100 lb. Club - Weird dream last night that sums me up!

07-31-2010, 04:21 AM
I'm hoping to retire in 5 years, at 60.
Because a stipend is fairly negligble - fine to live on, which is its definition, but not really possible to save for a house out of - the church authorities have a retirement scheme: you can either part-purchase a house with them, or you can rent. I don't want to purchase any part, I've done my share of owning property and it's a burden I don't need! Plus, I don't want to tie any money I might have up for posterity: I don't mind at all if my nephews get anything when I've gone but I have no obligation to provided for them!

Anyway, I got confirmation yesterday that I would be eligible for the rental scheme. This involves either renting a property the church authorities already own, or they buy one and rent it to me. I appreciate how good a deal it is, although the rent is anything but peppercorn! Just for fun, this won't happen for 4+ years, I was looking online at bungalows in my area, just seeing what I could get at the minute that was within the approved price range.

So I went to bed quite contented: my retirement housing is in a way to being sorted; I'm contacting my financial adviser on Monday to get him to calculate where my pensions will be at 60, rather than the magic 65 they've been projected to so far; I'm doing OK with the WOE which is intended to make sure I survive into a long and healthy retirement.

I dreamt I went into hospital for tests. For what, I'm not sure, but it involved them sticking a large needle in my rear! At first they lost the results. When they found them, although they kept cheery with me, I caught them exchanging looks with each other. I made them tell me, and it turned out I had a chromosome disorder which would be fatal in the long term. Then I woke up, deflated.

That kind of sums up my personality for the last 55 years. In everything I do, I'm always afraid it'll be snatched away from me; and somehow, that I deserve the snatching. Anyone else weird like me? :dizzy:

07-31-2010, 11:16 AM
to be honest with you, in these times with all the stories about the struggling economy (of the world), and all the personal stories, and my own story (doh!), it's extremely difficult for me not to let the anxiety seep in. Major congrats on being pro-active and giving yourself (waking) peace of mind. Maybe the reality needs a chance to seep in, that's true for me sometimes.