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07-02-2010, 05:55 PM
Christian Encouragers :)

You've found a great place to come and vent, share or ask for prayer support. This is a great group who will be very encouraging, caring and loving....anyone is welcome to join!

A Servant's Prayer --

Jesus, My Jesus....How marvellous are your ways....
Far more splendid than my mind can envision.
What an honor to be chosen by you.
A lowly child I am, but empowered by the Holy Spirit to fulfill the great hope to which you have called me.
I give myself totally to you, Lord.
Take my imperfect heart and make it perfect.
Peel away the hardness.
Close the doors I have opened to the temptations of this world.
Gently remove the roots of painful memories, sins, doubts and fears.
Discard anything that separates me from you.
Lord, fill the emptiness with the light of your love that I might be a beacon calling the lost back to you.

To love as you love.....
To serve as you serve.....
To forgive as you forgive.....
Always mindful of my nothingness while doing great and marvelous things in your name and for your glory.
This I pray, Jesus, in YOUR name ...

07-02-2010, 06:12 PM
HI GALS ~ :)

Well I am off work for the long 4th of July week-end here :carrot:

I have had a lot of short days at work but seem to get just as tired as the long ones :D....old age settin' in ;)

I have been home long enough today to get lunch, some soccer on TV, some vacuuming and a nap in :)

I even went and picked up a few things we needed for the bbq here tomorrow. Should be around 20 here for the shuffleboard tournament. We are cooking up leftover hot dogs and carne asada from camping a few weeks ago. Everyone coming is bringing side dishes...a little bit Mexican and food a little bit American ...yummy!

Angie has really been busy with teaching yoga at the studio and church so far this summer. She is also taking a couple of on-line classes she needs to continue teaching her history to those middle schoolers. She switched last year from years of teaching Language Arts, she wanted a new challenge. She was told by her advisors that the classes she took a few years ago to do so were plenty for life...well, not so...she was :mad: but after these two on-line classes she will be up to date. She really didn't want to go back to language Arts...she loved history last year...a nice break for her.

Tomorrow we are walking with the dogs, our golden retriever meet and greet group, in the local 4th of July parade...all of us in red-white and dogs will hate the leis they will wear but love the walk and attention :D

I will check back in later match is getting good.....;)

07-02-2010, 10:08 PM
Hi Gals ~

Back with some personal hello's :)

ROSEBUD ~ Glad you had a nice celebration :carrot: My dogs are usually in their crates when the fireworks go off around here and it doesn't seem to bother them. The ones in the parks/beach that we can see from our house are too far away for much noise but the kids shooting off the "illegal" ones are pretty loud.

We have IE and Angie has talked about switching too.

So happy the weather is nice in your area for a change....seemed like a long winter for you.

Prayers for Numpster and DH as they go through "life" situations too!

BOOTSIE ~ How are those grasshoppers doing? Great news for your brother...but dear NEVER think you are in God's way for Him to help those we request in prayer! He designed us...He knew we would fail before He even created us....Sometimes God works issues in us we pray for help for others :hug:

KATHY ~ Great to see you back here! Continued prayers for your niece and sister. Have a great week-end with those kids.

RONNI ~ I don't miss those college "things" with the kids! I do miss their track/cross country and tennis matches though! Sorry about the letters that keep coming for $$$ for your dad...I am sure it is all standard. I agree with what Rosebud said on the form letter...even maybe sending it certified mail with a receipt of delivery returned to you saying that he had no $$$, you are not responsible for his debt and any other notice you will consider it being harassment. From then on I would just "file" the letters and not respond. May not work but that is what I would do.

COOKIELUVR ~ :) welcome to the TEAM!

Well gals I am outta here for now :)

07-04-2010, 07:10 PM
Gary you must feel so alone here ! Where is everyone! The grasshoppers are still hopping and eating everything they should be ready to move on. The rain slowed them down some but not enough! My friend is planting her plants for the Fall sale & I can only bring in what I can and try to save them! In Marble Falls they are eating this womans house and I notice they have a hole and going under mine! Only God knows what they are doing under there!

07-04-2010, 07:37 PM
Hi everyone! I have a hard time getting to all the different areas of the forum but enjoy them when I can. I tend to post in golden girls, the monthly chat and the daily food threads mostly it seems.

If some of you read them you know my dh fractured his Rt femur and I am trying to keep up with taking care of him, doing the outside work he usually does and the busier than usual but I do find it all rather invigorating at the same time.

I have felt the peace of God through this and so has my dh. We sense Him working in our lives refining us for His glory so we don't feel like complaining really...we feel like rejoicing because He is working through this situation in our lives.

We aren't going to church right now as he is still at high-risk for a fall, but we have many people praying for us and my dh says he really can sense their prayers. I can tell this has increased his faith. He is doing so well and gaining strength each day and I feel like I have been strengthened so I can do the yard work, something I have never done much at all.

Like they say, God is good all the time.
We both realize his fall could have been much, much worse and we are thankful.

07-04-2010, 09:32 PM
:wave: HI PEOPLE ~ I have been here; posted in some other forums too and on the last thread on July 1st. We spent the entire day yesterday up at our lot doing small jobs there. It was very :hot: (but not as :hot: as today :yikes:) but there was a nice strong breeze and then GOD brought along some clouds (answered prayers; PTL) and cooled things off with some :rain: We just sat in our camper and enjoyed the refreshing air. Then when the buggies started to come out in force, we jumped in the car and came home, pronto! :lol:

Some old friends of ours are in town and came by for a visit one afternoon; this afternoon we went hunting for camping stuff so we can stay overnight at our lot. WE have been waiting for sales, but then they were sold out as they only had 1 or 2 items in stock ... :dizzy: We were trying to get a really nice Gazebo so we could sit outdoors without getting eaten; so a worker told us next time, to hit the store as soon as it opens. We did manage to get some stuff for the beds; hope they work out for us. We'll try it out and see what happens.

Our lovely weather turned into a blazing :flame: today, so we came home and have been hibernating every since with both air conditioners going. DH is brave and went out for while; said he'd be back soon, but NOT ... ;)

*** I am putting a prayer request in the Prayer Warriors thread that is very important for my health; would appreciate some prayers for my insides (colon/stomach issues). Gonna have to get some tests done very soon ... thanks. ***

Hope you all have a great week coming up ... Rosebud :flow1:

07-04-2010, 10:40 PM
Happy 4th of July to my neighbors to the South ! Hope you had a wonderful day and were able to spend time with family and friends.

We saw a little bit of sun today, but it still hasn't really warmed up and we are having lots of wind today. It is suppose to improve - of course just in time for return to work :P

Maryea - sorry to hear about your hubby. Pray that he gets better and that you stay energized with all the extra work around the house.

Take care and talk soon :cookie:luvr

07-05-2010, 11:01 AM
Good Morning! My back is better still feel like someone has their hand on it, sure hope it is the Lord! What are your plans today? I plan on making the most of it, been gathering up trash in my back yard. Played with my border collies yesterday. Found two snakes one is a racer can not catch him ,he see's me and he is off! Chasing grasshoppers feeding to the chickens, someone said I should start selling them for fish bait! I want to do something for the lord today , I think I will call someone and just let them know, I am thinking of them and I love them! I might just go see a friend also!

Smile.........Remember back of something that made you laugh , start out your day with a blast of laughter!:lol::lol::lol:

07-05-2010, 03:04 PM
HI GALS ~ :)

Well Gals I had a great 4th Of July :carrot: Angie and I walked in the local parade with our dogs, we met up with the San Diego Golden Retriever meet and greet group....the dogs were very popular in the parade :)

Didn't win the family trophy for the shuffleboard tournament :( oh well...maybe next son and daughter in law successfully defended their win from the last tournament a month or so ago. We had over 20 people here and 10 teams going. Had a blast :)

Angie and I got out for a 3 mile walk this morning with the mutts and now she is at a yoga class. I am just hanging around the house today, so far anyway. I have the day off with the 4th being yesterday.

It is unusually cool here...69 right now with drizzle! I can't remember when we have walked around with sweatshirts on from time to time this time of year...been that way all week-end....the sun does come out every now and then and it gets warm....then cool...weired!

Had a small turn-out at church yesterday :( Guess people were getting out and ready for their parties? Since we did ours on Saturday, Angie and I just took it easy yesterday watching TV and a little bit of yard work.

ROSEBUD ~ I posted in Prayer Warriors :hug:

BOOTSIE ~ I posted in your other thread too :hug:

MARYEA ~ Prayers for your DH's leg. Welcome back.


HELLO TO EVERYONE...don't be afraid to post ;)

07-05-2010, 10:22 PM
Hi All!

It sounds like everyone had a great 4th of July. We had a great one too. After church and dinner we took the boys to Knoebel's Amusement Park. It was really hot, but we had a great time.

I have a very special prayer request. We found out at noon today that our boys biological mother's apartment caught on fire and she was burned on 50% of her body. She is burned from the waist up as well as her thighs and right foot. Her lungs are burnt on the inside and out and are full of soot. The nurse told us that it was the worse case she saw of someone having so much soot in their lungs. We are hoping for the best but expecting the worse. The boys biological dad died 2 years ago. For those of you who don't know our 3 boys came to us through foster care and we now have guardianship of them. We have no biological children of our own. These 3 boys are our kids.

Please pray for Kelly, boys and my husband and I as we go through this long journey.

