-step that you will succeed in your weight loss/control effort?"

Thanks Maryblu for having us think about this - I believe if I don't loose weight it is because I am not following the blueprint - not because this particular blueprint is wrong. As you say it is a simple and clear step-by-step formula and all I have to do is DO IT. Amazing how difficult that can be at times

Progress - :df:
- I motivated myself by reading A&R cards - No
- Consciously gave credit for positive eating / exercise behaviours - Yes
- Limit junk food to once per day - No junk food last night
- Made food plan - Yes
- Logged food soon after eating - Yes
- Food on-plan - Yes
- Ate seated every time - yes
- Ate mindfully & slowly & put down fork occasionally - Yes
- Weighed myself - Yes - down 210.4
- Exercise - No

Working on - :running:
staying on top of things

08-24-2010, 09:32 PM
Hello All,

Quick post and Hellos. It has been a few days since I have advanced in the book. I am going to delve into the next chapter after spin class tonight.


spontaneous exercise
other cardsj

Seadwaters: Credit for planning ahead for your busy day.

ade903: I use the no choice for exercise too. Gotta do it to be healthy. It has really changed my body since I "beefed up" my exercise routine in April.
Your September correlation is interesting. Keep us posted.

Shephardess: Congratulations on resistance getting easier. That is great

MikkiJoe: Welcome back, can't wait to hear your vacation tales.

MorganleFay: I had trouble with the ticker too. If you look in your signature line when you go to "edit" you can manually change the number in the weight. (It is a url with numbers slashes and dashes) It is not very intuitive.

MaryContrary: Coming here and posting is great. You are going to get this down. For planning, I try to stick to just a couple meals and repeat them often. I know this is too boring for some people. But, it makes planning sooo much easier. I try to change it up every couple weeks.
:hug: I have only been doing this a little while. But, I am trying to follow the plan as close as possible. However, one day sometimes takes 2 or 3 for me when I get busy. But, I decided to make myself do all the tasks. I do move on even if I have not "mastered" a technique. I plan on starting from the beginning as soon as I get to the end. Hopefully, I will make more progress each time.

Houston2Command: I hear you, the inches are great, but we WANT to see that scale move. You know it will soon.

Lexxiss: Great job recognizing you need to take some time and commiting to your food plan. Your weight loss to date is so impressive.

new2me2: New LOW! Super! I can't wait to be able to say that.

gardenerjoy: It is great you reminded yourself that feeling bad is one of your triggers. Good job recognizing it and committing no to do it.

newbebop: I think I would poison myself if I tried canning. Impressive. I don't know if the hills will ever get easier for me. Especially on a bike. So, you are doing great if they are getting easier for you!

onebyone: I experienced a no popcorn movie date this weekend. I hope to learn to enjoy the smell without craving the taste ;)

maryblu: I have the same rebel thing. I call it "rebelling against myself". At least you recognize it now. That has helped me a lot. Yes to your question, I do think it will work.

Ruthxxx: Good job on committing to reading the book. We need everyone we can get here.

BillBlueEyes: Excellent on the BB pie. Not only did you only have 1/2, but you resisted heating it up and putting that ice cream you found on it ;) That is what I might have done. Haha

Have a great day!

08-24-2010, 10:45 PM

I decluttered enough yuesterday and today to set the wii dance dance revolution dance party 3 mat up and I just completed 20min of it in workout mode. I don't know why my head poo-poos the wii as "not being a good enough workout" when here I sit, sweat rolling off the tip of my nose and down my back. Hello?

Sabotaging thought I see you :p

I stayed op 89% today and got 20 minutes of the first real exercise my body has done in over, what 8 months? Maybe longer. That's enough of a rest I'd say. Time to work it.

Thank you Becksters for cheering me on.
:hug: Thanks.

08-25-2010, 12:55 AM
Just dropped by here last thing in the day to soak up some inspiration.
:angel: Thanks Bekkies! :angel:

08-25-2010, 01:05 AM
Hey everybody!

Today was pretty good. Mostly good eating. I know I'm not following everything perfectly. Definitely some "stick'n think'n" going on because I'm not doing everything perfectly (I'm not writing everything down and it's nagging me- hence the PDF chart that I'm going to start using tomorrow.) I need to remind myself that even though I'm not doing everything right, I am still making progress and need to cut myself some slack!

Haven't done any running yet this week. The top of my foot kinda hurts and I don't want to aggravate it. Now that I have access to the TIVO, I'm recording some strength training shows and will incorporate those into my week.


Drank a glass of tea
Made good meal choices
Checked in with you all
Two walks in
Ate mostly on plan. (need to portion out dinner better):write:

New2me2: I Really like your pace of de-cluttering a bit at a time. I approached a few neglected clothes baskets, and my kitchen counters. Sorry about your tooth! Ouch.

Shepherdess: I really applaud that you continue to maintain. Has it gotten easier? Do you feel like you a system that you can go back to?

MaryBlu: Hope your week is getting better with "bad behavior." I think gardening is great exercise and should be double credit- exercise and healthy eating! As for the Beck Blueprint - yes, I think it works if you stay active at it and keep tweeking it to work the best for you. For example, I've been spending so much time planning my food, weighing and measuring that I'm getting burnt out because it takes so much energy. So now, I'm reusing my breakfasts, lunches and snacks that I know the numbers for and am now working on some easy dinners I can rotate through. That's the hardest one for me. I also think "Keeping your eye on the prize" keeps me on goal. I should really get back to my advantages cards...

Newbebop: Great job learning a new skill - canning.

Starling: Glad you can join us on the board. It is a busy one. You sound like a really good teacher-- your kids are luck to have you. That BioPod sounds interesting. I'm hoping to start a garden next year.

Nuxmaga: Nice to "see you" again!

Seadwaters: Yeah for the good week! I think my computer is mostly sorted now. However, now I'm finding it a little difficult finding some things...As for the food on the go, I think it's time to reward yourself with one of those cute cooler bags! Some of them are really styling.

BillBE: Never heard of Arctic Zero ice cream… was it any good? Did you have some with your blueberry pie?

Lexxiss: You are brave to eat foraged mushrooms -- I love mushrooms -some day I plan to learn how to identify them.

BeverlyJoy: I'm so glad things are beginning to resolve for you.

GardenerJoy: How do you like the Food Mover? It looks like an easy way to keep track of your daily intake of food.

OnebyOne: You are making great strides in creating your own dieting plan. Lots of deducing thinking going on! You make a good point of planning the creamer. We can have those things, we just need to plan for them.

Houston: I hear ya on the laundry- I seem to be slacking in that department as my piles are getting bigger. Hope your week is going good.

MaryC: It takes a little time, but you'll start to develop a plan that works for you. I find that each diet I try, I learn something new and add it too my arsenal! I'm big on being perfect - but as you know, we don't learn unless we fail, so fail we must if we are to learn anything.

Morgan: I'm glad it's working for you! The scale will be back down in no time. It was just giving you a sneak peak to see how you'd react!

Ade/Ashley: Welcome to the board! Wow, that was a long hunger day. Great job!

Madrikh: Hope your back feels better. What a find- sounds like many folks here are finding good deals of the workbook...I'm gonna have to look a little harder.

Alma: I feel like I'm doing the same thing...I'm going to town and that I get a little cocky thinking that "oh, I can just guesstimate the calories in this." It's a slippery slope. Let me know how you decide to approach it.

Ruthxxx: You go Girl! Time to get Beck'n!

Mikkijoe: Wow! Huge credit for staying on plan. You are amazing.

Talk to you all later! Have a great Beck Day!

08-25-2010, 07:01 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Walked to the local Japanese restaurant for a ramen bowl for dinner - noodles, pork, veggies, etc. CREDIT moi for both the walk and a dinner that was mostly broth. Etc. was probably a weeks worth of salt, LOL.

maryblu - Yep, I am 100% positive that the Beck blueprint step-by-step will succeed. And, I'm equally as positive that waddling about getting complacent won't. I've got evidence for both.

onebyone - It's not "rationalizing." You gotta make a food plan that you love, that you look forward to each day, each meal. Tweak til you're there. Then, you've got your Beck recipe.

LMAO at, "Sabotaging thought I see you" - once spotted, it hasn't a chance.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Kudos for "lots of squatting and bending and lunging in the garden" - noble exercise.

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Interesting that the ultimate in a planned meal is one marinating in the fridge.

Shepherdess - Yay for your first post-marathon run. It's still exciting to think that you just ran a whole marathon; Congrats again.

Ruth (Ruthxxx) - Delightful thought of Cape Breton as preparation for Italy. Sending supportive thoughts that it will get your mindset properly aligned so that you'll enjoy the Italian treats. Don't forget to save room on your plan for gelato.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Good lesson with your determination to not let other peoples' "stuff" into your eating plan. I suspect that by seeing that in advance, you'll succeed.

Donna (new2me2) - Congrats for getting your tooth to where you want it to be. Ouch for 6-8 weeks of soft food - that's a challenge.

Houston2Command - SUPER KUDOS for the big workout. Inches are real; pounds will follow.

Amber (AmberPr) - I second your notion, "cut myself some slack!" - just saying that out loud gives you the power to do it. Actually, I didn't buy the Arctic Zero ice cream, I just read the nutrition label and left it in the store's freezer for when I really need it.

Mikkijoe - The whole camping trip at 100% on your food plan - that's major Kudos for sure. Can't wait for some stories.

Alma (Alma4343) - Yay for spin class for a good workout.

MorganleFay - The scale jumps around to keep us humble. Keep on keeping on.

newbebop - I'm so jealous of your canning a batch of pepper rings. How will you use them? Kudos that your stamina is improving on your walks.

Ashley (ade903) - Yep, declare it your rest day and move on. Kudos for planning your meal at Claim Jumper in advance. Might be time to test your skills at asking that something be cooked special.

MaryContrary - Yep, Kudos for working out a solution to your food plan in the face of sharing meals and emotions. It's a challenge to accept that you're a success when your path isn't "perfect" - but possible since you see that so clearly.

Carol (Starling) - Sending inspiration vibes.

Readers - day 36
Believe It

"I'm just not the kind of person who can lose weight," she told me. She continued to be skeptical that I could help her, even after I described the mindset and behavior strategies I'd teach her. But Brenda said that she was willing to try.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 239.

08-25-2010, 09:16 AM
Hello Beck friends:wave:
BillBlueEyes, you certainly have a way of hitting the nail on the head...I would call the following, "Recipe for Success". Thanks! Hope you're

Diet Coaches/Buddies
Yep, I am 100% positive that the Beck blueprint step-by-step will succeed. And, I'm equally as positive that waddling about getting complacent won't. I've got evidence for both.

It's not "rationalizing." You gotta make a food plan that you love, that you look forward to each day, each meal. Tweak til you're there. Then, you've got your Beck recipe.

I am grateful upon waking to find my heart isn't hurting so much today. I have a food plan for today and will stick to it. I'm emotionally exhausted and will nap today, if necessary, instead of eating.

onebyone, *credit* for exercise! BTW My friends all say the Wii is a more than adequate workout. Enjoy yours! Wish I had one!

Houston2Command, when I fit into my smaller clothes it's the inches that matter not the #. *credit* for knowing that . I think the insight Dr. Beck has on our relationship with the scale is the best philosophy I have read, so far.

MaryContrary, *credit* for your perspective on your day with unplanned food. Perhaps it is an area where you can come up with a plan for next time. I don't eat white flour and have taken my own bun to McD's in order to stay OP. That step helps me stay focused when I am there. Getting back on track is really important. *credit* for that, too. Answering your question, I think following the Beck plan "precisely" is what Dr. Beck asks. When she asks us to circle any of the items on the "to do list" that we didn't do then we are really able to see areas that we can improve on. I did find, especially when beginning, that having my plan in place a day ahead of time made it much easier to say "No Choice" to food not in my plan, but instead to recognize that if that's what I wanted I could put it in the plan for tomorrow. Knowing that it gets easier helps, too.

MorganleFay, reading your post I thought, perhaps "Oh, well...I knew it was too good to be true" could be classified as a sabotaging thought. The scale always bounces around for me, but if I've been there it counts. Staying OP does increase the chances of seeing it again. Keep truckin'!

Mikkijoe, *CREDIT* for 100% OP during vacation! Major success and it's great news that you're feeling so good, both mentally and physically!

Shepherdess, *credit* for all your previous Beck work which sets you up for days when resistance is easy.

Ashley (ade903),*credit* for thinking ahead for the special events in your life and for planning exercise after your rest day.

Cheryl (seadwaters), *credit* for having organised your dinner in the morning. It is an important safety net when you are busy and away during the day.

Carol (Starling), :wave: *credit* for nighttime check ins!

AmberPr, *credit* for cutting yourself some slack while recognizing the improvements you are making in your plan. I really believe that being kind to ourselves is so important in this process. BTW-I don't identify mushrooms but trust my friend who has been at it for years.

08-25-2010, 10:31 AM
Quick morning check in. Thanks for the motivation and the kind words. It was was very wet this morning from last nights rain. I convinced myself it was too wet to walk and although I tried to talk myself out of a workout all together, I did a good solid 30 minutes on the stationary bike. (which really needs a different seat...ouch) I killed two birds by peddling and reading some chapters for school.

The canning has been a great experience. I have planted a garden for a few years now to varying degrees of success depending on weather and busy summer schedules. Each year I see so much of it go to waste. It is surely too much work to keep it up if I don't find a better way to use up the fruits, and veggies, of my labor. ;-) I have had some extra time this summer and just really enjoyed spending some of it out in the dirt. My next endeavor will be a big batch of salsa.

I must say I was reading my beck chapters last night and they really did come at a good time. They were about losing steam and sabotaging thoughts. I am going to try to write down those thoughts that keep popping into my head and take a closer look at them.

keep up the great work Becksters, and motivation and encouragement for all!

08-25-2010, 10:41 AM
Hi Coaches

I'm still feeling good about getting real planned exercise in yesterday. I was expecting some part of my body to be sore this morning but it's not. credit to my strong body.

Last night the neighbour gave me a plate of Lebanese delicacies: baklava and other sweets. DH hasn't peeked at it yet. I just did. They look good but since I don't like honey they don't scream at me. They do call (it's the pistachio bits I see YUM) but it's pretty faint. My plan for the treats is to present them to DH and if he doesn't want them I will bring them in to the office tomorrow and share them. I have another food gift given to me by Pat of Pat's Sweet Temptations at he market this past Saturday. I haven't opened it so could pass that on today... Maybe I'll bring the baklava in today too-DH probably won't even notice. I can save him one or two and drop off the rest ;)

I am half way through my planned breakfast. I looked ahead to see lunch and dinner and am happy to know I have what I need here on hand. It actually gives me peace to know my food needs for the day are taken are of. Planning certainly aids in feeling peaceful. Funny enough, I haven't had that feeling too often this year. Maybe things are shifting in some profound way for me. I can hope. I have even found myself thinking about planning a block of time daily to work on my art, specifically to paint. I'm not going to improve by not painting. But I think I need to carve out a special time and place for it. This means my next decluttering focus will be on getting my studio (the master bedroom) cleared out and cleaned up so I can work in there. I need a new little sitting area. I have to get the dresser and the vanity out of there and I have to decide what to do with the old artwork and the other non-painting supplies I have. It's a major overhaul but the room is not really dirty just disorganized. I actually made quite a few good artworks up there. Time to get serious about this stuff.

Anyway, I feel good today and need to eat the rest of my breakfast and be off to the school for kiln duty. I need today to be a good workday.

Have a good one Becksters.:)

08-25-2010, 10:56 AM
Hi becksters, coaches, friends.....

I got 'brave' today. It's been the end of June since I've weighed myself. That's when the spots/staph/ulcerations/pain/uncertainty of surgery, etc started. Today it showed that I have gained 13 pounds this summer. It's depressing. But - as with all things in life - what's done is done. I changed my ticker - no sense living in denial another moment.

I am grateful to know whats going on. Even though the date of my foot/ankle surgery is still uncertain - I must get back to what I know works and aim for sanity with food. I feel very weary of all this health stuff. But, I am grateful to know that there are some answers to this health crisis.

It's amazing how, for such a long time, I was able to use these techniques to help me cope with my food addiction and live sanely with food. Alas - I've been so overwhelmed with health concerns/stress it seems those things drained out of my brain. But - I have the willingness to PLAN today. I am going to journal and keep track and try to get through this day. I am am aiming to be able to say to you all..."I've had a good day....."

I'd like to help and and comment again. I haven't been very stellar during my health crisis - so I hope you all will accept my thoughts and support in the spirit in which they are given.

Have a great day, folks.

08-25-2010, 11:20 AM
I made pesto yesterday -- 2 ice cube trays full in the freezer and about half a cup to use in dishes this week. And, I still have another basil plant to cut back, but I ran out of both energy and ingredients. I love that I can make pesto in August by cutting the plant nearly all the way back. It will grow so vigorously, if nothing goes wrong, in the next few months that I will be able to make pesto again on the day the first frost is predicted.

WI: -0.3kg (new low), Exercise: +60 1445/1800 minutes for August, Food: 90%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Mikkijoe: great job with the 100% on plan vacation!

