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07-09-2010, 06:52 PM
Would you care to share any of your dieting tips..

I don't know where I picked this up at but y'all ever count to ten before taking another bite? I find that it helps me slow my eating down and I get fuller faster, but the trick is to count to ten and take small bites. I have got where I just love candy, so I get the red hots 60 calories for 36 red hots and if I freeze them, it takes longer to chew also. I have this bad habit of watching TV and wanting to munch. This takes me a long time to munch out 36 red hots.:cool: plus it is easy to count to 10 for they get somewhat HOT!:tantrum::tantrum::tantrum::tantrum:

How about you have you got any tricks that we could attempt this weekend when our eating may get out of control?:dizzy:[/B]

07-09-2010, 07:18 PM
um, i'm not religious or anything. but this looked like an interesting thread.

and i just have to say that FIBER fixes everything. I try and get around 30g a day, it keeps you full and makes everything move along.

07-09-2010, 11:13 PM
Therex, that is good to know, 30 grams, thanks! Here is a web site on some fiber foods for us that don't know how much fiber is in some foods., but I bet Therex already knows what foods are the best. There is one on there that is really high in fiber and I have not heard of it, Guava , what is it? Any one know?

Oh Therex like your picture of your cat, I am crazy about cats, getting two Siamese kittens soon. Have one fat cat called Rufuss, then Harry then Fat Girl.

07-09-2010, 11:37 PM
There is one on there that is really high in fiber and I have not heard of it, Guava , what is it? Any one know?

Guava is a is VERY yummy. I love guava jam and guava juice. Really yummy stuff!!!

Found a picture...doesn't this just LOOK yummy???

07-09-2010, 11:55 PM
Oh yeah! It looks like a baby watermelon. I am going to ask Walmart the next time I go to town, if they have it and I am just over looking it.

07-10-2010, 12:29 AM
Yes, as I have mentioned on our thread recently, I have been trying new tricks to help me get that scale down again, and it is working ...

1) is zig-zagging my calories each day ~ 1600-1800; I try for 1600, but I can have 1800, esp on fun Fridays, for instance.

2) I also have cut my complex grain & starch carbs in the early meals to have later ~ ie have just one bran wheat slice of toast for breakfast; one CC for lunch like veggie soup with a slice of bread; or a salad with 1/2 cup potato or macaroni salad on top; or .5 sandwich + a salad or soup; or chicken burger on top of a nice salad.

3) I found these whole grain buns by Weight Watchers called "Sandwich Thins" and they are only 110 for the whole bun ~ these are great to make an egg & ham -wich for breakfast or lunch; or as a burger bun (ie chicken or beef). Plus, you can have them toasted with cheese or peanut butter too.

4) trying to keep my breakfast and lunch at 400 calories or less; allowing a bit more for dinner; and 100+ for snacks.

5) I am making protein muffins or loaves to put in the freezer; cut them up and wrapped each in saran to just grab for a quick breakfast when we are in a hurry to go somewhere. I took my favorite banana loaf and modified it by adding whey protein powder, wheat bran, nuts, and raisins. DH loves this for snacks and with his lunch. I make mine with raisins & nuts; and his with just bananas or lemon loaf type. You can vary it as much as you like, using pumpkin, apples, carrots, blueberries, etc.

6) I have returned to an old hobby of crocheting to keep my hands busy; this is really helping me not to munch esp at night. I am making squares for charity blankets; a good Christian cause and helps me too.

7) I try to have protein for my evening snack most often. If I have any complex carbs servings left, I have one with a protein & tea when I am really hungry.

8) I also add fiber to my foods; and am now eating way more salads, apples, strawberries, whole grains, etc.

9) I cut my apples in half; eating one in the morning or afternoon, and save the other for the evening with a piece of cheese.

10) I allow myself a fun meal on Fridays by cutting my carbs down for breakfast and lunch, yet still stay within my calorie range at the same time.

11) I save leftovers for my lunch the next day or so; just reheat in the microwave.

12) I change my menu for the summer; planning easy things to make on hot nights ... like lots of salads, cooked lean meats, sliced tomatoes & baby cukes; or nice veggie-stacked bunwiches. We have more chicken burgers, lean Blue Menu beef burgers; super chicken dogs, fish, deli BBQ spit chicken and any other meats that are pre-cooked (I may do this in the morning or late evening) so we just have to heat it up.

