Weight Loss Support - I think I *might* hit goal next week...

07-16-2010, 01:45 PM
So I'm still at 150, I over indulged a little last weekend and had to relose 2 lbs, but I'm doing fantastic this week and have a great plan for the weekend and given my weight loss patterns, I'd say there is a good chance I'll hit my main goal of 148 next week! I'm trying not to get too attached to the idea, just in case it doesn't happen and the journey isn't going to be quite complete at 148, but nevertheless...the day I've been working for is almost here. I have many mixed emotions about it and would like to hear from people out there who have hit there goal how it felt leading up to the big day. Everyday from this point on that I step on that scale I'll be thinking is it today? I just really hope I *know* when I hit that stopping point. I'm pretty sure it will be 145-150, but I want to *know* that I'm done and ready to maintain.

07-16-2010, 01:53 PM
i'm not there yet so i can't say what it would be like to hit goal now, but i wanted to say congrats on all of your hard work and go for it! :)

07-16-2010, 02:07 PM
Congrats! You are almost to the finish line! Be sure to post pics in the Goal forum!

07-16-2010, 02:25 PM
I cannot wait until I am so close to my goal. I'm sure you'll be seeing those numbers before you know it.

07-16-2010, 02:46 PM
Wouldn't that be wonderful?!! Crossing everything for you.

07-16-2010, 04:34 PM
i would just remember the ultimate Goal is NOT to get to the finish line, but to lose the weight healthily and keep it off healthily year after year. I have been watching your posts and it seems you have some ambivalence about reaching goal.

it might be because you have lived this for so long--that is your identity. But once you reach goal, you have a new identity. You are going to be a maintainer and a HUGE encouragement to those around you about losing weight and maintaining!

You are a huge inspiration! i can't wait to see your post about goal. I hope one day to be talking to you in the maintainer's forum!

07-16-2010, 04:44 PM
A goal without a plan is just a wish. Antoine de Saint Exupéry

Wow! Rosi I love that quote. So "dead on". I would also add that a goal needs to mean something to the person for it to really be "owned". Which leads me to my "2 cents worth".

Well, I too sense some ambivalence on your part. Maybe, you have wanted this for so long that once it has arrived you arent' quite sure what to "do with it?"

What does that goal mean to you?

For example, my goal is 22% BMI which is 140 lbs. That means I am smack dab in the middle of what I "should" weigh for optimal health. Since optimal health is my primary goal that is the meaning I derive from 140 lbs. When I reach that goal I know that I will be in the best possible state of health that I can be. Therefore, it has a lot of meaning. It also means that it gives me an added incentive to remain within 5 lbs of that at all times so I remain in that state of "optimal health" that means so much to me.

I think once you discover what reaching your goal will ultimately mean to you then you will know when to stop dieting and begin maintaining that weight (or any other weight for that matter) and move on to accomplishing other goals you have in your life.

07-16-2010, 04:47 PM
Wow...how inspiring!!! That is awesome...I am so happy for you!!! *hugs* I can only imagine how emotional reaching your goal can be...I hope to be able to share those feelings w/ all of you sometime next year. :)

07-16-2010, 04:53 PM
it might be because you have lived this for so long--that is your identity.

Absolutly! I'm really afraid I'm not going to know what to do with myself! But really, is life going to change? Am I going to step on the scale and hey look 148! Awesome let's go get cheeseburgers...um NO! I'm going to go about my day as a usual on plan day. Part of me is SO ready to be a maintainer and just focus on being healthy and fit, but part of me is terrified to see the scale stop moving - it's been moving for 4 1/2 years!

I'm having a little trouble identifing with my new self image as well. I went from obese to overweight over a long period of time and there was a lot of opportunity to adjust. But this year I've gone from overweight to chubby to normal and now in just the last few weeks from normal to normal/thin. This last transition is where I'm struggling...and where I think all the ambevalance is coming from. I'm just hoping that I know when I cross the finish line - I really want to be completely satisfied when I get to the end. But I may have to accept a little tummy to keep the girls :o We shall see...

07-16-2010, 05:01 PM
What does that goal mean to you?

Wow...this actually made me think. Here are my goals:

Normal BMI/within healthy weight range - check
Knowing how to eat healthy - check
Being fit - check (I start training for a half marathon Monday)
Gaining self confindence - check
Being able to where any outfit I want (aka size 8/10) - check
Feeling confident with my appearance - almost check
Knowing and accepting that I am now a thin and healthy person - need some work here

So all that's left really are vanity goals - being in the 140s, wearing a solid size 8 (I'm an 8/10 now), having a little less tummy.

I was obese for so long (10 years) and now I've been losing weight for so long that I'm not sure I remember how to just be me...

07-16-2010, 06:15 PM
girl, this is normal. You are not who you were, but you are not yet who you are going to be. You are a tween. It's going to take some getting used to, but I wouldn't have known about your dilemma if it wasn't common. Make sure you got alot of pictures of you. That will really help to orient you to who you are now. You can think of it like amnesia of your old self. There are still pics, but surround yourself with alot of stuff about you. Also find a hobby, things you really like to do. This is a wonderful time to reinvent yourself.

you are now a healthy fit, vivacious, sexy in clothes--go getter.

btw, if you want less tummy but want to keep the girls, i would eat more protein and do ab work, you can't spot reduce, but making the muscles thicker makes the abdomen look flatter and more attractive. also i don't know how low fat your diet is, but I would add healthy fat to your diet in the form of nuts and healthy oils. Reason being, why do you lose the girls? your body goes on a hunt for something to burn. If you are not giving it sugar, it goes for fat. if you are not giving it fat, it goes for protein-ie your muscles.

