WW Clubs and Groups - #234--Bale of Turtles Taking Things in our Stride!

07-12-2010, 11:40 AM
:carrot: :welcome3: We are the Turtle Group here at www.3fatchicks.com. We welcome you to join us as we work toward good health and fitness in a persistent manner. As our inspiration, we use the race between the turtle and the hare where the turtle was the victor because he didn't give up. We believe in keepin' on by using the skills and techinques we have learned from experience to keep us on track. We believe in giving each other support. Good luck to us all!
(for Lin and Lauren)

07-12-2010, 11:51 AM
Hi Turtles,
Princess, your garden sounds fantastic. You were really busy this weekend.

I had a nice weekend topped off by a visit from our grandson and dd. We swam and had a tiny BBQ. I had made baked beans (2points/1/2 cup) and I'll give you the recipe right now. It has no fat, and much less salt and sugar than the canned beans. Since I made them with a 1#bag of dried pinto beans, they were also cheap and plentiful. Here's the recipe:

Slow Cooker Saucy Beans
(The recipe calls for bacon or salt pork, but I ignored that)

1# dry navy or dry Great Northern Beans (or pinto)
8 cups cold water
1 cup chopped onion
1/2cup ketchup
1 1/4cups water
1/4c packed brown sugar
1/4c. molasses or dark corn syrup
1/4 cup Worcestershire sauce
1t. dry mustard
1/4 t. pepper

1. Rinse beans. Drain. In large pot, combine beans and 8 cups water. bring to boiling, reduce heat. Simmer for 2 min. Remove from heat. Cover and let stand for 1 hour. (or omit simmering; soak beans in cold water overnight in covered Dutch oven.) Drain adn rinse. In the same dutch oven, combine beans and 8c fresh water. Bring to gboiling. reduce heat. Simmer, covered for 1 hour or until beans are tender, stirring occasionally.

2. Drain beans. In a 31/2-to 4qt. slow cooker, combine drained beans and onion. Add the remaining ingredients. Stir to combine.

3. Cover, cook on low heat for 8-10 hours or on high heat for 4-5 hours. Stir before serving.

Serves 12 2 points/1/2c. serving

This looks way complicated-----but it's easy to do. I let the beans sit in the covered Dutch oven overnight and then proceeded with the recipe. Great with any grilled meat. Great for a party or BBQ and also can be frozen in individual servings.

Have fun!
234.6/190.4/189 and closer to goal :cool:

07-12-2010, 04:52 PM
Itryharder~ Baked beans look AMAZING!

Hi Turtles! I'm really sorry I have been MIA for so long! I have to be out of the house I have been renting by this Wednesday night, so I have been doing some massive cleaning and moving over the past week. I still have a lot to do, but I finally got the 2 cords of wood stacked yesterday, which is a big relief! Yesterday was the first time the temps didn't hit 90+ (88 instead), so I took advantage of it and moved the wood. My lower back is a little sore today, but I'm surprised at how good I feel.
I have to get ready for work! Have a great night everyone!!!

07-12-2010, 08:28 PM
KimL, so good to hear from you. My goodness! You've had a lot to do in the heat. You sound terrific. Keep on keepin' on!

Hey, I checked my calendar and in the last ten days, I've gotten on the :tread: eight times. Each time, I put in an hour and walked more than three miles. I'm counting on the fact that this should help me lose some weight. I'm cooking fish and asparagus for dinner tomorrow right before my WI and hoping that's enough to see the scale move in the right direction! A :goodscale: would be very welcome.

Gotta run----just wanted to check in.
234.6/190.4/189 and closer to goal

07-13-2010, 08:45 AM
TBL Doc's Chili Recipe:

3 cups diced onions (I used less)
1 cup diced celery
2 cups diced bell peppers (I used a variety of colored peppers)
1 pound lean ground turkey
3 cups tomatoes (I used canned Fire Roasted Tomatoes by Hunts)
1 can black beans
1 can pinto beans
2 cups LS chicken broth
2 Tbsp minced garlic
2 Tbsp chili powder (I used more)
1 Tbsp oregano (I used mixed Italian seasonings)
1 tsp cumin (I used more)
1 tsp ground mustard (I did not use this)
Salt and pepper to taste
1 small can tomato paste

1) You can throw all of this in a crockpot and cook for 6-8 hours
2) You can do the stove top method which is what I do - brown the ground turkey and drain any excess grease - In a large pot start to cook the vegetables with a little bit of broth or water until they are fork tender. Add the rest of the ingredients and cook on med to low temps for about an hour or until seasoned through. I added my tomato paste about half way through the final cooking time.

Makes about 12 - 1 cup servings at 4 pts a serving.

07-13-2010, 09:09 AM
Good morning all and happy Tuesday to everyone!

Rainy here today but it is supposed to be this way just about all week with very high - humid temps. My veggie garden is chugging along, I did not go out last night to check the cuc's which means I will have lots of them when I go out this evening if it stops raining long enough... they grow super fast!

I skipped the gym last night but will go tonight to walk on the treadmill and take a yoga class. DH and I took the dogs to the park last night instead and walked around so everyone enjoyed that!

I posted the chili recipe that I had talked about in the past - I did it from an online version that I found and have to double check it when I get home but I think that I have it right... I will post corrections if they are needed.

Judy: Great job on the exercise! You are doing wonderful, I just know that your W/I will be awesome! Thanks so much for posting the bean recipe, I have it copied over to my PC and will print it for this weekend! I wanted to ask you... does Ariana ever post on here anymore? I miss her, she was so inspirational!

Kim: Good luck with the move... moving is stressful but it sure sounds like you are handling it really well! The hot temps sure don't help!

Tessa: How are you doing lately?

Cherry: What is new with you?

Bandit: How are things going up your way? Anything new with you? I got my first TOPS magazine yesterday in the mail but have not had time to look at it yet... I am excited though!

Have to run but talk soon!

07-13-2010, 11:27 AM
Hi Turtles,
Princess, thanks for the chili recipe. I'm printing it out and will enjoy it, I'm sure.
As far as Ariana, our young Turtle who made flannel quilts and exercised like crazy and was sooooooo inspirational, alas she hasn't posted here in a long time. Ariana, if you're out there and reading, please let us know what you're up too. You are missed!

Have a great day. My goal today will be to make sure I don't sabotage myself. My weight could go either way for my WI. The scale isn't moving, but it's not going up either. :goodscale: is my dream!
234.6/190.4/189 and closer to goal :cool:

07-14-2010, 08:51 AM
Good morning everyone!

I hope that everyone is doing well and having a good week. I went to Yoga class last night and it was a good class, sore today but that is the way it goes I guess... will be even more sore tomorrow... LOL. The scale is not moving for me this week at all but I know it is a combination of a lot of things so will just try harder and keep at it. No gym tonight but will get out for a walk instead as it is not supposed to rain today.

I am still waiting for my book to arrive... getting eager to read it so I sure hope it comes soon!

Judy: Do you W/I on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings? I can never seem to get it straight but either way I hope it is a wonderful occasion! The chili recipe is good and you can adjust however you want to really. Not really the best time of year for it but it is a nice change when you need it. It would be great to see Ariana post again, you are right, she always had words of wisdom and was a positive force here with the turtles...

Bandit: Have not seen you online lately, I hope that all is well with you!

Have to run but have a great day everyone!

07-14-2010, 11:03 AM
Morning, turtles

Princess - nice job with the yoga, I am sure that will help with your weight loss. Chili recipe sounds delicious - thanks.

