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10-08-2002, 02:37 AM
Hi People

Well I am very non-active girl. I rarely exercise for the bennefit of maintaining a great body. Its hard to get involved for myself because I have low self esteem. So to go lift weight in a gym in front of all those young hard bodied woman and men. oh no not yet anyway.
But I am going to do Aqua Areobics. I have done it before and I love it!!! And I lost 18 lbs before I became pregnant with my daughter. 5 years ago:shrug: Far too long ago.
But now I am going to give it a shot again.
Anyone else out there lose weight from Aqua-areobics? Let me know.
Looking for ideas to do at home to lose weight through exercise. I have no exercise equipment. What shall I do?:cb: I can Dance!
I love to dance
Anyways thanx

10-08-2002, 09:03 AM
You are I sound so much alike. I can;t imagine lifting weights at a gym with all those fit people. I will start aqua aerobics at my local ywca with my mom ( I would not have gone by myself) on friday. Are you doing it at home or joining a pool. This is really the first time I have done but to lose weight. a few years ago I went with my sister a few times but then I got to cold. I am really hoping it will really help me lose some weight.

let me know how it is going for you