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07-28-2010, 11:11 AM
not really LOL -:D but kind of

there are allot of different brands to choose from at Diet Direct. Since money is so tight, I would love some recommendations. What are your favorite creamies, puddings, soups, bars etc...I hate to buy and then find out its yucky...

Oh and BTW I am starving!!!!!!!! hehehe, hoping after a few days Im over the carb withdrawls, cause right now I would eat my husbands shoe if it had white sugar on it LOL:dizzy:

07-28-2010, 12:52 PM
Those carb cravings are nasty little buggers...and they start over when you eat off plan (like a couple days off, not just one little slip) beware of that and we aware that they come back if we're not careful. Water water water and chew gum if you like it...those are my only two helpful hints for getting through the chew-on-a-shoe phase.

I've never had a soup i like...ever. And I've tried several over the I have no help for you there. As far as what brand, the "proti" brand is mostly what MRC caries...sometimes some say "bariwise" on them as well. I like the chocolate mint bars...they're a proti product I think. I like the vanilla pudding (i put pumpkin pie spice into it, mix it with less water so it's a little thicker and dip my fruit in it at lunch...such a HUGE treat. I look forward to it).

I like the bariwise geletins...I eat those at snack time with my cheese. Something about physically eating that HNS that makes me feel fuller. It's a mind trick I know, but it's a clear and there have been days that I have the jello hns for 3 or 4 hns servings.

07-29-2010, 02:43 PM
Honestly, I buy whatever is on sale! :) If Proti is on sale, I try and stock up and get 20 boxes. So I spend $150 or so, but it lasts way longer because I'm getting more boxes.