Just trying to stay cool and have lots of things going on. This weekend I have my ladies group 2nd anniversary dinner Fri night (then some of us are going dancing) a wedding on Sat & wedding brunch Sun a.m. then dinner with my gf Sun evening. As well, my dd gets back from Mexico Thurs night & looking forward to a visit with her as well. This will definately be a tough eating weekend but hopefully the dancing (and trying to get in some walks)
will help.

Judy - Good luck at the scales this week.

Cherry - hope you are OK, tough with little ones especially when they are sick. I remember eating up all the little bits my dd left on her plate & I am sure they added up to lots of extra points throughout the day. Now, I keep a container for the birds/squirrels and throw in those leftovers for them.

Kim - Moving & cleaning in the heat must be very difficult. Congrats for your efforts.

Princess - I got my Tops magazine yesterday in the mail but haven't read it.

Tonight have my final weigh in with Wed chapter, then off to another one on Thurs next week. It will probably be alittle tense since I really don't know exactly who is transferring, so will just get in/out quickly and see who shows up next week on the Thurs evening.

I am really looking forward to a new start with hopefully more positive attitudes.

Stay cool, everyone!

07-14-2010, 12:43 PM
After a few weigh ins of going up and up yesterday I had a weigh in of 241.6 which is down by -.2 So atleast i am going in the right direction. This morning with my sneak weigh in which is in no way official i was down to 240.4 so i was excited to see that. I need to get in some exercise. I know that it can help with depression because it releases endorphins or something like that. My 3 year old has been very destructive lately and so i am having a hard time dealing with that.

Judy- Hoping you get a great weigh-in. cant wait to find out.
Bandit-Thanks for the encouragement. It is hard not to eat off the kids left overs if i am feeling hungry or snacky.
Princess-Not a whole lot is new lately. Only we had to get a new air conditioner because ours suddenly quit on Monday. Love the added expenses.
Kim-Great to hear from you. That is a lot of work to do in that heat.
LinS- How are you doing?

Hope i didnt forget anyone.

07-14-2010, 01:04 PM
Princess, glad you're with yoga. I'm a little afraid to try it again since I really hurt myself the last time I did it. Maybe I should look for a beginner's tape and try again. :tread:

Cherry, glad you saw a loss at the scale. Hey---look at your tracker. You're doing great. :goodscale:

Bandit, wow, you have a really busy weekend coming up. Luckily you are sociable and have figured out how to avoid the biggest pitfalls! Good luck at your new TOPS meeting coming up. Maybe tonight will be a little awkward, but your next meeting should be great. :goodscale:

Today at my WI, it was disappointing. I've had a great month and I've managed to gain .6#. I know that isn't much, but I'm killing myself and the scale is going the wrong direction. My leader told me what I'm doing isn't working and I've got to change it up! She feels I'm eating too little food. So, I've decided starting tomorrow to do filling foods and use some maintenance points for a serving of bread daily. I think this may work because when I would eat on the Core program, I did well. This will work. I know it. I was happily surprised to see how many foods I like are on the filling food list. Onward and downward!
234.6/190.6/anything below 190# :cool:

Clever Tessa
07-14-2010, 01:44 PM
Good morning Turtles!!!! :carrot:

It's been a wild n' whacky couple weeks... My cat ended up at the vet's - that you knew about. She's doing great, eating her pork and rice food and luckily the other girls love it too. She's also on Prednisone now too - so I have a 'roid kitty that can't eat or drink enough. Well, SHE could use the weight on her. She's always been a bit scrawny.

Then my Dad came for his yearly visit for a week. Work's been busy (which is excellent!) and I've had horse and dog duty which ties up my days too. But I've missed you guys!!!!

Oh, and yes, there's still the $#%&(@ rabbits. Still waiting for my handy guy to show up (in Central Oregon time has different settings besides slow and fast, when you need something done it's usually set to "whenever"). I've given up on refilling the holes - they just redig and I think they are liking the challenge. I gave up on the Liquid Fence, by now they're dabbing it on as perfume because it probably smells better than Eau de Rabbit Stink. Chicken wire installed from under the house is the last option before I run out of options and send the little buck toothed brats to the great carrot patch in the sky. It will break my heart - but that's far less expensive than a burst pipe this winter or God knows what other damage they're causing down there.

Weight wise, considering my Dad is a diabetic, that had triple bypass in November, doesn't watch his blood sugar, has a serious sweet tooth and filled my counter with M&Ms, Mother's cookies, 'Nilla Wafers and trail mix, has a McDonald's habit and literally listed all the places he wanted to eat when he got up here - I didn't do bad at all. Actually was down .6 after his visit. I told him we would go to McD's as soon as I was done with MY breakfast and at the restaurants I just made the best choices I could and took 1/2 home. Since I hadn't been to WW since 6/22 last night's weigh in showed a 3.8 pound loss, bringing me to 12.8 pounds since rejoining. :cb:

Princess, I loooove yoga, but it's been too long since I've done it. I think I'll do some and be sore right along with ya!

Bandit, good luck with the new group. :crossed: Fingers crossed for ya that it's a good one and you still enjoy going.

Cherry, congrats on the loss!!! :broc: ANY loss should be celebrated!

Judy, I've done it, my friends have done it... exercising too much, or not getting in the bare minimum Points will backfire. Our bodies don't realize there's a fast food place on every corner and when it detects a serious food shortage it's going to reserve its energy (calories) for what it perceives as an oncoming famine. Sounds like you've got a good plan in place. Should be interesting to see what happens next week!

:wave: everyone!!!! Better go get some work done...


07-14-2010, 02:36 PM
Judy: Ugh! How frustrating! Core/Filling Foods just might do it for you, it was a great idea your leader had... I don't know much, but I do know this, the lower you go the harder it is... LOL. You have come sooo far though... and you will go further yet... just hang in there we are all cheering for you!

07-14-2010, 11:34 PM
Itryharder~ Awesome job getting on the treadmill so much!!! Have you tried switching up your exercise also? Trying new stuff could also help jump start your loss.

Princess1122~ Chili recipe looks super yummy! I missed the first round of my cukes and picked them the other day... HUGE, saving for tongue pickles... How did your walk go today?

bandit2~ Sounds like a crazy weekend! How did your WI go?

CherryAutumn~ Congrats on seeing the scale moving in the right way! How is your kid doing, still wild? I''ve been helping take care of my best friends 3 year-old while she's gone, and she is a little terror! Love her, but am struggling with what I should do when she starts throwing and breaking things because she's mad that she's not getting her way.

Clever Tessa~ :rofl:Eau de Rabbit Stink:rofl: Your rabbit dilemma still makes me giggle... Super Congrats on your weight loss!!!

Still moving... Down to just needing to get my bed a bureau into storage, followed by some massive cleaning. I got a lot done today, and my landlord told me that she won't be up there until tomorrow afternoon, so that gives me even more time to get more stuff done. I'm trying not to let myself stress out about it as I have enough going one right now that is super stressful without letting this get to me also. I spent all day working so hard that I barely ate anything, and then made up for it when I was working. I'm probably going to see a gain on the scale tonight, but hopefully it won't hang around after that. I just need to get back on a regular eating schedule!

Have a great night everyone!

07-15-2010, 08:59 AM
Good morning all and happy Thursday!

