Atkins - Muahahaha! What is your evil motivation?

LTs girl
07-23-2010, 12:11 PM
Okay so I stole this from another post...but it makes me laugh.

So my evil motivation is to be the skinny b*tch of the family that I used to be. My mother says it can't be done.....Don't tell me what I can't do!

My second evil motivation is to be hot for the DH. Let him get a little jealous if another guy is looking.

07-23-2010, 12:29 PM
LOL that's good motivation. Mine I suppose is my boyfriend's x-girlfriend is a psycho *****, she's gained weight (as have I) but likes to tell all of our mutual friends how "huge" I am. She's finally lost her small frame which would allow her to eat all she wanted (karma). FYI we live in a SMALL town so everyone knows everyone etc.

07-23-2010, 12:33 PM
My motivation is to get another job and leave this one that I just HATE! I dont have the confidence to do that now because I know I'm being judged by my size.

And also...I want to be the hot one in my family :) I'm tired of being the fat one. I think it's time for a change!

07-23-2010, 12:35 PM
My hubby's ex-wife would be mine. When I met her 4 years ago I was 21 and she was like 34 (I think). So I was the younger hotter model and it was awesome (I know, I sound terrible, but she was a B****). Now I am 30 lbs heavier and am catching up to her, much to my dismay. This has to stop! I want to be smaller than I was when I met her, which would also be the smallest I have EVER been. Wish me luck :D

07-24-2010, 12:08 PM
Don't get me wrong, I love all my sisters dearly....but for several years, I'd been the fattest of my 3 sisters and also of 2 sisters-in-law. So....I wanted to be the thinnest. I was fed-up with being the fattest one. I dreaded going to any and all family events due to this....tired of being the fat one in all the photos taken at family events.

And finally, for my oldest son's wedding on August 28th...I will be the thinnest one (or one of the thinnest ones) of all my relatives there. (It was my son's wedding looming in the distance that got me started on this weight loss journey in the first place).

One of my sisters (the youngest) got married a few years ago and I HAD to go...even though I dreaded it. Going to find something to wear was a nightmare and I ended up sobbing in the dressing room....and then buying something I hated because it was the only one that fit right. In all the photos, all you can see is my head...I made sure of that. I was edgy and uncomfortable....and horribly self-conscious during the whole thing and couldn't wait to get home.....and put on something comfortable (and tent-like).

But THIS time, my son and his fiance took me shopping. Every single thing they picked out for me to try on actually FIT....and they were all size 10's and even a few size 8's. People who were waiting for others to try things on were complimenting me all over the place in the different dresses. I now have a gorgeous dress (down to the floor) that I LOVE and can't wait for the wedding! What a difference a few years and some hard work has made! :carrot:

And honestly? I don't really care what anyone else weighs or looks like any more. I'm just thrilled about how I'm gonna look. And that I won't embarrass either my son or his wife-to-be. A few years ago, I'd have been mortified and panicking that I would be an embarrassment to my son and his fiance.....and wishing ANYTHING would happen that would make me not have to go. What a relief to not have to suffer through those fears.


07-24-2010, 01:14 PM
My motivation is my health. My Dad is an insulin dependant diabetic (2 injections per day) for many years with hypoglycemia thrown in. I do not want to go down that road. So yeah, my motivation is my health & doing this for me!!!:carrot:

Arkansas Kel
07-27-2010, 08:58 AM
I have a health obsessed cousin (who by the way is NOT skinny but is much skinnier than me) who makes me a constant project. This is annoying. I want to SHUT her up. Well, and of course also doing it for me..... but this is about our evil side right?

07-28-2010, 02:27 PM
...My second evil motivation is to be hot for the DH. Let him get a little jealous if another guy is looking.

I'm with you sista-friend ... I'd like for my hubby's "roaming eye for anything in white pants" to be stuck on ME :D

07-29-2010, 10:39 AM
I wanna wear white jeans...and look HOT! :smug:

07-29-2010, 11:33 AM
My motivation is not to die young like my Daddy did!! He passed when he was 58 and had every weight related health complication you can have.... I think they might have even discovered a few with him!! They told him starting at about my age that if he didn't do something about his lifestyle he would die... Well, being the stubborn man that he was(10 feet tall and bulletproof), he thought he knew more than them and would show them that he could do what ever he wanted and prove them wrong!!! Well, that didn't work, the heart troubles started in his forties, openheart surgery, still didn't change and continued to smoke... On in to his fifties, colon cancer a stroke, diabetes, and the final killer, Kindney cancer!!!!! I don't want to die before my grankids are born... I know that my daughter is gonna have beautiful children and I want to help her raise them... If I have to sacrifice starch for that, it is a good trade!!!

07-29-2010, 11:36 AM
I wanna wear white jeans...and look HOT! :smug:

Good lord I just wanna wear jeans! LOL!

07-29-2010, 02:38 PM
My sister-in-law. I was 16 when I met my now husband. I was 120lbs. When we got married 2.5yrs later I was 130. By that time she was pregnant with #3, heavier than I was to begin with, and just let herself go after each baby. She swore up and down that I'd get fat too, everyone does after they have kids. She now has 7 kids (I have 3) and is still way bigger than I am, but she still gets that smug "I told you so" look when she sees me. She loves it when I'm pregnant, cuz then she's the 'skinny' sister-in-law. So my motivation is to really stick it to her and get back to my pre-pregnancy weight before getting pregnant with #4! To be honest though, I've never really liked this sister-in-law, she's a condescending b**** anyway, so all the better! lol I am evil!