Shepherdess and MorganleFay: thanks for the reminders of sinus rinsing. I used a Neti pot last winter when it was dry -- time to get it out again.

ade903: yay for all of those credits! And good job planning for a special restaurant meal and the weekend!

seadwaters: way to go getting dinner pre-prepared and noticing that it makes you feel good

Alma4343: yay for all of those credits and for a plan to proceed in the book

onebyone: so glad you got your Wii set up! It really is great exercise! I've been quite impressed with the effect that Walk It Out, which is really walking in place on a beat, is having on my body. I sometimes don't even really break a sweat, but I keep up with it a long time and the weight keeps coming off. Sweet!

AmberPr: the Food Mover is working for me at this stage. It does not particularly encourage the advanced planning that Beck advocates. So, I'm kind of glad I didn't have it at the beginning when advanced planning really made a huge difference for me.

BillBlueEyes: good job with the low cal (if high salt) dinner and excellent that you walked to get it.

Lexxiss: glad you're feeling better and that you have maintained a willingness to stay on plan

newbebop: good job getting yourself on the exercise bike when the weather kept you from your walk

new2me2: hope your mouth is healing! Good job realizing that a soft food order requires a new food plan!

Houston2Command: losing an inch is great! That scale just doesn't know anything!

MaryContrary: yay for all those credits! And for recognizing where things went wrong and making a plan for something new to try -- that's the willingness that keeps things moving in the right direction.

MorganleFay: put the ticker in your signature (User CP on the top menu bar), but it looks like maybe you figured that out.

08-25-2010, 11:35 AM
Not quite sure what to think, but I'm down again today...almost half a pound. So, that's 2.4 pounds since Friday. But, I'll celebrate a new low anyway, lol. :D I guess I'll change my ticker...I was kind of holding out to see if it was a little dehydration, but I drank enough yesterday I think.

I have a written plan for today, although I just realized I forgot to bring one of my items, lol. Oh well. I think I'll have enough anyway. I brought two little individual gluten-free asian noodle soup packages that aren't actually on the written plan for today that I can eat if I have to. I'm not hungry yet so that might be helpful. :p

On today's plan: my usual morning and evening protein shakes (I always add 1/2 a banana and some vitamins to them), a small container of coconut milk yogurt, a small individual container of unsweetened applesauce, and a non-vitamin/protein shake. What I forgot to bring was the egg whites I was going to cook up in the microwave, so instead I'll have one of those noodle packages if I need it.

I ended up resting yesterday, so no exercise to report. I'm going to try to weights today.

I got the pile of papers beside the couch taken care of. Forgot to write in a declutter plan for today, but I think it will be the pile of papers next to the computer.

gardenerjoy Ouch, sorry about the allergy reaction!

Lexxiss Yay for not letter other peoples "stuff" get to you. Yes, do relax and let yourself heal emotionally!

Houston2Command Not to worry, blow in and out as you need to, lol. CONGRATULATIONS on the inch loss!!! When you get down into that next lower size, even if you haven't lost weight, you'll feel MUCH happier about it all!

MaryContrary Very impressive list of credits! Always good to start with the good! :) Ouch for off plan, but you are a work in progress...good to not beat yourself up, just move on. :)

MorganleFay I had to do a new ticker the first time because I couldn't figure it out. (for Ticker Factory): If you set up a password you can double click on it to update it. I like the idea of adding veggies...I can't eat many, but I do have some frozen spinach in the freezer and was thinking that adding just a little to the shake wouldn't be bad, especially since I blend them...but the thought of a little piece getting stuck in the tooth socket kind of made me ill, so I decided not to. :rolleyes:

Mikkijoe CONGRATULATIONS on being 100% on plan on vacation...that is definitely HUGE.

Shepherdess Yay for making a plan and sticking to it!

ade903 Yay to being on food plan all day!

seadwaters(Cheryl) Yay for plans for difficult eating days!! It definitely helps!

Alma4343 You will be saying "new low" before you know it! Just stick with it!

onebyone Yay!!! Yes, Wii can definitely be a good workout. There is a new game, Gold's Gym Dance that looks like it might be fun. I'm planning to get it. LOVE this: "Sabotaging thought I see you" Great plan for the neighborly treats!

Starling Glad you dropped by! :)

AmberPr Yes, you ARE making progress. Progress is good! :D

BillBlueEyes Ummm, Japanese it! :D

newbebop Yay for doing a workout even though you tried to talk yourself out of it! Yes, get thee a gel seat for that bike! I had to laugh at your comment about the Beck book chapters coming at the right time--it did that for me as well...uncanny the way it seemed to come at the right time!

Beverlyjoy Good for you for being brave enough to weigh. You've had so much to deal with, getting back on "plan" can only help.

08-25-2010, 01:29 PM
Good morning, Becksters! :coffee: I can't tell you how excited I am to log on every morning and get motivated by reading your posts. THANK YOU!

Just a quick check-in/update. No time for personals because I'm running about an hour and a half behind schedule this morning. This is the first week of the semester here at USC, which doesn't affect me too much because I'm on fellowship! :dancer: This means that, except for a poetry workshop I'm taking on Thursday evenings (part of the mind-body balance goal), I have no other responsibilities outside of writing my dissertation. (I have taught my way through graduate school for the past six years, so I am more than ready for a break!)

Still, in the academic world a year is not that long to write and revise 250-300 critical pages, so I am in mad-planning mode. It's all inter-connected, of course with the Beck Plan, and I am completely enjoying making charts and timelines that intersect my eating, my exercise, and my writing.

Perfection kicks in -- and so I have decided to adopt the "warming up" approach to both my dissertation writing and Beck Plan. I have been warming up with the Beck plan for about a month. I appreciate all the comments urging me to be patient and take this time to test different approaches to the FP and find one that excites me and works for me! Today I realized that I accomplished eight of the ten Success Skills, credit! So I warm up / test my writing schedule this week, make changes, and get down to it by next week!

I'm feeling so optimistic and joyful that I'm afraid I might be delusional . . . BUT:


Be well, more soon, and thank you all, so much . . . .


08-25-2010, 02:51 PM

So yesterday...what can I say? I followed my plan perfectly, until about 9pm, when BF decided it was dinner time. I had eaten all of my points (on Weight Watchers...), but the late night munchies were kicking in. I (wrongfully) talked myself into eating froyo and 1/2 a cookie, for 6 points. Which worked into my diet plan, but since they were not planned, I'm not looking at it positively. I also had 3 bites of my bf's dinner, so I counted that for 3 points. I've already made a sabotaging thoughts card catered to that scenario, so I feel okay about it. I've also realized something: I'm not gonna be "perfect" (my idea of perfect is 24 points exactly every day, all "clean" [unprocessed] foods), so I have to PLAN for my imperfections. Here's what I'm planning: I will plan a "bad" food everyday into my planned eating. For 3 points. It'll be undefined as to what it is, but I'll only get it if I earn those three points through exercise. If I exercise and then want a cookie, I can have it, as long as it isn't above 3 points. If I didn't earn my activity points, I don't get that planned treat. I'm going to try this for a week and see what happens.

I exercised yesterday. Planned exercise with Ms. Michaels again tonight. 30 day shred is tough, but I'm gonna do it!
I read my ARC.
I read both the chapter in the workbook and regular book in preparation for today (throwing away food...I'm going to do it this weekend since everything I have in my house is already planned for and in single'll be do-able at my parent's house when they make family size portions).
I'm calling this a credit: I measured out my frozen yogurt and also ate half a cookie instead of a full one. Normal binges for me would have been two cookies and the rest of the pint of frozen yogurt.
I have not taken an elevator (besides the one at my BF's apt...he lives on the 12th floor and it's kind of exclusive meaning the elevator opens into the apt, so I'm not sure if I can even take the stairs. I'll look into this, though. Perhaps, if possible [there's got to be stairs for an emergency exit], I can start getting off a floor early, and each week add an extra flight...will look into this).

I hope everyone has a lovely and successful day!

08-25-2010, 03:18 PM
Hi again….I have a patch of time. So, I thought I’d do some catching up with folks.

From BillBlueEyes and Mary Blu
Diet Coaches/Buddies
Yep, I am 100% positive that the Beck blueprint step-by-step will succeed. And, I'm equally as positive that waddling about getting complacent won't. I've got evidence for both.

It's not "rationalizing." You gotta make a food plan that you love, that you look forward to each day, each meal. Tweak til you're there. Then, you've got your Beck recipe.
Thanks! Good to remember.

Mary contrary - glad you have been ‘warming up’ for the Beck plan. DH’s family went to USC. I’ve been there and it’s a beautiful campus. (like a fortress). Sounds like you have a full semester ahead.

New2me2 - so glad that scale is going down. So glad you have your plan today.

Gardner joy - your pesto sounds great. I love that some herbs with grow right back, too. Great job on your exercise this month.

Onebyone - kudos for getting in your planned exercise.

new bebop - so glad you could get in your exercise despite the rain. I did canning years ago…such a good way to keep the extras from the garden.

Lexxiss - glad you have your plan and a nap plan if you need it!

Billblueeyes - so glad you stayed on course with your supper. I appreciate your daily quotes from the Beck book, too

Amber - you are doing many things right. Carry on.

Starling - Hi!

Alma - glad you’ve planned to do spin class and the beck book after. Planning helps a lot.

Seadwaters - planning ahead and packing food is so good. So many credits too. YAY

Ade - I totally agree with food being better in the trash than in your tummy. I often douse dh’s food or goodies that in the cupboard/fridge with dish soap instead of eating it.

It has felt so good to connect to you all, new folks (to me) and read your comments, plans, etc. Gotta go for now. Now - I want to do a meditation.

08-25-2010, 03:19 PM
OK, I'm trying to figure out this ticker thing. I am NOT computer savvy!

08-25-2010, 04:02 PM
OK, I'm trying to figure out this ticker thing. I am NOT computer savvy!

I just realized you can click on it (I think mine is ticker factory) and keep a record of your weight! (it makes a little chart). Then just update it as you go. :carrot: You can even enter past data (I used to make a new one each week, but I love the chart) if you hadn't been entering it in as you go!

08-25-2010, 06:08 PM
Is that how you spell that? I hit the 10 lb lost mark today (10.6 lbs actually), I am so happy, as you know, my weight loss has been slow. This is the first time I have had a loss 3 weeks in a row.

Oh, I found out why I am having such fatigue, apparently I have a Vitamin D deficiency! I could not believe it as I am in the sun all the time and take a multi vitamin with 1200 mg. I love being outdoors.

My doctor explained that I need to be taking a medical grade vitamin. She feels this ensures a better quality of vitamin. There is a dispensary here in Seattle affiliated with the school of Naturopathy that sells this type vitamin. She is having me take 5000 mg/day which seems like a lot. No telling what I will do with more energy ;) Watch out world, haha

Thanks for the encouragement on the 12 week problem I seem to have had in the past with sticking to a diet. I am thinking up a strategy. Funny, one time I read (years ago) that it only takes 12 weeks to make a habit. So, I use to approach diets and exercise with "I can do anything for 12 weeks" Somehow this turned into, I only need to do this for 12 weeks. I am glad I recognize this now though.

Spontaneous exercise
Read ARC's
took vitamins

ade903: You should be so proud of yourself for taking this approach at such a young age. If I would have stuck to a diet 20 years ago, well, you can't go back, but I would have had a lot less stress. You are doing GREAT. That late night eating is HARD. This may be a place to establish a hard fast rule that Beck talks about in one of the chapters. I have a rule NO EATING after 8 pm EVER. It is hard for me, but getting easier.

madrikh: I am not computer savvy either. Here is what I did, may not be the easiest way though, Go to "edit signature", 3 blocks of text down it says "edit signature", there is a url link to the ticker, in the link, you will recognize the weights you put in, change you current weight in that spot. Then, you don't have to make a new ticker each time.

Beverlyjoy: Hello, glad you are here. congratulations getting on the scale. For me, this is the first step in losing weight. My problem is when i quit getting on the scale, I always gain gain gain. So, BIG credit for weighing! The hardest part is over, you saw the number.

MaryContrary: Good luck with your dissertation. I have a Masters and wrote a thesis which helped me decide I would not be getting a Phd. Very admirable.

new2me2: Celebrate that weight loss! You earned it.

gardenerjoy: The pesto sounds so good. I wish I had room for a real garden. I have a small garden of pots, but I get NO sun so herbs and fruits are out for me. Do you know any that grow in shade?

onebyone: I hope you find the time to work on your art. I have noticed the food planning is leading to a little more planning in general for me in my life. I previously was "scared" of all planning and plans. This is something I am working on. Good luck

newbebop: Credit for substituting a rain workout when plan A fell through.

Lexxiss: I hope you were able to get your nap today. Right now I am sending you great napping dreams :)

BillBlueEyes: Great job on the walk to dinner. You are such an inspiration to me, you have a really positive story every day.

AmberPr: Good job getting exercise every day. I have noticed you take 2 walks most days. Also, good job realizing you need to work on writing things down and took the initiative to build a spreadsheet to help facilitate this.

Starling: Sending you some inspiration :)

Have a great day everyone!

08-25-2010, 06:36 PM
Hi All, I'm checking in today a little earlier than yesterday (10 min before midnight) :cp:

I'm easing into TBDS. It's a different kinda thing. Last year I worked with a nutritionist for 6 months. She helped me to lose my taste for a lot of my old favorite foods; she taught me to eat a lot less sugar and fat, and a lot more fruits and vegs. I reported to her every week, showing her what I had recorded in Fitday. I ate whenever I was hungry, .....or bored, or sad, or lonely, or angry :eek: but still managed to lose half a pound a week. That ten pounds stayed off! Credit to me for that hard work :cp: and thank you to my body for finding a new set point!

We worked on what to eat, but not on when, or why, or how! Last year I wasn't ready to make these changes, but this year I am.

So, this is the first time in years and years I've tried sticking to a plan (instead of going with the flow). ....Wow! Arrgh! Ack!! :lol: Some unpleasant emotions from the past have been brought to the surface. It's also affecting my digestive tract. :genie: :o

Kudos to you Beckies for your hard work. It helps to hear the all the different ways you give yourselves credit.

Credit to me for making these huge changes :cp:
and credit to me for coming here and learning from you! :cp:

PS. Homeschool Mom (I lost your post :dizzy: -- what's your name again?) ...good luck with this year's school. How many kids? It must be challenging to work on your own life changes while focusing on your kids, too.

PPS. The grubs are happy, today they got lots of summer squash skins and carrot peels :D

08-25-2010, 08:10 PM
Hello Coaches

To stay on track and not feel *guilty* about anything I am going to share with you my tweaks to my foodplan. It will be good to see them here and then I can refer to them if I don't lose weight or the weightloss stops as one member suggested.

(gardenerjoy was that you?)


creamers in my coffee - be reasonable
farmers' market salad dressing (oil+herbs) on my green things without measuring the amount - again within reason
if having cottage cheese as my lunch protein I can eat 1cup not the prescribed 1/2cup which leaves me feeing starving - unless it's a day when that is the right amount to have
I am not removing the skin off of my poultry
I am not cutting the fat off of my pork or beef either
I am allowing myself a serving (250ml) of heavy duty fruit smoothie drink and counting it as "fruit" but will only drink this until my two bottles are gone and WILL NOT replace them but eat more fresh fruit instead
when eating my walnuts, I will eat 1/4 of a cup, the suggested serving on the walnut bag, instead of the "6 whole walnuts" prescribed as my walnuts are not whole ones but are in pieces. If I try (I tried today) to make up 6 whole ones from the pieces I will drive myself batty and grow a resentment which, fast on its heels=a desire for food to quell the emotion of resentment, so 1/4c. it is
no diet anything

I ate a lot of green "spring mix" lettuce today. I bought a huge container of it for just that purpose. I had some for lunch and dinner. It's full of all kinds of leaves, all sorts of shapes and colours. I am always very conscious of eating leaves. I find them very unappetizing but know they are good for me and they hold the salad together, like an edible basket or something. credit for eating salad leaves and actually making myself salads which bothers me at least as much! The solution, of course, is to just make a giant salad and have it in the fridge waiting for me. I'll do that, but not tonight.

Breakfast is the same every morning, but I can vary my fruit one my grapefruit is consumed. Today I miss eggs, but I can have them tomorrow at lunch so it's all good.

I've been watching the BBC series The Power of Art over the last week. (I have it on dvd).
Boy, it's enough to bring a gal to tears.
Carravagio, Bernini, David, Rembrandt, Turner, Van Gogh, Picasso and now I am on the last one, Rothko.
All the episodes go like this:
1)artist emerges.
2)artist makes a masterpiece.
3)masterpiece unacceptable to public/patron.
4)artist disgraced, ostracized, never equals his peak, fades away or dies.


Why the heck would I want to do this line of work? Because if I don't I am a crazy loon is why. I have to make things-I don't have a choice.
Actually the series has re-ignited in me my deep abiding desire to completely immerse myself in my painting and printmaking. If I could do nothing else but work on art right now I'd be a happy camper. Alas I can barely come up with my 1/2 of the rent as it stands. DH has been doing all the heavy financial lifting for sometime now and that makes me not feel so great.
My next de-cluttering focus will be on my studio space aka the master bedroom which is mine all mine. Two pieces of furniture have found their way into that room, a dresser and a vanity, and they have got to go. This means making space in the small bedroom currently piled up with boxes of who-knows-what. But I don't have to do it "perfect". I just have to do my best and do enough to get my workspace back. I won't become a better painter by not painting! :yikes: Hello?!