Thanks everyone,

07-05-2010, 11:31 PM
KATHY ~ have sent up prayers for KELLY and will continue to for her; and for you, your DH and the boys as well, during this stressful time. Keep us posted ... :hug:

07-05-2010, 11:54 PM
BOOTSIE ~ maybe those snakes are eating up some of those grasshoppers; maybe should let them be (if they are the harmless kind, that is; what we call gardeners here). We had one up at our lot by my trailer, when my Dad was here; :yikes: so DH sent it to the next lot and told it to stay there ... :lol:

Selling the grasshoppers sounds like a good idea if people don't have enuff of their own. I bet your chickens are lov'in them; think of it as free feed ... ;)

THANKS GARY ... appreciate your prayers; am feeling better today, but making an appt with the doctor as I want to know that it is nothing serious. :^:

07-06-2010, 12:21 AM
I am so sorry to hear this KATHY...prayers for your entire family, the boys mom and her family and friends and may God's will be done in healing.

07-06-2010, 10:14 AM
Kathy oh my, praying here for her , the boys, y'all and her doctors and nurses. Sounds like she is one tuff lady, I been burnt accidental and know a little what she is going through. My heart goes out to her and her boys.

Rosebud glad your feeling better hope you find out it is nothing serious, praying in Texas for you!

07-06-2010, 08:44 PM
Thanks everyone for your prayers for Kelly, the boys and DH and I. It will be a long road for her and we really don't know what the future holds. She had a lengthy surgery this afternoon to remove all the burnt skin. I have not heard how she is since the surgery.

The boys are doing okay. They are angry right now because they begged their mom to change the things she was doing, but she refused to. They told us that they knew that someday this would happen to her. It will take a miracle from God for her to make it through this, and if she does she will be on a ventilator or oxygen the rest of her life. We don't know what the future holds, but we know who holds the future.

I trust each of you are doing well and having a great week. It is very hot here in central PA. It was 102 when I came home from work today and it is suppose to be just as hot tomorrow. Needless to say there is no time spent outside because it is just to hot. It is suppose to cool down later in the week.

Have a good night!


07-07-2010, 01:00 AM
Hi Kathy -

This is my first time posting in this forum but I wanted to wish you and your family all the best and many blessings to get through this very tough time.

07-07-2010, 08:18 PM
:welcome: MRS. C ~ nice to have you aboard our thread; come back often and tell us a bit about yourself and your life ... :D

KATHY ~ prayers continue for KELLY and her kids and you & your DH as well; we had really :hot: weather today too; way too :hot:!

We went up to our lot to take some things up there but DH just ended up miserable becuz the heat was just too much for him, and it was taking him longer to get just little things done. From now on, I will be checking the weather before we go anywhere (over July & August). Our internet was down here last night; just got back on this AM; but forgot to check the forecast. Won't do that again.

I told DH maybe we shouldn't go out unless they are forecasting :rain: ... :lol: At least he might get something done in between sprinkles. ;) I came home to find my salad garden was fried -- all but my onions. So pulled up the lettuce and will plant some beans in there instead and see what happens. I think a very late cool dinner would be best on this type of day.

Hope you all have a good week; take good care ... Rosebud :flow1:

07-08-2010, 12:32 AM
I had to redo the goat pen for the goats. Sold some yesterday but kept two of the trouble makers but I am fixing to cook their goose. I am going to go find me some pipe and put across the pen and when they start trying to tear my fence down , they will think twice before they hit again! That old Granny goat was just a beating on that fence this morning . I hollered at her and she walked away, most the time she looks at me and hits it even harder. Tomorrow it is suppose to rain I hope those two mean goats let the others come in out of the rain. I have seen old Granny goat stand in the door and not let them come in till I made her move. If she did not have such good kids , I would of put her in the trailer yesterday. I love the rain they say we may get 3.5 inches! Yeah! Thanking you Father before it even arrives!

07-08-2010, 07:05 PM
WE woke up to :rain: today just as they predicted; and boy, it was a heavy one -- but we sure needed it. We have figured out the reason why things are frying here -- it is much hotter in town than in the country and with this very unusual :hot: weather we have been having here, the delicate leaf lettuces cannot handle it. My radishes so far have been dismal so pulled those up too.

Maybe the drums just won't work as well in town as they did in the country. I left the onions around the rim and planted it full up with some more green bean seed. If that doesn't work, they will be moved out to our lot permanently.

The beans, spinach, onions, and summer turnips are growing in the side gardens; so that may be the best place for them. I have planted some more radish seed in them too. I think I am going to go back to my old seed source for next year; it is also possible the seed was too old; as I had bought it locally and some didn't have expiry dates on the packets, which I didn't notice until after I got them home ... hmmm ... :dizzy:

We picked up a couple of bundles of roofing shingles and a bag of nails for the porch roof, so DH can get started on that shortly. I was thinking a bundle a week, but he says he can do it faster than that, but I don't want him overdoing it either ... gotta watch that guy!

I have a nice lean, round roast beef in the oven with yams, green beans, carrots, onions, celery, and new potatoes (small red ones for me). It smells yummy and should be ready real soon. Will have enuff for leftovers and maybe some sandwiches too.

The :sunny: has now came out; and it is starting to feel hot in here again -- eeks. I am washing blankets for our camper while posting on here. We just have to get a few small pillows and we should be all set for a camp-over ... when the weather is a bit nicer, that is! ;)

BOOTSIE ~ love your animal stories; Granny wants to be in charge, I think. My parents had goats and I milked their nanny for them while they were on holidays one year.

Hope everyone is having a good week; take good care -- ^Prayers continue^ for you and yours ... Rosebud :flow1:

07-09-2010, 11:28 PM
So glad that we did not sale Granny Goat and Flower our goats hardly brought anything! If I had been there would of PO them and brought them back home! We had someone else take them though. I was very disappointed in the price.

I was going to have to work on that chicken house but David told me to call this man and see if he would do it for me . He builds and I have done 1 chicken house and a cat house but I don't know what is wrong lately I get so tired so easy, Rosebud what did you find out from the doctor?

07-10-2010, 12:59 AM
BOOTSIE ~ I have an appointment on July 20 @ 3:30 pm in the afternoon. That is the soonest I can get to see him. I haven't seen any more blood in my stools since then, but we'll see if he thinks I should have some tests or not. My stomach is feeling better; just had the jabs one day. I have noticed that my gas was having trouble passing which is getting better after I prayed about this. Sorry if this is TMI for anyone here, but that is just the reality of the situation.

Why I must keep watch is that so many people in my family had colon cancer and my mother's first symptom was blood in her stools. I had a friend with that same symptom too; it was ignored and she passed away at only 52 years old. My mother's doctor was quick to investigate and she was a survivor as was my Dad, and two uncles. I had one aunt who survived it once but succumbed on the second time. I think the key is catching it quickly, but I am hoping it is something less serious as I have had some problems with constipation since changing my eating style.

Hope you are feeling better soon; will send up some prayers for you for strength and energy. Have you gotten rid of all those grasshoppers yet?
You know, you do a lot of work by the sounds of it; and as we all get older, trying to run a store and a farm at the same time is a lot of work. Plus you had those worries about your brother; maybe now you can relax a bit.

The heat also takes a lot of energy out of you; both DH and I have noticed that, so we just decided to take it easy for the month of July. We are going to bed earlier so we can get up earlier and get things done when it is cooler in the day. We won't be going to our lot unless it seems like the weather won't be too bad.

We had some nice :rain: showers and clouds and a breeze to cool things off for us today ... then a lovely rainbow came out right in front of our house too. I got a picture of half of it as it was quite large. Another reminder that our LORD promises to keep His promises to us all; and HE is faithful!

Hope all our friends here have a wonderful weekend and some nicer weather too ... Rosebud :flow1:

07-10-2010, 01:32 AM
Rosebud I can remember that day, it is my daughters birthday, today was Blu's birthday, my grandson. Will be praying for your health and yes that heat takes a toll on me. I had to come in and change my clothes were soaking from the heat and put some cooler on today. Hubbie feels sorry for me so he is going o pay someone to help me as I said earlier, the old gray mare just ain't what she used to be Rosebud. He will be in the hay fields next week so I will be working at the store in the air conditioner , the coastal fields sure or pretty.

07-10-2010, 11:42 AM
I had some drama in my life yesterday. While driving through an intersection on a green light a car from the opposite direction made a left turn on a red light right in front of me.You guessed it I plowed right into her. No one hurt, Thank God, but major damage to my car. Luckily I had a witness who verified to police that I had the green light. God Bless that young man. This will go on her insurance. She has insurance but no drivers license. I find that to be very strange, but my insurance agent says he sees it all the time. Other than a big bruise on my hand and feeling a little nauseous I am OK . When I am emotionally upset about something I always feel a little sick to my stomach. Good for the diet, but I would not recommend it.

07-10-2010, 12:00 PM
Bargo thank goodness your all right , I mean here, bet your hurting, thank you Father for keeping her safe! The very same thing happened to me yesterday but the guy out ran my big pick up, saw him looking at me and his eyes got big, I bet he wet his pants! Ha!!!

07-10-2010, 12:44 PM
I am grateful that no one was hurt. My air bags went off and of course I had my seat belt buckled. I definitely see the protective hand of God in this. Does make me a little shaky, though.
I will still say "This is the day the Lord has made. let us rejoice and be glad in it ."

07-10-2010, 02:10 PM

Prayers of thanks that everyone came here safe today! :carrot:

Praying for good results on the 20th for both ROSEBUD and ME :) I have a physical that day.

Angie and I just finished a 3.5 mile easy walk through the neighborhood. Several garage and yard sales today, we stopped and chatted with folks a bit.

The weather is still cool and overcast here...not much like summer...I keep whining about it...instead of focusing on being thankful!

I am pretty sure we are going to have an easy week-end. Angie is finishing up an on-line class she is taking. Not sure when we will go to church, tonight or in the morning. Depends on if Angie is going to go or teach yoga in the morning at the studio...or if we go to the beach with the dogs for a walk and many decisions :D

Well I plan to get back here later today/this week-end but for now :hug:

07-10-2010, 06:22 PM
Bargoo - I'm glad to hear that you weren't seriously hurt in the car accident. God always protects his own.

