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07-03-2010, 10:28 PM
But I think South Beach phase 1.5 just has too many carbs for this carb sensitive chickie to lose weight. I have stalled for 6 weeks, most times only having one dairy/1 grain per day. Last week I really killed it , exercising more and eating very clean,, practically phase 1. All that and up a pound..

So I went back and asked myself when were all the weight loss attempts not working? What did they have in common? When I did lose weight consistently, what was I doing then? The answer to the last one is watching carbs.. so I think I succeded in P1 because of the lower carbs.. and even 1 grain or fruit in P2 was enough to keep my insulin high enough that no chub was allowed out.

I LOVE doing SBD and want to transition to a wonderful SBD lifestyle in maintenance, but for the losing stage, I think I have to do what works for me, ultimately :)

I love this board and will continue to post (hope no-one minds) mainly probably on weight loss support, but not in the eating thread as it's not fair and misleading since I'm not really on this plan for now.

I wanted to give it a test run first to see if it was me or the plan, and with 2 days LC I finally saw the scale move downward 3lbs! SO learning as I go but will try this for now.

All the best to you guys and I hope to see you very soon, when I am transitioning to maintenance!!! :hug:


07-03-2010, 10:58 PM
This is so me too! Even if I eat 1/4 cup of brown rice or 1 piece of fruit I will not lose. I always do best on Phase I. Of course this has me worried about when I finally get to goal and start eating the grains and fruits, I will start gaining. When I did slim4life which everyone has great success, I didn't. My plan had me eating grains and fruit and the weight just wouldn't budge. I do best with meats,poultry,veggies and beans and ff yogurt.

07-03-2010, 11:10 PM
I completely agree! I've lost 30lbs doing phase 1 in 2 months and now I've been stuck for the past month because I've been dying to have fruit and yogurt cause of the warm summer weather! I'm starting tomorrow again with the phase 1! I found some good recipes on here for some breakfast foods- pancakes and waffles made with riccota cheese! They sound awesome and I can't wait to make them to tomorrow morning!! Let me know if you guys find any other good recipes!

07-03-2010, 11:29 PM
hmm, I wonder if I should stay in p1 awhile instead of counting carbs.. I was on the fence about this..?? It would be so much easier if WOE's were one-size-fits-all and could *guarantee* fat loss! LOL

I think I'll carb count for a few weeks and if I miss dairy too badly I'll go back to P1 for awhile.. I love dairy. I also love blueberries. Sigh.

PS I'm not doing some crazy fry-everything-in-bacon-grease plan, LOL It's pretty much phase 1 with me watching the carbs in dairy and beans, and allowing fruit also while counting the carbs.

07-03-2010, 11:32 PM
devinmic- have you tried the 1 min chocolate "cake"? It's phase 1 and satisfying, you can also cut the splenda to 1T and eliminate the cocoa powder, and they call it a 1 min "muffin". It plumps up and you could add some cream cheese, trans fat free margarine, and/or NSA jam (the jam would be phase 2)

07-04-2010, 12:00 AM
I feel the same way. So long as I avoid carbs, I'm good. A slight mess up and bam, going no where.

07-04-2010, 12:57 AM
I know the book says you're not meant to stay on Phase 1 forever -- but I've actually wondered about that once or twice. Supposedly you're not getting nutritional variety without the addition of the fruits and the grains...but is that really true? I wonder.

I mean you can surely get the nutrition that's in fruit and grains, in some foods that aren't fruits or grains. KWIM? For instance, there's a lot of vitamin C in certain fruits, but so too is there C in certain vegetables. And so on...

I am another person who is sensitive to practically any grain, including corn, which isn't even always classified as a grain! :dizzy: And many fruits set me off. I too have been wondering about Phase 1.5 and how I'll do on it...last time I tried SB, the addition of one grain set me off into an all-out binge and I fell off the SB wagon.

Yet the rest of SB seems so healthy. So very, very healthy. Vegetables? Lean protein? Nuts? Water? Dairy? My goodness, I can't even imagine another bunch of foods grouped together that would scream "healthy" as much as that.

I know this is against doctor's orders, but...I personally would go back to Phase 1 and just double-check into what nutrients are most prominent in a variety of fruits and a variety of grains, and see where else I could get those nutrients...or if perhaps I were already getting them in some of my veggies and legumes. In fact, that may be what I do end up doing after my two Phase 1 weeks are up.

So in a nutshell: I hear ya. I know what it is to have my body go crazy over a tiny taste of a fruit carb or a nibble of a grain-y carb. And how it is to feel "different" from other people because of it...But though like you I realize avoiding these types of carbs (plus certainly refined ones!) is probably the only way I'll stay in control, I don't believe I want to go as far back on the carbs-in-general scale as, say, Atkins. I just know I don't want to do that. I KNOW South Beach is healthy.