Hot and humid day here today... very steamy! I got so busy after work yesterday that before I knew it the clock was saying that it was 9:30 PM so I did not get my walk in... I stopped at the grocery store after work, then went home and got the dogs out and the house picked up, supper made and worked in the garden to get the veg's picked that were ready... and then it was 9:30... ugh! Have W/I tonight but of course my TOM showed up this morning but that is the way it is... no use getting stressed over it. The scale will say whatever it wants to and I will just keep moving on.

Tessa: Yep, the bunny stink thing is cute for us to hear about but not so cute when it is you that is going thru it I am sure... I am with Kim though... still makes me giggle! You sound like a really busy lady! Dog, horses, bunnies! Wow! Great job on the weight loss!!!

Judy: How are you doing this morning? Keep at it, you are doing so good and remember... we are turtles for a reason... although I know that statement does not help you very much.

Bandit: Wow! You are busy right now... sounds like food will be a challenge but you normally handle it soooo well... I know you will get thru it and have a great time! I am not so sore this week with the Yoga as I was last week, and that is a wonderful thing! How did W/I go?

Kim: Good luck with the cleaning and moving... you sound super busy also! Do you have a new place picked out yet? No walk for me last night... I let myself get side tracked to easy... I need to get better at that! Walking used to be a priority, it came first before supper, housework, etc. I need to work on getting it back up to the top of my daily list again!

Cherry: How are you doing? Great job on the weight loss!!!!

Clever Tessa
07-15-2010, 11:32 AM
Mornin' Turtles!

Had an epiphany last night about the evil :bunny: living under my house. I have decided to go to the extreme opposite of what I've been doing - I *tried* to seal up the area under the deck where they're digging - well, it occured to me that geez, I guess I've pretty much been providing 24/7 security for them! So I'm going to remove EVERYTHING surrounding the bottom of the deck and open it wide up and totally expose them. I also have an electrical plug right there so I'm going to also set up a light so they're illuminated (think "here are the rabbits, yum!" spotlight). I'd rather have coyotes skulking around the side of my house than rabbits *under* my house! They're not paying me to be their body guard.... So, yeah, charging up the cordless screwdriver now to remove all the lattice work. :hat: Good luck to 'em (and mondo good luck to the coyotes).

Now I'm wishing I'd have kept the big ol' rabbit corpse I had in my carport a few months ago. I went to drive in and there was a dead bun-bun. I scooped it up and chucked it out in the back 40 so "whatever" could finish it off. Mysteriously, the next day, it was back in my carport (zombie bunnies?) - but this time it was seriously chewed on (probably a coyote enjoying their snack in the privacy of my garage). So I chucked it even further from my house. I *should* have kept it closer by - and put it near the hole as a foreboding warning of things to come should they keep digging under my house!

Ok, yeah, the rabbit thing is pretty funny... and for some reason my uber snarky sense of humor seems to find fun ways to express the torture they're putting me through! :lol:

Kim, good luck with the move. Yeah, things will go back to normal soon - it's always a pain in the butt (and usually back) to move. Any virtual boxes we can help lift? :)

Princess, good luck at weigh in tonight!

Ok, must get some work done on this lovely Friday-eve. I have 2 mechanics on vacation next week, so it's kinda like a mini-vacation for me too! :dance:

Later gators, I mean, Turtles!


07-15-2010, 12:19 PM
Hi turtles:

I was up 1/2# last night at my weigh in - final for that chapter.
Good news, my new chapter will actually be having meetings throughout the summer, so I was excited about that. I found last summer very hard to keep on track with only having weigh ins & no meetings. So, hoping once I get through this weekend to have more success at the scales.

Tessa - too bad about the bunnies, don't see too many where I live so makes me feel sad they will probably die, too bad there isn't another solution.
Hoping the light and exposure will scare them off.

Princess - sounds like your garden is keeping you busy, but will be nice to have some fresh veggies.

Hope everyone else is having a great summer!

Clever Tessa
07-15-2010, 04:02 PM
Yaaaaaay!!!!! :dancer:

My handy guy is at my house right now - he thinks he's fixed the rabbit issue (none were under the house). :crossed: No more :bunny2: !!!!!!!

If this fails, he said he's pouring concrete. Yeah, I think that would do it! :lol:

Toodles Turtles,


07-16-2010, 10:01 AM
Good morning all and a very happy Friday to everyone! Yah! Friday is here!

Went to W/I last night, was down 1.2 lbs - I was very happy about that - historically I have my TOM gain at the end of the cycle, not sure why but that is the way it normally plays out. Soooo, we will keep at it and hope that by next W/I I am still moving in the downward direction.

Did Yoga at home last night on the Wii - I got TBL work out DVD a while ago and never used it... last night I put it in just to see what was on it and found a bunch of stuff that looks promising! So did Yoga at home with my big old marshmallow of a German Shep. trying to help me... LOL. It was funny but not always productive ;)

If I recap my personal challenge goals so far I am on track with my classes and weight loss but not my walking... I need to step that up because it will help everything else!

I do have a tinny NSV - I feel better lately, not so tired all the time and really thinking how it will feel to be back down to a lower weight. That being said I am trying really hard not to let the number on the scale define me this time around... I am a turtle for a reason, it will be slow going but the small NSV are what I will focus on.

Bandit: You are doing so well... just a small bump in the road with this W/I and who knows the new group may really be just what you need to get going again... new ideas, new faces, etc. Not may bunnies in Canada? I guess for some reason I was thinking that you would be teeming with wild-life up your way, not sure why I thought that. They have a big section on the TOPS magazine about the TOPS groups in Canada... I am eager to read about it - just need to find the time. Have a great weekend!

Tess: So glad you are getting the bunnies under control! You really sound like a busy gal! Have you tried any new recipes lately?

Cherry: How are you doing?

Judy: Well, that book that I ordered has still not come... I looked at the sellers reviews and they were so bad... I should have looked at them BEFORE I ordered from him. Guess I will have to place the order again from someone else and file a claim as the first one is a know to rip people off all the time... lesson learned! Have a great weekend!

Talk soon everyone!

07-16-2010, 10:14 AM
Princess1122~ Congrats on your weight loss and feeling better!

Clever Tessa~ I can only imagine how frustrating your battle with the rabbits are, but I have to say, whenever I want to smile, I know I can always come on here and read about your rabbit turmoil and get a good giggle. You have an amazing sense of humor! What is the hopeful final solution your handy guy came up with? My roommate never showed up to help move her stuff out yesterday so I had lots of virtual boxes you could have helped move :dizzy:

bandit2~ That's awesome that you will keep having meetings!

Moved, and exhausted! I am looking forward to a serious nap this afternoon! I've been eating only one meal a day over the past 3 days, so I really need to get back on track with getting 3 meals and snacks in each day as my crazy eating is definitely showing on the scale! Happy Friday everyone!

07-16-2010, 11:20 AM
Wow! We are hopping here. Congrats to Bandit and Princess on their weight losses.

