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07-29-2010, 05:13 PM
I work away from home, 8 days on 6 days off, 10 hour shifts, not very physical job most days. Any ideas on what I can start packing for lunches?

I usually pack a bananna, apple, 2 sandwiches(chicken breast or ham something like that) some Gateraid and maybe some water. Sometimes I will sneak in some chips or chocolate snacks.

Usually stop for coffee on the way every morning, extra large 3 cream and about once a week I will buy a cinnamon roll for breakfast.

If I can just get my lunches and breakfast under control I should be able to figure out my dinners as well.

I am trying the points system again. Lost over 50 lbs on it before.

07-31-2010, 09:56 AM
i don't know if you have a microwave available for you or near you (some convenient stores have them - i have walked in and microwaved food when on the road)... but here are some lunch suggestions:

pasta. i use Rozoni Smart Taste. it's enriched white pasta (i can't do wheat! eww!) and has calcium, and lots of fiber. 1 cup is 3 pts. Pair with a low-cal sauce (1) and i cook spinach or colored peppers in with it to bulk it up. i can eat that warm or cold. 4 pts!

fat free all beef hotdogs (1 pt. per) are delish! pair that with some low-cal/low fat hot dog sauce (1 pt. per 2 Tbsp. ser.). With 1 arnold thin. You can have 2 hotdogs w/ chili and the arnold thin fo4 4 pts!

chips and salsa! baked scoops w/ salsa can be a filling and low point. Pair with something else if you are still hungry.

instead of making sanwiches - try wraps and fill with meat, lettuce, tomatoes. close to a sandwich but maybe you won't feel like you are eating the same thing over and over.

for breakfast i usually have a bagel thin or arnold thin with better n' peanut butter (2 pts for 2 Tbsp) and cut a banana to put on top. pretty filling!

fresh or frozen thawed fruit is usually what i have to breakfast. i'm not a huge breakfast food person.

i hope this helps some!

08-09-2010, 02:55 PM
sawyouwearingflares, I LOVE your ideas. Especially the bagel thin with better n' pb and bananas. I am so going to try that.

08-09-2010, 05:46 PM
small suggestion, and it will take sometime till it tastes okay, switch from c ream to milk, lots of savings of points there, If you need add a bit of sweetner, not sugar, and will taste good.