Breakfast Ideas - Phase 2 - MockDonald's "McGriddle" Sandwich

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Fat Melanie
07-25-2010, 12:11 AM
First, make a medium (or large) pancake using this recipe here. It's a great recipe for thick pancakes that will stand up to this recipe. You can always make your own favorite recipe though, why not!

If you use that recipe plan on having hubby or kids eat the other pancakes.

Then, put a teaspoon or two of Smart balance in a nonstick pan and let melt.

In the meanwhile, take a slice of reduced fat cheese and put on one half of the flat pancake. (Imagine the pancake is divided down the middle with a vertical line.)

Crack open an egg. Pierce yolk (Make your egg any way you want it of course. This is how I cook mine), salt and pepper it, and let cook until done but not browned or overdone. Use spatula to place it on top of cheese slice so that it melts. Fold pancake over so that it makes a sandwich. Cut in half.

Take sugar-free syrup and drizzle on pancake sides. Enjoy. It is delicious.