Bandit, I am so thrilled to hear that your new TOPS group will meet during the summer. I remember how much you wished that could happen last summer when the old group just did weigh in's. :goodscale:

Princess, I love your analysis and I'm happy to be reminded that we are all turtles for one reason or another. You've got a good head on your shoulder. Doing yoga with your German shepherd made me laugh. Good for the both of you.
:tread: (I don't see a "yoga" avatar LOL)

KimL, so proud of you for completing your move. Weigh to go, girl! :bravo:

Tessa, sounds like the rabbit saga may be wrapping up for good. I love it all, but know in my heart it would not, I repeat, not be fun to have rabbits gnawing on my house. You've been very patient! :goodvibes:

Cherry, keep on posting. I think of you all the time with the little ones. Keep on keepin' on. You'll be so proud! :goodvibes:

As far as me, well I'm happy to be on a switch-over program from WW's. I honestly could not have eaten less, nor moved more. Just a month or so ago I was walking 1 1/2 miles/day. Now I'm up to 3miles daily. I think I'm changing that up. I think I'll try a new routine of 3miles/2x wee. 1 1/2miles 3xweek and tapes for exercise the other day or two. I may even start up my arm toning tape. Yesterday I did filling foods and was happy with it. I had a luncheon to go to, but was able to stay on track since there were plenty of healthy choices and I was able to avoid the high calorie ones (and the entire dessert table). later that night my dd invited dh and me to an outdoor movie event that she and our grandson planned. So much fun-----the snacks were not for me----but then I remembered the 35 points we've got and used a couple of them. Wished I had done better, but I'm happy with the results. I've been trying to eat red meat only once a week forgetting that I lost very well with having red meat almost every night. My aim is to lose weight. Then I'll look into reducing the amt. of red meat and getting into a total healthy eating plan. Right now I've got to get rid of my excess fat.

Okay everybody. Have a great weekend. It looks like it may be quiet around here, which is lovely. You all take care, be well and happy.

Clever Tessa
07-16-2010, 11:55 AM
Good morning Turtles and Happy Fridaaaaaaay!!!! :broc:

I went home and checked out my handy guy's work yesterday afternoon and ya know what? That sweet man also fixed my pump house door. It had been trying to fall off for awhile and I kept rescrewing the brackets, trying to get it to stay put. He actually fixed it and didn't tell me. His wife is a friend of my mom's and I think I bring out a dad / daughter thing with him. Just a feeling I get...

So what he did was push back all the dirt from the spot on the side of the house where they keep digging, laid chicken wire as a barrier down in the area where they'd been getting under the house AND also about 3 feet flat across the top - so it goes | down the side and -- across the top. Then he covered it all with dirt and laid heavy rocks on top of that. So the bun-buns would have to tunnel about 3-4 feet to get where they want to be - and then they would hit a chicken wire barrier they'd have turn and tunnel another 2 feet to get around around it (assuming they'd think "huh, wonder if this is only a few feet wide?"). AND they'd have to start digging in a very exposed area (not that I would turn the hose on 'em if I caught them - nah, not me!). So, basically, it's still not totally rabbit-proof, but the rabbit that tries is going to have to have a serious obsession with under my house to go through all it would have to to get under there. If this fails, it's concrete time. So it appears the :bunny: gets a stay of execution.

Princess, congrats on the loss!!! :cp: Yeah, I've done yoga with 3 cats in the house. It's like they show off - "you think YOU can stretch, watch this!" (as they pretzel themselves into a position any Yogi would be proud of). And I'm absolutely a fan of the NSV. We aren't our weight, and we are so much more than a number on the scale. I've seen some thin people do some reeeeeeally unhealthy, scary things. Just keep imagining how little you'll be fatigued the further you get on this journey. Before ya know it you'll be a zippy turtle!

No, no new recipes yet - but during this, my "down weekend", (because the next 3 are a little crazy) I plan on going through my Biggest Loser cookbooks finally and marking pages with recipes I want to try. There is a salsa vinagrette (sp?) recipe that I'm dying to try!

Kim, thank you... yes my family (both born to and chosen) would say my sense of humor is pretty healthy. :lol: There have been many times here at work that something just pops out of my mouth, that I don't think is all that funny, but then I don't hear anything behind me (where my mom sits) in response. It's because she's laughing so hard she can't breathe. Then I have to remember what it was that I said! I TRY to have the attitude of 'I can't control anything around me, but I can control my reaction to it'. Having a sense of humor can be a very valuable thing.
Oh, and go take that nap!!!! You've earned it! :faint:

Yesterday was my Mom's birthday and tonight we're going to a restaurant called The Blacksmith. Last time we went (a few years ago) she and I racked up a $120 bill. It's the kind of place where I wasn't sure if I could ask for them to wrap up the rest of my dinner for later (I don't think you can call it a "doggy bag" when they're serving Kobe beef). So it's a *real* culinary treat. I kept my breakfast and lunch Points to a minimum and will just enjoy dinner... And then reintroduce myself to my treadmill tomorrow!

Have a great bunny-free weekend everyone!


07-16-2010, 12:21 PM
Itryharder~ Your progress is incredible! I can't imagine not having red meat at least three times a week as I LOVE it. I just make sure I have the points for it. I'm psyched that I have completed the move out piece, but I still have lots of stuff in vehicles, storage space and my parents garage, so unfortunately I still have to move in... Nap first though!

Clever Tessa~ Having a great sense of humor is one of the best qualities I think a person can have. I tend to be a bit more on the immature side with my humor, I think it comes from working with middle school students all the time. Wow! I would think that the rabbits have finally met their match, although I know rabbits to be pretty crafty, so it will be interesting to see if they take on the challenge or not.

I'm still at school right now, the day is almost over however. I'm trying to think of a yummy WW recipe to make for dinner tonight. The problem is that my dad is very picky about what he eats and normally only goes for meat, veggie, potatoes. No peppers, onions, spices, or anything else that I think adds flavor and more dynamic to food. SO, it's a bit of a challenge to feed him... I'm SO looking forward to my NAP!!! It's going to start raining soon, so I have an even better excuse to take one!

07-16-2010, 02:45 PM
Hi turtles:

Any heatwave coming through, but calling for storms today. My dd got back in the middle of night, so just waiting for her to come home for visit and get her cat. Thank goodness she had a safe holiday - I find it stressful when she is away on vacation even though she is 24, still my baby.

Tess - I can relate to your cats showing off, ours also has to get in the action of whateve is going on.

Princess - great job on the loss! You really sound like you are in such a great mindframe, that is half the battle right there - to be focussed and positive. I also read the reviews and have held off purchasing the book - was waiting for you to give me your own review.

Judy - Good luck with your new programme, sometimes a change works wonders.

Kim - kick back and relax, you definately have earned it.

Also Princess - I read some of the articles in my new Tops magazine and am always amazed at how well some people have done. It really is inspiring.

Cherry - hope you are doing the best you can.

Well, off to my chinese buffet tonight with my ladies group & I know that will be delicious. Really have to shake my butt dancing afterwards!

Have a great Friday!

07-16-2010, 04:29 PM
Wow, it is really jumping around here today! That is a wonderful thing! Everyone seems to be so busy with life in general...

Bandit: Well, if you buy the book on half.com just make sure you read the reviews of the people that are selling them first to make sure that you don't pick a rip off seller like I did... ugh, have never had a problem before now but I may just go to a book store this weekend and pick up a copy and be done with it. I will file a claim against the seller to get my money back but I hear that does not work with this person either. Lesson learned... LOL. I sell my books on there and would never think about ripping someone off...

Tess: Awesome on the bunny issue... I will be sad not to hear the stories anymore but I am with Judy, we can laugh at the stories that you tell but I am sure it is no fun to go thru them on your end. Must be those Oregon bunnies are hardy little suckers... LOL. Let me know if you try any good recipes. I am going to try Judy's baked bean recipe this weekend I think!

