100 lb. Club - newbie here -7.9 lbs gone in 4 wks

07-17-2010, 08:58 AM
Hi everyone
I'm Deb, this is my first proper post here. I'm been very overweight for the past few years and I've finally got the mental head space to deal to get rid of it! And i've just completed my first 4 weeks - results - 7.9lbs lost, (start 303lbs now 295.1lbs) average of 1inch off from waist, hips etc and even .5 inch of my neck!! I didn't realise that would happen.

I don't think I would've achieved what I did, if it hadn't been for everyone here...reading and seeing everyone elses triumphs & stumbles really kept me going. So, thank you to everyone out there for posting your feelings, inspiration and thoughts.

UPDATE: Currently in week 6 (month 2 week 2) and have upped my exercise and finding the intense cardio & addition of weights has thrown my hunger through the roof...so next 2 weeks I'm bringing down the intensity so can really focus on the calories and staying on plan.

And I posted my results so other beginners like me can see it's so worth it. I haven't been perfect on my first month out, I eased into it, I set myself a target of Saturday being a free day but during the week I did fall off the wagon and I've had the odd piece of choco, chippies and fast food meal but the main thing was I didn't give up. I ate the cheat meal, and moved on. Of course this month I'm going to be stricter on myself...I can already feel how the junky food makes me feel off.

07-17-2010, 09:07 AM
The one thing that really got me going was i set myself a goal of 21 days straight exercising...I did 25mins of taebo and achieved 15 out of 21 days not great but in the first week I hurt my back so had to ease off a couple of days and then the following week with the change of lifestyle I got hit with the flu so a few more days out.

I like this goal best. ;) It's measurable and achievable (provided you don't injure yourself). I love goals you have complete and total control over.

Similarly, you could mark on a calendar how many days of out of the month you stay on a food plan. I personally love calorie counting because then there is room for what I call "normal food". For me that's chocolate chips and popcorn. :D It's just not living if you ask me to give those up. But I found I live quite well...really, really well...unbelievable well...without the fast food!! But I didn't give it up right away. I started out by figuring out what I COULD eat at my favorite fast food places. I will still eat a grilled chicken sandwich at McDonald's and my new favorite spot is Subway. I do believe that's what I've whittled it down to.

Loved the enthusiasm in your post!! And wahoo for getting out of the 300's!! You're in a new century! Can't beat that! :carrot:

07-17-2010, 11:00 AM
Hi and welcome. What a great start!

I would be VERY cautious of those free days. They can really wreak havoc on your weight loss. As you go along you will see, that even one day off can definitely wipe out any hard work you've done the other 6 days of the week.

Now you need to work on tweaking and customizing your plan. Finding delicious recipes and foods to eat - foods so delicious that you won't *give in* as easily because you'll be so satisfied with the healthy stuff.

Now is a good time to finds some strategies, coping techniques and skills to get you through all situations - stress, boredom, happiness, parties, anger, etc.

I'm excited for you. It's great to learn that you CAN do this. That you DO have the ability for it. Because we ALL do. We are all capable of losing weight and being the best us possible.

I look forward to hearing of your continued progress. :)

07-17-2010, 11:03 AM
Congrats on your initial loss! Keep on keeping on!

07-18-2010, 12:31 AM
thanks guys for the congrats and definitely taking your advice on board watching the free days and making delicious meals on board.

On to getting out of the 290s!!
thanks again

07-18-2010, 12:35 AM
Welcome! Congrats on your success and good luck with your goals :hug:

Judy Lynn
07-18-2010, 12:36 AM
Awesome! You're on your way! Here's to the next decade!