As usual, thanks for reading.

08-25-2010, 09:58 PM
Hi Coaches

I am posting on a short break from classes and will try to catch up tomorrow.

I am going to borrow the name of last decade to describe my present state - I am now in the noughties - I saw 209.6 pounds this morning. It is a very tenuous state and I am sure it will pass because I said it, but it is something I am aiming for at the moment. It was very nice to see. I have lost a lot of weight rapidly this past week on this new diet and I know it is mainly water weight and that I need to be REALLY careful not to fall off plan so that is nicely motivating. Next big goal is onederland.

Progress - :df:
- I motivated myself by reading A&R cards - Yes
- Consciously gave credit for positive eating / exercise behaviours - Yes
- Limit junk food to once per day - No junk food
- Made food plan - Yes
- Logged food soon after eating - Yes
- Food on-plan - Yes
- Ate seated every time - Yes
- Ate mindfully & slowly & put down fork occasionally - Sometimes
- Weighed myself - Yes - the noughties - 209.6
- Exercise - No

Working on - :running:
Reading the green book again to keep in the groove

Have a good day Beckies

08-25-2010, 11:45 PM
Hey everybody!

I did an exercise video this morning (credit). Arms, legs, and stomach work. I can feel it in my arms tonight! The rest of my choices weren't the best, but I do recognize them as choices.

Tomorrow is another day, which reminds me- I need to put my chicken in the crockpot! <--- preparing ---> Done. (credit)

So, I'm planning my food for tomorrow as I check in tonight. (credit)

Have a great night.

08-26-2010, 12:35 AM
Hello All,
Today I did walk 8800+ steps, credit, tracked my food, credit, and came here(big credit!)

Last week, my doctor called with my blood test results, and my good cholesterol went up(yay!) but so did my bad cholesterol. She was baffled, since usually they don't both go up at the same time, so she wants to retest in 6-8 weeks, in case it was a lab error. I'd forgotten about taking flaxseed oil, so she encouraged me to start that up again.

The HR dept of my husband's workplace called and left a message today, while he is on his trip. I hope it's not something ominous. I'm making lots of art and working on my business, but if he gets laid off, I'm not sure what I'll do. I am enjoying this break from a day job, but for how much longer, I don't know.

Hope to get to personals soon.

08-26-2010, 06:06 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Stopped by a deli that sells sandwiches wrapped in large pita bread - awful, tasteless, white flour pita bread. Got my mojo up and asked for three falafel plain - no sandwich. They looked at me like I was crazy, but put them in a carton with some humus. I took them home and put them on my own whole wheat pita bread; CREDIT moi for recognizing that I'd have had a hard time throwing away the store's pita, and a worse time being annoyed with myself for eating stuff that I didn't want to eat. Dinner also included two large, fresh-from-our-garden tomatoes with balsamic vinegar. CREDIT moi for eating like a king.

Normal gym; CREDIT moi. No FREE Kashi cereal boxes. I felt deprived.

onebyone - You've got a strong body, as evidenced by not being sore after so much exercise, and a strong core, as evidenced by pausing before just gobbling the Lebanese delicacies. Good food plan tweaks, just LOL at the thought of reconstructing walnuts from the pieces. Your ancestors painted bison on the walls of deeply hidden caves - just because. You don't need a reason to be an artist.

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - Congrats for the increased good cholesterol - plausibly due to your exercise. Ouch for the bad, but I'll vote for a lab error. Hope that HR is just chasing down travel vouchers.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Happiness is pesto cubes in the freezer; my adult DD still knows to drop by a pick up a few every now and then.

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Honking Congrats on the "noughties" - a clear sign of where you're going.

Beverlyjoy - You've got real stuff to deal with; Kudos for emerging from that sufficiently to face your food planning as well. Such a joy to hear you able to say, "I've had a good day....."

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Sending supportive thoughts for the emotional stuff you're dealing with, with Kudos for working you food plan at the same time - such a good demo that food and emotions are separate realms.

Donna (new2me2) - Good work making the pieces of your plan fit together. I'm grateful for those individual packs of unsweetened applesauce - we can now use one when DW makes pork chops without a whole jar spoiling in the fridge.

Amber (AmberPr) - Yay for crockpots. Kudos for preparing your meal, however quickly done.

Marci (madrikh) - Really like the blue madonna of your avatar - what's its story?

Alma (Alma4343) - Kudos for tracking down that vitamin D deficiency. And Kudos again for spotting "I only need to do this for 12 weeks" - that one's insidious.

newbebop - Yay for looking closely at those Sabotaging Thoughts; they can't survive when exposed to sunlight. Are you growing fruits also?

Ashley (ade903) - Neat planning to do the throwing away food exercise at your parents' house when there's plenty. I've always thought that elevators that opened into the apartment were only for NY condos overlooking Central Park; classy indeed.

MaryContrary - The joy of no coxswain beating out the rhythm; the burden of moving forward without a coxswain. LOL at "I SEE YOU, SABOTAGING THOUGHT" - this thread's recent theme.

Carol (Starling) - Ouch that the "sticking to a plan" is a portal to old emotions. Good job spotting that and exposing it to the light.

Readers - day 36
Believe It

As the weeks went by, Brenda slowly but steadily lost weight - but she remained skeptical. After she lost 10 pounds, she said, "It won't last." After she lost 20 pounds, she was confused: "I know the scale says I've lost this much weight, and I know my clothes are loser, but it just doesn't seem real." After she lost 30 pounds, she was very confused. The evidence that she was successfully losing weight was undeniable, but Brenda still doubted herself. "Okay, I know I've lost weight, but I don't know how I did it," she said. "It's just a fluke." After she lost a total of 40 pounds, she thought she had the answer: "I'm 40 pounds lighter, but that's only because you're helping me."

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 239.

08-26-2010, 09:34 AM
Hi Beck folks - yesterday was a healthy on plan day. I am so, so grateful. Somehow I got through it. YAY. CREDIT I ate lots of veggies and yelled silently back at some of my sabotaging thoughts and gave myself credit out loud during the day.

Today Mom and I are going to Bob Evans for dinner. I know what I’ll have already and know the calories.

Water - lots
Planned/logged/measured/counted calories - yes
Eat seated - most of the time
Fork down - some of the time
No seconds - all the of time
Leave a bite - all of the time
Read arc/rc
Beck - no
Slow mindful eating - some of the time.
Feel fullness - some of the time
Did my journal
Gave credit - often
Did my meditation - yay

Billbe - kudos for leaving the white flour wrap and knowing yourself in that situation.

Nuxmaga - glad the good cholesterol is better - hmm, puzzling about the overall number. Hope all is well with the Hr call.

Amber - great job on the exercise video and your good planning!

Seadwaters - love the name, the noughties! YAY!!!! Many credits, too. Carry on.

Onebyone - good tweaks…eating should not be guilt ridden. Sounds like you are figuring it out.

Starling - sticking to a plan is helpful to many folks. I imagine it’s a big change in approach to your recent mindful approach. It’s good that you are exploring different ways to learn to live with food in the manner that works best for you.

Alma - I am doing a 10 pound happy dance for you. I am so glad you doctor discovered you vitamin D deficiency. My sister had that and felt much much better when she started the supplements.

Madrich - hope you can get your ticker to work.

Have a great day, folks.

08-26-2010, 11:11 AM
Credit for making a good choice at a restaurant at lunch and not feeling guilty that it wasn't the best choice I could have made -- salmon burger with fruit salad, leaving half the bun, instead of salad with fish on top. Some days I'm in the mood for the salad, but yesterday wasn't one.

I'm sure I mentioned before that I got down to 200 pounds a few years ago, and put the 40 pounds back on in a year. In part, I blame that I was too cheap to buy new clothes. Unconsciously, I had to put the weight back on to have clothes that fit! So, this time around I've been buying new clothes.

I've now gotten too small for a pair of pants that I bought in the spring. I took them back yesterday to see if they could be tailored to my new size. They could be, for a pretty good sum. My sales lady helped me find a new pair, that fits better than the altered old pair would, for a few dollars more. So new pants, and I'm going to give away pants that are only a few months old. Credit for not getting upset over that. DH says we'll consider it an investment in my health.

WI: +0.2kg, Exercise: +60 1505/1800 minutes for August, Food: 70%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Beverlyjoy: so happy to see you posting here! Yay for all the credits and good job making a plan for a meal out.

BillBlueEyes: excellent way to modify carry out food to suit your needs! I'm going to remember that.

Nuxmaga: great to see you here, too! Crossing fingers and toes that the HR thing is good news, not bad.

Hello to everyone else!

08-26-2010, 11:38 AM
Good morning all!

My food plan today is much the same as yesterday except I forgot my little Ninja blender and also forgot the shaker cup, so not quite sure how I'll make my protein shake, lol. I'll figure it out. Dang Ninja is sitting in a bag on my stove...had it all ready to go and everything, lol. I DID remember to bring my eggs today though. Yay, lol.

My exercise also changed a bit...I decided that I should probably put weights off one more day, so did 30 minutes of Walk It Out instead. I'll do weight tonight. My "at home care" for my tooth said the first three nights to sleep with head elevated on several pillows" and "do not put pressure on your jaw". No matter how hard I try to relax my jaw when I do weights, there is usually some tightening of it, so I think it will be better tonight than last.

Didn't do any decluttering afterall yesterday, but did some already this morning. Whilst in my closet deciding what to wear, I took out all my too-big pants and put them in a pile in the spare bedroom to go to the Goodwill, or maybe Career Closet.

Got in some spontaneous exercise already as well. When I parked at work, I noticed a car with its lights on, so walked around our rather large building several times trying to find someone who it might belong to. Never did see another living soul. I tried. :^:

Sorry, the morning got away from me, so no personals. :(

08-26-2010, 01:45 PM
Literally -- forgot to charge my laptop last night, and also couldn't sleep. Feeling run down, and also down by Other People's Drama. (Why can't all facets of life be fantastic at the same time???) CREDIT for calming down about this. Not getting enough sleep, for me, usually means wanting to splurge, indulge, not care, etc. So over my first americano this morning I pondered my ARCs. The one with the most meaning (for Beck and beyond): "Let it go! Keep your eye on the goals and advantages."

Ade903: REALLY into your Planned Imperfections. Mind if I steal it? Major credit to you for facing your perfectionism head-on. Good luck! As my partner, well . . . we're kind of the same. We both like to feed our emotions, and we both like to nurture with food. And we both enjoying eating together. BUT, she is getting ready to have gastric bypass surgery for diabetes, so she has also been trying to make changes to her habits. So I have hope that as time passes, we'll be able to shift our habits together.

BillBlueEyes: Thanks for the kind and attentive words. I've decided that the real purpose of being in graduate school is to learn to be your own coxswain. . . . Which is a painful pleasure!

Shepherdess: I think I will eventually reap the benefits of planning -- such as saving time and $. I've actually put this on one of my "advantages" cards! The next step is for me to coordinate with my DP, who has a knack for both supporting me and indulging me . . .

Alma 4343: Thanks for the hug! I'm really enjoying being a part of this forum, and I think it helps me to keep my goals in mind. I love your perspective on trying everything, but not getting held up by the need to "master." I think the insane perfectionist in me loves to master! Words I take very much to heart: "I plan on starting from the beginning as soon as I get to the end." And what did you get your Master's in?

AmberPr: Arsenal . . . yes, that's what this feels like. Except I feel like I have a bit of an arsenal all ready, and Beck is helping me to use it!

Lexxiss: You are so right about having the plan ahead of time, it really helps with the "no choice" goal. Credit me for coming up with a plan for today that lets me indulge in some of my favorite LA food. In terms of my success skills, I am trying to be brutally honest when I check them off. I am even giving credits by the quarter, such as : "I ate mindfully: 3/4 credit" :)

Gardnerjoy: Yay for pesto!

New2Me2: Thank you!

Beverlyjoy: USC is indeed like a fortress! I'd never thought of it that way, but it makes sense. I have a very full but amazing semester! I am blessed.

Onebyone: LOVE your tweaks!

BE well to all! Battery's about to go . . . so must I!

08-26-2010, 02:46 PM
gardnerjoy - i hear you on the clothes thing. I kind of did that too. Not too cheap but was poor at the time. I'm feeling the clothes thing now too. I don't want to buy anything b/c (1) I don't want to be happy with this size and (2) I want to save my money for a smaller size. But I think I need to b/c my clothes are baggy and silly looking now and even the smaller ones in my closet won't fit the same since they are pre-baby and so old that most are not really in style anymore. I need a closet cleaning for sure!

so much to do. kind of brings back the laundry basket issue. ;)

I've been on plan and have been steadily running in place. I'm happy with the inches gone and I KNOW my BF is happy. But we both know I've got more work to do.

CREDITS: workouts every day, followed food plans; read ARC;

still need to write down my food. (I just don't ever see this happening. so pathetic!!!)

I think I'm going to do the 2 week diet again starting next week. my "diet" plan is 2 weeks strict and 6 weeks diet and then repeat as necessary. Phase 2 ends Monday so I am planning to repeat Phase I and see what happens. I guess the worst that could happen is that I lose more inches. That wouldn't be too horrible. :)

08-26-2010, 05:21 PM
Hello all,
Just a quick stop on by to say hello. Lots going on...HRH is finally taking regular food (yay) - although he defininitely doesn't want to. He whines the whole time. I guess it's too slow for him. He only woke up twice last night (not the every hour it's been for the past week). I haven't been good with exercising -nor measuring my food. So, of course the scale went up. No matter...If I get back to doing what i'm supposed to it will come down.

The place I'm working at just posted a contract recruiter position...I'm working on trying to get that! Anything to get back into HR..I'm bored to tears!

Hugs all around....cya tomorrow!:hug:

08-26-2010, 09:24 PM
Greetings Beck People,
I thought of you today!
Today was the day scheduled to take DS to his school for a new students' meeting. I knew we'd go out to lunch but I didn't know where. I felt really anxious -- I was worried that I'd get very hungry, and I wanted to eat a huge breakfast to "fill the tank" just in case. But I stuck to plan. :cp:

We went to a deli for lunch and I remembered the techniques you-all have talked about :D It went pretty well... I set aside 1/3 of the sandwich :cp:

I offered it to whoever wanted it... a little hard to watch it disappear :( I'm sure you know what that's like!

The other parts of the day were stressful. I was learning the drive to / from the school, nervewracking with the traffic. DH was in the back seat helping with directions. He's a bit of an aggressive driver so his directions were like "Turn left here. ..Here. Now. Now!"
Arrgh! :mad:
When we got home and I stepped in the door it was like a wave pushing me to the fridge :eek: It really helped knowing that you guys totally understand what it's like :hug: I got through it and have been looking forward to checking in this evening!

:cp: BIG credit :cp:

Good luck to all of you and especially whoever had an extra stressful day today!

08-26-2010, 11:17 PM
Hi All,
This having my dh gone is wearing on me. The HR person wasn't in today, so no news on what they want to talk to my dh about. I did walk 6600+ steps, credit. I'm aiming to get in my 120 workouts before my health insurance runs out end of October, in case dh's insurance doesn't credit my gym visits. I'm up to 87.

Frustratingly, after the gym tonight, I stopped at the grocery store and bought some junk. My calories for the day would've been on target if I hadn't chosen to eat because I was stressed. I will give myself credit though that one of the packages had been opened, and I hadn't noticed when I picked it up--when I discovered it in the car, I didn't go back in to get a new one, and threw it out.

I have my craft show on Saturday, my first big show without my dh helping. A couple friends have volunteered to help, which is great, but it's stressful.

Well, I should go to bed. Have a good evening!

08-27-2010, 12:40 AM
Hi Coaches

I had a very up and down day. This morning I completed my first of 3 or 4 sculptures for the festival I am in a week from this Saturday. It's a night-time festival of light so when I popped the portable light inside my sculpture it really glowed nicely and looked a bit creepy which is what I want. I've attached jpgs of it from different views. So once I took the picture I was so thrilled that the idea is sound and it will work and now I can move forward that lunchtime had passed me right by. I was starving. I knew I'd be swapping my dinner for my lunch as I was meeting my drawing group at 3pm and it was 1:30 so I quickly downed my food, not bothering to eat the full meal ie. leaving the veggies and then rushed around getting ready and then I felt... sick. I got super-sweaty and light-headed and just generally felt unwell. I stopped and asked myself what I needed and my gut said "have some cheese" so I listened and ate an ounce of cheese. Then I drank my glass of pure fruit smoothie juice and popped an apple in my bag "just in case" I was still light-headed later. I wasn't, but I was still really sweating. It wasn't very hot today. What I remembered was that sometimes when I really start to lose weight my metabolism (I think) starts to rev higher and I go through this sweating stage, like I literally have turned up the fire in me and it's burning calories now. The other thing that haooens is I will get shivers. Both signs occur during bouts of weightloss which I find to be very consistent. I am telling you this because my usual response is to eat some sugar to stop the physical feelings. "Feeling sick" is a HUGE food trigger for me. I rode it out and ordered a decaf coffee instead of the hot chocolate I was going to give in to. *credit* Then I met wiht the group and we talked past 6:30pm. I missed my dinner. We walked to an art opening and I knew I needed to eat something so I had a few cherries a few strawberries and a wholegrain cookie. Just one. Organic even and made with local wheat flour. It was the right thing to do. I needed fuel as we were then walking over to another gallery and then walking back to the bus and then I walked home from the bus--all on the food power of the cookie and the bits of fruit.