07-10-2010, 04:58 PM
I just started counting calories today. I am amazed at how much I have been THINKING about food:(

I like the idea of simple but, man, sometimes I just inhale my food, you know?

07-10-2010, 05:28 PM
Charmtime I know what you mean. I find during all these years I been dieting and it has been 38 years. I think I can smell food and gain. I love good food and I started counting my calories 15 weeks ago now and it has helped me. There are weeks I do not loose ,some weeks I may gain, but most I loose, I really don't worry about it for I have turned that part over to Our Father, for I am one of his works in progress.What ever I loose I loose and I am very happy about that and i will not get upset if I gain or remain the same. I lost 90 pounds, but gained back 45 now I am on my way of loosing that forty five pounds. It is so much harder to loose this time,so hard, but I know with God, my friends help I can do it again and learn how to keep it off.

07-10-2010, 05:52 PM
I think I can smell food and gain.

BOOTSIE ~ that is not your imagination ... I have said that many times myself. I just read somewhere (in a book or magazine article) that they did research on people and found that indeedy, when we just see, smell, or think about food -- our body releases insulin into our systems.

They showed people pictures of food and they released hormones and insulin (which is a hormone) into their bodies; they let them smell food and had the same result; and they just talked about food and had the same reaction.

So maybe we need to limit that somehow -- I now put my fan on to get smells out of the house. I try to plan my meals ahead so I don't think about it too much; and I have a file ready to mark my cals so it takes only a few minutes to keep track.

CHARM ~ I have the same issue, so I am trying to count my chews while eating and in between bites like Bootsie suggested. Sometimes, I am so hungry that I eat way too fast; so I have to make a conscious effort to S L O W down. :lol:

PS ~ that is why it is also wise not to skip meals or snacks too; that can make you ravenous later in the day, hence eating too much or too fast ... :nono:

ANOTHER TIP ~ I also try to eat a lot of VOLUME for my calories; got this tip from other posters here and from reading about VOLUMETRICS (there is a thread here somewhere). You can have lots of salads and veggies, and some fruits (ie strawberries or melons) for very low calories, which helps to fill you up quicker.

