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07-25-2010, 04:37 PM
Ok, i just had to share this.

We have lots of peppers. My SO got me some. And I told him i would make stuffed peppers. I found a good recipe on the net, that I thought would turn out ok, i always modify them:

peppers, a variety. Make sure if you want hot, you use gloves. I thought i was getting all mild, and sustained minor burns to my fingers.

preheat oven to 350

meat-whatever you want.
brown, crumble the meat. I don't like sausage, but i like sausage flavor, so I added all of the seasonings required to make sausage and some hot sauce.

rice- any kind, i used jasmine.

mix rice, and meat together, add butter if you want. I do.

slice your peppers in half.
spray a glass casserole with non-stick spray, lay peppers in bottom.

tomatoes-recipe called for tomatoe paste, but i food processed our own fresh tomatoes, add a bit of raw honey together. use 4 tomatoes and 1 tbsp honey.

pour tomatoes over sliced peppers. spoon rice and meat mixture in. really pack it in. Pour rest of tomato mixture over the stuffed peppers. pour in between the peppers as well.


cook @ 350 for approximately an 45 min!

then at the last 15 add the topping:

oh yeah topping, lightly sprinkle shredded cheese, and then sprinkle with parmesan
yum. i'll post pics in a few minutes.