So while not a perfect food day I did not fall face first into the cookie bowl. I tolerated hunger. I walked 30+ minutes. I finished a sculpture and I was social. Tomorrow is official weigh-in. Since I weigh every day I have a good idea of what it could say tomorrow. It should reflect the fact that I wore my jeans tonight, the same jeans that I had stopped trying to weear a few weeks ago cause they were getting just a little too tight to breathe in when I sat down. A good sign after only 4 days. My body and I both want this.

08-27-2010, 02:39 AM

Just dropping by for a quick hello. Claim Jumper was a success. I didn't follow my plan to a T, but I did stick to the points I set aside for it (traded in my higher point sweet potato for some no point veggies so I could join in on the appetizer). I'm still having a hard time with the exercise thing. I need to remember that this is about me. If my boyfriend's plans change (gets off work early), I still must work out. He can wait. Now that I'm at my parent's house, it's about 105 degrees (80 at night...still hot) the motivation for working out isn't all there. NO CHOICE isn't particularly having an effect on me. *sigh* I'll get there.

Weigh in tonight. Down 2.4 pounds...meaning I hit my 5% weight loss goal! I was surprised. And of course I couldn't accept that i earned it. I had to think "Oh, well it's hot and I'm sweating blah blah blah." Need to work on "Great job, Ashley. You worked hard and YOU earned that weight loss."

Sister's birthday and she is asking for help, so I'm off. Have a happy Friday!

08-27-2010, 06:40 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - After three days of continuous, slow rain the sun came out. Yay for the sun. Of course, Yay for the rain, which makes DW, the gardener, deliriously happy. Walked to the community garden and picked a bag of cukes and tomatoes. Unfortunately, too much rain after too much dry had split a bunch of the tomatoes. DW had warned me that that could happen. Oh Well.

Scheduled to make my own dinner, I bypassed the extra large BBQ'd steak tips at the deli to choose a piece of fresh salmon; CREDIT moi for a healthy choice even though it meant that I had to cook it instead of just snarfing it down. And CREDIT moi for saving half for my lunch today.

onebyone - Neat that you can get your eating plan and your art creating plan both working together. Both admiring and LOL at the thought, "My body and I both want this."

Margaret (Nuxmaga) - LOL at the conundrum of facing an open junk food item that you didn't really want; good choice to toss it instead of putting up with the extra pain of returning it. Good luck with your craft show this weekend.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Good move with the new jeans; thanks for the reminder that buying clothes we like helps us to accept our new weight.

Beverlyjoy - Kudos for yelling back at those Sabotaging Thoughts. Neat that you're comfortable with the trip to Bob Evans.

Donna (new2me2) - Goodbye too big clothes, never to return. Great choice to walk the building looking for the owner of the car with lights on. Hope your new tooth and you continue to get along, including some sound sleep.

Houston2Command - LOL at "the worst that could happen is that I lose more inches" - go for it.

MorganleFay - So HRH is making transitions, albeit slowly. DW swears that our DS nursed for 30 minutes every hour during the night. Good luck with that position at your company.

Ashley (ade903) - Congrats on that kilo gone; Yep, "YOU earned that weight loss." Kudos for your success at Claim Jumper; YOU also earned that by preparing.

MaryContrary - LOL that both you and your laptop need more energy today. Yep, Kudos for working to allow yourself to be calm about both. Your "painful pleasure!" gives me thought; the good memories in life often have that.

Carol (Starling) - Yep, I do know the feeling of watching someone else eat that which I put aside - the "painful pleasure!" just mentioned. Kudos for all the strategies you used to stay your plan and avoid the fridge.

Readers - day 36
Believe It

I reminded Brenda that although I certainly had been teaching her the Cognitive Therapy skills, she was the one who was consistently using them. That's why she was successfully losing weight. She understood this intellectually, but, on a deeper level, this just didn't fit with her view of herself as a person who couldn't lose weight.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 239.

08-27-2010, 09:05 AM
Today's challenge is two meals out. We're taking my brother and his girlfriend out for breakfast for his birthday. And then we're volunteering and eating lunch there. But, I know what I'll eat in both places, so it should be fine.

WI: +0.2kg, Exercise: +60 1565/1800 minutes for August, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

onebyone: love the glowing sculpture!

08-27-2010, 10:07 AM
Hello Beck friends:wave:

Yesterday, was an "oh well get back on track day." I have a plan for today which includes healthy food and exercise. I am searching for emotional stability-just for today. I will work on tomorrow-tomorrow.

BillBlueEyes, Great job not taking the white pita bread….it saves on the waste a bit-even if your worms might have enjoyed it. I've been favoring fish instead of meat, too. It feels like a great choice!

gardenerjoy, enjoy your break from cooking. Planning assures you will do fine. Thx for the reminder about clothes that don't fit. I put all my winter coats in a pile….now to find some new ones.

Ashley (ade903), Congrats! On your 5% goal!

onebyone, I think you're doing a great job as you work on tweaking your food plan! I remember the sweats, too. I always thought it was a sign of some detoxifying going on. They went away for me. *credit* for making healthy adjustments.

Nuxmaga, great job getting rid of some of the junk. Best wishes for your big craft show tomorrow….they are my favorite!

Carol (Starling), I felt like I was in the back seat, too, reading your post. *credit* for lots of healthy choices yesterday.

MorganleFay, keeping my fingers crossed on the recruiter position. Boredom is hard on eating...hoping, too, that you will get a bit more rest as HRH starts sleeping through the night.

Houston2Command, great job thinking about the details and timing of your food plan.

MaryContrary, *credit* for calming down during "Other People's Drama". Thanks for reminding me to Keep My Eye on the Goals and Advantages.

Donna (new2me2), *credit* for being gentle with yourself while remaining focused as you get through this time with your tooth.

Beverlyjoy, "I'd like to help and and comment again. I haven't been very stellar during my health crisis - so I hope you all will accept my thoughts and support in the spirit in which they are given." Thanks! I'm always encouraged by your words and wish us all "food sanity".

AmberPr, *credit* for exercise and food planning!

Cheryl (seadwaters), I am glad you are happy with the results of your new food plan. Onederland is an exciting goal!

Alma4343, Whoo Hoo! Congrats on your 10 pound loss! I hope the V-D helps. Even in sunny Colorado I'm told we don't get enough D from sun. I take a supplement, too.

Marci (madrikh), :wave: Thanks for checking in.

newbebop, great job finding a way to exercise AND get your reading in at the same time!

Ok, time to get to the pool. I'm too late to ride both directions but will put my bike on the car for a ride home.

Take care everyone!

08-27-2010, 11:06 AM
:woohoo: Coaches! :woohoo:

I am down 7.2 sweaty lbs from last week.

Can I tell you how relieved I feel?
I think I may put this into a memory box a la Beck. I need to remember how relieved I am to be away from the 280's. That was scary as my body pretty much starts to shut itself off from life itself at that weight.

I know, kind of dramatic :queen:, but the closer I get to 280 the less I move or care about my life and gee it takes so much energy to start again. I want to take advantage of this power surge I have going on right now for as far as it will take me.

The best is knowing I can wear my jeans today. Just my regular size 20 bits of elastic in the waist band, bits of lycra in the cotton, jeans. In the recent past I have hated those jeans for being a size 20, and me for having to wear a size 20 for years and years now but today? I embrace my size 20's! Happy to have them for as long as I need them for, it could have been worse and they could have been a distant memory.

Thanks Coaches for all your posts and your inspiration. I will get to personals eventually but for now know that I read everything you write and it gives me lots of support thorughout the day.

*credit* to all of you for being here and for doing the work.

Enjoy your Friday.

08-27-2010, 11:46 AM
Another quick post...sorry coaches!

I got hit by nausea yesterday towards late morning. It lasted pretty much all day, so my work day was trying NOT to throw up while trying not to annoy the people working around me as I stood up, paced, sat down, etc, lol. Had a hard time deciding if it was a gastroparesis attack or a side effect of the antibiotics. In the end I decided it didn't matter, lol, the work-around was just about the same with the tooth situation anyway. So I ended up doing exercise, no decluttering. During the night I slept "okay" but was aware of stomach twinges off and on. Today I'm sticking to an all liquid diet (well except for that little tub of applesauce I just had) hoping that my stomach will calm down. I've got to take the stupid antibiotics through Monday. I've also got a white coating all over my left tonsils though I don't have a sore throat...the left side is where the tooth was pulled. Not sure it's connected, but seems strangely coincidental, lol.

Just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS to Ashley on your 5% goal! My weigh in is today.

08-27-2010, 12:39 PM
:woohoo: Coaches! :woohoo:


08-27-2010, 01:28 PM
:bravo: A big congratulations to all the lb.-droppers this week, especially onebyone! :congrat: YOU are responsible for all this wonderfulness!

Just dropping by for a quick update. I have a jam-packed day, but I need to make sure I work-out before I start running. I'm really into the Walk at Home DVDs. I actually miss doing them, which feels great.

Yesterday was my one day a week on campus (poor me, right?). Still because it's about a 35 mile commute, and things are majorly overpriced, I made sure to plan plan plan what I was going to eat, and when. I did pretty good, except I didn't plan for the networking Afternoon Tea (deliberately, I think?). I kept resistance techniques in mind, however. Although I had too much coffee, I only splurged on 1/2 a macaroon. My friend was rather appalled that I threw the rest of it away, but I didn't let her emotional reaction bother me. Credit moi.

It's so true what is said about going Off-Plan being a vicious cycle: I didn't plan my time very well between the Tea and my poetry workshop, so I didn't eat my veggies and hummus snack. Therefore, at 7 pm I was famished (true hunger). I was also giddy from the excitement of what looks to be a fantastic workshop, and self-congratulatory for having accomplished so much that day. So I splurged again when I went to my favorite LA eatery, ordering a turkey panini (instead of the mixed greens and pesto chicken breast salad, which I loved, and which I had deliberately planned for!). I tried to bargain with myself about this: "You can order it if you only eat half." But that didn't work. AT ALL. Which I knew when I ordered it! To my credit, all the ingredients were fresh, organic, and unprocessed. Still . . .

SO -- I definitely learned something from this experience. Mostly: whatever happens, I need to eat that substantial snack before my workshop. Sticking to the plan enables you to continue sticking to the plan. Credit moi for learning from this and moving forward.

I second onebyone: credit to all of you for coming here and being supportive!

Have a wonderful day!

08-27-2010, 01:31 PM
Silly me: congrats to EVERYONE for all the goals achieved, challenges encountered, support offered. You're all amazing!


08-27-2010, 01:48 PM
This week is still trying to kick my tail, but I am trying to put up a fight. Busy, not as many meals at home, and my first beck bout with eating a food out of guilt. I remember reading in the book about eating just to not hurt someones feelings and I thought that wasn't me. I eat for MANY reasons but I didn't think that one fit. Till the other night at the fair when my mother in law was eating her elephant ear. She had offered to buy me one and I declined. They she is eating away and offered me some of hers, I declined. Then she starts in with "don't make me eat this by myself", "oh I am never going to be able to eat all of this." and then some... finally I broke and took a small piece and shared it with my youngest. A small victory in that it could have been much worse. and a lesson in that just because an idea in the book might not seem to fit past experiences, to be ready for anything.

Tonight is another night at the fair. I have planned and packed and hope that things go smoothly. I am looking forward for this week to be over. It feels like a hurdle that just has to be endured. Hopefully I will find the incite on the other side of it all. ;-) till then i am moving forward.

08-27-2010, 01:52 PM
Hi Beckfolks - yesterday was a healthy day - I am so grateful for this and the willingness to push forward through the cravings and desires. I drank LOTS of water and did my stretches and strengthening yesterday. It's the first time in a while - as my skin was so tender that it would hurt to stretch. It's healing a little at a time. I wish it was faster. But, at least I am going in the right direction.

Today I am finishing up some cleaning and going to the farm market.

lots of water - 10 glasses - credit
plan, log, measure, count calories - yes
no seconds - yes
fork down between bite - some of the time
eat seated only - most of the time
leave a bite - all of the time
slow mindful eating - taste the food - some of the time
feel fullness - not much
beck book - no
arc/rc - yes
gave myself credit throughout the day.

I will try to come back for personals later, if I can.

Have a great day.....treat yourself as well as you'd treat a good friend.

08-27-2010, 09:10 PM
Hello Beck-buddies! :comp:

I'm wondering what your experiences have been with family members having a negative reaction to the Beck program. I'm not exactly getting negative messages, but there's subtle discouragement. Ex. me chopping a salad. I suddenly say "oops". DH --"Oops what?" Me --"I just ate some tomato" DH --"So?" Me-- "I'm standing up, we're supposed to always eat sitting down" DH " :rolleyes: "

I do feel self-conscious about these ideas being "obsessive". But on the other hand, they definitely seem to be making me much more aware of what I'm eating.

I was wandering around in the Maintenance forum and found this quote. It really spoke to me today--

Originally Posted by Meg
Choices, Obsession and Dedication
I recently saw the following in a signature line on another message board:

Obsession is what the weak and lazy call the dedicated.

And it set me off thinking about the issues of obsession, dedication, and the choices that we make regarding weight loss and maintenance. I know the issue of 'obsession' is one that’s affected a lot of other Maintainers -- we’ve had other discussions here about our frustrations when people call our lifestyles ‘obsessed’. I've been kicking this around during morning cardio all week … so I’m going to try to get some of my thoughts down in writing and would love to hear what all of you think too.

OK … let's start with choices and maintenance. Whether or not we lose weight and/or maintain our weight losses is determined by the choices we make – it is entirely in our hands. We are in total control. No one made us fat except us and no one can make us fit and healthy except us.

Toxic food is EVERYWHERE and we are called upon to make a hundred choices a day that affect our weight – will I eat that donut? will I go to the gym today? will I actually measure that serving of peanut butter? will I drive through McDs for dinner? Only YOU can decide if a choice is worth what it will cost you. But make no mistake – every choice we make has a price tag and a consequence.

There are diet and exercise choices that a formerly obese person must make to obtain and maintain a normal weight. We all learned a long time ago that we can't simply wish the weight away. You HAVE to cut your calorie intake and change what you’re eating. You HAVE to move your body more – a lot more. You HAVE to be aware of what you’re doing and be constantly vigilant about slipping back into old, bad habits and ways. It’s not just me saying these things – it’s backed up by the data coming out of the National Weight Control Registry. These things are simply non-negotiable if you want to maintain a weight loss, especially a large one.

Every day for the rest of my life, I know that I will have to make countless choices that decide whether I keep 120 pounds off or put it back on again. Only I can choose to make myself fat again.

For most of us, these weight loss/maintenance choices become routine – part of what we call ‘our new lifestyles’. Exercise becomes an integral part of our days. We carry food with us. We’re used to planning menus ahead and cooking in advance. We can eyeball food portions down to the quarter ounce and tell you the calories in just about anything. I doubt that we’re even aware that we’re making choices any more – these are just the normal, everyday things we've learned to do to keep the weight off.

Admittedly, to an outsider (not you guys ), a lot of how I live my life may look unusual or even bizarre. I go to the gym every day! I weigh and measure what I eat and write it down! I don’t eat about 95% of the food in the world! I’m always 'on a diet'! I eat popcorn bowls full of salad! I weigh myself every day! Yikes! How … weird, strange and downright un-American!

OK, now let’s say that someone comes along and looks at the choices that you know you must make to maintain your weight loss and calls you ‘obsessed’. Someone looks at your exercise plan and your food choices, rolls their eyes and shakes their head disapprovingly. Has it happened to you? How does that make you feel?

Sometimes it’s a family member trying to push food on you. Sometimes it’s a colleague mocking your hours at the gym. Sometimes it’s friends saying ‘you’re no fun any more’. But always – ALWAYS – it’s someone revealing their own issues. Because the heart of the matter is that OUR choices make them feel uncomfortable about THEIR choices. Look at the person who's calling you obsessed and try to figure out why you're so threatening to them. Remember – if someone calls you obsessed, it says lots more about them than it does about you.

Words are powerful tools (and weapons). The word ‘obsessed’ is negative, derogatory, and implies something dysfunctional: having or showing excessive or compulsive concern with something. Going back to the quote at the beginning of my post, I far prefer the word ‘dedicated’: wholly committed to a particular course of thought or action; devoted. Because isn’t that really all that we’re doing though our everyday diet and exercise choices? Being committed and devoted to keeping the weight of for life? We're dedicated to weight loss success!!

Anyone who calls one of us ‘obsessed’ truly doesn’t understand the price tag that’s attached to maintenance. They’re clueless about the realities of weight loss. So the next time someone zings you or me by calling us obsessed, let’s correct them and tell them that we’re dedicated to making the choices necessary to maintain our weight losses. It’s simply the price we happily and willingly pay to maintain a normal weight.