I think you should drop back to Phase 1 and see what happens. And if you need somebody to commiserate with, PM me some time or whatever. Or just post on here...Trust me, you are NOT the only one. :hug:

07-04-2010, 01:31 AM
OMG- I am not alone. I was expecting to be chastised, ridiculed and then, banished.

Melanie- Dr A does say a few times that you shoud move to phase 2 for "nutritional variety" but I've also seen him say the reason it's not a good idea is that it can be harder to stick to long-term (because it's more restrictive). For super-sensitive people though, I think no bread is easier than 1 slice!
Basically I think he was just trying to increase our odds of sticking with the program; I mean, one can get a very full, satisfying, vitamin-rich diet on phase 1. The only thing we'd be adding back is glucose (no thanks) and fiber. However if you're eating plenty of veg and legumes, fiber intake won't be a problem.

07-04-2010, 07:22 AM
Food for thought, Natalia. Thanks for posting this and I hope you continue to hang out with us.

07-04-2010, 07:47 AM
Natalia- I'm glad you're experimenting and not just giving up. Congratulations for staying focused on your health. It's so easy to just give up when our bodies don't respond the way we want them to.

A couple of thoughts - I remember noticing in the meal thread that you regularly use bars and artificial sweeteners. I wonder if you are having some trouble with the artificial sweeteners and mystery bar ingredients? I know some people find they really stall when they eat too much of that stuff.

Your calories also seem really low. I never have luck increasing my intake but a lot of Chicks report success from actually increasing a little. Just another experiment :)

Finally I'm sure you've seen this thread already,

We are all experiments of one and I'm sure that if you keep tweaking you will find what works for you. Good luck!

07-04-2010, 08:43 AM
I read Cyndi's link regarding the Phase 1 time limit.

Several weeks ago, I read Dr Agaston's article in Prevention Magazine-one I would like to quote and share, but couldn't locate it last night. I read through the article several times to make sure I had it right, because Dr A was sharing his daily food and exercise plan. I specifically remembering him saying that he eats very little grain. He also said he would only have some type of treat very occasionally, and it would usually be only a small bite.

There are many chicks who follow a 1.5 pretty consistently, which I would certainly use to describe what Dr A was talking about with his own food plan. By calling it 1.5 or 2(with very restricted grains) you would still be focusing on all the other healthy benefits of SBD.

I will try to locate the article today and post Dr. A's typical menu. I really felt like it gave the OK to follow SBD a bit more restrictive than is described in the book.

07-04-2010, 09:56 AM
hmm, I wonder if I should stay in p1 awhile instead of counting carbs..

That's pretty much what I do, Natalia.
I consider myself in Phase 2 because I can have my steel cut oats or some fruit if I want it, but most days I just stick to veggies, beans, nuts and lean meats or fish and I'm quite content. I think for me the trick is knowing that I can have the fruit or whole grains if I want them, but not making them part of my daily menu while I'm focused on losing weight. I can only eat so much food in a day, and when I start adding grains and fruit I have a hard time getting in the recommended amount of veggies. I think that's what slows down my weight loss.

I "took a break" for a while in May and June because my life was incredibly stressful and I'd already met my 50 pound goal. I feel best when I eat well, so I ate a loose phase 2 diet, with whole grains and fruit pretty much every day during that time. Even with occasional candy bars, cookies and meals out, I didn't pile on pounds, I actually lost a couple, but much more slowly than I'd been loosing. I believe I'll be able to maintain just fine with fruit and whole grains in my daily menu, but to blast my fat away I do best when I eat them sparingly.

Good luck, I hope you find what works best for you.

07-04-2010, 12:08 PM
Thanks girls!
Cyndi- you are right, I was using bars and artificial sweeteners. I ran out of bars last week and am not planning on buying more. As for the As/s, well it may sound childish or stupid, but my Coke Zero is not going anywhere. I'd rather cut off an appendage than give up AS's or coffee. A girl's gotta have a vice!!
Plus I have not cut back at all on AS's and I am now down 4lbs in 3 days. So maybe they aren't the reason for the stall.

DEbbie, that's interesting. He probaby created a liberal phase 2 for pragm atic reasons. Again, that he'd rather people go to P2 than go off-plan, even though P1 is perfectly healthy. I'm not scared to stay in P1 indefinitey but I woud prefer berries over beans and in a way I think it's 6 of one, half dozen of the other in terms of carb intake.