08-14-2010, 10:18 PM
*** TIP OF THE DAY ***

-- eat less, move more ...
-- track your eating habits
-- plan, plan, and plan some more
-- eat Nutrient-Rich (NR) foods most often
-- first, eat veggies & proteins
-- keep busy every day
-- eat MORE Lean Proteins (up the amount)
-- focus on small, but permanent changes
-- smile at someone today
-- have Muesli/granola for breakfast
-- plan to stay on plan
-- eat starches/grains last
-- try a new veggie each week
-- move, MOVE, and M O V E some more ...
-- try lower fat cheeses; some taste great ie laughing cow
-- eat more Hazelnuts: Complete Protein/esp 4 snacks
-- live between the steps/goals
-- weed & water your garden for exercise
-- eat apricots more often (VNR-A) *** very high ***
-- exercise in the morning; you are less likely to put it off
-- eat more broccoli (NR-A)
-- do someone a favor this week
-- cut apples/pears/bananas in half
-- eggs are great for any meal & snacks
-- take a daily vitamin with minerals
-- sub thin zucchini or spagetti squash for pasta
-- cut out simple white processed foods like sugar/flour/salt
-- take up jogging/running/speed-walking/orwhateverucando
-- berries: eat these low-sugar fruit most often
-- act like a kid again; and have some fun
-- choose Omega-3 meats & foods (NR-A)
-- eat more parsley & grow some too (NR-A)
-- walk every day; as often as you can
-- roast lots of veggies for the week
-- have sweet potatoes each week (NR-A)
-- save leftovers for next day's Lunch
-- forgive someone
-- eat high-sugar fruit half @ time; or EOD (ie pears)
-- take a stretch break
-- eat Fish more often: high in lean Protein!
-- add 1 tsp chopped nuts/Hzlnts/almonds to cereals - NRP
-- eat asparagus more often (NR-A/C)
-- make homemade SOUP daily or weekly
-- cut your portion sizes
-- eat more Pears (NR-A/ie Asian Pears; eat half @ time)
-- make xtra dinner [for leftover lunches]
-- give someone a compliment today
-- eat young dandelion leaves (NR-V/before flowering)
-- eat more chives; and grow some too (NR-A)
-- add spinach to casseroles & salads (NR-V)
-- try to find soy cheese and yogurt
-- eat peaches more often (NR-A)
-- add Kale to your diet (NR-V)
-- eat nectarines more often (NR-A)
-- avoid prepared foods
-- praise someone for their efforts
-- go to a bulk food store
-- try a new fruit each month
-- eat more fresh foods
-- vary meals daily/weekly
-- eat more homemade foods (healthier)
-- walk the perimeter of grocery stores
-- plan your menus ahead
-- eat more raw foods/salads
-- try the organic veggie-fruit juices
-- eat pumpkin seeds (non-salted)
-- watch labels on favorite foods
-- encourage someone today
-- eat more Cottage Cheese: high in Protein & Calcium!
-- silence the critics; ignore them!
-- switch to nutrient-rich snacks
-- sing while you work
-- eat pistachios for snacks (33/100 cls)
-- do chair sit-ups daily
-- lifting weights increases your metabolism
-- eat protein snacks more often
-- have dinner at lunchtime
-- eat fruit for snacks or desserts only
-- give someone a hug
-- eat dried apricots for snacks (VNR-A/LCal/20)
-- eat melons (LowCal)
-- save leftovers for SOUPS/lunches
-- eat nectarines (NR-A/LCal)
-- eat tortillon cheese strings for snacks (.5 bag/75)
-- eat an organic apple a day (wash well)/ 2 is even better
-- have lunch at dinnertime
-- say a prayer for someone today
-- walk around your yard/block
-- eat more berries (ie strawberries)
-- walk a bit faster and further
-- eat lots & lots of veggies; at least half your plate
-- cut portion sizes again
-- stay ACTIVE every day
-- eat more whole grains (50% or more)
-- drink more water
-- add fresh walnuts & other nuts to dishes (ie tbl/50 c's)
-- take time to relax every day
-- lend a hand; volunteer
-- eat some spagetti squash; only 25 calories for 1 cup
-- add lentils to soups, stews & sauces
-- have cereal for dinner (like Meusli)
-- choose lean proteins; remove fat/skin
-- switch to lower cal Condiments/dressings
-- do leg squats at sink
-- play music while doing housechores
-- eat more Chicken: esp broiled breast meat
-- do something nice for someone
-- drink tea more often (less coffee) healthier & cheaper
-- eat more Turkey, esp white meat
-- add more fiber-rich foods
-- eat yams or sweet potatoes: high in Vitamins: A,C
-- use a stretchie bands; ez & fun
-- choose the whole fruit; rather than the juice
-- spread housechores over your week (Mon-Fri AM's)
-- donate to charity this month
-- eat a Pear every day: high in Vitamin A
-- Limit the damage
-- eat more salads; twice daily
-- listen to calming music
-- eat more meatless meals
-- go to the beach
-- correct mistakes next snack/meal/day/week
-- eat raw food daily: veggies, fruit, nuts, seeds
-- say something kind today
-- take a holiday trip to rejuvenate & refresh
-- eat Beans more often (ie tomato sauce/soups/dishes)
-- do floors every other day (ie sweep, dust & wash)
-- walk more often; take stairs
-- try soy curds
-- do hand weights every other day
-- eat hazelnuts with snacks (ie 7/25 cals)
-- be extra patient today
-- sing while doing housechores
-- eat more Cucumbers (baby ones are best)
-- do butt squeezes daily
-- eat more Tomatoes (NR)
-- do knee lifts daily
-- get lots of sleep
-- choose foods wisely & watch portion sizes
-- do a kind gesture for someone (open a door)
-- do toning exercises daily
-- use smaller plates & bowls
-- drink skim or 1% milk
-- switch to whole grain pastas
-- try ski-walking/nordic-walking
-- eat brown rice (with wild rice & converted)
-- chew more; and eat slowly
-- be generous today
-- walk your dog; take him to the park/beach
-- make your meals look pretty; use lots of color
-- eat soup often (esp homemade); every day is best
-- only eat at the kitchen table
-- eat Tuna more often (NR/Complete protein)
-- count your blessings
-- eat Wild Pacific Salmon (NR/CP/O-3)
-- count your steps
-- eat Sardines (NR/CP/O-3)
-- go for a walk in the evening
-- give someone hope today
-- try soy or almond milk
-- eat only half a bagel
-- take flax oil caplets
-- move more; eat less; move more
-- eat halibut (NR/CP/O-3)
-- take a nap break
-- use olive oil daily
-- work hard & play hard
-- eat mackerel (NR/CP/O-3)
-- share something with someone today
-- do lite Yoga
-- eat herring (NR/CP/O-3) (called kippers)
-- listen to instrumental music
-- try carob chips? (NR)
-- avoid the junk aisles
-- for cooking, use only olive & canola oils
-- read a book
-- cut the starchy foods
-- give something to goodwill
-- walk the perimeter of parking lots; park further away
-- cut sugar ~ replace with substitutions
-- go mall walking
-- use NSA syrups & splenda
-- walk around a department store; just browse
-- eat 4-6 times a day; but smaller amounts
-- don't eat products with corn syrup in them
-- develop de-stressing strategies
-- try soccer, basketball, or touch football
-- choose no-crust or single crust pies
-- make someone's day
-- walk to the park; often
-- watch your portions; cut them in half
-- join a gym
-- eat more Natural Whole Foods
-- try trekking (with poles)
-- put your fork down between bites
-- choose snacks carefully
-- lift hand-weights (e/o/d)
-- try de-caffenated coffee (mix half & half)
-- write a letter or send a card
-- go to a spa
-- walk the perimeter of hardware/dept stores
-- grow and eat more Parsley (NR-A)
-- try snowshoeing
-- get some sun, esp in the winter
-- start a new healthy tradition
-- buy candy you don't like (esp for Halloween or Xmas)
-- give away leftover treats
-- call someone you know is alone
-- find healthy & tasty alternatives
-- Hide treats away (ie high up)
-- walk around the block
-- cut your servings in half
-- eat more FRESHWATER FISH (unlimited)
-- walk the perimeter any store/building you're in
-- eat more BERRIES
-- do something fun today
-- be more ACTIVE
-- go to a fair/museum/zoo/gallery
-- keep busy, busy, busy
-- try speed-walking or power-walking (arms pumping)
-- walk or play ball with your dog
-- go site-seeing
-- try out some ez yoga stretches
-- go hiking
-- BBQ & grill more
-- go swimming/take aqua fitness class
-- try more soy products
-- eat blue menu more often
-- get lots of fresh air; outdoors
-- read labels carefully for sugar/salt/starch
-- eat more white meats; cut red to 1-2 x week
-- find strategies to deal with emotions, stress & boredom
-- check dates on foods
-- try everything at least once


