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07-29-2010, 12:46 PM
that something terrible is about to happen? I have this feeling today. See..life seems to be going way too well..things are falling into place so smoothly. The good luck vibe has not exactly followed me and the husband around.

Here's the deal..I decided to get healthy and make some serious life adjustments back in february. Since then I have lost 45 pounds, and have not lost any momentum on this. I set myself up to go back to school, and in 3 weeks head back to school to get my degree in dietetics. My first 2 years are already completed, as I did all the basic stuff YEARS ago, so I start in on the hard core courses. In 2 years I will be all ready to take my licensing exam. So thats a good thing. My husband has been accepted, and starts his Masters program in January (we started that process too late for him to start in the fall) and in just 3 semesters, he will be fully mastered, and able to teach at any community college in the country. (we are SO ready to get out of this little .5 horse town).
We just got back from our first real vacation in over 15 years, where we had an incredible time. I wasnt BAD about eating, but I certainly was not careful in any way shape or form. Got home, stepped on the scale, and saw that I had gained .2 pounds. For a full week of decidedly off plan, and the fact that TOM was just getting ready to hit me, this was way better than I had expected. The .2 pound are gone, along with another 1, so the short vacation was barely a blip on the weight loss journey.

My point is..things are too good. I'm not used to it. I woke up this morning feeling edgy, waiting for the axe to drop. I like being happy..I like things going well..but it makes me nervous. It's just not natural. :o

07-29-2010, 01:24 PM
No worries. Graduate school will give you plenty of moments of panic! But, you'll do great!

07-29-2010, 01:47 PM
garden: I was just looking at your goals, and had a little giggle at your "driver's license weight" goal. Is ANYONE honest about their weight on their driver's license? I mean..honestly..If I go by that, I have just under 10 pounds to lose to get to mine. My DL says 145.

And I KNOW in my mind that school will be fine..and all will be fine..but that deep down "omg..something is going to screw this up for us" feeling is still there.It is small, but persistent and nagging.