Heidi, you're lucky you can still lose on P2- albeit slowly. But now as a maintainer do you still eat a very scant p1.5? Or was that just to lose the post-off plan lbs??
I think I'll be able to do a 1.5 for maintenance but perhaps not for losing. I'm still debating between a longer term P1 and watching carbs. My meals and snacks woud look very similar anyway, so at the end of the day it's more like a customised P1 :) Whether berries or legumes they're still both converted to glucose.. and it'd be nice to have another packet of almonds when I want them in exchange for a dairy.. they seem very similar but the carb counting slightly more flexible which could be a real perk if I'm planning on being in this stage for months.

Thanks for all the input- very much appreciated!!

07-04-2010, 04:07 PM
As for the As/s, well it may sound childish or stupid, but my Coke Zero is not going anywhere. I'd rather cut off an appendage than give up AS's or coffee. A girl's gotta have a vice!!
on being in this stage for months.

This is me exactly. I'm a serious Coke Zero addict. My friends make fun of me for it, but I won't give it up.

I have been maintaining for 2 years on SB & follow Phase 1.5 most days. It is extremely rare for me to eat bread, rice, etc. I do eat oatmeal occasionally, but usually have eggs for breakfast. I also eat sweet potatoes occasionally. I eat a ton of veggies daily. I just recently started eating fruit again, but never more than once a day. I think I probably should eat fruit more often as I believe it offers a lot of nutrients that might not be available in vegetables (anti-oxidants & stuff we haven't even identified yet). I would probably have to eat less of something else though to maintain & I'm pretty happy with my current menus. I think each of us has to find their own path for weight loss. Good luck with yours! :)

07-04-2010, 04:28 PM
Mmmmmmmm, Coke Zero. (droooool)

Okay. That said...Natalia, you said you ran out of the bars last week and since then you've lost a few pounds. So maybe you've zeroed in on what the problem was. I think the plan you're describing sounds fine, and healthy. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be a 1.5-er myself (based on past experiments), and maybe only a couple/few times a week at that. I agree that Dr. A did say more than once in his book that boredom is an eating plan killer (well, to paraphrase). That was no secret so he was/is trying to work with human nature as well as physiology (another thing I recall he outright said), and that only makes sense.

07-05-2010, 10:14 AM
I have been on SBD for four years...I lost 30 pounds in 2006 doing mostly phase 1...I gave up sugar, white products, bread, pasta, rice and potatoes...I have NEVER added them back...I absolutely will not eat sugar...For my sweet tooth, this was the key...I know it sounds harsh never to have that sweet baked good but it also feels wonderful to wear my skinny jeans year after year...
As some of the other posters have said, this old weight problem is so individual...You have to find what works for you and just do it...I am absolutely pleased with my eating plan!!!!!...
I eat 1-2 fruits a day, if I overeat, it is on nuts...Mostly I eat chicken and vegetables in some form...I eat eggs every day, oatmeal occasionally, lots of greek yogurt, fat free skim milk, sugar free chocolate pops...
As a former Weight Watcher life member and as a low fat diet eater, I can tell you that I was not able in the past to keep weight off eating what they said I could have...Until SBD, I could loose tons of weight but I could not maintain the loss...I learned that I cannot eat as much as these plans said and sustain the loss..
I also find that I have to eat to a certain point and stop...It is better for me to be not so full...
Sorry this is so long but I wanted you to know that you are definitely not wrong to modify this diet and to do what you need to to satisfy your needs...There is not one size fits all for eating...BEST!

07-06-2010, 12:22 AM
personally, for me I don't do 'carbs' every day, only like 4 times a week... and on my carb days I ensure all my cheese and nut cals are low (tho, I always have fruit... and usually carrots)..... However, my metabolism is totally messed up, but I find doing that works for me, and I still average a pound a week or more.

07-06-2010, 08:34 AM
Heidi, you're lucky you can still lose on P2- albeit slowly. But now as a maintainer do you still eat a very scant p1.5? Or was that just to lose the post-off plan lbs??
Sorry I wasn't more clear Natalia.

I was maintaining for a while when I got to my first goal and life was so rough, but I'm still overweight. I'm limiting my fruit and grains because I want to lose another 10 or 15 pounds.

07-06-2010, 09:26 AM
I've been maintaining for 2 years (took me a year to lose the weight). Rarely do I have "grains" more than once or twice a week. I do bring a turkey/veg sandwich to school for breakfast during the school year, but on sprouted bread that doesn't seem to affect me. Mostly I live on veggies/fruit/seafood and have a HUGE veggie/fruit smoothie for breakfast and often dinner during the summer.