No, I don't think we’re obsessed. Every one of us here is simply dedicated – committed – devoted – to keeping the weight off for life. It’s our choice and we embrace it.

OK, gang - enough ramblings from me. Talk to me about obsession and dedication!

By Meg

Hope you'ns liked the quote, and wishing you all a successful, on-plan weekend! :angel:

08-28-2010, 07:30 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Eat. Work. Gym. Catchy title for a book, LOL. But, CREDIT moi, if it's a rut, it's a rut of my own choosing. Some days I think I'd like more excitement. Then last night I drove home and found my street blocked and about 15 firetrucks in the neighborhood. Wasn't my house, but being even as close as a block away is pretty freighting when you live in a 130 year old wooden house just waiting for a single ember to ignite and burn to the ground.

onebyone - Congrats on that loss, with Kudos for believing that you can do it. Yep, "as far as it will take me."

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Neat that you have plans for both eating out challenges.

Beverlyjoy -Yay for healing, even if a little bit at a time. Yay for willingness. Yay for gratitude.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Yep, "just for today. I will work on tomorrow-tomorrow." However ... <sigh> ... I spent the whole day wondering how you could drive to the gym and ride your bike home, LOL. Will your car find its way home alone?

Donna (new2me2) - Ouch for the stuff you and your tooth are enduring - but one week can be viewed as only one week and then you're through with that phase. Good luck with your all liquid diet.

newbebop - Ouch for a MIL who first offers to buy you your own elephant ear and then has the audacity to guilt trip you into eating part of hers. Ouch for eating out of guilt, but then again, MIL's are a touchy relationship to nourish.

MaryContrary - Yay for a "fantastic poetry workshop" - so neat that you'll be looking forward to your trip to campus each week. Yep, Kudos for learning from your panini and moving forward.

Carol (Starling) - Thanks for posting Meg's Obsession discussion. It's useful for me to be reminded that anything that I do well can be observed as obsessive to others: work, play, parenting, gym, eating.

On the subject of SO's: I do spare my DW the details of my daily Beckings; it doesn't fit into our normal relationship to expect empathy for saving a half portion of salmon for tomorrow's lunch, or for leaving one measly bite on my plate. I'd just get her yes-dear eyes roll, LOL.

Readers - day 36
Believe It

For Brenda to keep making progress, i knew it was important for her to stop doubting herself. You might need to do so, too. Now five weeks into this program, you might be at the point most dieters eventually reach - the point where you question whether on not you can keep losing weight. At some point, you might say to yourself, This is just a fluke ... I'll wake up tomorrow and I'll have gained it all back ... I'm no different from how I was the last time I tried to diet.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 239.

08-28-2010, 08:41 AM
Hi Beckfolks - yesterday was mostly a healthy day - I am always grateful for that. I did eat a bowl of cherrios before bed that was not planned. But, I am making good progress in getting back to food sanity.

Last night was a beautiful Fallish night. We did a fire in the outdoor fireplace. Some of the neighbors and the children came over for a marshmello roast. DH found these huge marshmellows. The children were an ooey gooey mess laughing and having fun. I did not eat a marshmello CREDIT We did not have graham crackers or chocolate. Not eating smores might have been toohard to resist.

yesterday I had many credits - always grateful

lots of water - yes
plan/log/measure/count calories yes - not the cherrios, though
eat seated - most of the time
no seconds - all of the time
arc/rc - yes
beck - no
mindful slow eating - most of the time
fork dn between bites - some of the time
leave a bite of food - all of the time
used resistance techniques - most of the time
gave credit - yes

Have a GREAT day.

08-28-2010, 11:42 AM
Off to get a massage. I didn't seem to need massages all summer when I was focusing on aerobics. But now that I've re-introduced strength training to my routine, my muscles have seized up in various ways. Strength training is good for me, right? I suspect my massage therapist will say that it's good for me and I need to get massages more often!

WI: -0.1kg, Exercise: +60 1630/1800 minutes for August, Food: 70%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Beverlyjoy: yay for being on the path to food sanity during a difficult time. You're doing great! Yep, I find it easy to resist marshmallows and much more difficult to resist s'mores! Fortunately, neither make much of an appearance in my daily life.

BillBlueEyes: glad your old house survived a fire in its neighborhood. I wonder how many fires it's seen in 130 years?

Starling: love the obsession discussion -- thanks for sharing. Like BillBlueEyes, I reserve my Beck observations for here. DH does his job supporting me by adjusting to vegetable-centric dishes. I don't need him to get the nuances of Beck strategy.

Hello to everyone else!

08-28-2010, 01:00 PM
Good Morning. First post ever on a thread of any kind. I have promised myself to use this thread as a diet coach/journal. DH doesn't like the role. He feels he is doomed if he has to do double duty as loving husband and tough coach. Day 28. I have lost a pound. I have to stop myself from saying "only a pound". I have battled my weight for a lifetime. From a high of 205 lbs - 28 years ago, I have 15 pounds left. These last few pounds are the toughest. They represent my true fear of letting go of food as a safety blanket. Tough! Off to the gym. I am going to learn to use the George Foreman Grill today. I have credited moi, written out a few response cards, and plan take it easy the rest of the day.

08-28-2010, 01:09 PM
It's been extremely hot this week, in the 110s where I live. But this morning I wake to a foggy and damp sky, which means today will be beautiful, that perfect Southern California 70-80 degrees. "Fall" out here is actually the hottest time of the year, when the Santa Ana winds come in and forests spontaneously combust.

Yesterday was a pretty good day. Major credit for me: resisting Thai food! Again, when I am feeling happy and productive, I tend to splurge and indulge. But I resisted! I drove home and re-heated homemade lentil soup. And was happy for the decision I made! I've made a "memory note" in my book. But in the evening I did go off-track, mainly because I hadn't planned dinner. I know what happened, and I moved on this morning, creating a plan specifically for the weekend. Dinners are a bit uncertain because of my large family, so I decided to try listing 2-3 options for dinner every evening. Just so I would have some sort of plan in my head. We'll see how this works.

One very practical questions for Becksters: what kind of scale do you use? I have a wheezy little analog one, and am researching investing in a more accurate, digital scale. I've been on the Beck Diet for 3 weeks and haven't yet weighed myself! Yikes. Of course, now that I feel my body slimming a bit, I want to keep track of this. ;)

Have a wonderful weekend, wherever you are in the world!

08-28-2010, 04:13 PM
Another quick post from me today...not feeling quite up to personals yet. I'm feeling better stomach wise and the all liquid diet has been going well the last two's helping. I still have all the junk on my left tonsil. I bought some antiseptic mouthwash to try to gently gargle with...not really supposed to do that with the tooth, but I think I can avoid the tooth area if I'm careful. I was talking with some of the ladies at the WW meeting yesterday and my boss was describing a virus she had...sounded EXACTLY like what's been happening to me this week, so it's possible it's all just coincidental, but I guess it's also possible the tooth extraction just stressed my body enough that I caught the virus. I tried to call my dentist yesterday afternoon, but they weren't in the office. If things remain as they are I will call either the dentist or my doctor on Monday. I'm feeling little twinges in my ears as well now.

On a MUCH happier note...

This morning I got a nice surprise. I stepped on the scale and was down another pound, so I'm officially at 20 pounds lost since the beginning of May. I've already put my charm on my bracelet, lol. This time it was a Canadian moose. :D And to further celebrate the 20 pound loss goal, I bought a new active Wii game called Gold's Gym Dance Workout. I may pop it open in a while to see what's it's like, but don't think I'll do much of a workout yet. I did about 30 minutes of Walk It Out yesterday, but with just minimal effort.

Welcome Maryann!!!

MaryContrary, I use a Tanita scale. They are supposed to be pretty good. It's digital and weights in tenths of a pound increments. It also reads body fat percentages among other things. I've had it quite a few years now (at least 5 I think) so I'm not sure they still make this model.

08-28-2010, 04:32 PM
Hi Coaches

I went to work at the farmers' market today. Turns out my market neighbour and I were in the same headspace: dodging all the goodies.

We congratulated ourselves for this as we left the market today.

Also as I was leaving the market, Pat, of Pat's Sweet Temptations, (you may recall at last week's market Pat, of Pat's Sweet Temptations, handed me a free Jamaican Ginger loaf which I bundled up with the neighbour's gift of Lebanese homemade treats,which were handed to me when I arrived home from the last week's market, and left them all in the office at the art school without eating any of either....but I digress) well Pat handed me a package of homemade cinnamon danishes with icing on top. OMG. I commented on them last week in passing and there they are, in my hand, all wrapped and delicious looking.

It'd be a :nose: lie to say I wasn't tempted by the sweet temptation of it all, but instead I walked in the door and said "Here Monkey - brought you something home", to which my DH's eyes lit up and he squirreled them away to his man cave where he works and plays. I am about 80% okay about them being in the house. That's good enough.

But yes I avoided ALL TREATS today credit and I only went offplan when my omelette was handed to me in a croissant and since when is the croissant ever on any diet plan?
Like never.
Oh well. I ate it and it's over and I don't regret for handling my emotions around my food being imperfect

I did get my meals mixed up though. What I ate for lunch was supposed to be for dinner and what I got for dinner is what I was supposed to have last night-which I had but thought I had to have it again for some reason. I should have checked my real foodplan before I left this morning but I was super late and didn't. The good thing is that all of my meals are found somewhere on my foodplan. So I figure they can all be interchanged here and there with little concern. I don't subscribe to a theory of magical:wizard: food arrangement or sequencing. That's all too much for me to follow. Food type is enough.

Today I am trying Walk it Out for the first time. I have read so many people on this list saying they are doing it that I asked DH to find it for me and I have it now so I'm glad to add it to the growing list of enjoyable workouts afforded to me by the wii.

:hat: Hip!Hip! Hooray! to all the gamerz and game coders out there who made the wii system a reality

Better go. I have a ton of stuff to do this week. But I think I'll rest up first.

wi=271.6 +0.8lb

08-28-2010, 06:41 PM
:goodvibes: Hi Beck People :goodvibes:

Today DH and DS are away for the weekend. I got some uninterrupted time to concentrate today.

...Earlier this week I bought a really nifty little notebook. It's leather-bound and the pages are graph paper. It's a good size, small enough to fit in a purse but large enough that my writing isn't cramped. I love writing in blank books!...I spent a lot of time today setting up pages with the dates, and every 2 weeks I left room for a chart to check off the Beck behaviors. At the very beginning of the book I drew a graph for my weight-loss-to-be, and wrote down my starting measurements. I really don't like carrying around the Beck "Advantages" cards and "Response" cards, so I marked sections in the book to write down Advantages and Responses. Also a section for Inspirational Quotes.

<credit> for finding something that I really enjoy that will help me!
<credit> for calling it "dedicated" rather than "obsessive" ;)

Beverlyjoy -- I loved your story about the toasted marshmallows. BIG credit to you. I would have found that very difficult!

Gardenerjoy -- That's a good idea to "keep Beck observations for here". My DH couldn't help it though, I was standing there with a piece of romaine hanging out of my mouth and an expression on my face like :yikes: I can understand why he rolled his eyes.:lol:

It's so nice that this is a place that's an eye-roll free zone :hug:

maryann -- that's wonderful that this is your first post ever on a thread of any kind! That takes courage! ....I'm very new here myself and I'm discovering that this is a very welcoming, encouraging environment. <credit> to you's guys for creating that kind of environment, and <big credit> to you maryann for posting!

MaryContrary -- I put something you said in my Inspiring Quote section!

Sticking to the plan enables you to continue sticking to the plan.

New2me2 -- I'm going to look up that Gold's Gym Dance Workout. DS has a Wii and I've never used it for anything. .....I hope there's steady improvement with your teeth and the mystery virus-y thing.

onebyone -- "Credit for handling my emotions around my food being imperfect" ...I've been sooooo on plan and that's boosting my motivation. Sooner or later though, I'm going to stumble and I know my motivation will plummet. What you said is so helpful.

Here's another quote for my Beck Notebook -- This is an oldy but goody ;)
"I wish there were some way to keep a tally of food not eaten - to show how big we'd be if we had indulged."
--- BillBlueEyes

08-28-2010, 07:32 PM
Hello Everyone,

Hope you are having a nice weekend. Another snacky weekend. yuck. I think I know what I'm gonna do about that. I'm going to write down each of the snacks I just had and figure out what a serving is and figure out the corresponding calories. If I'm gonna do it, I might as well track it.

I've been checking into some diet books to see if I can get myself fired up again. A book a girlfriend recommended to me is called "The 20-day Rejuvenation Diet program." It's one of those detox type things that takes you off dairy, gluten, sugar, and all the rest of the sins. I'm feeling like I just don't have the energy I feel I should...we'll see.

I'm also feeling jealous because a girlfriend of mine has lost 40 pounds on this whole veggie/fruit shake thing since April and I keep thinking if I would just buckle down, I could be at my goal. On the sane side of my brain, I know that I have proven to myself that I can maintain my 40 pound loss that I've lost slowly and if I tackled a quick loss, I'm not sure I'd be ready to maintain it. I'd do my skinny dance, buy a bunch of hot clothes and get to wear them for exactly 2.4 months and then start to slowly regain it all through the holidays and find myself without a stitch of clothes and not feeling so "hot." ---

Actually, reading that back, I'm either:a) afraid of losing more weight because of the failure of gaining it back, or

b) too lazy to do what I need to do get that big loss.
Bear News: He roamed his way through our backyard at around 11 this morning. DH saw it before our dog did. I don't think this one was the "Big" one, but he was big enough for me not to want him in my yard.

:cheer2:Cheers :cheer2:

Making Healthy foods choices with lots of fruits and veggies
Walking daily
strength training exercises
taking my vitamins
cleaned out the fridge & cleaned up the kitchen
enjoyed the comments from my DH that I'm starting to look like a "hard body"

08-29-2010, 04:52 AM
Hi Coaches
I was thinking that I really had nothing to report - I am having a hard time checking in for some reason - nothing changes including my weight which is hovering around 210. This is not unreasonable given the rapid decline over the last week. I seem to be in a slump but I am following my plan. Because of the nature of this plan it is a bit difficult to log in calorieking as not really concerned with portion size so I am not weighing things. But I think I definitely need to keep track so might have to resort to paper and pencil.

And I am not exercising - finding it way too difficult to fit in and not MAKING the time which I need to. I really could fit it in. So my goal for this week is to do strength training 3 times - Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Progress - :df:
- I motivated myself by reading A&R cards - No
- Consciously gave credit for positive eating / exercise behaviours - Not really
- Limit junk food to once per day - No junk food
- Made food plan - Yes
- Logged food soon after eating - No
- Food on-plan - Yes
- Ate seated every time - No - this has really slipped
- Ate mindfully & slowly & put down fork occasionally - Sometimes
- Weighed myself - Yes - 210.4
- Read the Green Book - NO
- Exercise - No

Working on - :running:
Reading the green book again to keep in the groove AND exercise

Have a good day Beckies

08-29-2010, 07:21 AM
:welcome: maryann :welcome:

And, on the occasion of your first post, :wel3fc:

How did you discover the books by Dr. Judith Beck?

And how did you find this thread on the 3 Fat Chicks site?

08-29-2010, 07:26 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Had the opportunity to face down platters of homemade cookies and did OK, not perfect, but about as planned. A friend had made brownies with triple chocolate and imported Costa Rican vanilla, and, while filling a platter before the event, handed me a half-brownie with an expectant "Try this?" Sometimes human socialization trumps food plan. The challenge for me was to avoid immediately gobbling everything else because I had already broken the plan. CREDIT moi for avoiding that.

Dinner was stir-fry with chicken, red bell peppers, and broccoli to try out my new bottle of fish sauce. CREDIT moi for a sane dinner. Didn't specifically taste the fish sauce - either used too much soy sauce that drowned it out or didn't use enough. Oh Well.

onebyone - Sweet Kudos for all the goodies passed right to the "Monkey ... in his man cave." Kudos for "trying Walk it Out for the first time." Hope your sales are good this weekend.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Good timing to start on strength training as your garden season is ending. Massages are good for you too, enjoy.

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Ouch for busy. Double Ouch when busy stealthily takes us off our chosen path. Kudos for making a specific plan for three days of strength training to get back on track.

Beverlyjoy -"good progress" is indeed moving forward. That "ooey gooey mess laughing and having fun" sounds like quite the evening. Kudos for avoiding the marshmallows. And Kudos for "leave a bite of food - all of the time."

Donna (new2me2) - Welcome Canadian moose to the charm bracelet; you earned your space there. Glad to hear that you're feeling a little better; hope your phone call(s) on Monday help you figure out what's going on.

Amber (AmberPr) - I find it easy to leap right out of my sane thinking to feel jealous of a fast weight loss - without remembering why I have my own plan for slow, steady, and final. My take is that that's another of the insidious Sabotaging Thoughts because it's so hard to spot; Kudos for exposing it to the light.

MaryContrary - The 110's is just scorching - no wonder the forests just combust. I absolutely adore lentil soup - particularly when it's cold outside, LOL. Yep, Major Kudos for "resisting Thai food!"