Kim: Good job on the move, I know that it is hard when you are doing it... I am hoping that when the housing market picks up and DH and I pick out what we hope to be our last/final home (once we sell ours) that it will be the very last time I will have to move again... just not a fun thing to do.

Judy: Maybe try a small incline on the treadmill to shake things up a bit? Not sure if it will help or not. DS is off of red meat right now also to try and get on a more healthy path... while DH and I are eagerly awaiting the tomatoes to start coming in so that we can have BLT's ... LOL... but they are sooo good! Yes, our GSD is pretty darned cute... he is a bit of a sloppy dog but he is a cutie! And always happy when someone gets down on the floor with him... the other dogs - the old girls we call them - could not care less but he thinks it is play time and wants to be involved... LOL and in the way, etc, etc, etc. He is a good boy though... he is very tall and leggy and loves to be loved... a lap dog in his own mind I think :D

07-17-2010, 05:57 PM
Just stopping by to say hello to everyone - it is a hot but beautiful Saturday here... Got the shopping done, laundry is almost finished, yard work is done and the garden cleaned up and picked. Got a handful of greenbeans off the vines today... LOL, not enough to really do anything with though.

Hope everyone is doing well!

07-18-2010, 12:21 AM
Crazy busy-----dd and grandson and dh and I went to the local aquarium, then had swimming and BBQ here on Friday. Then today, both daughters and their hubbies and grandson came to us for a day of swimming and BBQ. I'm getting good at these last minute BBQ's. They're fun. Had a great time with the kids and now I hope to relax tomorrow. Maybe catch a movie with dh.

All's well here. I like doing the filling foods. If the scale doesn't cooperate, then I'll try something else, but I like the pressure of the scale being removed from me right now. I've been anxious about breaking 190 pounds for much too long now.

Princess, you got mega mountains of work done-----good for you!
I hope everyone's having a nice weekend. Good luck and keep on keepin' on to all of us.
234.6/190.6/anything less! :cool:

07-18-2010, 09:08 AM
Good morning everyone! Happy Sunday!

Cloudy with storms expected here today, it is very hot here as I guess it is more everywhere these days. DIL and I are going to see the new Twilight movie "Eclipse" this afternoon and I am really looking foward to that. I read all four books in the series and loved them, have watched the first two movies and while they are good I think that the books are far better as they go into much more detail, etc. Food was good yesterday with a little bit of snacking at the end of the day but I knew that I was tired and should just go to bed... so that is what I did.

I went ahead and ordered another copy of the book from Amazon as the one from Half.com is never going to make it here... I have contacted that seller and had no contact in the beginning, I got an email this weekend from him and it was down right ugly... guess he does not like anyone complaining about being ripped off by him... LOL.

Judy: You are crazy busy! I sure hope that you can take a day of down time today and relax. Sounds like you had a really nice time with your family and that is a wonderful thing! You have always done really well on "core"/"filling foods" so I think this will be a wonderful and positive change for you... the very best of luck!

Have to run... take care everyone!

07-19-2010, 12:09 AM
Hi Turtles:

Busy weekend up here, but was really nice overall. The wedding was fun & I didn't overdo the eating and danced quite abit. My gf came for dinner today and we made salmon, rice, brussell sprouts and she made a new side dish.
It was fennel, apple and red onion sliced very thin with a honey/lemon/oil dressing & it was very good. I skipped the wine since I had some drinks at the wedding. So, other than the chinese buffet my weekend eating was pretty good.

It is still really hot/humid here and they are calling for some much needed rain.
Hopefully, I can get my grass cut tomorrow since it is pretty long and I didn't have a chance on weekend.

My daughter had a great time in Mexico & was nice to visit with her as well on Friday.

Lets all have a great OP week!

07-19-2010, 08:23 AM
Good morning everyone!

It is a very sleepy Monday morning for me... I am not very energetic today. The weekends just seem to fly by, I need to make it a point to get a nap in now and then or something so that I feel more rested when the work week starts... LOL.

We had bad storms here yesterday, tons of rain, downed trees and power outages. I will have to go out into the yard after work today and do some clean up.

Went to see "Eclipse" with DIL yesterday, we both really enjoyed the movie - even more so than the first two. Looking forward to the next one :D I did over do it with the popcorn though... it was basically my lunch but I still should not have ate so much of it.

Bandit: Great job with the busy weekend that you had! You can have some of our rain... we are supposed to get it all week... LOL.

All: Have a great week everyone!

07-19-2010, 09:29 AM
Hi All,
Glad to see the posts. I had a nice weekend, busy, but nice. Wrapped it up by getting my paper work done and taking in a movie with dh. We went to see Inception and although it was confusing at times, we both really liked it. I'm so glad to see a movie that isn't a sequel!

I have a new take on my diet, etc. In trying the filling foods, I am gaining weight. I also haven't exercised this week. Hives are killing me. I have an appt. w/doc today and hope to get some relief. In any case, my best guess is that eating and exercising the way I was was necessary just to maintain my weight right now. Ugh. I'll ask my doc if I'm retaining water w/hives, but I bet I am. Not fun to work so hard and see no result.
Well, don't mean to be a downer-----I'll :cheer: up soon.
In the meantime, keep on keepin' on!
234.6/190.6/lower :cool:

07-20-2010, 09:12 AM
Good morning everyone and happy Tuesday to you all!

Another rainy day here with more storms in the forcast... peachy! Work has been stressful with long hours since my assignment has changed so I have not been making time to exercise and have not been getting the sleep that I need. I was feeling really good but as of this past weekend I am tired and stressed again, not really sure what has changed but I need to work on it because it all affects my weight loss, etc. I will try and get to my Yoga class tonight but there again that means less sleep since the class runs from 8-9 and I won't get home till 9:30... I get up at 4:30 AM so if I don't get to bed by about 8 I just feel run down... all things that I will have to work on I guess... LOL.

Judy: You are never a "downer"!!!! I am so sorry about the hives and the gain, I truly know that they are not fun and that the hives are painful to boot! I hope that the visit to the doctor yesterday got you some relief. Take care of yourself!

Bandit: Did you get your grass cut? We are not on a regular schedule with our yard work this year since we have had soooo much rain, we just do it when we can and that is about it. So you have your new TOPS meeting this week is that correct? I hope that you like the new group!

All: Take care everyone and post when you can!


07-20-2010, 11:01 AM
Hi turtles:

Princess - no, didn't get grass cut and boy, it is a mess. I planned on doing that last night, then had to pick up these black walnut balls that drop for one of the big trees and this sounds crazy but that took me over an hour to do that with abit of tree trimming. By the time I finished that I was super hot and hungry seeing it was after 8 o'clock. That was enough for one night.

And tonight am suppose to have wings with the ladies at a marina closeby and sit out on the deck overlooking the lake, so really would like to go to that. So, I am planning on doing my grass Wed then go to Tops Thursday night for the first meeting of our new chapter.

Judy - hope your hives are under control & you are feeling better.

It has cooled down abit up here and I am not complaining - we are not used to it being so hot for so long. Crazy weather - seeing we really didn't have winter as we know it as well.

Lets all have a great day!

07-20-2010, 12:19 PM
bandit2~ I definitely know how you feel when you say CRAZY weather! It's been way too hot here! After last summer of rain, then this summer of heat... and people say there is no such thing as global warming...

Princess1122~ WOW! You need to take a day to sleep! Just think... there are still 2 more Twilight movies to go... Breaking Dawn is so long that they've split it into to movies!