But, speaking of grains, I had some "forbidden black rice" ( on my trip. It was black rice and so fantastic. I couldn't find any at the grocery while on my trip and have never seen it here, so ordered some from amazon for a treat every now and then.

07-06-2010, 11:49 AM
I also kind of stick to Phase 1.5. For instance, today I'm not having any carbs, but tomorrow I may have some granola for breakfast. If I do eat carbs, its only in one meal each day. So a tortilla for dinner OR cereal for breakfast, etc. Then some days I skip carbs all together. I think its easier this way then being strictly on Phase 1. Especially since I have to cook for my husband and son also, it give a little bit more variety for our dinners.

07-06-2010, 12:48 PM
i'm not on sb in particular, but i saw this thread and i'm so glad i read it. i wanted to thank the op and all the other posters for sharing. it's been helpful to read. i also don't lose much when eating whole grains and fruits, and it's helpful to know that i am not alone in that. some people have questioned my decision to try to hold off on whole grains and fruits until i am in maintenance. but i need to do that both because i am a sugar addict and binger and those things would make it hard for me to stay on plan, and also because when i have those things i either don't lose or i lose so slowly that i can lose my motivation instead of the weight i'm trying to get rid of. ;)

so thanks all, and hope it's ok i jumped in this thread even though i'm not specifically on sb. :)

07-06-2010, 07:45 PM
Thanks, everyone, for weighing in!

Femmecreole- I have been meaning to try the sprouted or ezekiel bread? How does it taste? Does it disappear when toasted like low-cal bread does? LOL

skygirl- I saw your thread in WLS and I can totally relate; I think we are similar in weight loss challenges :)

Heidi-thanks for clarifying! :)

I think either a phase 1 or maybe 1.25 would help me lose weight... or watching carbs..I am giving the lower carb thing a go for the next few weeks I think. It's nice to be able to have more nuts if I want to. On a phase 1.25 I think I could lose weight on no grain, 1 serving low-gi fruit, 2 servings dairy.. but I think I might have to choose a fruit or a beans serving- but allowing beans, full dairy, AND a fruit on the same day I think would put me just over so that I do not lose weight.. This seems do-able too...I have vacay in 6days (yikes!) and after that I may do my improvised phase 1.25 :)

07-06-2010, 08:57 PM
All this talk of no grains has me thinking I'm not doing so well. I can't possibly go without grains. I just can't. It was the worst part of phase one for me. I gave up sugar for occasional sweet treats and was ok. Somehow I amazingly gave up potatoes and was able to be ok with that. (still don't know how lol) I was actually happier eating whole grains than white flour which really is icky and has little taste in comparison to whole wheat. But I could NOT give up grains altogether. This is probably why I don't like what I see in the mirror and also why I am losing VERY slowly. You are all better than me that you can just give up the grains and do what needs to be done. My consolation is that I'm healthier than I was, even if I don't look the way I'd like. And no matter what happens, even if I stall here forever, I'll never be over 200 again. :lol:

07-06-2010, 09:31 PM
I have a piece of Ezekiel sprouted grain toast for breakfast some mornings with natural peanut butter on it (yum!). It does not dissapear when toasted - it actually toasts really well. I keep the loaf in the fridge and it has lasted a week now and may last another.

I understand those who just can't have much of fruits or carbs to lose. I just started phase 2 on Saturday and have been keeping mental track of what carb-ads do to my cravings. That is key to me. If something causes a craving reaction for me, I need to limit it. If I get in the craving mode - there's no stopping me!!

I'm trying whole wheat pasta tonight with spaghetti sauce. I'm thinking I will only do 1/2 cup of pasta to make sure I don't end up regretting it later tonight. That and a big salad and I should be good.

07-06-2010, 09:36 PM
report back on how you do with the whole grain pasta. I have found that I like it in soups and chillies, but it just isn't the same as regular pasta.

07-06-2010, 09:44 PM
jarlie, what about just limiting your grains? you don't have to give them up completely but maybe limiting them to one every other day or one a day if you continue to lose. i know a lot of people lose/maintain better when they have fewer grains.

07-06-2010, 10:55 PM
Pam- thanks for the info- I will check it out. Plus, keeping it frozen will help me with using it in sick as it sounds, my biggest temptation kept around the house is fluffy fresh white burger buns with butter on it :(
I had to freeze the ones we had left after an encounter..LOL Now dh and the boys are liking those flat whole wheat ones with the holes- they do NOTHING for me so it's all good.