I use an old digital scale whose reading is sensitive to where you stand. Wanted to replace it, but DW didn't want to trash a working model, so it stays and I'm careful to stand on the same place.

Carol (Starling) - Oh Yes, Kudos for calling it "dedicated" rather than "obsessive" - "obsessive" is an insidious Sabotaging Thought because it's hard to recognize as such. And thanks for digging out that "oldy but goody" BBE quote - I'd forgotten about it; you must have dug deep, LOL.

maryann - Glad to have you as one of us being Diet Coaches to each other. Yep, it is an additional stress on all the roles in a marriage to add that one. You may find that discussing nutrition, health, and diet in general remain good marital topics - but leaving a bite of food on the plate can come here. We never tire of hearing that one. Interesting thoughts that the last few pounds have their own emotional hurdle.

May you and George Forman have a happy dance together.

Readers - day 36
Believe It

But you are different. You now have critical skills that you didn't have in the past, and you've learned how to use them consistently and successfully. Your weight loss is not a fluke. Your progress won't disappear as long as you continue to use your tools.

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 239.

08-29-2010, 10:38 AM
Today's challenge is a family potluck supper. A little extra challenging than normal because I usually bring a dish that I can eat in nearly unlimited quantities. But SiL requested Italian Bread Salad. I made that a lot several years ago but had quit in favor of similar salads that were all veggies. Oh well. I'll eat a small serving of that and a larger serving of any other veggie dishes, tiny servings of everything else, and no snacks.

WI: +0.1kg, Exercise: +30 1660/1800 minutes for August, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Welcome, maryann! The people on this thread are great diet coaches!

onebyone: great job avoiding treats in a challenge situation! So glad that you found a market neighbor doing the same -- that should help for the rest of the season. Hope you like Walk It Out!

Starling: your blank book sounds very cool. Great job finding a way that works for you for the Advantages and Responses. A number of us have had to find something other than cards.

AmberPr: How about an option c? Something like "I'm willing to lose weight slowly because I know that will help me keep it off permanently."

seadwaters: I recommend paper and pencil. And I love my computer. But planning and keeping track of food in a notebook is what worked for me. It made me accountable without going into the realm of too precise to be useful.

BillBlueEyes: good job on recognizing that half a brownie is half a brownie, not a pass to eat unlimited cookies. The stir-fry sounds yummy!

new2me2: sending healing thoughts your way!

MaryContrary: yay for choosing lentil soup and being happy with your decision!

08-29-2010, 12:19 PM
Good Morning Coaches

I just finished my 20 min Walk it Out workout. It was the first go at it. I never did do it yesterday as I had to rush over to my moms place to do some financial stuff and then we went out to buy her some craft kits so she won't be too bored where she is. After a busy day at the market selling, and then rushing home and cooking dinner, I didn't want to then go out where she is on the exact opposite end of the city. It was a good thing to do though. We had a good time and I left her in high spirits and today I can just stay put and get down to making the bulk of my sculptures for the festival on Saturday night. I think I'll just make all the arms and hands I need first, six in total, and then worry about the torsos and the one set of legs later. My greatest dream is to have three torsos and all the required arms complete before I go to bed tonight. And maybe the legs started. Maybe.

All of a sudden the financial gates have opened to me and I have three commissions plus the artist fee for my sculpture and lots of work hours at the school all adding up to an early September financial windfall for me. Finally. This has been the toughest seling year I've had in almost 19 years of doing this. I need to take advantage while I can. I can rest next week.

One curious thing: that forehead bump I told you about is now changing. My intuition tells me that the sweating/exercising may be the root of the small change I see. It looks to be deflating in the center and it's not so red. My market friend told me that exerising causes antibodies to go through your bloodstream :?: That's not something I've ever connected to exercise, but then she added "It's increased circulation" and that made a bit of sense. I simply thought "It's my skin, and if I sweat it has to do something about that" - so I'd be forcing the bump to deal with the stuff skin has to deal with and that should do something and maybe it is. We'll see over time-at least until I an get an appt to see the dermatologist, either before, or on my Feb 3 appt date.:p

After I got home last night from my mom's, around 10pm, I ate offplan. My choice of offplan food was very mild: 4 fruit leathers and the rest of the cucumber tomato salad from dinner. I went offplan earlier too. I ate one plum at my mom's when we got back from shopping. These bouts of offplan food were conscious. The plum was a stress reaction/celebration at getting what needed to be done with my mom, done. And the food when I came home was more of the same. I have to add a credit here as the fruit leather was bought in the bulk food store where my mom bought candies and chocolates and I grabbed the leather as she was relentless in wanting me to get something and even though I knew she'd forget right away I DID want to get something so I got that and pretended I'd share some of the stuff she bought. I left all of the sweet stuff with her -5 candies for DH which I handed to him when I came in the door. It was after that we settled in to watch a movie and I wanted the leather and the salad.

Part of the urge was hunger, I was hungry, but I could have resisted and knew it. That I chose better credit is very good as there will certainly be other times when I find myself in that offplan boat. I'd feel better today if I had resisted but OH WELL. I need to come up with some kind of automatic go-to activity for those times when I feel irritation or relaxation/celebratory eating urges. I'd say I should write it down but I don't think I'll do that right now.
I need something to grab to occupy my mind. Maybe I should get a word search puzzle book or something. I need to change tracks in my head for a bit. Actually I could play mahjong on the laptop. Okay. I'll try that.

Wow. 11 already. Haven't made a thing. :yikes:
Have a great Sunday.:hug:

weighed in: 271.6 +0.8lbs
did 20 min Walk it Out & saved the results *phew*
ate breakfast on plan
lunch is planned
dinner is planned
ate sitting down and mindfully

08-29-2010, 01:37 PM
Good morning coaches! I'm down almost another pound today. I'm still at a loss to explain the loss...pretty sure I'm getting in enough calories, even on liquids--it should be close to 1200 calories and since I'm not very active at the moment that should be okay. I'd celebrate being at a new lowest weight if I thought it would hold, lol. Today's weight: 142.2

I did about 15 minutes of Walk It Out and about 15 minutes of tutorials/set up and then another 15 minutes of a beginner's workout in Gold's Gym Dance. That was a bit too much activity, lol, so then rested on the couch for the rest of the day.

The stuff on my left tonsils feels "hard" so I'm hoping it maybe is a little of the bone graft stuff the dentist put in to fill in the gaps where he pulled the tooth. I still don't have a sore throat, but I can definitely feel that back there.

ETA: Meant to say thank you for all the well wishes!

08-29-2010, 03:37 PM
Hey everybody!

Yep, another Sunday. I'm happy to announce that I downloaded Lose it! for my ipod yesterday (Thank you to those of you who have mentioned it a few times.) I then proceeded to load in all of my picky snacks I consumed. OH MY WORD! I consumed 2,635 calories! (Thank goodness I got my exercise in.) I guess that just goes to show what can happen when you start dragging. It was good to look back at it- there were a few things I really didn't need (extras nuts and pizza the family made for dinner) and it was a reminder that those little choices really do make a big difference-- in this case a 900 calorie difference. That's the difference from losing and gaining-- those two unplanned choices. I'm excited about this tool as it allows me to put in my exercise too-- and it shows me what that is worth in calories. It also tracks me for the week, so even though I royally flubbed yesterday, it allows me the rest of the week to adjust and make up for it.

So far today, I'm on track for a really good eating & exercising day!


Seadwaters: I feel like I'm in the same place you're describing. My weight hasn't moved for a few weeks either. I'm wondering if it is a subconscious thing related to school starting next week. A leftover remnant that summer is ending…

Maryann: Welcome to the Beck Board!

BillBE: Wow, cookies! That is a tuff one. Great job!

Gardenerjoy: Have fun at the potluck! Sounds like a good plan for enjoying conservatively. Yes, option C is the best. When I'm thinking sane I know slowly equals permanently. Thank you for the vote of reason.

Onebyone: Congratulations on things going so well! I'm curious, do you ask for a deposit up front? As for that bump, I think you might want to get it checked out a little sooner. It sounds rather odd - the deflating an all… And GREAT JOB making healthy choices at the store. It's all the small things we do that add up to life style changes.

New2me2: WOW, that is a great loss! Enjoy it. Glad you are starting to feel better.


Getting in my exercise
Ate well for breakfast and lunch and have a plan for dinner
Went shopping yesterday and have lots of fruits and veggies and stuff for planned meals
Cooked up a bunch of hamburger and will make a plan for healthy on plan meals this week
Set up my ipod with Lose It!

08-29-2010, 07:00 PM
Hi All,
I woke up this morning with my stomach grumbling and it's like there was this little voice in my head. "Well, the last 2 weeks have been an interesting experiment. But now I'm bored. Can we be done now?" :lol:

Kudos to you all for keeping at it. Another day, and another day, and another day...

onebyone -- that's great about the 3 sculpture commissions! I don't know about you, but I tend to do "anxiety eating" when I have a creative project that's due soon (I'm in charge of a monthly newsletter). Good luck with your diet efforts as you throw yourself into this creative whirlwind!

BillBlueEyes -- (the very old quote) I was looking waaaaay back to see how the Beck forum got started!

AmberPr -- excellent quote
That's the difference between losing and gaining -- those two unplanned choices.

MaryContrary -- (what kind of scale?) I have an old analog one too. I used to have the kind where you slide the weights across a bar (similar to the kind in a dr's office). It was accurate to 1/4 lb. It wasn't good for me at all --my motivation went up and down with every tiny increment. So I sold that one. The one I have now, you can't even see the weight loss until it's about 3 lbs :rolleyes: But it works for me :lol:

I read a good article today. Credit to me for continuing to learn! :cp:
Cool how so many of the ideas in the article fit in with BDFL.

Carole Carson -- Is Television Priming Us to be Fat?

What do the movie "Inception," NFL Monday Night Football and the book "Blink" have in common?

All explore the emerging insights into the architecture of the mind--more specifically, the impact of priming. Priming refers to the subliminal messages our minds absorb at the unconscious level that trigger feelings, actions or both. When primed, we take in ideas that influence us without our awareness.


In their research, adults were shown a comedy show. During the program, some subjects saw junk food ads while others were shown nonfood ads. The subjects who saw the junk food ads engaged in additional eating. When they were asked why they were eating, they said they were hungry. However, they didn't eat the advertised junk food; they ate whatever was available. The researchers concluded that the advertising primed them to eat--but not necessarily to eat a specific food―and concluded that "people were eating without awareness that the ads were causing them to eat."

Similarly, the children were shown a cartoon. During the cartoon, some children watched ads promoting junk food and others watched nonfood ads. The results were the same. The children who watched the junk food ads ate more of whatever food was handy.


Keith-Thomas Ayoob, EdD, RD--an internationally known nutritionist and professor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine--is not surprised that people who saw the food ads tended to eat more. However, he said, "What's interesting is that people didn't eat the advertised food--they ate what they had available."


Eating in front of the television also leads to oversized portions since our attention is focused on the program, not on the food. So a handful of potato chips can quickly become an entire bag.


We can also replace junk food ads with self-talk that promotes good health and appropriate eating. In terms of how our minds work, a background message is a background message, whether it comes from a television set or our own thoughts. Both leave indelible impressions. Once we are forewarned that a junk food ad can trigger an impulse to eat, we can counter its effect with self-talk. What all of these strategies have in common is a willingness to stay intentional about eating. "Paying attention can make each bite a choice rather than a reflexive response," says Megrette Fletcher, executive director of the Center for Mindful Eating. "You may love Oreos, but that doesn't mean you have to eat one every time it presents itself. If you stop and consider that next Oreo and how you're feeling, you may opt to skip it--or not. But at least it will have been a conscious choice."

Good evening all, and keep on keeping at it :angel:

08-29-2010, 10:15 PM
I just got in from my 15 m bike ride and am feeling happy and motivated. It's been a busy weekend and I need to catch up with everyone! *credit* for today was ordering reasonably when we stopped for lunch on our bike adventure….and , of course exercising! Yay!

BillBlueEyes, I'll tell you the DH won't ride his bike to the gym so he drives our car home...I have to lift my own bike off, though.
newbebop, good progress with the fair food. I'll never forget the first time I told my DH I wouldn't have one bite of the funnel cake. I sweetly apologized, and explained it to him….MIL's-probably not so easy to convince! Let's celebrate this coming week together! This was a rough one for me.
Beverlyjoy, Yay! for "good progress in getting back to food sanity".
maryann, :welcome2: I find these great folks to be super DH doesn't want the job, either. I think this is a great spot to hang your hat and learn new habits as you confront your last 15 pounds.
MaryContrary, interesting that your friend was appalled at your throwing food fits with the conversation we're having regarding sharing Beck principles with SO's. BTW-I have an inexpensive scale from Bed, Bath and Beyond which has the WW seal of approval. I like it but use an old fashioned Dr. type scale at my Athletic Club for my official weigh ins.
Cheryl (seadwaters), good for you evaluating your plan and making exercise adjustments. Congrats! on your latest dancer...and $$
gardenerjoy,ahh...potluck and Panzanella?? I just chuck most of the bread on DH's plate. Hope your evening was successful.
onebyone, for some reason I was thinking about your bump when I was on my bike today. Interesting that you report it changing. ..that it would respond to the healthy changes you are making is totally reasonable. :crossed: Lots of credits! BTW I love MahJohng either on laptop or for real….the game section of 3FC helped me lots, too.
Donna (new2me2), thanks for checking in and I'm glad to hear you're feeling a bit better. :shrug: I think you could realistically keep your losses with a liquid diet...
AmberPr, I appreciated your list of healthy choices and your self evaluation. I'm thinking along the same lines and am grateful to be maintaining. Yay! for a good food day!
Carol (Starling), thx for the posts by Meg-and by Carol Carson. printing both out...and no, my DH isn't aware of the details of the Beck program. It's better I work it with others. Nice work with your new and fun blank notebook!

hope I didn't miss isn't ever intentional!

Well, it was interesting to read all the discussion about losing slowly….getting closer to goal….. Just what I have been thinking about lately. 1/2 of my total loss had been over a 6 yr period...better choices and adding exercise. I lost another 1/2 in 1 year very closely following my plan and now I have successfully maintained for a year. I like my food plan and consider it to be a life change. I am thinking about the next step and am considering what my plan might be for the next 4 months. Thanks, everyone, for all the input. It has helped me lots today!

08-30-2010, 12:50 AM
Hi Everyone,

I read your posts almost every night, so decided to start actually writing something.

I had a major win today. I found a terrific elliptical machine for sale through Craig's list. They were basically giving it away, and I was so happy to get it ! I lost most of my weight by going to a gym, but am now trying to save some fuel and exercise at home. I find I actually do more 'core' exercises when I'm alone than I was comfortable doing at the gym (example: push ups, leg lifts).

Do any of you feel that way too?


08-30-2010, 05:39 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - A mundane day. Did walk to our community garden to harvest a bunch of tomatoes; CREDIT moi for savoring that task - being aware that the growing season will end. A neighboring gardener offered me Basil. I had to laugh; when you've got Basil, you've got more Basil than even making pesto can consume. Yay for Basil.

onebyone - Yay for the financial tides turning your way. Kudos for taking care of your mother when you were tired and short of time - some things in life are just that important.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Now that's a challenge - to bring Italian Bread Salad and try not to eat it. Hope you found enough veggies to be distracted.

Debbie (Lexxiss) - Thanks for resolving the abandoned car dilemma, LOL. Oh yes, Double Kudos for being out on a bike and ordering reasonably.

Donna (new2me2) - Congrats on yet another pound. Maybe it's time for you to write your diet book: Lose a Tooth and Lose the Pounds. Sending more well wishes to keep a good thing going.

Woodland - Great find on that eliptical. I, too, have always felt a bit odd doing core exercises at the gym. Of late though, I've noticed a few other people doing them in public, so I'm feeling it less. The gym does seem like the place to grunt and heave, LOL.

Amber (AmberPr) - Ouch for facing "2,635 calories" - Kudos for acknowledging it so you can exercise options. Thanks for "little choices really do make a big difference" - it's easy for me to ignore that one.

Carol (Starling) - Thanks for the article with the insight that we respond to food suggestions even if not the advertised food. Wondering what that means when we see some hundreds of food advertisements every day. LOL at "But now I'm bored. Can we be done now?"

Readers - day 36
Believe It

To help change her perception of herself from someone who can't lose weight to someone who can lose weight, Brenda read the Response Card below every day for weeks. Use it for inspiration in creating your own card:Believe It!

I'm losing weight because I've learned how. I now know:

What I have to do (e.g., plan my eating, eat slowly while sitting down, use anti-craving strategies)
What I have to remind myself (e.g., hunger and cravings are never emergencies, NO CHOICE, Oh, well)
How to motivate myself (get support, read my Advantages Response Card, give myself credit every day)
How to keep honest (report my weight change to my diet coach weekly)

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 240.

08-30-2010, 07:44 AM
Hi Coaches

Things are still a bit busy and I am trying to feel OK about not doing personals. Otherwise I won't check in and that is never good! I did read the green book last night and that was really useful - I want to keep that up. My weight is down again today which is always nice. An on plan day. Lexxiss - thanks for noticing the ticker and dancing icons - I couldn't wait till first Sunday of the month to change but I will probably change it next Sunday again [hopefully downwards!]