Itryharder~ Hives! Yikes! How are you feeling? What did your doctor tell you?

Sorry I've been MIA for the last couple days. I had a last minute change of plans when I got a call from my friend who is currently stuck in NY. She's having a really hard time because she isn't getting any support even though everyone she is with knows she didn't do what she's being accused of. I believe I managed to convince her to move down to NYC until this is over as she has a lot of family down there that will be super supportive. It does mean a lot of driving to get back and forth to court in northern NY once a week, but if it keeps her from feeling suicidal, then I think it is definitely worth it.
There was a lot of crying and talking, so I wasn't 100% OP this weekend, but I did do a lot better then I had expected myself to do. I am disappointed in the amount of soda I drank, but unfortunately there water wasn't good for drinking and we didn't get to a grocery store until Sunday night. SO! I need to get back OP and kick some serious BUTT!!! A little too energized after driving almost 12 hours this weekend and only sleeping a total of 9 hours for the whole weekend...

07-20-2010, 01:38 PM
KimL----you're a good friend. Everything else falls into place. :grouphug:

Bandit,------black walnut balls----wow! Hope you get to your lawn soon.
Your plans with the gals sounds great at the lake and I hope you new TOPS group works out well. :cheer:

Princess------I had no idea you had to get up so early in the morning. Egads. Okay----yoga does stress good and it's worth it. :tread: (I don't see a yoga avatar)

As far as my hives, the doc doubled up one of my meds and wants to see me in a week. Right now I'm doing a little better, but none of this is fun. My skin feels all creepy crawly. Ugh. I'm doing the best I can with my food and staying as close to filling foods as I can. Yesterday I got back on the :tread: for 1/2 hour and that's all I'm willing to do right now. Iv'e got errands to run today and am looking forward to a simple BBQ with dh tonight. :chef:
Everybody keep on keepin' on.
234.6/190.6/lower and closer to goal :cool:

07-21-2010, 11:53 AM
Sorry for getting behind on the posting. It is nice to see everyone else chiming in.
For this weeks official weigh in I am down 1 pound. I will take it.:^:
Just wanted to say a quick hi to everyone.
Keep on going Judy, Tessa, Kim , Princess, Bandit, and LinS:hug:

07-21-2010, 12:23 PM
Hi Guys! Just a real quick fly by to see what is going on with everyone! Busy day today at work so I will need to hope on later on to catch up. Hope all is well with everyone... still raining here! Lots of flooding yesterday, kind of worried about the garden as it is pretty much under water... ugh. Have to run!

07-21-2010, 04:17 PM
Cherry, :goodscale: isn't it great to see the scale going in the right direction? Weigh to go! :cheer: :bravo: :dancer: :dance: :balloons:

Hey Princess, start yelling for the skies to give the rest of USA some rain. You've had more than enough!!!! WEather very sketchy here. Rains a tiny bit each day-----just about enough to stop the lawns from completely burning up. I can't wait until the temp. gets lower and I can walk on the boardwalk on the beach again. In the meantime I am blessed to have AC .
As far as WI., I didn't. I'm about the same as last week. I've decided that with hives it's impossible to lose weight and I'll do my very best to keep off the weight I've lost so far. When my body cooperates, I'll lose the next 25# and then I'll be close to goal. I'd love to have things be different, but I can't keep on beating myself up. I'm still exercising, but less, and I'm eating more than the 18points or so I was eating before. I've got this plan in my head and I think I can make it work. Three meals, two tiny snacks a day----filling foods for the most part, but one serving of bread a day. Let's see how that works.

In the meantime, :goodvibes: and :grouphug: to all of us. We're a great group of Turtles and deserves to be fit and healthy (and thin!!!!!)
Love to you all,

07-22-2010, 09:22 AM
Good morning all and happy Thursday! Things have been busy for me at work this week so basically in the evenings I just read for a couple of minutes then head to bed to try and get caught up on some sleep... no yoga or anything and it starting to show so I need to get back on it but have learned to listen when my body tries to tell me something... right now it is telling me to chill out for a few days ;)

Have W/I tonight... will just have to see how it goes.

Cherry: Great job on your loss! Keep at it!

Judy: I don't blame you one little bit for slowing things down to a maint. level... your health and the hives have to be tended to first. Take care of yourself and your plan sounds really good! I would gladly share some of this rain... truly I would! I have not been able to get into my garden at all this week yet to pick... I will have cuc's the size of Ohio if I don't get out there soon... LOL.

Bandit: How are you doing? Did you manage to get your yard work done, etc? The heat is hard to deal with when you are trying to get the outside work done... I hope it cools of a bit for you.

Tess: How are you doing?

Kim: I hope things are getting better for your friend... how are you doing?

Lin: Have not heard from you in a while... hope that you are doing well!


07-22-2010, 12:15 PM
JUst checking to say hi. Princess, I love your daily posts. They help to keep me going! :balloons:

As far as me, I called my doc and he'll return my call when he can to get different meds for me since I'm worse than ever. Ugh. I'm doing the very best I can with food. Also looked up hives again and found that eggs, nuts, fish, and shellfish are major culprits to hives. I had been eating tons of eggwhites and nuts----and then to "lose" weight I stepped up the fish and shrimp. LOL. Well, that didn't work. From the past, I know the hives will just go away one day and I'm hoping that day is very soon. Okay---enough about that.

Dh and I are planning our annual luau. Last year I made pulled pork for the first time and it was yummy. I've got a folder for the luau----Hawaiian Wedding Cake and a pineapple-y- cole slaw and a pasta salad that could masquerade as Hawaiian. All in good fun and something to look forward to in August. Next week we may be doing some baby-sitting since my grandson's camp is over and dd's vacation doesn't start until the next week. WE'll see how helpful we can be.
Gotta run.
Take care and be well.
234.6/190.6/lower :cool:

07-22-2010, 12:24 PM
Itryharder~ Don't worry about the WL until your hives are gone, you definitely have enough to worry about right now. Enjoy your luau!!!

Princess1122~ I'm doing okay right now, although I am struggling big time getting back on plan. Normally when I return from a weekend away, I can jump right back with it, but for some reason I'm having a really hard time with it this week.

CherryAutumn~ CONGRATS on being down 1 lb.

I am struggling big time right now. The weather has been rainy and icky for the past few days, and I feel like that has made me more depressed and less willing to work on getting food together and getting exercise in. I need a sunny afternoon! My mom is injured right now with a frozen shoulder, so that means I need to take her place on the berry farm, which leaves no time to plan dinner. Around and around we go...

Almost Friday!!!

07-23-2010, 08:47 AM
Hi everyone and Happy Friday!!!! It has been a very long week for me so I am extra happy that Friday has arrived... if that is even possible... LOL. I went to W/I last night and stayed for the TOPS meeting. My W/I was actually better then I thought it would be... I stayed exactly the same as last week... since it is the week after my TOM and when I historically show a gain on the scale I was pretty darned happy with staying the same. I need to go better with food and exercise this week so that is my plan... I am not doing so well on my July challenge goals but will keep on chugging.

That seller that I ordered the book from on Half.com did rip me off... ugh, I have to file a claim now but I had ordered the book from another venue and it has arrived... I will try and get that started this weekend.

Have a baseball game to go to tonight with DH and his coworkers... it is just stinking hot here and soooo muggy, it feels like you are under water when you step outside. So at the very least I will have the "sauna" (sp?) experience tonight at the game and who knows... I could just lose a # or two by just sitting there pretending to act interested in the BB game... LOL. Not a huge fan but DH is so I go and smile and play along.

