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07-31-2010, 12:40 PM
I thought I would start a thread on this as I found myself going off on a tangent in the "Magic Foods" thread! I have two kids and a husband that don't necessarily want to eat baked chicken breasts and salads like I tend to do. SO here are some cookbooks that I have found have good healthy stuff that are non weight conscious hubby and kids friendly.

Hungry Girl series. Excellent. She also provides points for those on WW, you just have to go to the website to add them to your book. SW Eggrolls from Chili's knockoff that is out of this world!

Eating for Life. This cookbook has not only pictures of each recipe prepared but also each of the ingredients along the bottom of the ingredient list. I am very visual so it helps! There is a recipe for Taco Pasta that is one of the family favs for 5 years now.

400 calorie fix and 400 calorie cookbook. I could not find these at Amazon or the library so I had to break down and order them from Prevention. Awesome. They remind me of the "Eat this not That" series and there is a lot of suggestions for on the go eating and packaged eating-- not an ideal choice but we all have those busy crazy times. It also has a survival section, again a picture of a bbq table, office party fare and so forth, telling you how much to get and the best choices. I cooked the Turkey Pizza sliders for the family this week, huge hit. I will have to update on these as I plan to try a lot of recipes over the next two weeks.

Flat Belly and Flat Belly Family, anyone use these yet? I got them as gifts and have yet to look at them. :o

South Beach Diet-- I think these are awesome books for an empty nester couple or a couple without kids. Most of the recipes were just not kid friendly and my kids would not eat them. Hubby and I enjoyed the meals but I am not a short order cook. Great ideas for breakfast in these books, as we know that is the most important meal.

Thanks, look forward to others feedback and suggestions!