As to the scale I use - it is a digital Tanita as with Donna - and it measures body fat content etc. It too needs to stay in the only flat bit of the bathroom floor

Off to get organised for tomorrow

Progress - :df:
- I motivated myself by reading A&R cards - Yes
- Consciously gave credit for positive eating / exercise behaviours - Yes
- Limit junk food to once per day - No junk food
- Made food plan - Yes
- Logged food soon after eating - No
- Food on-plan - Yes
- Ate seated every time - Yes
- Ate mindfully & slowly & put down fork occasionally - Sometimes
- Weighed myself - Yes - 209.6
- Read the Green Book - YES
- Exercise - Not yet - not looking hopeful as so late

Working on - :running:
Surviving and reading the green book again tonight

Have a good day Beckies

08-30-2010, 10:25 AM
Hi Beck folks, friends, coaches - I am just not handling stress well. Two months ago it seems I could. I am just struggling with what ever life is throwing at me in my old ways - food. :( But - I am determined to get through a good Beck day today. I've written down my food plan, checked in here, got out my arc/rc, got out my journal, brought out my Beck Book.

I got up this morning 'not caring' about even trying. But - I've worked through that - credit - and am ready to face the day with food in a sane manner.:^:

This weekend I made roasted green beans. These are delicious and good hot or at room temperature. It's a good way to use the abundance of green beans this time of the year.:)

Is anyone else finding the 3fc moving really slowly when posting?
I'll come back for some personals in a bit.

Have a GREAT day. Treat yourself kindly. :hug:

08-30-2010, 11:14 AM
The entree for last night's potluck was fried chicken. Credit for splitting a breast with DH and leaving the skin. Extra credit for skipping dessert entirely, commercial white cake with white frosting. I usually take a tiny piece at these things as a way to be polite and to ward off feelings of deprivation, but, really, if it's not chocolate what's the point?

WI: -0.85kg (new low), Exercise: +30 1690/1800 minutes for August, Food: 90%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Beverlyjoy: yep, 3FC is slow -- there's a thread about it in the support section but reporting it hasn't helped so far. Some people seem to think its the Target SoyJoy ad.
You have a lot to deal with! You deserve lots of credit for beating your path back to Beck at this time. Yum! Roasted green beans. There was apparently widespread crop failure around here so we didn't get nearly the amount of green beans we normally get in the summer.

seadwaters: I'm usually good about personals, but our little corner of the Web here is really active recently. It's great! But I find I'm having to be content with reading everything and responding to none or a handful. On weekdays, I'm aiming to do personals for the three above me but on busy mornings I'll do nothing but my report. On weekends when both the thread and my life slow down a little, I'm trying to do them all.
Yay for the downtic in weight!

BillBlueEyes: LOL at being offered basil. A farmer at the market tried to sell me some a few weeks ago. I said "I grow it" and he said "Oh, never mind!" I used a lot of my basil that was left from the pesto-making frenzy last week in that Italian Bread Salad. I still prefer my version of Italian Bread Salad that substitutes roasted green beans for the bread, though.

08-30-2010, 11:36 AM
LOL Bill!!! Well, maybe I SHOULD write a book, because I lost ANOTHER pound this morning. I'm down to 141.2. Is anyone else slightly alarmed by that as I am, lol. I am still planning to call my dentist today...pretty sure I'm going to need a root canal on the other side of my mouth, but, gosh, can't imagine they could do that NOW, but I'll see what my dentist says. If he doesn't have an answer for the white stuff on my tonsils, then I'll also call my regular physician. Just when I was getting some money saved!!! :dizzy:

08-30-2010, 12:34 PM
Hi everyone. This Monday lives up to its name with regard to my diet. I feel overwhelmed, depressed, deflated, a failure, ashamed. And this is just what comes to mind before I think about it.

I do not feel like I am accountable. I don't feel like I'm doing things right and clearly I'm not b/c the weight keeps going up not down. I'm irritated with the fluctuations. I don't want to talk to you (Beckies) unless I have something positive to report. I feel self-obsessed. I feel like taking the weight off and working out and cooking is overwhelming and annoying and .... I want to magically be thin. I want to whine about it. I want to kick something (but only metaphorically b/c otherwise it would be exercise).

I read my response cards this morning for the 1st time in a while. So many sabotaging thoughts I have every day. i make so many excuses. I don't have anyone to be accountable to other than y'all. No one else cares to deal with me daily on this issue until I get myself under control. and typing is not making me accountable enough. It is helping so don't think I don't appreciate every one of you.

I really want this. I don't want excuses any more. I feel like getting up at 6:15 and not getting home until 6:30 with a 2 year old is ridiculous and makes me feel like a bad mom. I know that you all read my analogy about laundry but it's really a problem for me. It's so hard to keep at it and keep at it.

I am not a baby and I am not a complainer. I went to some life training classes a year ago that changed my life completely but not in an instant. they enlightened me and it has taken a year for me to see all the ways I have changed from it. Now I need to accept Beck's approach and practice my food enlightened ways. As one of you said, I need to trust that it works. But I also need to do it - every day. Just writing it makes me feel tired.

I hope I don't sound pathetic. I find all of you inspiring and helpful in so many ways. (when I take the time to log in). I think I also need a daily coach for a few months so I can get through some of these tough days. I really don't have anyone to fill that role. any suggestions? I don't want my bf and he doesn't want to do it either. I tried my friend but she gives in too easily and says, yea, that's life. and more importantly, is this just another excuse for my own lack of staying with it and resisting the bad foods? the "if I only had X, I could/would do Y" issue? I think it is to some extent.

sorry for the long rant.

08-30-2010, 01:26 PM
Okay, this mantra in my head is applying more to my dissertation than to the Beck Diet . . . Although . . . ::thinking for a minute:: Perhaps I'm feeling this way about Beck Stage One Skills, too. I am ready to crack down and finally complete ALL the skills, every day, for at least 7 days in a row. Not that I want to be a perfectionist, but it seems that mastering this stage is utterly important. Last night I "graded" my completion of the success skills: 5 3/4 out of 10. I'm going to go back through the food plans/journal, grade them all, and note any patterns.

Thanks to everyone for responding about the scale. I keep asking the DP to measure me, and she keeps falling asleep before we get around to it . . . I forgive her, however, because she's working 2 jobs and raising a teenager and trying to get herself into shape. But this is why I need to get that scale!

My weekend plan went . . . okay . . . credit to me for exercising on both days! Saturday was remarkably on-plan, and I must give myself more credit for resisting taking a 2nd helping of tofu, green beans, and brown rice. Lordy, was that hard! Even more credit for resisting munching when I was putting away the leftovers. I realize that eating while cooking and eating while cleaning up is a major issue of mine, and I have consciously worked on putting it down. Thanks to starling for the funny and vivid reminder, which I have in my head every time I'm in the kitchen.

There seems to be a lot of pain in the recent posts, pain and struggles that I want to address, with words that hopefully translate into hugs.

Beverlyjoy, I applaud you for your determination! I am sorry to hear about all the stress, but I think it's amazing that you can connect the stress to sabotaging emotions. I also applaud you for returning to the basics, to those original Beck materials. You give us all a reminder to do the same, even when we have good days. :grouphug: BE sure to give yourself this credit, and treat yourself as kindly as you urge us to.

Houston2Command, NEVER apologize for ranting. That's what we're here for!!!:listen::listen::listen: I think you've done an amazing thing, to admit that you have trouble writing to the forum when things are not going well. I'm very new to this forum, but last week I had to encounter this fear, too: that somehow y'all would judge me for my failures, if I wrote about them. So I voiced it here, and now I feel like it is a duty to myself to voice these feelings. So major credit to you for voicing all this struggle and pain!!! As for a daily coach, I recommend NOT going with anyone in your personal range, because too many emotions are already bound up in those interactions. What about finding a daily Diet Buddy, someone to connect with beyond this forum? Someone with whom you cannot be anonymous, someone who will bug you until you respond? I think it's important for you to feel these feelings, and to voice them -- but give yourself some credit, too!

Okay -- I must get to the library, but I wish you all a wonderful day! :book2:

08-30-2010, 06:15 PM
Hi…I have a bit of time now. So, I thought I’d do some personals. This can be as helpful to me as it can be for the folks to which I speak.

Mary contrary - I admire your seven day plan. Remember to always plan for the future but take it all a day at a time. As much as I hate to admit it (for my journey)…the scale has it’s merit in all this, too. It has taken me a long time to learn that. Credit for not taking seconds - especially on the healthy things! My scale is a really old spring type scale I've had for maybe twenty years. It's pretty close to the doctor's. I cannot, however, know if I lose 2 ounces and that. (probably a GOOD thing for me - I'd become obsessive)

Houston - I agree…it’s hard to come here and say we/you are struggling and can’t be positive. But - coming and being honest is a way of reaching out. There’s no judgment - we have all been in that frame of mind at some time. Time to do all this ‘stuff’ is tricky. Fitting it in will help so much - as always do the best you can.

New2me2 - gosh, I hope your tonsils aren’t infected (might be, though). - and they can figure it out. I am glad you are seeing the scale go down. Always better to be down than up. LOL

gardener joy - major credit for NOT eating chicken skin and cake, etc. Sorry to hear of your green bean blight. Good job on reading arc/rc!

Seadwaters - we can only do personals when time (or inclination) permits. It’s all OK, I think. Happy smiling scale day. NO junk food - yippee for you.

Billbe - good to get the walk to the garden and some basil too. Fun to have these fresh thing at harvest time from the garden.

Woodland - hooray for an almost free elliptical! It will be nice to be able to workout at home and save fuel and have it so available.!

Lexxiss - credit for that terrific bike ride! You have had wonderful progress in your program and plan and should feel very proud.

Starling - you said - It’s my ‘fantasy’ too that I’ve done this a while now - ‘are we done yet? “ too. Good article - subliminal cues are very effective in getting us to eat more. Ugh.

Amberpr - I agree that keeping track of food can be a huge eye opening experience. Many credits….it’s heading you in a good direction!

Onebyone - many credits and good choices. Wonderful. I am happy for your many art commissions.

08-30-2010, 08:23 PM
Good Afternoon, All. Thank you to all the welcomes. I hope to start responding to everyone soon. Still a little overwhelmed. I also hope to learn how to do a ticker - very cute. I weighed in yesterday and was amazed to have lost a total of 3.6 pounds toward my 15 pound goal in just two weeks. Before I started Beck, I could not for the life of me lose a pound. Nothing like my earlier dieting successes when I was younger. I tried alll summer!!!! I attributed it to the coming menopause and I really got scared. This was it, I thought. The inevitable loss of youth and vitality that comes with hormonal changes. I realize now, I was eating too much, plain and simple and not enough protein, plain and simple. The Zone Diet has really kept me satisfied. No hunger at all. Lots of uncomfortable FEELINGS, though, which I usually numb with extra food. This is going to be quite a journey.

08-30-2010, 10:07 PM
Hi all --
I'm really wiped out today and moving very slowly :snail:
Wanted to skip coming here this evening, but here I am <credit!>
I got ideas and motivation by reading what you'ns have written. I appreciate the "discouraged" writing too. It is so from the heart. :hug:

I had a funny experience this evening. DS will have his first day of private school tomorrow (has been homeschooled up to this point). He wants to be over-prepared rather than underprepared, makes sense -- so he's been gathering up school supplies and putting them into his backpack. (Ex. he sharpened an entire package of pencils) :lol: The school has the kids buy all their texts the week before, and on the first day of school they lug all their books in and put them in their lockers. We kept commenting on how heavy the stack of books was. DS started packing the backpack and got most of his texts in. "Feel this!" he says. So I tried to lift it -- wow. He stomped around with this huge pack on his back like he was some kind of Sherpa going up Mt. Everest, and then he got the idea "Let's weigh it!" So we weighed him with and without the backpack.

I wrote down the two numbers and showed him. Meanwhile I'm thinking, geez, with the back pack he weighs exactly what I do. Without the backpack his weight is pretty close to my goal weight. :eek:

He heaved the thing off and set it on the ground (*thunk*) and proceeded to bounce all around the kitchen, "Wow, I feel like I'm in moon gravity now!"

After that I told him that his backpack is about the amount of extra weight I'm carrying around. He was impressed. "But you don't have it all in a huge lump on your back." "No, it's kinda spread all over me." "Like butter!" he says. :lol:

What great imagery. I like butter :T so it's not icky to think of myself as being all "buttery" -- but that backpack was really heavy!

<Credit> to me for seeing the lesson in that... :mag:

:goodvibes: Best wishes everybody :goodvibes:

08-31-2010, 12:31 AM
Hey everybody!

Monday is over. It was actually a fairly full day and a really good, "roll with it" day. Lots of credits :cheer2:

2 mile walk with 3 reps of 100 step running paces
Weighed myself. I'm back down below 200. 199.4 before the run / 198.8 after ( I had to do it, I love to see the lower number!)
A breakfast meeting - healthy, recorded choice
No snack because of bigger breakfast
Later lunch because I wasn't hungry until then. Had a few extra calories with it so I wouldn't be too low at the end of the day.
Skipped the next snack because I was still full from lunch and didn't need it.
Healthy dinner
Went to an evening meeting keeping me from snacking tonight
Felt a little empty in the stomach when I came home and ate half a banana
Recorded it all on Lose it and am under by about 200 calories.

Starling: I think a person does need to stay interested in the dieting process. I go through streaks of recipe hunting, new books, an exercise video. I have to change it up./ Interesting comparison to the backpack.

Lexxis: The bike ride sounds like is was a really great change of pace for you. Happy fun day! -- I like the idea of a four month plan-- the makings of a new goal?

Woodland: Nice win on the Elliptical! Glad you're here. It's a great group.

BillBe: Credit for seeing the savory in a mundane day. I need to get me some of that basil. BTW- It's so interesting to see the Reader Quotes lately as they seem to be following my moods...

Seadwaters, Houston and Beverlyjoy: I'm just glad you join us everyday. I miss hearing about how everyone is doing. Even the crappy days are reminders that we all go through ups and downs and that "this to will pass."

Gardenerjoy: Great job holding out for the really good stuff. There's just no substance to white cake.

New2me2: Wow, you are cruising! Hope your mystery gets solved…. Sometimes my daughter gets calcium deposits back by her tonsils- they are like little rocks. She picks them out-- gross, I know...

MaryC: You are doing a great job and keeping up your momentum. You go girl!

Maryann: This is a great tool to help you stay on course for the long haul. Congrats on your early success!

08-31-2010, 01:02 AM
Evening everyone,

Good Monday for me. I worked out, and enjoyed having the elliptical be part of my session. I like doing some mat work, then doing some cardio, then going back to strength exercises. Ok, here goes my first attempt at personals:

BillBlueEyes: Yum, Basil ! Will you do anything special with the tomatoes?

seadwaters: Good for you, reading the Green Book. Each time I read any of the Beck books I get reminded of how powerful the skills are.

Beverlyjoy: Credit for coming to the forums. I'd be interested to know how you roast the green beans.

gardenerjoy: Perfect, love the way you resisted the white cake. I'm with you on the chocolate. Have you tried Walden Farms Chocolate Syrup? I use it on cottage cheese and it makes it taste like ice cream !

Houston2Command: You are not alone in the struggle. Glad you came to the forums. I have found that when I feel less accountable to myself, I should give myself more credit for the small things I've done that day. I hope you are giving yourself a pat, because it helps build confidence.

MaryContrary: Love that you remember Starling's reminder. I do too - that image did a lot to help me remember to sit down and be mindful when I cook.

maryann: Good for you figuring out goals to work on. I too am an emotional eater. Lately I've been wearing out the chapter about that in the Pink book.

Starling: Good story about the backpack. I use the 33 lb dog food bag as my example of what I used to carry around.

AmberPr: Yeah for finding a tool that works for you! Knowledge is power :smug:

Thanks for your support !

08-31-2010, 05:12 AM
Hi Coaches
I am still at work and trying to finish preparation for tomorrow or I will have another stressful day. I have had a good onplan day - I stress day because last night after I checked in I did eat a handful of peanuts. Not on plan at all. I have been "hungry" all day but doing well with the "hunger is not an emergency". One of the staff brought back almond stuffed dates from United Arab Emirates where she has been working - so they are the real deal and look terrific. I have walked past them many times while too-ing and fro-ing and have continued to resist them - well done me. I have been noticing my eating and putting down my fork etc between bites. I have also had to stop myself from shovelling in food before I had swallowed - and I thought I didn't do that. I have put down my full fork and waited - huge credit for me.

I have changed my ticker to a more realistic goal for my 60th birthday in January - will still have about 30 pounds to lose but this is more achievable (hopefully) as a medium term goal.

Back to work

Progress - :df:
- I motivated myself by reading A&R cards - No
- Consciously gave credit for positive eating / exercise behaviours - Yes
- Limit junk food to once per day - No junk food
- Made food plan - Yes
- Logged food soon after eating - No
- Food on-plan - Yes
- Ate seated every time - Yes
- Ate mindfully & slowly & put down fork occasionally - YES
- Weighed myself - Yes - 208.8
- Read the Green Book - YES again last night
- Exercise - No!