My garden is really starting to produce... and the tomatoes are wonderful this year... I was right, we have cuc's the size of Ohio! LOL... I do the small ones - the salad or pickle sized - but these are huge! I generally throw those away since they get really "seedy" when they get too big. I am going to make stuffed peppers this weekend with my bell peppers that I picked last night... yum!

Judy: I am sooooo sorry about your hives... now that you have found what maybe a cause or at least a factor they hopefully will just go away! I'm with Kim... don't worry about the number on the scale right now, just get yourself better!

Kim: I know how you feel... it has rained so much here, I need sunny day to get back into my summer routine. Berry's! Yum! What kind of berries do you have?

Bandit: How are you doing? TOPS was pretty good last night... they are pretty stale though and need to get things shaking in there... you can tell that they are very set in their ways... I really think though that to be a successful chapter they are going to have to take it up a notch or two but who am I to judge... I go for the W/I factor, etc and have to remind myself that this is not WW so things will be different. Have a great weekend!

Tess: Any plans for the weekend? What is new in your neck of the woods?

I have to run but have a great weekend!

07-23-2010, 10:50 AM
Princess1122~ Have fun at the baseball game tonight! Looks like more rain here, so hopefully it holds for you! Our garden is goin CRAZY as well, although the rain has been making it difficult to pick. We have blueberries and raspberries, although the 60+MPH winds the other day wiped out part of our raspberry crop...

So happy today is Friday! Tomorrow will be my first Saturday off in WEEKS, and I'm betting that I will actually end up working on the farm, but that's better then chasing kids around and taking orders from crabby customers. I'm going to sit down this afternoon and figure out how to get myself back on track as I have definitely wandered from the path of goodness... (HEHEHE) If I want to reach my goals for July and Labor Day as well, then I REALLY need to get with it!

07-23-2010, 10:52 AM
Kim, :grouphug: and :love: to get you around being depressed, etc. Do the easy things like drinking water and things will be back in place soon. You're doing great. Keep on posting. We love to hear from you.

Princess, it's great that you had a :goodscale: I love the way your garden sounds. You're going to have a great crop. Interesting comments about TOPS. That's one group I've never attended.

I really like my WW mtg., but it's not fun paying this much money and not having a real loss since December. Egads. Well, I know I"d be up in weight if I didn't go to mtgs. My dh is already saying things like, "If we're eating this cr... and not losing weight, then I'm all for going out to dinner and getting take-out, etc. " Do you have any idea how much weight I'd gain if I did that? I'm one who regularly gains 1#/day while on vacation and it's taken a huge amount of self-discipline to lose as much as I have. I have to stay with it.
(By the way, my dermatologist is sending me to an allergist-----I'm choosing instead to go back to my internist and see what she says. I need some relief. I've heard of sprays that may help----so I'll see what she says)
Gotta run-----have a wonderful weekend everyone!
234.6/190.6/lower and closer to goal :cool:

07-23-2010, 11:13 AM
Judy: Yep, I thought about the TOPS comment after I typed and was worried that it sounded harsh because it was not meant to be that way. I just feel like they have run the meeting a certain way for years and if it works for them then that is fine... They are really a wonderful group of ladies and they are the seasoned members, not me, so I am sure they know how it is supposed to go. I just need to get used to it is all.

Good luck with your doctor!

07-23-2010, 11:40 AM
Morning, turtles:

Princess - nice job on not gaining at this time for you!

Judy - when I was a kid I had hives and the doctor said it was from purple paint that the bathroom had been done in the day before and later I had a reaction when I bought mauve toilet paper (back in the day when we had coloured tp) That is the only time I had hives and I remember being itchy and puffy from that. Hope you are feeling better.

Kim/CHerry - hope you guys are coping with everything that is going on in your lives.

Princess - I went to my new Tops meeting last night and was down 1/4#
and our meeting was basically just going over guidlines and what will be happening over the next month. So was happy with the more positive attitudes. And it was stated that this a new chapter, with new thoughts and that everyone is expected to participate in the club and not just a few that usually do everything. So that was nice to hear.
Some members from the other club have been there for many years and do not want anything to change and were not open for suggestions and if someone suggested something all **** broke lose and they saying "this is the way its always been done" So am hoping this new chapter will really be good for the ones that have transferred - if not, then I will have to rethink this.

We finally got some rain & we so needed it. So for this a.m. am poking around the house and getting some things done & if it clears will head up to trailer. If not, will stay home and play bingo tonight then go up to lake tomorrow.

I went through some of the recipes I have been printing out and some look pretty good - maybe make something different this weekend & let you all know if it was good, then post.

Anyone else make anything new and yummy?

Have a great Friday and lets all have a great weigh in next week!

Clever Tessa
07-23-2010, 03:15 PM
Good morning Turtles and happy Friday!!!! :broc:

Sorry for being AWOL, my "quiet" week ended up being anything but - which is good, but I was kinda looking forward to a little time to catch up on things! So today I'm going to work on enjoying a little quiet time here in the office and pashaw to any client with an "emergency" - Sorry, this is "emergency-free Friday". Get with the program. :kickbutt:

So, the rabbit "problem". *sigh* Do I even need to say it?? Friday afternoon I went home and guess who visited my house???? :censored: RABBITS! I am currently charging up my cordless so I can unscrew all the lattice work and see just what they've done - I'm not sure they made it under the house, but there are holes. I'm hoping to find them dead-ended into undisturbed chicken-wire. :crossed: So, the ongoing evil rabbit saga continues....

Cherry, Princess and Bandit - congrats on the losses!!!! :dance: :carrot: :bravo: We're shrinking Turtles, we're shrinking!!!

Judy, I'm SO sorry to hear about your hives! A couple years ago I had a reaction to Neutrogena's new Helioplex sunscreen (yes, a redhead allergic to sunscreen, lovely) and ended up with hives on my neck and face with my eyes almost swollen shut - and 3 weeks on Prednisone. I hope they get your allergy identified and get you cleared up SOON! Oh, and tell DH that besides that whole weight loss thing - he's eating that cr... for not just what it does for the scale but what it does for his insides too!!! I'm sure he knows that - but, still.... men! :dz:

Kim, so, you and I are in the same boat - moms are injured, we have to pick up the slack at work. My Mom is a horse person and has had her share of injuries - one year she ended up in the hospital. When that, or a much less major of an injury happens, the running of the family biz falls on me. She's better now (more careful, because at 63 she's learned that her ability to bounce has diminished), but every time she's out riding I'm praying she's ok - partly because we've just gotten too big for me to run things solo for too long (not without a mental meltdown of some sort anyway). Enjoy your free Saturday, do something special - even if it's nothing at all!

Me, weight wise, was up .2 last week. Blame it on my co-dependant Dad (wow, is there a long story there) in the hospital for 3 days with a kidney stone and celebrating my Mom's birthday at a place where it's not just food - it's cuisine (I tried 2 kinds of goat cheese!). The measly gain is already gone, so I'm hoping for a bonzer week next week. :smoking:

Oh, and I'm going back to Jazzercise on Monday!!!! I haven't been in 11 years (since I moved to Oregon). I actually used to work at the front desk at the Jazzercise I went to in CA and went to one of the conventions at So. Lake Tahoe - so yeah, huge fan. I'm hoping I love it just as much now as I did then.... :exercise:

Ok, must away. Have a great weekend everyone!


