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07-12-2010, 02:57 PM
Hi everyone,
I started doing WW almost 3 weeks ago and I'm kind of confused.

The first week I was eating like 16 of my 24 points per day (i know thats not right but i wasnt hungry) and I was doing like 30-60min of yoga/day. I lost 4.5lbs that week.

Second week I averaged more like 22/24 points per day (still didnt use any of the WPA/flex points or activity points) and did mostly 30 day shred workouts. I gained 1.5lbs

This week (my weigh in is on Wednesday) I have lost like a pound so far (so still higher than I was after my week 1 weigh in) and I've been trying everything to get the scale moving...I tried adding in healthy fats, tried walking instead of doing yoga/30DS, tried eating more than my 24 points per day, tried eating less, tried upping my water (ive always been getting in 8 glasses a day so I tried going for like 12)...and still nothing.

I am 22 so I am young and I've lost weight before so I know that my body is capable of letting go, I just really don't understand what to do, I feel like I've tried everything.

I know people have talked about using all 35 of those extra points but that just seems absurd to me, and if that were true then how did I lose more weight when I was eating far under my daily points as opposed to the second week when I was eating at my points total each day and gained.

I'm just discouraged that I'm staying totally on plan, working out everyday, drinking my water, and nothing is happening. Please help!!

(PS i know my ticker says 12lbs lost but I lost some weight before I started ww)

07-12-2010, 04:49 PM
My thought is that you probably slowed down your metabolism that first week. 16 points is below even the lowest of WW allows (18 points is the lowest). It's about 800 calories a day. Plus you were exercising so your daily caloric intake was extremely low. You also probably lost a lot of water weight (and muscle) that week which made your weekly weight loss seem inflated. I know you say that you've "tried everything" but it seems you haven't allowed the time to see if any of your efforts actually worked (since you tried them all in only week). Even if you lose 1 pound, that's not bad. Weight Watchers isn't designed for really fast weight loss. It's designed more for slow weight loss that involves a lifestyle change and thus is more likely to be kept off. Also, try to resist the urge to weigh yourself so much. If you can only weigh at your meetings once a week.