EZ Money - You can send the cooler weather to us in PA. It has been in the 90s and 100s here. When I left work Thursday evening it was 104. Talk about hot. We got several hours of much needed rain last night so today it is 20 degrees cooler. It is still in the 80s but I didn't turn the air conditioner on. Trying to conserve the energy bill.

Last night I decided to brave the heat and do some baking. Made chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter melt away cake and cinnamon buns. Today the dog decided he wanted some cinnamon buns so when DH and I were in town he ate the entire plate full. Needless to say he hasn't eat anything else today and surprisingly he hasn't gotten sick. I don't know what possess that dog!!:devil:

Our boys mother Kellie has had 3 surgeries to remove the burnt skin from her body. She currently has what they call cadaver skin. They will keep this on her until she is strong enough to go through surgery again and then they will start doing skin grafts. She is currently holding her own, but not out of the woods by far. Please continue to keep her and us in your prayers.

Rosebud - I hope you start to feel better soon. I'll be praying for you.

Tonight I'm going to sit out on the patio, relax, and read a book.

Have a blessed Sabbath day.


07-10-2010, 07:00 PM
Kathy, keeping Kellie in prayer.

07-11-2010, 12:13 AM
BARGOO ~ yes, we are sure glad that you got through that accident so safely; PTL!

KATHY ~ ^PRAYERS^ continuing for Kellie ... :hug: Your doggie can smell those cinnabuns, that's why! :lol:

BOOTSIE ~ Thanks -- what a week we all have been having! Glad there was no contact ... phew! :D

GARY ~ sending up prayers for your appointment too ...

THANKS to you all for your prayers; I really appreciate it. :hug:

07-12-2010, 10:13 AM
:wave: to everyone! I've been reading and catching up and saying prayers for all needs and requests:) It's been such a busy summer still-seems like no matter how much I do I still have tons of stuff TO do. Can't remember if I told you all this or not, but my new flower bed has created quite a problem-even though this area had been marked and flagged several times before, now the power company (who my DH actually works for) has figured out that the gas line is under the garage, which was built by the former owners. Now, the power company is coming to put in a new gas line and meter, so we have to get a plumber in to move the line in the basement and trying to coordinate it so that we are only without gas (hot water) for the one day the company says it will take to dig the new trench and lay the new line (and repair the alley, etc, etc). Fortunately, since we are not the ones who put up the garage, we don't have to pay for this (it would be mega-bucks:fr:). I can't believe no one inspected the garage location before it was built! So, if it's not one thing it's another in our little corner of the world, I guess.

I have been doing somewhat better in the eating department-not seeing progress, but not eating out of control anymore. Did have pie a couple times this weekend when DS1 and family were here-our little town had it's 125th year celebration, so there was a huge parade (125 units) and activities in the park-most of it Christian/gospel entertainers-and fireworks one evening, too! It was a nice weekend, but now must ignore that last piece of apple pie sitting in the kitchen;)

Rosebud-prayers for your tummy trouble. DH will be joining you in those tests. He has a colonoscopy and endoscopy on the 19th. Prayers for you both:) And, thanks for the hint about a form letter-I may even have my cousin the attorney draft it for me:devil:-might give it even more clout that way!

Gary-thanks to you too for the advice and prayers.

Bootsie-I'm thinking with all those grasshoppers, your snakes must be getting pretty fat! Also, the chickens:) Our creepy insect of the summer is the earwig-they are so thick that I hate to move any flower pots because dozens just scurry from under them. They also get in the basement and hide under the wash pile-ick!

Bargoo-glad your accident wasn't any worse than it was. Is CA a no-fault state? If so, you may still have to fight her insurance company to get them to pay up. Hope not. Glad you're ok:)

Well, just going to try to catch up with chores today. Always need to do some extra wash and cleaning after DS1's family leaves-4 extra kids just makes a mess. If you get a chance, send up some prayers for them-we found out that his mother's husband (her 5th or 6th) has filed divorce papers and, contrary to what she has always told everyone all these years, the house is his and always was, so she's going to expect to move in with DS1. They don't have room at all and just don't need her in the house -she's a drunk and drug addict and her husband is divorcing her because she was messing around on him, so they just don't need her around the kids. Thanks in advance, because you're all a great group of prayer warriors.

Well, I'd better get to work-or at least get a shower and start thinking about getting to work:lol: Have a great day, everyone!:hug:

07-13-2010, 12:00 AM
:wave: RONNI ~ Thanks for your prayers; sent up some prayers for your DS1 & his family; plus his mother and that situation -- she needs some prayers; and yes, he must protect his kids from harm as well. Yes, you always have something going on in your life, but it won't be a dull one, eh? That's what my DH says to me all the time -- I promise that your life with me won't be dull ... and he kept his promise ... :lol:

We had a long, but good day at our lot today; the weather wasn't too bad -- :cool: in the AM, with some :cloud9: and a nice ~~~ breeze right into the evening, so we got home late tonight. We were gonna stay over tonight to see how it goes, but DH ran out of materials; and somehow our propane tank for our BBQ was emptied, used up, or left on ... so no propane to make dinner. :dizzy:

It's really cooling down nicely right now, but it's time to put my tired legs up for a rest. Have a great week everyone ... Rosebud :flow1:

07-13-2010, 12:46 AM
Ronni, those snakes are thick this year just killed a rattle snake, the 6th one that was waiting on me this morning. (I think there might be a bounty on my head) I went out and cut the tomatoes back for our Fall Garden and came back to turn the water on and started to reach down there was a rattle snake waiting! I backed up and went and got my hoe that my friend used to chop cotton with when she was a little girl , and its the best little hoe in the State of Texas. One chop and he was gone and his head was still trying to bite me! I buried it. My friend one mile got bit by one, 18 inches long 4 weeks ago sent him to the hospital for 3 days and his leg is all swollen and black. This one had 3 buds,I think his had 4 buds small one too, but if it had bit me on my hand, geeee...don't even want to think about it! So lucky my dog Lee did not stick his old nose on it!

Ronni praying for you and that house. Also for for those children ,no they don't need to be around that. I agree. Glad your eating is under control, sometimes it is hard to do but we can do it.

joyful retiree
07-13-2010, 09:25 AM
Hello All,

Can I jump in and introduce myself? I'm new at posting, but have been lurking for some time, and saying prayers for needs I see expressed here. I really like this site, and this forum in particular, since I am a Christian, & my weightloss journey has been based on prayers to be taught how to be a good steward of my body.

God bless you all. I'm sure there are other lurkers like me who have been helped in a variety of ways by the discussions on this forum. I thank God for all of you.

07-13-2010, 10:23 AM
Hi Gals ~

I am off work today but I think I will run over to church and take care of some drywall issues on a couple of classrooms before school starts.

Angie took off early this morning, she is teaching a 6am yoga class at the studio.

We spent last night catching up on a couple of Memphis Beat and Hot In Cleveland shows we had dvr'd...with the All-Star break there wasn't any baseball on giving "me" a chance to enjoy the same TV with Angie ;)

She does come into the family room with me often even if I have a game on. I usually watch with the sound off...and a lot of times I just "check" in on it...thanks be to God for remote control :D. She is usually doing a crossword puzzle/knitting or reading while she watches TV anyway.

We each get up and share the computer during the evening anyway as we watch TV....sometimes I just put the ball game on the computer. If we are having a "computer war" between each other, she will just go up to her office and get on hers.

JOYFUL RETIREE :carrot: Welcome! You will enjoy it here,

RONNI ~ WOW! Again you have a lot on your plate...prayers and :hug:

BOOTSIE ~ There is a rattlesnake class for dogs each year where we did obedience calls for my mutts..but we can never get always fills up isn't a problem that we face often here in my area...we stay on the trails and no longer allow the dogs to run free in the "wooded' areas. Be careful :)

ROSEBUD ~I hope you are able to get over to the lot and get some overnighting in. Sounds like some nice weather to do it in. :)

:) Ladies....have a great day :hug:

07-13-2010, 10:31 AM
Ronni, those snakes are thick this year just killed a rattle snake, the 6th one that was waiting on me this morning. (I think there might be a bounty on my head) I went out and cut the tomatoes back for our Fall Garden and came back to turn the water on and started to reach down there was a rattle snake waiting! I backed up and went and got my hoe that my friend used to chop cotton with when she was a little girl , and its the best little hoe in the State of Texas. One chop and he was gone and his head was still trying to bite me! I buried it. My friend one mile got bit by one, 18 inches long 4 weeks ago sent him to the hospital for 3 days and his leg is all swollen and black. This one had 3 buds,I think his had 4 buds small one too, but if it had bit me on my hand, geeee...don't even want to think about it! So lucky my dog Lee did not stick his old nose on it!

:lol: oh, my goodness, you cracked me up! But,so glad your angels were watching over you and your dog! Glad all we have to contend with here are garter snakes and mosquitoes! And, a few skunks, gophers, raccoons, minks, and a bear and wildcat every now and again...

Joyful-Welcome! Jump in any time!

Must go to town today, so we can be home with the plumber and gas men tomorrow-they trenched in the new line, but left us connected to the old for now, so we'd have hot water-thank goodness, since we weren't told they were coming yesterday:dizzy: Oh, well, never leave scheduling up to men (you ladies know what I mean;)). Take care, all, and have a great day!

07-13-2010, 11:15 AM
:welcome3:Joyful Retiree! and thank you, please feel free to post again, anytime!