Note: I have this file on my monitor so that I can read it often. This list is getting quite long as I try to add to it each week. I shared this list on a thread called "POSITIVE IDEAS" in the 20-somethings forum; here's a link if you would like to see it or share there too ...

08-15-2010, 11:24 AM
Thanks Rosebud as soon as I get some ink tomorrow I will have a copy on my monitor!

08-15-2010, 07:59 PM
:lol: BOOTSIE ~ Actually, this file is a SHORTCUT ICON right on my screen -- right click on your screen and a box comes up; choose NEW, then SHORTCUT ... and a NEW SHORTCUT icon will pop up on your screen. Click on that and a CREATE SHORTCUT box will come up that will help you choose the file you want to make into an icon on your screen. Choose BROWSE to find the file ie MY DOCUMENTS, for instance; then select the file you want and NEXT, then FINISH; and the file name appears under your new icon.

I had forgotten about this TIP OF THE DAY file until that young lady had asked for a list of positive ideas that she could use to improve her plan as her trainer friend had suggested. When I remembered it, I recalled your thread about diet tips too ... :dizzy:

Well, you said you wanted some tips; so you got some now! ;) I think that I may have duplicated a few ideas; but that's not surprising since the list is so long, and you forget after a while. Hope you and others find them helpful ... :D

08-17-2010, 11:48 PM
hey ladies!

I just wandered over here for like the first time today, I'm fairly new to the forum.

I'm really loving this thread! I appreciated the list from rosebud on the other forum board too and I recognized it here :D

(PS I'm glad I didn't add the 'i' to the end of my handle here, I do on some forums I'm a part of! :p I didn't realize there was an established "bootsie" here already! Nice to meet you!)

08-18-2010, 11:58 AM
Hello Boots and welcome! Thanks for joining us, my Daddy nicknamed me Bootsie when I was born, kinda just stuck with me. He nicknamed my sister Bug, glad he did not nickname me that!

08-18-2010, 07:17 PM

my big brother named me "boots". He was four years old when my mom was pregnant with me, and he'd feel her belly and he apparently swore up and down that the baby would kick him with boots, so he called me boots.

Only my family ever called me that, and then my husband signed me up for an online game and called me that on the game, so I've used it as an online handle ever since.