Working on - :running:
Putting exercise back on the agenda

Have a good day Beckies

08-31-2010, 07:00 AM
Diet Coaches/Buddies - Dinner. On the patio. With gazpacho. CREDIT moi. I don't get tired of writing that. Since we had a cold spell a week ago, and had two (2.01) inches of rain last Tuesday, it's even more of a treat to enjoy eating outside.

Had the opportunity to walk past FREE samples at Costco yesterday; CREDIT moi. It's just amazing how that has gone from a major issue to routine. It also helps that Costco is primarily offering packaged stuff of a mundane sort. The Whole Foods and Trader Joe's version of my FREE samples addiction remains a challenge.

Joy (gardenerjoy) - Good moves at the potluck. I've always wondered if removing the fried skin from fried chicken reduces it to broiled chicken; do you know? 110 minutes of exercise to go in August - gonna be a close one.

Beverlyjoy - Roasted green beans are a terrific counter strategy to resorting to old coping behaviors with food. Kudos for pro-active steps. Yep, the mods are aware that some people are experiencing a slowed down 3FC response and are trying to track down the exact ad that's causing it.

Cheryl (Seadwaters) - Yes indeed, Big Kudos for resisting almond stuffed dates. I was impressed once to look up dates and find that they are the one giant bag of sugar! Good luck with all that busy. Wise move to set your goal to the achievable.

Donna (new2me2) - hmmmm... you do seem to be losing a bunch. If you feel faint, I'd worry about internal bleeding, but otherwise I'd just enjoy it. Good luck solving the mystery of the white stuff.

Woodland - Sounds like a good workout plan with your mix of cardio and strength exercises. Glad to hear that the elliptical is working out; Yay for Craig's List. With our tomatoes, we 1) over indulge savoring every bite, and 2) distribute to friends - who are eager and grateful.

Houston2Command - Glad you're here. Glad you feel free to rant here when that's what's needed. The physical and psychological demands on a working mother of a young kid are real and extraordinary; the social demands that you be Martha Stewart and Mother Teresa at the same time makes it even harder. Kudos for recognizing that you're a mortal human being fighting the extraordinary, and placing the next foot in front of the other.

Amber (AmberPr) - Congrats on breaking back into Onederland. You certainly had a good Monday. Kudos for carefully adjusting your eating plan for the day as events unfolded.

MaryContrary - Yes, race off to the library while one still exists. I was dumbfounded to read the suggestion that Harvard abandon Widener Library since it's been digitized! And you'd better grab a copy of the Oxford Dictionary because it's being googled out of print. And Kudos for "resisting taking a 2nd helping of tofu, green beans, and brown rice" and CREDIT moi for drooling at such a healthy dish.

Carol (Starling) - LMAO at "Like butter!" That backpack analogy is striking; it's neat to have a tangible reminder of your goal. Yep, Kudos for seeing that.

maryann - Congrats on that 3.6 pound loss - such a good start. LOL at "I realize now, I was eating too much" - it does whack us all over the head when we finally see that more food is going in then we'd ever believe. (You can make a ticker after being registered for 20 days with 20 posts - a policy to deter SPAM.)

Readers - day 36
Build More Confidence

Remind yourself what you were like five weeks ago, before you started this program. If that's hard to do, picture yourself during a holiday or special event that occurred around that time. In particular, take a look at the changes in your behavior. Before you started the program:

How often did you eat standing up?
How often did you eat mindlessly?
How often did you eat too quickly?
How often did you plan ahead of time what you were going to eat?
How often did you overeat or eat for emotional reasons?
How often did you criticize yourself (and become demoralized) for what you ate?
How often do you do these things anymore?

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 240.

08-31-2010, 09:20 AM
Thanks, Bill, it's a great day for an inventory! I had a sane food day yesterday, and am planning for another one today!
day 36
Build More Confidence

Remind yourself what you were like five weeks ago, before you started this program. If that's hard to do, picture yourself during a holiday or special event that occurred around that time. In particular, take a look at the changes in your behavior. Before you started the program:How often did you eat standing up? Very often, especially in the kitchen.
How often did you eat mindlessly?Very often
How often did you eat too quickly? Not too much
How often did you plan ahead of time what you were going to eat?Rarely
How often did you overeat or eat for emotional reasons? Whenever the opportunity arose!
How often did you criticize yourself (and become demoralized) for what you ate? sometimes
How often do you do these things anymore? Now I never eat when standing, I am always mindful when eating, and I always eat slowly. I recognize that planning ahead really helps AND I recognize that emotional eating is such a destructive behavior. I am working on both. Credit for all!

The Beck Diet Solution, pg 240.

BillBlueEyes, great observation that resisting Costco free samples have gone from "major issue to routine". Glad to hear your "routine" dinner was again enjoyed on the patio!
Woodland, I wonder if we can get replacement pages for the ones we wear out. (I struggle with emotional eating, too.) Thanks for joining in. Your words to Houston2Command really helped me, too.
Cheryl (seadwaters), great Beck call-adjusting your goal to something achievable! *credit* for another day without junk food! I'm working on that and you're helping me. I really work on getting here first, and personals when I can!
Beverlyjoy, major credit for the extra steps it takes to transform an not caring morning to facing the day with food sanity. Every little bit helps right now. :hug:
gardenerjoy, great success not taking a piece of something you don't want, "as a way to be polite AND to ward off feelings of deprivation". Yay!
Donna (new2me2), I would not be alarmed at weight loss when radically changing eating, but would certainly check with your dentist. I hope you have good news to share.
Houston2Command, I could not add much to what the others have said quite eloquently. I don't have kids or a full time job and will never truly understand the magnitude of your frustration. All I can say is be gentle with yourself and look for small improvements….and know that we care.
MaryContrary, great job resisting bites of food being put away! I have made a 100 percent turnaround in the kitchen since starting with Beck principles.
maryann, congrats on your WL! The Beck plan has been so helpful to me in that I notice things now. Beck has great tools for awareness AND action.
Carol (Starling), thanks for sharing your story which has a lesson for me, too.
AmberPr, I noticed how you were able to carefully tweak your plan for the day. I am working on that and your description helped.

I forgot to mention yesterday's challenge. Apparently, I didn't make enough dinner. DH got up from dinner and went to the kitchen and made a huge serving of bacon and eggs and proceeded to sit back beside me and eat another dinner-I felt defeated (bad dinner) and chose not to eat another one. *credit*

08-31-2010, 10:37 AM
So I decided I feel worse for not posting at all than I do for being too busy for personals. So for another morning it is just a quick check in.

I am bursting out of my funk this week. I am not sure what all is happening inside my head/body but I am moving on. I seem to be struggling with taking credit. I have been down about feeling off and not taking time to celebrating my victories. I am down a total of 14 lbs!!! I took my measurements and compared them to last month and have lost 2 inches in my waist, 1 inch in my thighs. as well as a losses of at least a 1/4 inch or more everywhere else! If that isn't enough to get me to stop and take pause to congratulate myself on my progress, I don't know what else is. So deep breath, pause...Yay me!

I have started a multi vitamin. I hit the elliptical for a hard core 10 min this morning. Not sure why this machine is so much harder that just walking/biking, but it kicks my butt! I am off to have a pedicure with my mother in law this afternoon as a nice de-stressor. This will only be my 2nd one in my entire life, so truly a treat.

In the mean time I am trying to get things ready for the big start of school next week. The house is a disaster and I am trying to break free from much of the clutter and chaos. It is purge time!

Thanks for giving me a place to share.

08-31-2010, 10:49 AM
Good Morning Coaches

I'm readying myself for a jam-packed workday. Lots going on today and much needs to be accomplished.

Luckily, I am feeling up to it.

-weighed in:275.4 +5.2lbs
-food planned for the day

Yesterday I had a heavy takeout meal for dinner. Lots of salt. See how it just sits as water in my body? 5lbs overnight. Wow. credit For truly knowing I DID NOT gain a real 5lbs and credit for me just going :shrug: Oh Well move on.

I did a 20+ Walk it Out session yesterday credit and drank all my water credit and got all my arms and legs for my sulptures made and the torso ready for this morning's wrapping session credit. I also took care of business for today yesteday so credit for getting things done.

Okay better get to it.
Have a good Tuesday.

August 2010, I loved you:cloud9:

08-31-2010, 11:53 AM
Hello coaches/buddies!

My dentist referred me to an endodontist as he was fairly certain I'd need a root canal. The endodontist concurred, but had a hard time deciding which tooth, lol. I have two that are problems...the one I THOUGHT was bad, was really bad and he did a root canal on that. The other one is on the top and had some pain when he did his testing, but it went away quickly. In the end he decided to just do the bottom tooth. I can't eat for 5 more days, lol! So, looks like my liquid diet will see me through the end of the week.

I'm down more today, but fortunatley it slowed down a bit. I'm down only .4 today so I'm at 140.8. I stayed home from work because I feel AWFUL. Nauseated and light headed. I took some Vicodin last night as there was quite a bit of pain when the novacaine wore off, and that could be the reason. Vicodin and I do not get along well, and I should have known better, lol. I refused it for the extraction...should have this time too. :^:

The endodontist didn't have anything to say about the tonsils, and my regular dentist couldn't say for sure either. So, since I'm home and feeling bad, I think I'll try to get in to see my regular doctor. I still don't have a fever thankfully, but the stuff is still on my tonsils.

Amber, it IS hard, but I can't get back there to see for sure without making myself sick, lol.

08-31-2010, 12:37 PM
thanks everyone for your support.
Billbe - i need to keep the left foot, right foot perspective whether I'm diet walking, diet running or diet marching in place. thanks.

I did several things yesterday so I can stop "complaining" and handle the issues:
(1) I am paying my friend to be my diet coach. not much but I told her that she must not be my friend at that time and if it helps, I'll call her back after diet talk so we can distinguish the two! She agreed to help me!
(2) i wrote down my food for the first time since week 1 which was 8 weeks ago. i had a different perspective on it this time and didn't get bogged down in details. just keep it simple. it put a new kind of accountability on me. LIke who wants to write all this healthy stuff for the day and then blow the day w/ a mistake at bedtime. it keeps me in check.
(3) i reread my cards. wow. eye opener! i am not a failure. turns out I have already made many things S.O.P.! it was a shock to me b/c I only made cards for things that applied to me and how i think and here some of these cards were no brainers. sit while I eat. easy! done. i never used to do it. now I do it w/o thinking! so I guess I am learning and doing! yay.

on the credit side: Credit for going to the gym
Credit for adding a mini-circuit to my workout
Credit for finding another diet coach
Credit for reading cards
Credit for eating correctly
Credit for not giving up / being honest w/ my coaches
Credit for coming up w/ a reward idea to help keep me motivated.

i'm happy to say that a lot of that "freaking out" weight is off. I guess it was water but boy did it scare me. I really want this.

thanks everyone. i really appreciate you and this forum.

08-31-2010, 12:54 PM
Weird day yesterday. We ended up at a new restaurant for lunch after a visit from a remodeling consultant -- in that odd state of excitement from the possibilites and sticker shock at the cost. I was not going to eat a salad! And, I might have eaten something completely inappropriate, but apparently my tastes have changed. At a southwest-themed restaurant I was intrigued with the idea of a pasta section and then to see one that featured grill-roasted veggies was too fun to resist. I ate all the veggies, left most of the pasta, and ended up with a meal that slid right into my plan. So credit for that. And credit for the realization that it's becoming less about will power and more about continuing the habits that have worked for me.

WI: +0.2kg, Exercise: +60 1740/1800 minutes for August, Food: 80%op, Read my Advantages and Responses: yes

Houston2Command: glad that you are feeling better about things today. Yay for realizing that some healthy behaviors are now the standard, not the exception.

new2me2: hope you're feeling better through the day and that the doctor has some answers for you

onebyone: ouch for the 5 lbs overnight and credit for not losing your head over it. Happened to me once after a day that featured both Japanese and Chinese food. It was all gone in a few days. Yay for all your credits! Hope you have a good productive day.

08-31-2010, 03:42 PM
Hi Beckfolks....yesterday was a healthy day - yay! - I am grateful. The menu did take a few twists and turns from I original plan. But, I pushed through, used my resistance techniques and got through the day. I even took the time to do some meditation...this shoud help. In the past, I found it helpful so I am trying to do what I can that might help.

The most important thing was the willingness to try when I didn't want to do so. I read some of the Beck book = 'Getting Back on Track' chapter.

lots of water -yes
planned menu - yes, but changed during the day
logged/measured/ count calories - yes
leave a bite - always
eat seated - most of the most
no seconds - all of the time
really taste food - some of the time
fullness - not much
slow eating - some of the time
read Beck book - yes
arc/rc - yes
exercise - no
used my journal - yes

Woodland - you asked about my roasted green bean recipe. There are probably 50 or more through google. I used Emeril's as a start. I used half the evoo, half the salt, and roasted them a few minutes longer. I used parchment paper because I had some. The are good hot or room temperature.

Here's the link:

I hope everyone is having a good day. I'll try to get back later for personals if I can.

08-31-2010, 05:11 PM
Wow, is August really over? Where did the summer go? I need to get back to posting here regularly. It has a direct correlation to how well I do all of the other Beck things I need to do to maintain my weight. I still haven’t solved the problem of a slow connection, but I’ll have to figure something out. I’m going back to the Beck basics today and doing the hunger vs. non-hunger exercise. Apparently I need a refresher because I’ve been trying to convince myself that I’m hungry in the afternoons.

I have been slowly getting back into my running routine and I’ve been trying to get short walks in on most days with my DH. He had his ACL replaced last fall and walking is good for his knee.

I’m way behind on this thread, but will make a stab at a few personals.

Beverlyjoy, thanks for sharing the recipe with your healthy makeover. Great job working that resistance muscle and taking the time to meditate.

Gardenerjoy, it’s great that your habits are becoming so ingrained that your tastes have changed. It’s such a testament to all your hard work.

Houston2Command, I love the idea of paying a friend to be your diet coach so that you distinguish friend time from coach time. Congrats on making some of those tough habits no-brainers.

Onebyone, kudos for having a sane reaction to a tough weigh-in. I sometimes have to remind myself that it takes approximately 3500 extra calories to gain a lb and even if I ate some things the day before that I shouldn’t have, I still did not eat 3500 extra calories!

Newbebop, I have a tough time with taking credit as well. I’m better at beating myself up over mistakes than recognizing victories. I decided that credit is one of those areas that I’m going to work on. I have a credits list on the same page as the day’s meal plan. I’m going to see if that helps.

Lexxiss, it’s great that you took a moment to assess your progress. It’s amazing how many of those habits have taken hold.

BillBE, kudos for doing all the hard work so that you can now walk past all those mundane FREE samples at Costco. Long live “Dinner. On the patio. With gazpacho.”

Seadwaters, passing up stuffed dates from the United Arab Emirates would be pretty tough for me. It’s always tough for me to pass up something exotic. Kudos for using that resistance muscle repeatedly. Thank you for the reminder that we can ignore those hunger cues. I’ve needed that reminder recently.

Waving to everyone else. I’ll try to be more regular about posting and more thorough about personals.

08-31-2010, 10:36 PM
Hi All,

Beverlyjoy, thanks for the link for the green beans. I'm going to check it out !

I agree with everyone that credits are very important. This skill felt unnatural to me at first, but I tried it, and immediately felt that it helped me with my confidence. It helped me realize that I don't have to look outside myself for this feeling, that I can get it in-house. This actually helped me in my relationships too.

Lately I've been noticing that I do something after I eat. I'm pretty good at the sitting and noticing the food part. But it is at the end of the meal that I'm noticing that I sometimes get up and start doing something else while I'm still chewing the last bite!

I also noticed that sometimes a sabotaging thought comes to me right as I'm finishing a meal. "That tasted so good, I want more !!" I think it is the giving-in muscle tossing out an idea, to see if the emotional eater in me will come up with an excuse to let it win !! I'm on to you, giving-in muscle !!

So glad you are all here to share Beck thoughts with ! ;)

08-31-2010, 11:31 PM
I'm feeling like setting a mini goal for myself and planning a reward to go along with it.

193 (6 pound loss) by September 30th.
For this I will buy myself …lessons for an art class. I need a new hobby.

Today was good. I'm still liking the Lose it! App. I coulda/shoulda had about 400 more calories today. I need to plan my dinners so that I know how many calories I can have the rest of the day-- I really don't want to lose too fast and a very good reason was brought to my attention today…

The following is hear-say, but it really made me think:
Apparently one of the Biggest Loser contestants is going to be hosting a weeklong weight-loss retreat in my neck of the woods. One of the ladies helping to set up the program was talking to me and telling me how this x-contestant needs to exercise for 2 hours a day to maintain his weight loss. I wondered out load why he couldn't cut his calories, and she said that he was down as low as he could be. I spoke to a trainer friend of mine, and she said that's because he lost his weight so fast and that's what starvation mode will do to you- mess with your metabolism.
Have any of you heard this?

08-31-2010, 11:47 PM
this post will only catch a few of us, as I know our own dear Cyber-Shepherd BillBE will start us off fresh tomorrow morning. Will report on my (mis)adventure there!

09-01-2010, 06:03 AM
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