Ronni you live in Iowa and you got BEARS! I would rather deal with the rattlesnake! I thought Iowa was flat land and farm land???? Did not know you had bears. I learn something everyday.
Gary a friend told me about those classes and what they do is have some rattlesnakes in cages and they put a shocking collar on the dog that shocks them if they come close to the box. It does work , they put Annie their dog in it and she stays away from that smell and that sound.

I used to have a Doberman named Foxy and a Siamese cat named Grachy that would hunt down rattle snakes , they both saved my little girls life and my Grandmothers life, many a time.
That cat hated that dog too,I watched one day when I seen old Grachy hide behind a shed and started crouching, then looked up the hill and seen what she was crouching for. She was waiting for Foxy to come by the shed and she jumped out on that dogs back and went to scratching and biting! I broke them up, I figured she was just going to jump out and scare him and have a good cat laugh.

Then one morning they woke me up to a noise outside the door.
Foxy had her head in his mouth, trying to shake her till her neck broke,like he did the skunks, I broke them up and saved her life but poor old Foxy just had blood running down his face . David goes I am going to kill that cat if she don't leave my dog alone! He never did just talk.
Both years later died but it was rattlesnakes that got both of them and it took more than one rattlesnake to put them down. Those two animals were the tuffest animals ,and loving, but meanest toward each other I have ever seen!
I am getting two Siamese kittens hope they don't attack my dogs like Old Grachy did! Hope they help me when they get bigger to watch for those rattlesnakes though, I don't want to get bit by one!

07-13-2010, 11:26 AM
joyful retiree. Welcome and God Bless You !

07-13-2010, 02:22 PM
Good morning all. I have caught up on all the posts and have sent up prayers for all the requests. We are in Ohio right now enjoying our vacation and will be heading back home to Georgia on Thursday. So please pray for traveling mercies for us. It's a 12 hour drive and we plan on driving straight through. Weight wise I'm doing well. I started last Friday and have been watching what I'm eating. I'll start exercising and journaling when I get back home. Well I guess I'll run for now. Hope everyone has a great day.

07-13-2010, 04:59 PM
:welcome: JOYFUL ~ glad that you decided to join us after all. Lots of nice folks here, very supportive too! :D

We went up town this AM to get some more supplies for DH; and it started to get really :hot: out there by only 10 AM, but it is July, after all. We will wait for a couple of cooler days to go out to the lot. We have to get that propane tank checked and filled though; but now DH thinks our starter on the BBQ wasn't working ... so we'll see. :lol:

You just reminded me that we forgot a couple of things today, but I have to go to the dentist for a cleaning tomorrow AM, so we'll go get them then. ;)

:yikes: BOOTSIE ~so sorry that you lost your Foxy and kitty that way; and that you have so many dangerous snakes there. Am sending up prayers for special protection from them for you too. :hug:

Have a great day everyone ... Rosebud :flow1:

07-14-2010, 05:48 PM
Well, my goodness, it's hot, hot, hot today! 95 F on the thermometer right now-even DS3 and 2 of his buds are in the house right now working on bikes instead of riding around! We did get our gas meter moved and hooked up, but apparently the gas crew decided not to dig up the old line today-I'm not sure he wanted to be here at noon moving the meter, but that's when the plumber finished and told him to be here. Fortunately, it was still in the shade at that time.

I've just been hanging out, cleaning, and playing computer games, since I had to be here 'supervising' the plumbers and kids. Does anyone else here play Farmville or any of those Facebook games? They're slow enough that they're the only computer games I enjoy playing (well, except for Pacman a couple decades ago;)). The kids just laugh, but it's been kind of a bonding thing, since we all play them and send each other 'gifts' and stuff.

I'm using DS2's new MacBook right now - he got it for college- and it's really nice! Making me realize how old and obsolete our own laptop is, but that's one purchase we'll be putting off for a little while yet.

Just looked out at the garden and really hope it rains tonight (but no bad storms), because it looks like things are wilting right before my eyes! I'll try to take a photo one of these days-I have a summer squash plant that's absolutely huge! I can't believe how big those plants can get and it has more than 20 little squashes on it right now-mmmmmmm!

Well, as you all can tell from the rambling, there's really nothing going on here right now. DH is going to be late from work and it's going to be leftover night for supper, so I'm killing time and staying out of the heat for now.

Hope you all have a nice evening! God bless!

07-14-2010, 06:07 PM
THAT'S OK RONNIE ~ just a nice, slow relaxing day is just what you need. Gee, you should get at eating those squashes real soon; I'd take a few off your hands if I lived closer ... :lol: I went to my teeth appt and all went well there; no cavities or work to worry about right now ... yeah!

So we went up town to get the stuff for the camper we had forgotten. The propane tank wasn't empty after all, but the guy filled it up to the top anyways for only $9.00. SO, it was the starter, but DH only flicked it once; sometimes, men can be so stubborn. If we get up there and it doesn't work, we can buy a portable starter (I saw them today for only 3 & 4 dollars; maybe I'll go back and get one tomorrow AM).

We bought a new grill for our BBQ and a nice pizza cooking pan set; will be nice to cook veggies, breads, pitas, and anything else we like on the grill too. I think this will be a versatile pan set for us. We also tried out our single burner last time we were there and were pleasantly surprised how well it worked; and it used only a tiny amount of fuel to make coffee.

It is very :hot: :hot: :hot: here too today so we just came home. We had NIKO with us and it was just getting too hot for him even with the windows all the way down, but he so loves going for the rides and just sits there looking out the back window like he's having a ball ... and he probably is! :D

Whenever he sees me getting dressed up, he goes bonkers cuz he knows that means we're going somewhere. He decides based on what I am wearing, esp if I put my dress shoes on and grab my purse: smart boy that Fido!

It's supposed to be a scorcher tomorrow too; so we may only go out in the AM, I think. I picked up some little white picket fencing to put in front of my flowers today to protect them from being cut down by the lawnmower. I have been taking pictures which I will share eventually.

DH somehow got into some poison oak or something like that recently; had to get some meds today. Time to go make something for dinner (we had fish last night; and the leftovers for lunch today). We are having something with lean hamburger for dinner tonight -- not sure what yet though.

Hope you all have a great day tomorrow ... Rosebud :flow1:

07-14-2010, 09:04 PM
Hi All!

Life in our home has been quite hectic. The boys mom continues to hold on. She did not have a good night last night and she still is not breathing on her own. She was to have surgery today to start skin grafts but they weren't able to do it because her blood pressure kept fluctuating. They are hoping to operate on her tomorrow morning.

I would appreciate your prayer. I have a job interview tomorrow at 4:30. I need to make a change and I'm praying the Lord will provide. As I was praying last night He gave me this verse. Psalm 16:11 "Thou wilt show me the path of life, in thy presence is fullness of joy, at thy right hand there are pleasures forever more." I'm standing on this promise.

Must run the boys want to rent movies.

Have a good night.

07-14-2010, 09:15 PM
KATHY ~ prayers continue for KELLIE , and You ... for your job interview tomorrow. Bon Chance ... :hug:

07-14-2010, 09:49 PM
Hi sorry thought I'd pop in here today. I hop in so seldom that I always wonder if you even remember me. ;) Not much going on today...I watered everything this am except 1/2 the back yard (always have to move the sprinkler) and the front yard. Doing the front yard now as it is cooler there but still very warm in back so will do it in a little bit or else wait til tomorrow to catch the other side of the back yard. But the gardens and flowers all got watered this am. God is giving us beautiful days and I enjoy being outside more.

Kathy - Kathy I have prayed for the boys mother and about your job interview. Hope you can relax and enjoy the movie.

Ronni - I don't play the Facebook games but a lot of my friends do. They seem to be a lot of fun for them. You have it really warm..think we only got into the lower 80s today but not sure. It was pleasantly warm. LOL Guess we know you will be eating a lot of squash! We have learned that even one zucchini plant is more than we need/want. I used to shred it up and freeze to make bread but now we can't have it around tempting us (diabetics). Someone told me on another forum about zucchini soup...but I'm not sure whether we'd like it. We had leftover night last night but there were no leftovers so it turned out to be pantry night and we chose frozen entrees. Tonight was officially pantry night and I was going to fix tuna casserole (from a tuna helper) but then my afternoon snack turned out to be more like a meal, so I'm having a light dinner and my dh is choosing another frozen entree for his dinner. I need to plan meals and get to the grocery store again!

Well my dd is calling so have to run.

07-14-2010, 11:18 PM
Went to work at the store today and did but while there was no customers went out side and cut my husbands tomatoes back and hoe-ed the whole garden. They look a-lot better now. Then i went over where there is shade in the after noon and sun in the morning planted some cherry tomatoes for our Fall garden then planted some squash in the bottom of an old garage vacuum cleaner , so now I have squash on wheels. Then waited on customers got to see a-lot of people have not seen in a while, love that part.
Man came by and he said he would fix my chicken house so I got to get that barn cleaned up! Hubbie, wants me to work again tomorrow.

Kathy still praying here in Texas and reading psalms for y'all.

07-14-2010, 11:34 PM
Quick check in tonight.

Prayers for all!!!

Angie and I went and saw Despicable Me this afternoon then went and split a salad and a pizza.

Blessings ~ Gary

07-16-2010, 12:02 AM
:wave: HI ALL ~ just came by to see if there were any prayer requests and there were ... We had a busy day today trying to find a few things that we forgot earlier in the week. We had some :rain: which was nice for the greenery; but it was very humid here so we had to put on the dehumidifier and the tank was full by mid-afternoon. My flowers are blooming more and more each day, so I took some more pictures tonight; will edit and post them as soon as I have them ready.

We hope to get up to the lot soon to get the grass cut; it has been growing very fast this year. We found some more stuff for our trailer, so we want to take that up there too. Trying to set the trailer up for longer use than just a day; we're getting there. :lol:

Got a lot of walking in today. We had fish et al for dinner tonight. Hope you all had a good day where you are ... :hug:

07-16-2010, 01:09 PM
Hello everyone!!!!