07-16-2010, 07:10 PM
add healthy fat to your diet in the form of nuts and healthy oils. Reason being, why do you lose the girls? your body goes on a hunt for something to burn. If you are not giving it sugar, it goes for fat. if you are not giving it fat, it goes for protein-ie your muscles.

Hmm...I've never thought about this...this could be why I've manage to maintain the girls a little bit! I eat lots of avocado, nuts and protien! And I started strength training back in April! This is good news! Hopefully they'll hang in there through the next 5 lbs :)

07-16-2010, 08:54 PM
oh yeah, i eat lots of all those, and bb's didn't really shrink at all. I am trying to get them to tone up a bit. I wouldn't mind a little smaller, so i could wear smaller shirts well.

07-16-2010, 09:15 PM
i probably should mention your body will begin to burn fat AND protein after you cut the carbs. that is why it is more successful on atkins to eat LOTS of fat and protein. I have read everywhere that it is impossible to not lose your boobs, but i lost a whole lot of weight eating all organic food, and my bb's didn't disappear.

i KNOW for a fact low carbing will cause your body to burn your boobs away. My sis has always been huge. She had a bb reduction, and they just regrew. Now she has no boobs, and she limits all carbs except fruit--

the women in my family always have big boobs--so it bypassed her genetics. Make sure you are getting good complex carbs too.

07-17-2010, 11:09 AM
oops sorry. I double posted. computer acting up.

07-17-2010, 01:11 PM
i have to disagree a little with you brown. I read on body building websites, that the more muscle you have in a given area, the more fat you will burn in that area...plus the muscle becomes kind of a "filler" for the flabby areas. If you read about how the best way to improve cellulite is building the muscle underneath the skin, because it smooths out the appearance--I'd rather be thicker, and have more tone, than flabby without tone.

Here is a quote from a website: (it is about men, but the relationship to muscle for women is the same)

Men tend to deposit excess fat primarily in the lower abdominal area. Although it is not possible to spot reduce body fat, it is true that muscle burns fat, and the more muscle you have in any given area, the more fat the body will burn. For this reason, it is essential for men to build as much muscle in the lower abdominal region as possible to expedite fat burning and, consequently, have a flatter tummy, and there are several exercises that help to do that.

Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/93025-exercises-men-flatten-lower-stomach/#ixzz0twjVKfnc

it could also be that if you tone your chest less, which most women don't have trouble with that, then you can keep body fat on your chest, and lose from other places, then do light toning exercises like these: http://geniusbeauty.com/about-sport-activities/how-to-make-breasts-beautiful-with-exercises/

also..brown ,you are right about causal relationship. My family has the GENETICS to have boobs. My mom, sis, me, Aunts. So the low carbing way has been the ONLY thing that gets rid of them--therefore a causal relationship can be established between low carbing--and losing your breasts despite genetics, but if you don't have the genetics--they are going to go. Everything i have read states it is up to your genetics whether or not you can retain boobs during weight loss. both my mom and my sis, lost their boobs during low carb plans, but maintained during healthy balanced plans.

Nc, though i did find one body builder's suggestion might be helpful. He talked about a controlled weight gain. What it was when you get down to the size you want--if you lose your boobs, you can do a controlled gain, and really watch the gain. The trainer's reasoning was, you lose from your preferred storage area--if it's the breasts, then you will gain in your preferred storage area.

i have never heard of that, but since it seems that this is a SUBJECT women lament the most over weight loss, it would be worth a try. i would research it further, because most women state that if they lose first from their breasts, they gain LAST on their breasts.

I totally think NC this should be a complete new thread because I imagine every woman is thinking or feeling the same thing.

teehhee. Here is a guy who jumped in on a forum trying to help women figure this out too. Apparently Jillian Michaels writes about this very thing in her book.

know I'm a guy and I'm am not an expert, but Jillian Michaels' book Master your Metabolism has some good info on why we lose/gain weight in certain areas. Women will be prone to losing/gaining weight in their chest almost regardless of what you do, but if you gain master some of your hormones:

-Monitoring your thyroid
-Birth control pill issues
-Lifting weights(different methods trigger different good hormones) and other anerobic exercises
-HIIT cardio
-And more

If you are going in the right direction in these areas, you won't necessarily avoid burning fat in your chest, but you will burn it from your other areas and from in your muscle areas as well. Don't forget fat is intertwined with our muscle.

Also, eat extra protein(take supplements if necessary) and do chest weight lifting in addition to your other body areas(of course) to ensure you are not burning muscle from behind your boobs. If you make your chest muscles stronger, you will be tighter their and remain more perky which will help make them look bigger/better even if you do lose some size.

Here is another suggestion: http://www.dailymuscle.com/2006/03/15/exercise-tips-for-firm-and-bigger-breasts/#

Here is a testimony on a forum from another woman in a response to a woman asking the SAME question.

Originally Posted by gobigred
Has anyone lost weight but kept their same bra size? I hear so many women say that when they lost weight, they decreased in cup size. Is this true? My sister needs to lose about 50 pounds but is worried about loosing breast size. She was a 36C before she gained weight and is now a 38DD. Will she go back to a 36C?

I don't know. I've lost weight before, myself, but I think my breasts got fuller and rounder (I'm up to a C cup now; was a 36B before). But I did do a lot of upper body training too. So, that helps to keep them at a good size, I guess.

Read more: http://www.city-data.com/forum/diet-weight-loss/182076-can-you-loose-weight-but-keep.html#ixzz0twrCzpc6

so there you go!