Jarlie, hugs baby :) We are all different. Perhaps for you there is no need to even cut grains. Once I started phase 2, pretty much my only grain was bite size shredded wheat in the morning. How I enjoyed and looked forward to that! But what I did not enjoy was a 6 week stall. In the past would have quit a Looooong time ago, when I was looking for "motivation" in all hte wrong places (scale). Now, just as you say, I keep telling myself.. I will NEVER, EVER be 165 lbs EVER again. Ever!!!! And I have the power to make the statement true. Maintaining is truly a victory, even if you are not yet at goal.

Getting OT a bit but wanted to give myself a wee nudge to get things moving a bit. You say you are good without potatoes and rice. No sweets are ok. What grains are your favorites? which ones do you work into your meal plan? If you suspect they are causing a stall, perhaps there is a lower GI or lower carb alternative that will hit the spot.

BTW I hate WW pasta, although the "high fiber" one is good and has the same fiber grams as WW. I would rather have spaghetti squash any day than whole wheat pasta.(and you can enjoy a greater quantity as well) It is so, so good with a little bit of margarine, and some shredded parmesan cheese. Mmmmm.

07-07-2010, 08:46 AM
Natalia, to me the Ezekial bread tastes's "nutty" and has much more flavor than white or other whole grain breads. When I eat it, it has much more "umph" than other breads. I love the stuff. A loaf will last me a couple of weeks usually. I also keep it in the fridge. My local organic store closed a few weeks ago and I was so upset, then another grocery store started carrying it...whew.

07-07-2010, 12:36 PM
My favorite grain is wheat. I love whole wheat bread, whole wheat pizza crust, hot cereals made with whole wheat. I don't mind substituting it for white flour in normal recipes even.

But I have to tell you that I really don't know if I am stalling or not. I don't look any different to me, but our scale ran out of batteries and I forget to replace them. I kind of have more peace not being able to obsess about it anyhow. My husband can fit into his shorts again, which is good. (I remember when I thought those shorts were so big, now I'm happy he's down into them!) I really started this to help him along on his way. He is the one the doctor tells has high blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, horrible horrible sleep apnea. I was really worried about him. I only seem to have blood sugar problems when I am pregnant, so it isn't a health emergency with me.

07-07-2010, 01:45 PM
Femme, your Albertson's doesn't carry Ezekiel? Ours does...though it's REALLY expensive. I've been really digging on the Women's Bread from French Meadow Bakery (usually available by the Ezekiel bread), it's quite expensive though (roughly $7-8 per loaf). I do find it even more sustaining and tasty than Ezekiel.

07-07-2010, 01:48 PM
Also, Jarlie, have you considered maybe trying a grain that isn't as heavy as wheat? What about Quinoa? LOTS of protein/fiber and doesn't sit like a rock in your belly. Whole wheat cous cous and millet are also favorites of ours. They prepare very simply, like rice and wheat, but are lighter versions. I tend not to stall when I consume grains other than wheat, but wheat products just send me over the edge into stall-land.

07-07-2010, 02:43 PM
I've seen some stores carry the Ezekiel break in the freezer section. Check there if it's not in the bread isle.

I had ww pasta last night. I got the "thin" spaghetti version which cooks a little faster than the regular kind. It was really good. I bulked up my spaghetti sauce with some veggies as well as the ground beef.

07-07-2010, 04:56 PM
Pam, the Ezekiel has to be frozen (or at the very least refrigerated). I would be wary if you found it with the normal bread.

07-07-2010, 05:26 PM
At Von's where I shop - it's in the regular section, but I put it in the fridge when home. I've had no probs with feshness (so far).

07-07-2010, 06:16 PM
Zeff, yep I get it at Albertson's and they also have it at LeBlanc's, but they didn't used to carry it when I started this journey..glad they have it now or I'd be going to N.O. to get it.

07-08-2010, 11:22 PM
update: I am going back to phase 1 tomorrow. Only tweak will be beans or berries, but not both, in the same day. So maybe phase 1.1 ?

I went through 2 months binge-free on SBD but had waaaaaay too much LC cheesecake today (and it didn't even taste good)after maybe 3 days LC'ing. Only positive is that I didn't derail afterwards. Thanks girls for having patience with me as I try to figure out my perfect zone :)

07-09-2010, 01:42 PM
I lost on phase 1 pretty quickly, the 8 lbs, then in 2 i stuck with the plan and gradually increased my fruit and grains to 3 each a day and still lost 1-2lbs a week. I got up to 20lbs and now i'm so stalled that i treat myself more often than i should and now i'm up 3 llbs. I want to go back to phase 1 but i can't imagine not having fruit again. I can easily cut the grains but the fruit? I just love it so much!