Again, my name is Matilda and im not new but I havent posted in a while. My journey is far from over but Im happy Ive made it this far and I KNOW without my higher power I would never have. Looking forward to sharing my victories as well as my struggles with you guys. As always keep me in prayer and Ill do the same!!!!!

07-16-2010, 09:09 PM
Quick check in ~

welcome back MATILDA

07-16-2010, 09:54 PM
YES, WELCOME BACK, MATILDA ~ glad you found us over here ... :D

:wave: HI GARY ...

We went up to our lot and as I had mentioned, we hired the young fella next door and let him go at the roof of our porch and ta-da ... it's all done! And, he did a great job too and it only took him 3.5 hours. So we really want to get him to help with the main cottage roof as well. My Dad will be sooo surprised when he calls us back to see how DH is doing -- now he can say, "It's all done!" :lol:

I got lots of exercise this morning, as I had to go around the entire lot and mark every tree and bush and plant and garden with lots of bright red string so we can see where they are when they cut and trim the grass next. We were pleasantly surprised to see that two trees we thought we lost last year, have sprung up brand new shoots. We are hoping the others will do the same ... :^:

We had some nice :cloud9: today; and this evening, we had some nice :rain: to :cool: things off for us. We have a few more odd jobs that need doing before my Dad returns in late August; and we hope to go back down with them to stay at my sister's B & B for a week -- that should be so nice. Dad bought a nice boat with motor and trailer for a great price, but NUMPSTER's DH has to get his boating license and stuff before it leaves the garage. ;)

I just remembered that their B & B is called "CLOUD 9" or :cloud9: ... Every time I type that in now, it reminds me about their place ... :D

I had a lean Blue Menu hamburger with a salad for dinner tonight. They are kinda like Angus burgers -- very nice. DH had his regular burgers. Well, I hope everyone out there is having a fabulous Friday night; just a quiet one at home for us ... Rosebud :flow1:

07-19-2010, 09:34 PM
WOW, everyone must have had a very busy weekend; we stayed home as it :rain: quite a bit, but I'm not complaining at all ... we need and love the :rain: as it really helps my flowers and trees and bushes to grow well. They are doing much better this year thanks to the gift of :rain: too.

We had a busy day out at our lot and got lots done once DH got organized ... boy, he sure has trouble with concentrating on one task (which is one of the issues he has). He flits from thing to thing like a bird ... :lol: However, once he got going, we did get a lot done. We had hired someone that was supposed to come and help us, but they never showed up ... :?:

So we rolled up our sleeves and did it ourselves. It took us all day, and I am exhausted and very sore and very tired; but just think of all the calories I burned up today. We just had leftovers for dinner tonight; yeah for leftovers! I had no energy to do anything else.

Overall it was a great day; but I did get stung by a wasp today; actually, I got one really nasty sting and two smaller ones as I shot one wasp out of my dress and out of the trailer. Boy, what a mark it left on my leg (about the size of an egg). I may have accidentally stepped on a nest when we were looking for a place to plant a berry tree. We finally decided to put them both on the south side of the trailer as that would make good shade for it down the road.

Hope you all have a wonderful week out there -- tomorrow is a rest day for me and I have to go to the doctors as well. Take care ... Rosebud :flow1:

07-20-2010, 12:53 AM
I worked all day today again, the hay is over for a while made a good crop but just not enough. The man is coming in the morning to see about my chicken house and I am going to see if he will fix my birthing room also for the goats and I have about 6 doors to put up! I think I need to rake it out before he starts building did that some but need to do the rest. Then I have to get my house cleaned up for they need to hook up my stove my friend gave me and we have to put in a new furnace also. One thing after another!

07-20-2010, 08:44 PM
I felt really peaceful today when I went to the doctors today, so that must be from all your prayers, I'm sure ... I posted the details in the PRAYER WARRIOR's thread. This AM, DH and I transplanted my BEE BALM plant to a corner all by itself; then I planted my last few "Brown-eyed Susans" or Goldstrum Rudbeckias.

Also pulled up the last of the spinach as their season is ended; and then I planted the last of the beans -- hopefully these will grow into September for a late crop. They should come up fast; the last ones came up in only a few days. We also prepared a nice spot for next year where I want to put a BLEEDING HEART BUSH.

We had wild pacific salmon with rice and veggies for dinner tonight; nice light dinner. It was a lot hotter outside than the forecasters had predicted -- it was smolderingly :hot: :hot: :hot: Thankfully some clouds have now rolled in and it is cooling off for us ... yeah! :D

Hope you all have a great evening; take good care now ... Rosebud :flow1:

07-21-2010, 11:55 PM
I am one tired puppy, worked all day then shoveled the barn out for about 3 hours. I need to go peel peaches now and freeze them

07-22-2010, 01:04 AM
Hello just checking in to say hello!!! I hope all is well. Please pray for me Im asking god to continue to show me the way on the journey!!!

07-22-2010, 01:00 PM
Hi Everyone,

I haven't been here in a while either and I'm coming back. I have missed y'all and being part of other believers. Busy day today DH has to get PT checked for coumadin level and I have to get a pnuemonia shot I paid for but forgot to get last week when I had my physical. I have a prayer request on Prayer Warriors thread so won't repeat it here.

I'll go back and read to catch up on all that has been going on in your lives and write to bring you up to date on things in mine later.

Praying God's blessings for all of you today.

07-22-2010, 09:18 PM
MATILDA ~ glad you dropped by; sent up some prayers for you for your new good health journey ... :hug:

TRISH ~ prayers are on their way for you; put a message in the Prayer Warrior's thread for you too. Glad you decided to come back and join us here; I find the Christian support here is so great. We all have things going on in our lives; that is normal, so it is nice to have a soft place to fall, where we know that others care so much ... :hug:

BOOTSIE ~ yum, peaches; I picked up some strawberries today; last night I made up some rhubarb with apples & strawberries -- what a nice combination, and great for a light snack.

Went to the hospital to get my blood tests done today; so had a late breaky of a bran muffin and coffee at Timmy's (Tim Hortons). Because they were testing my blood sugar levels, I had to wait to eat; and they are also testing me for anemia as well (iron levels).

WE had turkey drums with roasted veggies for dinner; yum. Have enuff left over for my lunch tomorrow too. Then I went out and watered my flower gardens and my green beans too. We had another :hot: one today, but it is now cooling off for us ... :D

Take good care everyone; and know that you are in my thoughts and prayers always ... Rosebud :flow1:

07-23-2010, 07:29 PM
Hi Everyone!

It has been awhile since I've posted. Life has been crazy this past week. My nephew got married last Saturday. They had a beautiful wedding.

I mentioned that I had a job interview, but after the interview I knew the job wasn't for me. Still at the job I've had for the past 11 years. I like what I do, but have been so overwhelmed with carrying the entire load. The boss has finally hired someone to work 3 days a week to help with the work. This week I've been training her. She is very intelligent and fun to work with. Since she had come I feel like the anxiety that I have been experiencing has subsided because I know have someone to life the load. I can go on vacation next week knowing I won't have to go back to a pile of work. YEAH!!!!!

I have decided to do a Medical Transcription course and then work from home once I have it done. I'm excited about this and trusting the Lord to give me the help I needed to get this tasked accomplished.

Our boys mom has had two surgeries to start the skin grafting. She came through the surgeries well, but she now has pneumonia and is still not breathing on her own. August 4 will be one month since she got burned. I'm really concerned that she is still not breathing on her own. I guess it is just a waiting game.

It looks like a lot of you have been getting lots of things from your gardens. I love fresh veggies. I go to the farmer's market to buy mine because I don't have the time to keep up with the garden.

I need to run. Have a great weekend!


07-23-2010, 08:42 PM
KATHY ~ ^PRAYERS^ continue for KELLY during this time; and for her boys as well. We have a farmer's market here too; plus the local stores carry the fresh regional veggies at this time and at good prices too. Now, I only have green beans, onions, leaf lettuce & parsley in my salad garden; the rest is gone now. All the rest of my gardens are full of flowers and flower bushes. So glad that you have some help at work now; and have a great holiday vacation with the family too! :hug:

We had clouds and light :rain: all day today, so we took advantage and did some stuff around here that needed done. I did laundry, sewing & mending DH's clothes, and cleaning (the bathroom, etc). WE had leftover roast beef and veggies from the other night for dinner; just had to warm it up in the oven.

DH came home with a new(er) rocking chair for me today; we had bid on it at a charity auction and no-one wanted to go over our bid, so we got it. It is a nice solid oak rocker and I took a pic; will show it as soon as I have it downsized ...:D

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend; do take good care ... Rosebud :flow1:

07-23-2010, 10:27 PM
I promise to catch up tomorrow but today I posted good news here...

07-24-2010, 06:52 PM

Hi everyone! I posted this same post in the "Obstacles" forum, then found some brothers and sisters in Christ here in this forum and am soooo so excited to have found 2 wonderful, comfortable places for support! I hope that I can give as much as I'm sure I'll receive:)

Here's a bit about me.. I was diagnosed years ago with spino-cerebellar ataxia, which is very similar to MS (my mom has MS). I walk with a walker, and I can't write anymore, so I type everything, and I wear coke-bottle glasses because I have double-vision that's gotten progressively worse. I have managed to get back into my previous prescription of glasses though, after doing some eye excercises that have helped I tire very easily, and when I'm tired, my balance is almost non-existant. Eating low-carb, taking my vitamins and staying away from sugar help my mental clarity as well as my balance *helps a LOT*, and I've found that my emotional state has *everything* to do with my physical state, so I try to keep grounded in His Word and in prayer. God could heal me in a second if he wanted to, so there's a real reason and a purpose for me! He is using me always. I have been doing South Beach since the end of March and have lost 27 pounds. I exercise by walking on my treadmill every morning for 15 minutes...every little bit helps huh? Hubby and I just bought a popup trailer, so we will be 'camping fools' very soon! I'm just a little excited! I hope not to the point of being annoying:)

I can't wait to get to know you, ladies (& gentlemen)! It's really comforting to have found a group with a common faith and motivation for our weight loss!


