Weight Loss Support - Not sure how many questions are left...time to start helping others

07-10-2010, 11:04 AM
So I've noticed this change in my thinking in the last few days. I think it's been these last 2 lbs I've lost. They've made a shocking difference - I'm pretty excited about this, because I been wondering lately if my goal was really my goal and now I'm thinking it is and maybe it's too low for my body and the muscle I've been gaining, so that means I'm almost there. I've also started to transistion from weight loss mode to more just fitness/nutrition, body composition/body fat and even maintenance (even though my cals are too low for me for this) mode. I'm starting to feel like I've really got things figured out and I don't have many more questions or provocative posts in me...

I know there will still be some things to work through as I adjust to my new *normal*, no actually you know what my new THIN body and that may bring some good discussions to the maintainers forum, but in terms of weight loss...my journey just may be complete and my maitenance journey is begining.

So I guess what I'm saying is that I feel it's time for me to start helping others with their goals. I read a book recently that said that helping and sharing with others is a great tool for maintenance and I fully intend to do this like so many others on this board have done for me. I'm hoping that it will help me to never forget where I came from and the journey it took to get me here. I'm hoping to post my goal story in another 4-6 weeks but in the mean time - I hope that my posts about my trials, tribulations, insecurities and acheivments have helped some of you to know that this IS possible. Good luck everyone and thank you everyone for all that you've done for me!