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07-05-2010, 08:37 PM

Anyone who has tried both plans why did you chose the plan you did.

I am debating on which plan is better for me. I work in a restaurant kitchen full time so I like the idea of freedom to eat anything like weight watchers suggests. But also I think this may be why I am doomed, perhaps I need to be on a more restrictive plan wonderslim until I can learn to control my frequent urges to eat.

Any suggestions would be appreciated....How is wonderslim? Are you hungry on the plan? What do you eat for your meal? Are the shakes good?

How about weight watchers? What do/did you like about the plan?? What did you not like about the plan?

07-05-2010, 10:45 PM
Have been on Wonderslim since end of April. Initially lost 12 lbs. then had a 2 week break when I was out of town on vacation/work and did shakes part of the time and just watched it most of the rest of the time. Did gain 1# during that break, but went back on and have been losing steadily since....3 to 5# per week. I love the shakes and bars and supplemental meals - not all of them, but have found my favorites. Like the freedom of not having to count anything and just have this way of eating differently work. Have been on other diets over the last 10 years and always have hit a wall at the 200 lb. mark. broke that last week and now am down to 195. Am not able to exercise due to a back problem, but can swim. Have not though am holding out for exercising until I hit a plateau or slow point. Am almost never hungry on this plan.......have had a couple times where I experienced some 'emotional hunger', once worked thru it, and the other time ate. Please go to the Wonderslim thread and read some of the other peoples stories........good luck on your decision!