07-24-2010, 07:09 PM
Hi everyone!
I'm really glad to find this thread and hope to get to know all of you.:hug::hug:

07-24-2010, 10:20 PM
:welcome: ONAMI ~ glad you joined us in our daily chat thread; lots of great people here so I know you'll like it here. :D

:welcome3: DEB ~ glad that you found us over here too; yes, I answered your post over in the obstacles forum as well. :)

GARY ~ Congrats to you and your family; I won't give it away ... ;)

07-24-2010, 11:36 PM
YEAH-HA! GARY!:cheer3::congrat:

:welcome2:OnaMi & Bows! Love this group!

07-24-2010, 11:44 PM
..... I'm just a little excited! I hope not to the point of being annoying:)


I can't wait to get to know you, ladies (& gentlemen)! It's really comforting to have found a group with a common faith and motivation for our weight loss!


We are glad you found us :)

Hi everyone!
I'm really glad to find this thread and hope to get to know all of you.:hug::hug:

WELCOME! :carrot:

OK LADIES ~ I am short on time tonight. My daughter stopped by to say hello and left 2 hours later :carrot: yay for the time with her! I promise to catch up tomorrow after church...Angie plays bells at both services so I will go to the first one...then we will go to a cafe during Sunday school and I will come home while she goes back for second service.

Thanks so much for the GRANDBABY congratulations! Everyone knows now!! :) keep those prayers coming that all goes well...

In Christ ~ Gary

07-26-2010, 11:51 AM
I am still here, but mostly as a lurker.

Gary Congratulations! I loved being a Mom, but I have to tell you that there is nothing like being a Grandparent. Will keep all of you in my prayers for a healthy pregnancy and baby.

Blessings to all of y'all.

07-26-2010, 01:00 PM
Thanks so much for the warm welcome!

It amazes me how God works:) Please keep my son in prayer for his job interview today. It's at the prison, so my mama-heart is having a lil bit of a rough time with that, but he needs to move on from the job he has now.

Eating obediently sure puts a new and different spin on dieting and getting healthy, and I pray for all of you that you'd find strength and perserverence from the Lord as you continue on this journey.


07-26-2010, 01:24 PM
Thanks for the welcome Rosebud,Bootsie,and EZM:hug::hug::hug:

Today is a beautiful day that the Lord has made and I'm gonna been happy and I'm thankful for the 1 lb i lost last week. I'm trying not to let bad thoughts creepy in my mind.I'm focused and know that I've been on plan and exercising and In time everything will work out.

Debs :hug:May God protect your Son :) glad food is not controlling you anymore :hug:

07-26-2010, 03:40 PM
:cheer2: ONAMI ~ Congrats on that one pound; every bit counts. I'm waiting til the beginning of August to weigh myself; have been keeping on plan, so I hope to see some downward movement again this month (2 lbs last month). :cheer3:

I know how you feel; I think that's YKW trying to discourage us; but WE ARE VICTORS and OVERCOMERS, aren't we??? :yes: When the neggies plague me (have been lots lately; and I don't know why, except that I must be doing something RIGHT ... :lol:) -- I start singing praise songs out loud, and reciting praise Psalms like #145; and that takes it away every time. Try it, you'll be amazed ... :hug:

This is the strategy that I believe the LORD gave me to deal with emotional issues in my life, so that I can be truly free to soar like an eagle ... I know emotions were leading to eating things that weren't good for me. Now I have learned this was the strategy of YKW to keep me from succeeding and thinking badly of myself, I have found new tools and strategies of my own -- like singing, praise, reciting scriptures, reading Psalms & other positive verses, memorizing positive verse, writing songs & poems, and journalling.

I think this was a huge breakthrough for me. I did a study on "the value of PRAISE" and found that this was a gift to us from GOD, to be used as a tool to comfort us, to teach us, to heal us, and to help us in our daily walk with Him. GOD didn't ask us to praise Him becuz He's conceited, or just becuz we know that He deserves it; but becuz we need it to bless our lives.

As I was sharing in another thread -- I had lots of emotional issues to deal with while trying to heal my eating issues; actually, it was my emotional issues that led me to eat incorrectly in the first place (plus social conditioning and a lack of knowledge too). Now I know how unhealthy some foods are for MY body (ie sugar, salt, simple starches), I can mindfully, make better choices. The only clincher for me was the emotional factor, which is what I am working on right now.

Here are my personal issues -- 1) emotional upset from the past & present 2) hurt feelings 3) being embarrassed or made fun of 4) being criticized by others 5) feeling unloved & unappreciated & perceptions of same 6) feeling judged 7) boredom.

Sooo ... these are my list of new strategies to deal with the list above -- PRAISE, FORGIVENESS, HEALING, LOVE, PRAYER, GRACE, and CHARITY (serving others).

We are having a :hot: one here today; so we are staying indoors and catching up on stuff like laundry and such (I'm doing bedding today and hanging them up all over the place). ;) Thought I'd come in here and take a peak in between loads; ya, I'm a multi-tasking kind of gal ... ;)

Have a great day everyone ... :D

07-26-2010, 06:35 PM

Well I was off work today...still slow...but should be going strong for several months by the end of the week. I really was enjoying the slow time...still working but having short days and days off while Angie was home for the summer from teaching. Although she still finds ways to get off and teach yoga at church and the it my breath? :D

She had bells for both services yesterday so we went to breakfast at the French bakery between services. I just love their ratatouille :)

My son and dil joined us at service as well as my sister. My daughter came up Saturday afternoon for a couple of hours...great to see her.

Thanks for all the wishes on becoming a grandpa around the end of next March, Lord willing. I am so excited...keep those prayers coming :carrot:

Angie is repainting some of the walls in the bedroom and re-doing the curtains and bedspread/pillows and stuff. I just say "I love it" and keep on smiling :) Doesn't matter to me anyway. I can't recall a summer since we have been married, almost 16 years, that she hasn't painted something or refinished a cabinet or dresser. The great thing about it is that she is good at it! She takes her time and knows her stuff!

We have been getting a lot of walks in at the beach and to Starbucks with me being off/slow a lot the last 6 weeks. I am going to miss that once I start the BMW dealership this will be one of those 200 mile round trip commutes on the busy freeway.....aaarrrggghhh.....really takes a lot out of me these days! These 56 year old bones don't like that drive after a hard day....seems like as soon as I get home it's time to eat, go to bed and get up again!

Thank you Lord Jesus that I have work and can pay my bills! :hug:

Sometimes I forget how lucky I am :o

ROSEBUD great new strategies! I forgot to mention I will be getting a colonoscopy too :mad: But doc says it will be the last one for 10 at my past...I'm thinking it will be for sure the LAST ONE :D

OnaMi :carrot: on that one pound....

DEB prayers for your son in his interview and prayers for your comfort :)

TRISH glad you are at least still lurking :D


07-26-2010, 06:42 PM
Trying to kick start my new attitude here....:)

07-26-2010, 10:08 PM
THANKS, GARY ~ those are my new spiritual strategies; I also have some good practical ones like making better choices (eating lots of veggies, salads, and soups; and doing my exercises, activities, and walking too).

BTW ~ I answered your other thread; go see ... ;)

DEB ~ yes, sent up prayers for your son and you; we must trust the LORD that he will look after him at work too. :hug:

07-27-2010, 07:48 PM
JustWant2BHealthy - I really enjoyed your post and how you use praise to ward off the emotional eating. If you don't mind I would like to borrow your strategies. I too am an emotional eater and it is hard to get past that, but what better way to do in then praising the Lord.

Gary - Congratulations on soon being a Grandpa. I pray all goes well with Mommy and baby.

Last week was such a crazy week. I'm so glad that I am now on vacation as of today. I am so ready for this time off with my husband and kids. Tomorrow we are headed to NY for a couple days to Darien Lake Resort. They have a amusement and water park for the kids and a huge lake and paths that you can walk around the lake and the campground. We are renting an RV there so I'll be taking our breakfast and lunches with us and then eating out for dinner.

I will be taking my camp chair and books down to the lake to relax and read. Oh, man I can hardly wait. Can you tell I'm anxious?!!!:dizzy:

I trust you all have a good week. I won't be back on here until Saturday.

Take care,


07-27-2010, 08:33 PM
Thanks Rosebud :hug:I liked your post.:) I'm gonna Bookmark it :) I have a lot of quotes people have said that i refer back to when i need to be renew my mind for motivation,Yours a keeper too:)

EZ Thanks :hug: Keep thinking positive thoughts,pray about it and your attitude will get stronger :hug:Your a good husband to just agree with your wife.:lol:Man..a walk on the beach sounds nice,I love the Beach,early in the morning. It's a good place to pray and mediate,When it's not so hot out.:dizzy:Yes,praise God any how about your job ;)Soon to be a GP ay...:carrot::) that's nice:love:

Have a wonderful time Kathy :) The amusement park sounds nice.Have a safe trip :hug:

I've been on line on and off all day and just now seen this thread:?: I guess i need to look more closely or something.

Have a good evening everyone :grouphug:

07-27-2010, 11:14 PM
THANKS LADIES (Onami & Kathy) ~ glad you like them; I really find they are helping me a lot. I don't mind at all if you use them; by all means, please do ... That is really why I shared them, in hopes that they may help others as much as they are helping me.

Whenever I was upset about something or with someone, I would invariably find myself wandering to the kitchen or to the fridge to eat something. So, I prayed about this a lot -- what could I do to heal those hurts instead of eating to console myself? (BTW, I really believe that we may have been conditioned to use food for consolation when we were young.)

Over time, I really believe the LORD showed me these strategies, and I started practicing them. It does take some practice, but after a short while, it starts to become second-nature; and the Holy Spirit will automatically bring them to your mind and thoughts. It's like the memory verses -- whenever you need them, the Holy Spirit brings them to mind.

I was reading how JESUS answered every temptation with scripture. That gave me another idea. If JESUS used scripture verse to combat temptation, then so should we. I memorize short positive verses which makes it easier, saying the book, chapter & verse numbers before & after the scripture.

FORGIVENESS ~ is an amazing healing tool. This one is a choice; and it will help you heal your hurts (esp from others). You kinda "fake it until you feel it" -- the important thing is to make the choice to forgive; you don't have to feel it. I just say out loud -- I choose to forgive so and so; and then ask GOD to forgive them too.

PRAYER ~ BUT, I don't stop there ... I also ask Him to "BLESS THEM" (JESUS said this remember?) I PRAY that the LORD will bless that person who hurt me in whatever way they need, so that they won't feel the need to do that anymore -- ie if they are tired, to give them rest; if they are worried, give them peace; if they are envious, fill their needs abundantly; and so forth.

LOVE ~ then after forgiving that person, I am nice to them anyways; that's the LOVE that JESUS commanded us to have for others. We need to realize that HURT PEOPLE -- HURT PEOPLE ... meaning people often hurt people becuz they are hurting in some way themselves. This doesn't excuse them by any means, it just helps us understand why they are doing it.

GRACE ~ This is also helping me with anxiety and trust issues as well; the praise helps me to keep my focus on GOD, and on JESUS when I need peace and calm (like when we are sick, for instance). I also practice forgiving myself and remind myself that I am now under GRACE and this gives me peace and hope. When I have hope and peace, my joy abounds so that healing can take place too.

PRAISE ~ incorporates thankfulness and gratefulness, all in one. It shows GOD that you appreciate all that He has done for you in your life. When we thank Him and praise Him, it lifts OUR spirits and fills US with JOY! WOW, we praise GOD and WE get JOY! :D

HEALING ~ I also pray for healing from any hurts from my past and/or present, so that I may be free from that bondage (no sadness, bitterness, resentment, or residue anger). This frees us and others to be at peace.

CHARITY ~ there is nothing better than serving others to heal us and get our minds on something outside ourselves so that we can heal. It is a kind of distraction that has many benefits for us and others. We not only help others, but we will earn rewards for ourselves (like rebuilding our confidence and satisfaction in accomplishing things).

Sooo ... in a nutshell, that is the explanation behind these Spiritual Strategies; and I am thrilled if they can help anyone as much as they are helping me. :hug:

07-28-2010, 01:32 PM
**WOW** Awesome teaching Rosebud! I too am going to start Praising the Lord when I feel negative (leads to muching)! Great reminder and idea!

Kathy--Sounds great! Have a wonderful time and stay safe:)

EZ--YAY for your new job! That's terrific:)

Onami--Thank you for the prayers and I am so thankful you found this thread too..we found it on the same day!

Well, I put in for a whole 4 days vacation for the week after Labor Day. Hubby will be off too and we'd like to go camping in our *new* trailer toy ..soooo pray that God's Will be done there, so maybe we can spend the week together;)

07-28-2010, 03:21 PM
THANKS DEB ~ I'm glad you like them; let me know how it goes. If you have any difficulty memorizing short joyful scriptures, just read them right from the Word. The last several chapters of Psalms have great PRAISE verses that you can recite; sometimes I even sing them to myself and GOD, of course.

That is just a brief synopsis about those SPIRITUAL STRATEGIES to heal our emotions. In the LOVE category, we also have to re-learn how to LOVE OURSELVES too. You know, GOD loves us; and JESUS loves us, so why don't we love ourselves? We learn to forgive ourselves (Roman 8:1) by claiming the GRACE that the LORD earned for us and gave us as a gift; then we can start loving ourselves again. When we kick-start the healing process -- by loving ourselves, we will just naturally start taking better care of ourselves too.

Our emotions do lead us to eat when we are not hungry; we try to soothe our sadness and sometimes anger, with food. Of course, this just makes things worse, not better; but what did the LORD say? Pray for those that hurt us and also pray for ourselves. Pray that GOD will deal with that person and/or situation; so that you can be free of it and heal right in the moment. Right after that, I start PRAISING again, which brings my Joy back; then I turn around, and go do something else! :D

KATHY & DEB ~ we hope that both of you and your families have a great time on your vacations and camping. I have heard of that park in NY and even seen some pictures of it; I'm sure the boys will have a ball there, and I think you all could use a fun-filled time right now. :hug:

Spent the morning doing housechores; got all my vacuuming done this AM; boy, now that is sure a good workout. We had rainstorms all night long, but today it is turning out to be kinda nice, but the winds are blowing things around on us. We may go out to our camper tomorrow too, if it is nice enuff; we'll see if the grass has grown any since we were last there. :lol:

Take care, and have a great day ... Rosebud :flow1:

07-29-2010, 11:51 AM
Hello everyone!!! Just checking in. I hope and pray all is well with you guys. Im doing on just need a little more will power....I know I can do it!!!!

Enjoy your day and please keep me in your prayers

07-29-2010, 12:12 PM
A quick flyby. Rosebud I really enjoyed reading your strategies etc. Good reminder. I used to do some of that and need to get back to it. When I went through the time not knowing what was going to happen with the tests the doctor ordered, I knew what he was checking for. My Mother died as a result of cancer when she was 65... I'm 67. I thought of her and what she must have gone through. I always spend special time with the Lord, but I spent those days thinking of all He had done for me and really thanking and praising Him for all the goodness, love and grace He had shown me through the years. He has really been great to always be there even through the years when I didn't realize He was. I realized that regardless of how things turned out that He would still here for me. I've been through a lot in my life and each time I've come closer to Him. It just makes life have more meaning as we experience the things we go through. This situation turned out good because everything was okay, but what I gained with the Lord through it was awesome. Instead of getting upset by the situation, I found myself Praising Him a lot. As a result I have learned that Praising Him is such a Special part of my relationship with Him. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I'm going start back doing some of the things I used to do and also some you mentioned that I haven't done.

Prayers going up for ALL OF YOU!!!

07-29-2010, 08:55 PM
TRISH ~ that's great to hear; glad if the strategies help you and others in some way. They sure have helped me a lot over the years; and still are ... during those difficult times when someone is very ill or when we lose those we love and care a lot about; or when scary times come (oh, the unknowns are sometimes the worst of all). These strategies got me through them all; plus lots of prayers from family and friends (like the ones here).

I know what you mean -- both my mother and father had colon cancer. My mother ended up getting a colostomy which she lived with for the remainder of her life (that wasn't fun but she was so brave through it all). She made it appear as if it was nothing, but I well remember that she went through a lot (a few surgeries too; and she was so sick after the 1st surgery). My Dad also survived his colon cancer, but said that he was so scared and went through a terrible depression at the time, just remembering what my mother went through years before.

As for me, the doctor is pretty sure he knows what it is; and I hope he is right, and that it heals quickly. I have to go get some more special meds for that tomorrow morning; and I hope it works becuz we got a big surprise when we found out that it wasn't covered by our insurance and it is at least $82.00. :dizzy:

The weather was perfect to go out to our lot today to do some more grass cutting and stuff like that. The coolness made is so much more comfortable for us and with a nice breeze, there were no buggies to bother us either. We had a very good day.

Came home and just heated up a leftover roast chicken dinner; and after I'm done here, I will go rest up my tired, sore legs and body for a while. Maybe do some reading too ...

Hope you all had a great day; Friday's up tomorrow, then the weekend again -- so, take good care ... Rosebud :flow1:

07-29-2010, 09:27 PM
Rosebud I pray that the medicine will work. This morning I suddenly remembered blessed Christian woman in a church I went to years ago (can't remember where) who prayed over her medicine when she took it. She said she always prayed would bless the medicine and use it to heal her. I started doing that with my meds this morning.

07-30-2010, 10:20 AM
:bday2you: HAPPY BIRTHDAY BARGOO :hug: :celebrate:

07-30-2010, 09:03 PM
:celebrate:HAPPY BIRTHDAY BARGOO ~ :celebrate:

:woo: HOPE YOU HAD A GREAT DAY :woo: -- and did something special becuz ... YOU ARE SPECIAL , and you deserve it!!!

THANKS TRISH ~ I like that idea of praying over the medicine; will certainly do that. We also got a pleasant surprise when I went to pick these meds up -- the pharmacist (GOD BLESS HIM) showed me how to pay less (he gave me a tip), so it was only $46.00 instead of $86.00. That was a good savings tip ... so, PTL!!!

Got lots of walking in today when we went shopping; the store had moved things all over the place -- I think I had to circle the place at least 4 times before I found everything, :lol: but that's a great way to walk off the pounds! :D

Warm temps here today; kinda in the middle (in the high 70's); it felt like much higher around dinnertime though, but it is cooling off some now. Just gonna have a quiet restful evening at home tonight. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend ... Rosebud :flow1:

07-30-2010, 10:33 PM
Hi Everyone!

We just got home this evening after being in NY for a couple of days. We had a very relaxing time. The boys enjoyed the amusement/water park and Tim and I relaxed and took many walks. Time and I both got sun burnt, but we'll survive. It will pass in a couple of days.

I'm exhausted so I'm going to go to bed.

Have a good weekend!


07-30-2010, 11:01 PM
Thanks for the birthday wishes !!

07-31-2010, 10:52 PM
Bargoo- Happy(belated) Birthday!!Hope you had a great day!

We've been busy, busy, busy trying to get DS2 ready for college and keep up with the garden and yard work, along with so many other things I can't even remember all of them right now, but you've all been in my prayers every day:). Still battling my urges to eat and eat (all emotional, so I must go back and re-read Rosebud's posts:)). Tomorrow is one year since DH's dad passed away and it just brings back so much sadness, especially with everything else that's happened in the time being. We may go up to take DH's mom out for her birthday tomorrow (yeah, his dad died on his mom's birthday), but DH has been sick since Thursday, so we have to see how he is tomorrow. Since she's on chemo, we don't want to expose her to anything that could hinder her treatments.

Also, wanting to take the boys to Valleyfair on Wednesday, but waiting to buy tickets until DH knows he's better. We're trying to fit in one last 'family' thing before football camp starts for DS3 and DS2 goes away to college (he leaves for his NWC football camp on Aug. 15th already:cry:) Boy, are things going to be different in our house! I won't know what to do with spare time during the day, now that I only have to homeschool one kid! Of course, we'll be heading to town for football practices every day, since he doesn't drive yet, so that'll be time and $, but we want him to be able to give it a try, since his back is stable enough to give it an attempt.

Well, not much else to say right now, so hope you are all having a nice weekend and enjoying what's left of summer! God bless!

Oh, and Gary-Congrats to you and your family!!! Very special times are coming!

07-31-2010, 11:19 PM
Hello everyone--- sorry I have been away for so long. Things were really kind of crazy for awhile (and still are but in a happier way) My son who was in Florida split with his wife the first of the year and he and his son have been trying to make it in Florida all this time. We all knew it wasn't the right time for him to try it in Florida but my Grandmother used to say, "Experience is a hard lesson, but some fools won't learn any other way!" Anyway, he met a nice lady who has 2 daughters and they have moved back here to MO. to stay with us until they are on their feet. Right now, they have gone to Colorado because his Ex wants their son out their for the school year(really seeing her call again in a month or 2 and say come and get him) They should be back here next this coming week. They got in to town last Friday night, she applied for a job on Sat. morning and is pretty confident that she will have it. My son put in several apps. on Monday.

I have put in some pictures that we have been taking while they were here. The first and last one is Bella, she 21 months old! The one is the dog crate is not my way of discipline, she crawled in there herself and I couldn't resist getting the picture!! The second picture is my son, he was having fun with Bella's turtle!! The 3rd and 4th pictures are of the family with TJ, my grandson, being in the 3rd one. So it has been hectic. Plus they have a 7 month old boxer mix puppy and I have been "Dog sitting" for my brother who is on his honeymoon, and she is a 7 month old Coton De' Tulear and super hyper! Plus my own 2 poms! So more than once I have been crying out for "Calgon, take me away!" Thank goodness for the quiet time in the pool for the adults after the kids bedtimes!!

So now you know what I have been doing for "FUN" these past few weeks. OH wait!! I do have some more news to tell but will have to post in a second post so I can put a picture on!! Be right back!!!

07-31-2010, 11:32 PM
Ok I'm back--- I've had a 2000 S10 Blazer for the last 10 years-- it has 64,000 original miles on it. We bought it in Feb. of 2001 and it had 24,000 miles on it! So you can tell this has been my baby! A few weeks ago we decided to start looking at some new cars.. In fact, we started looking at Ford Mustang Convertibles, (we had a 1965 when we first got married in 1970) BUT just happened to see this ad for a 2006 Cadillac and decided to test drive it. Fell in love with it!!! AND I decided a nice sunroof made a lot more sense than a convertible! So that is how we went from a Mustang to a Cadillac. I know I'm spoiled-- probably a close second to my dogs!!! But God has been great to even let us think about getting a second, second car! But I have advertised my Blazer on craigslist now and even got emotional when we had a couple people come and look at it today! It still has the original tires on it even!! I know it is time to replace the tires but still -- it has been a great 4wd SUV--- and very rarely even got out in the snow when we lived in Colorado!!

OK Just had to share with everyone! Thoughts and prayers going out for everyone. Gary, again Congrats on the new grandbaby!! You are going to make a great Grandpa!!!!

08-01-2010, 12:12 AM

Good to see everyone :hug:

Angie and I just finished watching a Memphis Blues and a Hot In Cleveland that we dvr'd last week. We were supposed to go to church for service then a wine education night...sort of a fundraiser for "WINGS"...Women In God's Service group that Angie is a part of but she threw her back out this morning. I came out of the bathroom downstairs just as she was coming in from the garage, she was doing laundry. She didn't look good so I asked what was wrong. She said she threw her back out reaching for her panties. Since she was doing laundry I assumed they fell out of the basket onto the floor. So all day I've been telling people she threw it out doing laundry...even on facebook...finally she says why are you telling them that? I asked isn't that what happened? She says no, she was reaching for them on the shelf behind the toilet where she had placed them for when she got out of the shower. So here I go lying and don't even know it :D

She has had a bad back for years since a car accident as a teen. It had been doing very well with yoga but the last 2 weeks she has had to go back to the chiropractor for some adjusting.

We did get out to Starbucks for our 3.5 mile walk before she got hurt though. She is doing a little better tonight.

I will try and get back to say hi to everyone tomorrow. I have caught up with the reading and you are all in my prayers!

08-01-2010, 03:35 PM
Oh WOW! Does God work wonders in my life. My husband needed me to help in his store while he moved some hay so i was sitting there talking to Rat ,a police officer and we were talking about the wreak on highway 71 and I was noticing how much that boy reminded me of my grandson. I looked up as the door opened and in walked a boy that looked just like my grandson and then walked in my granddaughter then my other two grandsons , I just sit there in shock at first I thought the young man was a ghost! I just sit there ah ah ah ah then Rat says Nita you know these kids I said yes! They are my grandchildren! I was almost in tears I was so happy had not seen them since last Thanksgiving! Though we did not get to spend much time with them while they were here it was such a joy seeing them.

Welcome Matilda! Happy Birthday Bargo! Sorry I missed it !

Oh Gary I feel so sorry for Angie ,bless her heart that HURTS! It is crazy we can lift this and that and all of a sudden we do the most simple thing and ZAP!! there goes the back! It feels like someone stabs ya!

I have a -lot of catch up to do on here , think I read where they got you on med's Rosebud praying they help.

08-01-2010, 03:41 PM
:wave: HI KAREN ~ nice to see you drop by and those are great pictures too! It's funny seeing the little raggamuffin looking at the baby in the cage -- almost seems to be saying, "whatchya do'in in there?" :lol: Will send up prayers for your son and his new family; hope things work out for them all. :hug:

RONNIE ~ hugs & prayers going out for you & yours ... :hug:

GARY ~ sent up some prayers for ANGELA that her back heals up quickly for her ... :)

HI BOOTSIE ~ you snuck a post in whilst I was typing; that was a nice surprise! Thanks for the prayers ... :hug:

We've had a quiet weekend at home; just got our dinner all ready to go in the oven (chicken drums and lots of veggies). Gonna bake some apples & rhubarb too, while I'm at it. Tossing the idea of making DH some banana muffins for next week as well.

We had a thunderstorm here yesterday, so had to disconnect my PC (to be on the safe side). There has been a nice breeze keeping the temps from going up too high today; much more comfortable for us all. I went out and watered my flowers earlier; they are doing well.

Hope you all have a lovely, restful Sunday ... Rosebud :flow1:

08-01-2010, 08:23 PM
I just noticed that it is the 1st of August, so time to start a new thread ... I will go and do that now, so ... :coach:

DON'T POST HERE ANYMORE -- please go to the new AUGUST Christian Encourager's thread ... see you there!!! :D

08-01-2010, 08:38 PM
Hi Gals ~

Angie is feeling a little better. She will get "cracked" tomorrow and, if it goes the norm, she should be ok in a few days. She is worried about her yoga classes though, if she can teach without doing too much.

Church was neat today, our new Vicar and his wife were there as he was inducted for the year. He is a young one :D Has his 4 years of college in plus the first 2 at the seminary so I figure he is about 24-5, but looks younger :) The last 3 we had were older, they had their college in but did other jobs in the ministry as youth directors or teachers before seminary. Should be fun.

Just a reminder our sermons are on Facebook if you have an account. Just PM me and I will direct you.

ROSEBUD ~ Prayers for safety through the storms and a "light foot" on the gas for your DH ;)

BOOTSIE ~ When I was a child, probably 7 or so a lady came to our door and I answered it...she says...."hello, I'm selling magazines, is your mother home?"....I ran to the room my mom was in and said..."Mom! there's a lady at the door selling magazines...and I think it's GRANDMA!" was! :D We lived in California and she in Illinois so we didn't see her much but I recognized her from pictures. Glad you got to see yours on a surprise visit :)

KAREN ~ Great pictures, but following the story here and facebook...I know you are one happy lady! :hug:

RONNI ~ Sure doesn't seem like a year on your fil :hug: I remember those "getting kids ready for college time!"....after this one they pretty much do it on their own ;)

KATHY ~ Glad to hear you had a nice trip :)

BARGOO ~ I hope the birthday was fun...wait til's a good one ;) How do you feel about the possible upcoming move?

TRISH ~ We have had a lot of cancer in my, grandpa, cousins and now my sister with breast cancer. I am doing a relay walk for cancer next week with my church.

ONAMI ~ MATILDA ~ DEB and all the MIA's.... :hug:

08-01-2010, 08:39 PM
Sorry....I was posting as you did ROSEBUD...