07-23-2010, 08:22 PM
Hi Turtles,
You've been so kind and patient with me and this "hives saga". Tessa, can you believe that my hives started around the time I used the Neutragina Sunscreen? Holy Moly----if that's it thank you so much!!!! I got to another doc today who gave me a shot and a group of pills that should slow everything down. I'm feeling 95% better and am hopeful this will make them go away and stay away.

In another note, doc said that weight loss and hives aren't related, (so I can't blame my poor losses these last few months on that). Now I'll have to get over hives and then analyze what I'm doing because I "should" be losing weight by exercising so much and eating so little.

Well, I'm glad you gals are doing well and I love reading about everything.
Princess, I got your idea about TOPS and I didn't consider it harsh. knowing you, you'll fit right in and make it work for you. You Can do this!

Everybody----have a great weekend, be well and happy.
234.6/190.6/lower and closer to goal :cool:

07-24-2010, 11:53 PM
Itryharder~ Good to hear that you're feeling better!

Clever Tessa~ WOW! Things sound super crazy at your place! I hope your parents are feeling better! And the rabbits are back, UGH, I hope you can finally find a solution!

bandit2~ Definitely let us know if you find something super yummy!

So I finally figured out the extent of my depression today. I stopped taking my meds last week when I ran out, and I have been too lazy to go and get the refills. It's really dragging me down and I need to do something about it tomorrow. Planning on working things out in my journal tonight so I can get back on track ASAP!

07-26-2010, 08:54 AM
Morning all and happy Monday to everyone!

The weekend went super fast... again! LOL, they just seem to go faster and faster. The weekend was good although I did not get in any exercise except some yard work and house chores. It was sooo stinking hot here that you could just hardly move, the AC is running overtime and not doing a very good job so I have the place that I keep a service contact on the unit dropping off a new filter... with three dogs our filters get clogged really fast! Hoping that it works to lower the temps in the house.

The kids came by yesterday for Sunday supper which since it was sooo hot was crockpot pulled pork and microwaved everything else :D - it was a nice weekend over all.

We did not end up going to the ball game on Friday... DH can not handle the heat so he cancelled our attending... I was not sorry about that at all!

Judy: Very happy to hear that you are feeling better... that is crazy that you and Tessa may have had a reaction to the same product! I know that the doctors sure know more than me but I am thinking that hives has got to cause inflamation and would effect your weight at least to some degree... keep at it... you are doing great!

Bandit: I sure hope you like your new group. Our group is doing another fund raiser.... selling COOKIE DOUGH! UGH! The good news is that these tubs of dough last 6 months in the freezer so we will buy some and put it in the deep freeze for the holidays.

Tessa: Bunny Drama! I hope you get it worked out with them as they sure are causing you some pain! Stories are great but the pain is not so great for you... Horses! I love them... don't have a lot of experience with them but I can ride a not so frisky one and enjoy it very much! Jazzercise... I have never tired it... you will have to let us know how it goes.

Kim: I would imagine that the med's are important in every aspect of your daily routine... I hope you get it worked out so that the depression stays away.

Cherry: how are you doing!

07-26-2010, 07:13 PM
Hi Turtles,
Wow! This group is doing great.

You know Princess, I agree with you. If my doctor meant that true "weight--as in fat loss" and hives aren't connected, I believe that. However, when most of my body was covered with inflamed spots that consisted of red blood cells rushing to those areas, I KNOW that fluids that might have been excreted normally stayed with me. Was that a true weight gain----No. But it showed on the scale as my weight being up.
Now that I'm back on my diuretic and the hives are going away, my weight is down almost six pounds. How about that? I'm hoping that this loss stays with me through my Wed. WI because I would love to have it be official. Very exciting. And also very confirming because I was exercising like crazy and not eating all my points and I was still "gaining" tiny bits of weight each week. :tread:

I'm reading all your posts and think they are fascinating. How weird that the fund raiser TOPS is doing is the cookie dough route. Princess, I bet your logical mind buckles at that one. But hey, it's the whole picture that's worth it---right? A good place to get support, pay smaller fees, and be accountable to the scale. Overall a great place to be.

Kim, I'm glad you figured out about your meds. That had to be a relief.

Tessa, where is Bugs Bunny when you need him? I must say you have a great attitude about the whole rabbit situation. :carrot: :dancer: I'm sending :goodvibes: that something works for you.

We had a nice quiet weekend here, but we'll be watching our grandson for two days and a sleepover. He's a lot of fun, but I'll need my energy up for this since it's been so hot. We had pouring rain last night and the weather is a little better. We've had record breaking temps here and it's not much fun. I find myself in the house in the AC when this happens.

Okay---really gotta go.
Bandit and Cherry and Lin and Lauren and everybody, keep on keepin' on!
We're doing great.
234.6/190.6/189 and closer to goal :cool:

07-26-2010, 10:56 PM
Hi turtles:

Judy - sounds like you are doing better with your hives, so that must be a relief and hooray for the big weight loss! That is awesome.

Princess - I am surprised about the cookie dough fundraiser, seeing it is a weight loss group. We are allowed 2 functions with food per year, and that is at our Christmas dinner and awards night. One of our best fundraisers is bingo - we all like playing that and it makes lots of money for the club.
Good luck with staying in control with the cookie dough!

Kim - I haven't been trying anything new lately, it has been too hot to cooking. I made up some chicken breasts and had that with veggies and sweet potatoe - so nothing exciting.

Sunday & today were nice temperature days but tomorrow they are calling for another scorcher - truly unbelievable for us and I don't have A/C at my house & it has never been an issue until the past couple of weeks. I do have A/C at my trailer and really had a great sleep on Sat night up there.
A couple of my friends came up and we went to the dance and they had a good band, so that was fun.

Hope everyone else is hanging in there and doing their best.

Have a great week!

07-27-2010, 09:11 AM
Good morning everyone and a very happy Tuesday to you all!

We got a brief break from the heat but the temps are supposed to go back up today with chances of rain most every day this week. I have started walking the halls on my lunch hour... I am able to get about a mile in on the back half of my break and then I either walk the dogs at the park or get on the treadmill... nothing major, just a couple miles a day but I am hoping that it will help in the over all plan :D

I thought that cookie dough was kind of different also... we are such a small group that I guess they do a few fund raisers per year but I am not really sure how all of that works since I am so new. They are a great group of ladies though and I enjoy my time with them...

Bandit: I will have to suggest the bingo to the group... do you only do that among your group or invite outsiders to participate also? That is a great idea either which way it goes. I feel for you with no AC in this heat... ugh! It has got to be hard to sleep!

Judy: AWESOME on the down 6 #'s just fantastic! I am glad that you are getting some quiet time, I bet that helps with your overall health! My garden in doing pretty good... I was out there picking again last night...

Cherry: How are you doing?

Kim: What is new your way?

Tessa: I am eager to hear how your jazzercise went! I hope that you enjoyed it as much as you used to! I think that with my back/neck issues I am going to have to stick with Water Aerobics and the Treadmill for a while... my back is flaring up again and I am pretty sure it is from the Yoga... as much as I enjoy it I hate the pain that a flair up brings... UGH.

Have to run!

07-27-2010, 09:51 AM
Hi Turtles,
We're getting long, so I'll start a new thread. See you all at #235 Bale of Turtles Getting Through the Heat
234.6/190.6/lower and closer to goal :cool: